xubuntu49whow do you know what version of xubuntu you are running06:36
gnumbknutsinxi -Fxxx07:31
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xubuntu71whi everyone; i have an issue with Vino which shows as installed via synaptic PM but not to be found in Applications Menu .On a another distribution with a less recent package it could be found in Applications Menu or executable from urs/sbin but on Xubuntu 14.04 it’s in usr/share and is non execuatble the package is vino 3.8.1-Oboutu1 VNC server for GNOME13:29
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tiyteezehey,  I need help, on my nexus 7 I can not migrate to xubuntu (I am on ubuntu 12.10), can you help me?17:06
xanguawhat does a nexus 7 has to do with xubuntu¿17:19
geniiUbuntu touch does not currently have an Xubuntu port17:22
tiyteezeI installed it on a nexus 7 with ubuntu installer on nexus 717:30
tiyteezeain't it no comand to download xfce?17:30
xanguayou installed ubuntu touch17:32
tiyteezeubuntu with unity desktop17:32
tiyteezeand I am not in multi rom17:32
xangua(12:32:07) tiyteeze: hey, it made a 404 error every time to install xubuntu-dektop on my nexus 7 (ubuntu 12.10) can someone help me? - you are also using an unsupported OS17:33
tiyteezeam I?17:33
ubottuUbuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) was the 17th release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on May 16th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/quantal17:33
tiyteezethanks guys17:34
tiyteezeand will it run xubuntu 14.04 like on my computer?17:34
xanguaperhaps you should get a conventional computer, or just install it in your computer17:36
tiyteezeI have installed it on both my computers but I also need it on my nexus 7^17:37
tiyteezeIt runs very well on ubuntu but I prefer Xubuntu17:37
tiyteezeeven gimp runs well17:38
geniiExamining the contents of http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/vivid/Contents-armhf.gz shows xubuntu-desktop is in there. ( also utopic and trusty )17:56
xubuntu_im using xubuntu21:40
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optikcypherfor the first time21:41
mrkrampsyeah, happened to me once too21:41
optikcypherhey if you make a custom mother board an add two network cards cable them together could you loop information if you killed the electronics to it then feed the data wirelessly to another computer21:42
drc"...but I got better."21:42
drcoptikcypher: This is not the place for such a question...I start with ##hardware.21:43
kopplehello, is there a way to have my desktop icons' position remembered by XFCE? I'd like them to not end up hidden by my desktop widgets at every boot since they're rearranged automatically22:35
mrkrampskopple, https://bugs.launchpad.net/xfdesktop/+bug/133549222:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1335492 in xfdesktop4 (Ubuntu) "[4.11.8] Desktop icons rearrange on each login" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:50
kopplemrkramps: thanks22:52
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