scottbombanyone here?03:42
valoriescottbomb: what do you need?04:05
scottbombI am a xubuntu tester and have been using kubuntu for over a year now so i'd like to contribute here. the kubuntu testers page at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuTesters says i should come here to request notification when testing is required04:07
valorieovidiu-florin: happy birthday! I want to share a glass of that Hobgoblin with ya04:07
valoriewelcome, scottbomb04:21
valorieunfortunately I think those who can add you to that list (testers) are just waking04:22
valorieif you can stick around or write to kubuntu-devel you'll be added04:23
valorietesters are always needed04:23
ovidiu-florinvalorie: will you come to Akademy?05:46
valorieit will be difficult, but I am determined to come at A Coruna05:51
valoriewith Scarlett05:51
valoriemy husband flies out in less than 30 hours and will be hiking for a half-year05:52
valorieAkademy is right in the middle of that05:53
lordievaderGood morning.06:09
soeegood morning06:21
sitterRiddell: build broken http://kci.pangea.pub/job/vivid_unstable_kpeople/07:23
sitterkonsole master has soversion 3, apps/15.04 has soversion 1507:38
ovidiu-florinthere's something spooky going on between Dolphin and Kate in vivid07:42
soeeios it possible to catch somewhere on irc Alberto Milone ?07:43
valorieovidiu-florin: again, happy birthday07:47
ovidiu-florinvalorie: thank you07:47
valoriewhat is the spooky Dolphin<>Kate?07:47
valorieovidiu-florin: I want to share a Hobgoblin with you07:48
valorielooks delicious!07:48
ovidiu-florinit is07:48
ovidiu-florinwhen opening files from dolphin07:48
ovidiu-florinthey both freeze sometimes07:48
ovidiu-florinand untill I close Kate, dolphin is unusable07:49
valoriehas not happened to me, and I do that rather often07:49
valoriejust now, opened a konvi logfile, instantly07:50
valoriefrom dolphin07:50
ovidiu-florinopen many files, one after another07:50
valoriedo you think that might be a memory problem?07:50
valoriemaxing out your RAM or so07:51
ovidiu-florinI did this: Open Kate, open file in kate from kate open menu, open dolphin, open file in kate from dolphin, dolphin frozen07:51
ovidiu-florinclose file from kate (the one oppened form dolphin)07:51
ovidiu-floringet error in dolphin: "KDEInit nu a putut executa „/usr/bin/kate”"07:51
ovidiu-florinclick ok07:51
ovidiu-florinDolphin is now usable07:51
ovidiu-florintranslation: KDEInit could not execute „/usr/bin/kate”07:52
valoriehmmm, both still usable....07:52
ovidiu-florinit hapens on 2 computers07:52
ovidiu-florinmy laptop and my work computer07:52
ovidiu-florinif relevant, I'm using btrfs07:52
valorieaha, I did get kate to crash07:53
valoriebut nothing froze07:53
ovidiu-florinIf I start dolphin from Konsole, I get no output when frozen07:55
valoriehave you filed bko bugs?07:57
ovidiu-florinI haven't filed any bugs for this yet07:58
ovidiu-florinwhat is http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/kdelibs5-dev ?07:59
ovidiu-florinthe name seems to point to something that doesn't exist, there's ni KDE 507:59
soeeovidiu-florin: check https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=343613 & https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33909408:00
ubottuKDE bug 343613 in general "Dolphin hangs when opening a file with Kate while Kate is already open" [Major,Resolved: duplicate]08:00
ubottuKDE bug 339094 in general "Dolphin hangs up when opening a file in Kate from it. Only happen when using a already open kate session." [Normal,Resolved: fixed]08:00
valorieovidiu-florin: that looks like kdelibs for unported applications08:02
valoriewe have to have those until all apps are ported to KF508:02
ovidiu-florinso this bug appears to be fixed08:02
ovidiu-florinbut we still have it in Vivid08:08
ovidiu-florinCMake Error at /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindQt4.cmake:886 (MESSAGE):08:08
ovidiu-florin  Could NOT find QtCore.08:08
