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Odd_Blokesmoser: We've been asked to stop updating the hostname on reboot on Azure, but still set it at first boot (and when we bounce the connection).11:15
Odd_Blokesmoser: We can do this using update_hostname; is there any way that cloud.cfg.d can stop update_hostname from running?11:15
Odd_Blokes/using/by disabling/11:20
smoserOdd_Bloke, sure. you can remove it from the list of modules.12:39
smoserbut i thought it should only do it if you had not changed it.12:39
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Odd_Blokesmoser: This is the issue where Azure only want hostname set on first boot.13:24
Odd_Blokes/set/set to the value they provide/13:24
Odd_Blokesmoser: So update_hostname does explicitly the opposite of what Azure want. :p13:25
Odd_Blokesmoser: So can I pop something off the cloud_init_modules list in cloud.cfg.d (or the data source?), or would I have to redefine the entire list?13:28
Odd_Bloke(Or just modify cloud.cfg)13:28
smoserOdd_Bloke, you have to redefine the entire list.14:16
smoserOdd_Bloke, but above, only set to the value they provide on first boot.14:16
smoseri *think* htats the behavior you get.14:17
smoserie, boot, changes from ubuntu to some azure-provided name14:17
smoserif the user modifies /etc/hostname subsequently, it shouldnt do this agian14:17
smoseras it checks to see if the previous version is different than the current14:17
smoserand if it is, then doesn't do it.14:17
Odd_BlokeHmm, I don't _think_ that's what I've been seeing.14:17
Odd_BlokeBut I might have been bitten by that race condition.14:18
Odd_BlokeSo I'll check again before I do anything else.14:18
smoserhm.. i dont see it either.. wher eis that.. i know i did that somewher.e14:18
smoserah. update_hostname does that. but set_hostname does not.14:19
smoserupdate_hostname is PER_ALWAYS14:20
smoserset_hostname is PER_INSTANCE14:20
devicenullis there anything I can do to actually get this patch applied?14:37
Odd_Blokedevicenull: Lennert says that he worked around this problem by installing a different version of cloud-init; does that mean that this patch has been applied downstream in Fedora/EPEL?14:42
devicenullI don't see any relevant patches in the epel rpm for this14:43
devicenullthe epel rpm "works" because it doesn't know about centos 7 using systemd14:47
devicenullso it falls back to the old working method14:47
Odd_Blokedevicenull: Your best bet is probably to open up a merge proposal in to lp:cloud-init with your change as a commit.14:52
smoserdevicenull, yeah, open a MP. i can pull it fairly quickly as it looks sane. i'd *like* a non-name-based approach to "does this use systemd"15:35
devicenullwill do15:37
harlowjaarg, smoser stackforge cloud-init is behind like by 100+ patches :(19:48
harlowja*behind bzr19:48
harlowjaon the 0.7.x branch...19:48
* harlowja wonder how we can get all those in without 155 openstack reviews, lol19:50
harlowjaoddly not all 155 just cleanily apploy19:51
harlowjawhich is weird19:51
harlowjasmoser how did u make https://github.com/cloud-init/cloud-init initially?19:51
* harlowja doesn't make sense that those patches wouldn't apply (since they came from git<->bzr layer)19:52
harlowja0047-Remove-a-comment-turd.patch 19:52
smoseri used bzr fast export / git fast import probably19:53
harlowjahmmm, intersting19:53
harlowjamaybe i should try that vs https://github.com/felipec/git-remote-bzr (or simiar)19:54
harlowjaweird, ya, still doesn't cleanly apply, oddness20:02
harlowjahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/10823722/ seemingly weird that that happens at all...20:03
smoseryeah, that is odd20:05
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devicenullactually, I'm looking at this again and I can't figure out how update_hostname is supposed to work21:52
devicenullbased on "LOG.debug("%s differs from %s, assuming user maintained hostname.","21:52
devicenullI assume it's not supposed to update the hostname if it's different from what it expects (cloud-init set the hostname once, then the user changed it)21:53
devicenullbut that doesn't seem to be what the code does21:53
devicenullis my assumption that it's not supposed to be overwriting user changes correct?21:53
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harlowjauser changes being something out of band updating the hostname?22:09
harlowjai forget what the code is doing, but maybe is what u sy22:09
devicenullit looks like a bug tbh, I'll be looking into it more tomorrow23:05
harlowjasmoser arg, got closer23:49
harlowjadid we turn on the ccla check in that repo :-/23:49
harlowjaor need other way to make it ignore the committer...23:49
harlowjabut nearly got it to work, ha23:50

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