ovidiu-florinI guess installing libqt4-core would fix it08:08
Riddellhola chicos08:13
ovidiu-florinhola Riddell como estas?08:13
RiddellSput: solid freeze is about to happen on thursday, any final quassel due?08:13
ovidiu-florinRiddell: can we get this fix in? http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=kate.git&a=commit&h=5207e49a84145e21060f3b5beff302a437cfeccd08:14
Riddellovidiu-florin: es el dia de plasma cinco punt tres beta, es muy excitable!08:14
ovidiu-florinoh, I see now that, that fix wasn't released yet08:15
valoriefreezes are sometimes inconvenient08:19
soeewant some cool frezes ? :) try using nvidai propriety driver with nvidia-prime08:20
soeeif you will be lucky to get throiugh black screen or plymouth freeze, you will get freeze in sddm or just after login08:21
soeethere is more cool stuff, we cant use different tty because whole command line is spammend y some error all the time08:22
SputRiddell: can do a release today or tomorrow08:50
sitterRiddell: https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/CI#Prevent_Merge.2FBuild_Fail08:51
Riddellif I do a debcommit -a -r -R it gives a tag like debian/5.9.0-0ubuntu2 which then can't be pushed "remote: [ REJECTED ] refs/tags/debian/5.9.0-0ubuntu2: referenced object under refs/tags/ must be an annotated tag"08:53
Riddellnow what does that mean08:53
Riddellsitter: ack08:53
RiddellSput: pronto pronto! :)08:53
sitterRiddell: that the pkg-kde server hooks are incompatible with debcommit08:56
yofelthey're fine with us putting the tags in the debian/ namespace?08:56
RiddellI wouldn't expect they are08:57
yofelI put a working tagging command in kubuntu-archive-upload which is commented out as I never actually tested it08:57
Riddellmparillo: how did you get on with virualbox last night?09:05
sitteryofel: I do wonder though if it matters since the versions do not conflict anyway what with ubuntu revisions09:06
Riddellsitter: they /might/ conflict09:09
sitterhow so?09:09
Riddellobviously not in kubuntu packages cos we're awesome but some ubuntu packages have conflicted09:09
yofelhow does one see whether a tag is annotated?09:09
sitterwell... ubuntu :P09:09
sitteryofel: git show $tag supposedly09:10
sitteror in gitk you can click on the tag09:10
yofelhm, "okular Debian release 4:14.12.3-0ubuntu1", not quite there yet..09:10
Riddellkf5.9 upload seems to be going ok but I'm confused/worried by the regressions here http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html09:10
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - 10 years of friendlyness | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Crash tracker : http://goo.gl/Cdynad | 20 bugs to fix http://goo.gl/Chh7uh
sittersuch a wall of patch09:13
yofelsomething like this should work: git-buildpackage --git-ignore-branch --git-tag-only --git-debian-tag='ubuntu/%(version)s' --git-debian-tag-msg='%(pkg)s Ubuntu release %(version)s'09:14
Riddellsitter: you didn't move it out of ~jr ?09:14
sitterRiddell: no09:15
sitterRiddell: workspace stable says 09:21:11 dpkg-source: error: cannot read source/debian/patches/kubuntu_default-systray-applets.diff: No such file or directory09:23
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest45625
=== Guest45625 is now known as llucas
mparilloRiddell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-cdimage/+bug/1441843 does not seem to apply to Kubuntu (at least on VMware Player 6.0.5 build-2443746) I just used today's ISO.09:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1441843 in Ubuntu CD Images "X server fails to start on post-final Beta Lubuntu Vivid desktop images in virtual machines" [High,Confirmed]09:46
Riddellmparillo: so it all ran fine?09:47
mparilloI ran both the live mode and installer. That said, when I got the message to re-boot there were a bunch of squashfs errors, but I powered down the VM, and it came back up. The first time it came back up I had some strange messages in konsole, but I applied updates and re-booted again and everything seems fine.09:48
mparilloBut certainly nothing critical the way Lubuntu has.09:48
Riddellphew :)09:48
Riddellthanks mparillo 09:48
Riddellthe squashfs issue on shutdown from live I've seen and is inelegant but it's kindae below what I know about09:49
mparilloSince I had kate and dolphin open, I wonder if it is related to the discussion earlier today on #kubuntu-devel09:49
mparilloit = the strange messages in my konsole09:49
=== inetpro_ is now known as inetpro
ovidiu-florinthere's no Open Konsole here in the dolphin context menu anymore, why?10:31
Riddell maybe it's a kdelibs4->kf5 integration issue10:40
ovidiu-florinkonsole is ported, dolphin is ported10:41
ovidiu-florinwhat's there in beteeen?\10:41
Riddelldolphin isn't ported in the version we ship10:43
soeeThere is new 15.04 revie on g+10:50
Riddellgosh 20 mins10:54
soeeyeah people these days prefere less talk more nice video :)10:54
soeesuch reviews shoudl have ~ 5 minutes showing the software10:55
Riddellmparillo: good for promo on wire/social media?10:55
BluesKajHI all11:14
soeehiho BluesKaj11:15
BluesKajhey soee11:15
soeewe should have packaging video tutorial like 10 lessons11:25
soeeso step by step all explained11:26
soeethan it would be much esier to potential packagers to start with it11:26
Riddellfrecel: we need to get this digikam release tested and in a PPA11:32
frecelRiddell: downloading it right now11:34
frecelSorry about sunday, just as we started talking my phone went crazy and I needed to go do some damage control11:35
freceland now I'm back to working 13hour days for a week or so11:36
=== DalekSec_ is now known as DalekSec
frecelI'm actually about to head off to work in about 10 minutes11:38
frecelits 5:37 here, it should be illegal to be awake this early11:38
frecelRiddell: works like a dream11:42
Riddellfrecel: great, I'll copy it over11:43
Riddellfrecel: up now in kubuntu-ppa/backports thanks for your help https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=vivid11:45
mparilloRiddell: On it (https://plus.google.com/+AJReissig/posts/Q6qXEYuLqGP) Thanks soee.12:54
BluesKajnot my cuppa tea13:04
mparilloI use Passwordsafe which is built on wxWidgets and the theming does not seem to mesh well with any of the three themes on Plasma 5 (for example, a checkbox is almost invisible). Where is a good place to ask about that kind of thing?13:36
Riddellask passwordsafe whyever they use wxwidgets and not qt like a sensible project :)13:37
mparilloI know the reply..."It's open-source...have a go"13:40
yofelIIRC wx just used the gtk themes, and I don't think there's a gtk3 theme that fits good into plasma513:43
Riddellwe do set orion13:48
Riddellshould be set in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini13:48
mparilloYes, I see that: gtk-theme-name=Orion13:51
yofelyeah, that is at least tolerable, but not good13:51
Riddell the toolbars looks similar, is why I picked it13:52
yofelright, I don't think we have something better either :/13:52
Riddella breeze theme for gtks2 and 3 was promised, dunno how that's going13:53
* genii makes more coffee14:06
darthanubiswake up to plasmashell dead14:40
darthanubiswell I still have graphic effects, just no desktop or taskbar14:40
darthanubisor wallpaper14:40
darthanubiswhats the cmd to restart the shell?14:40
darthanubisguess I'll install all these updates and see if it fixes or brings any stability14:48
darthanubislooks like there is some breeze,plasma, and sddm stuff inthere14:48
* darthanubis crosses fingers14:49
darthanubislets see if I can log out14:50
yofelRiddell: do you remember why we depend on a specific mysql version for akonadi? We don't even ship multiple ones in the archive..14:55
Riddellyofel: nope, is it some ubuntu policy to not accidently compile against another one like boost maybe?14:56
yofelthis is the runtime dep, the build one is already "just" libmysqlclient-dev.14:57
yofelmeh, I'll write a mail to the ML, this packaging doesn't match reality at all14:59
darthanubissweet, can logout now!15:05
darthanubisstill getting this message about mscorefonts installer, and I know the package installed successfully15:08
BluesKajso is apt-get no longer needed ? replaced by just apt ?15:14
ScottKBluesKaj: It's not replaced.  Both are still there.  Use whichever you prefer.15:35
ScottKyofel: If the MySQL dependency is generated from shlibs, then that's normal library versioning at work.  It should just need a no change rebuild for the new ABI.15:36
BluesKajScottK, kind of like apt without the "get"  even tho i use short alaises for those commands I like the ideaof a progressbar when upgrading and installing 15:37
ScottKMy fingers are sufficiently trained I've never managed to use it.15:37
yofelScottK: it's not, it's manually hardcoded, as in:15:38
yofelDepends: mysql-client-core-5.5 |          mysql-client-core-5.6 |         mariadb-client-core-5.5 |         mariadb-client-core-10.015:38
yofelsee the mail I just sent15:38
ScottKNo idea then.15:39
mparilloI still seem to need apt-get  autoremove -y Seems to choke on simply apt, but otherwise I save four characters and get a nifty progress bar.16:03
yofelyou could also set APT::Get::AutomaticRemove "1" in apt.conf - then you can skip that16:12
Riddellhmm kubotu all silent on trello changes :(16:13
Riddellfrecel: how would you like a useful task?16:14
Riddellfrecel: kamoso needs testing and packaged https://trello.com/c/1nORCQl8/49-test-package-kamoso16:14
kubotu[15.04 :: To Do :: test/package kamoso ++ ]16:14
yofelthat would be sweet, even if it needs an FFE16:15
Riddellyofel: not going to happen in vivid :)16:18
Riddelland actually looking at it it'll get complex16:18
yofeloh well16:18
Riddellneeds qt 5 gstreamer packaged16:18
Riddelland kf5 kpurpose16:18
yofelyeah, not vivid then16:19
Riddellfrecel: so maybe not an easy task then ↑16:19
Riddelland kamoso isn't released, it's just that apol asked me for testers and maybe some CI packaging16:19
Riddellok I'm off, Adéu16:22
* ahoneybun is on the Ubuntu Membership Board18:47
yofelahoneybun: congrats :)18:55
ahoneybunyofel: thanks :)18:55
xennex81how are you doing ovidiu-florin 18:57
lordievaderahoneybun: Congratulations. But what does it mean that you are on the Membership Board? Do you get to evaluate membership applications?18:59
lordievaderahoneybun: Congratulations. But what does it mean that you are on the Membership Board? Do you get to evaluate membership applications?18:59
xennex81the s/ first/ second thing did not work in #kubuntu :P19:00
ahoneybunlordievader: yes19:00
xennex81or is it tied to individual members?19:00
lordievaderahoneybun: Fancy :)19:01
ahoneybunlordievader: yea lol19:01
xennex81I'm hearing you! :P19:01
xennex81(I'm busy with getting some development time ready for Calligra :) )19:01
xennex81minus the space at the end19:02
xennex81(have my first builds ready of the stock software...)19:02
yofelxennex81: the s/ thing is a kubotu thing. kubuntu is not in #kubuntu19:33
kubotuyofel meant: "xennex81: the s/ thing is a kubotu thing. kubotu is not in #kubuntu"19:33
soeesomeone tested lately nvidia-prime with propriety drivers ?19:36
xennex81i like kobuto19:55
xennex81but I am not sure if I spell it right haha19:55
kubotuxennex81: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"19:55
yofelonly works on the previous line 19:55
xennex81it doesn't want me to be late19:55
xennex81:P :(19:55
xennex81i see19:55
xennex81it doesn't want me to use it on the previous line yes19:56
kubotuxennex81 meant: "blaat............"19:56
xennex81haha i like scripts :) ..... i wish i had more :P19:56
ahoneybunKF 5.9!20:00
Riddellahoneybun: you get yourself as a member of the membership board?20:01
ahoneybunRiddell: yes20:01
Riddellgosh, how exciting :)20:01
ahoneybunI know :)20:01
soeesgclark: hiho20:02
ahoneybundarn crazy20:02
xennex81congratulations then :), even if I don't know what it is ? : ) :P20:02
ahoneybunsoee: I don't dare install the drivers20:02
xennex81everything in life should be revertible20:02
xennex81if it is not okay20:03
ahoneybunxennex81: not sure about those drivers20:03
ahoneybun*should be*20:03
xennex81just undo everything rm -rf /20:03
ahoneybunright lol20:03
xennex81i mean undo that also20:03
xennex81it should be possible lol20:03
xennex81everything that is not okay :p20:03
ahoneybunIf I had saved a list of the packages and removed the blacklist of the drivers it should work20:04
xennex81I currently have a KDE that cannot select a different Window Decoration theme because the current one makes it crash20:04
ahoneybunjust easier to reinstall20:04
ahoneybung2g brb20:04
xennex81there are many themes for that (perhaps) that makes the tool crash20:05
xennex81segfault, whenever you load it20:05
soeeahoneybun: well i have them installed but cant use :)20:05
soeeim on intel profile atm20:05
xennex81i'm not sure how to clear that setting, it is in the .kde I think20:06
soeenvidia driver makes plymouth freeze20:06
xennex81blah that's bad20:09
xennex81found, kwinrc20:09
xennex81that is an essential component20:09
xennex81you can't have it freeze like that :P20:10
soeenah you can get used to, when working on a dev version20:11
ovidiu-florinxennex81: I'm trying to recover from a headake20:17
ovidiu-florinthat still won't let me go20:17
ovidiu-florinI can't do anything20:17
ovidiu-florinI don't know what's happening20:18
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Too much birthday alcohol?20:21
ovidiu-florinI suspected at first20:21
ovidiu-florinbut actually I didn't drink that much20:21
ovidiu-florinI didn't even get drunk20:21
ovidiu-florinRiddell: ping20:22
lordievaderHmm, too bad :(20:22
soeewho thinks im the boss ?20:23
soeeahoneybun: win http://wstaw.org/m/2015/04/14/snapshot5.png20:24
soeewfter logout i had only black screen but hard reset and it somehow started20:25
soeewith EGL panel is whole white - no effects, but with GLX it seems to work20:25
soeebrb one more reboot to check if it will work20:26
soeesomeone can confirm that with latest updates, rightclick on desktop not working ?20:28
stoocotsoee: I can, also desktop search is completely broken 20:29
soeewell i can search for applications in krunner20:30
soeeso indeed it is broken20:30
xennex81ovidiu-florin: I think it is a cause for more water drinking in any case ;-) !20:31
xennex81but nice to see you're back20:31
xennex81not doing anything or not being able to do anything Is Something I Am Used To :P.20:32
xennex81I am wondering if you 're still or still would be interested.... if You'd Still Be Interested in having a look at what i had been writing about the ...*gasp*... argh... website... ?20:34
xennex81if I am to or were to make it as image-rich As I Could ?20:35
xennex81s/if I am to or were to/If I am to make it or were to/20:35
kubotuxennex81 meant: "If I am to make it or were to make it as image-rich As I Could ?"20:35
xennex81I just need a better mouse for image manipulation lol20:36
Riddellhi ovidiu-florin 20:40
ovidiu-florinI've skimmed over your mail20:40
ovidiu-florinI'll read it again though20:40
* ahoneybun high fives soee20:40
ovidiu-florinRiddell: I'd like to finish the Team page and the publish it20:41
ovidiu-florinand do the rest after20:41
ovidiu-florinany reason not to?20:41
ovidiu-florinsoee ahoneybun anyone else ^^20:41
Riddellovidiu-florin: sounds good20:42
soeethere is this bug in menu on small screens i reported on github20:43
ovidiu-florinwhich menu?20:43
ovidiu-florinmain navigation?20:43
ovidiu-florinsoee: do you have a fix for it, or do I have to investigate?20:44
soeeovidiu-florin: its simple, i explained it in bugreport i think20:44
ahoneybunsup ovidiu-florin20:46
ahoneybunoh Team page20:46
soeeand we need to make better banner on frontpage20:47
ovidiu-florinsoee: go to ahoneybun for that20:47
ovidiu-florinsoee: I can't find through inspect element the css selector for .skt-mob-menu 20:48
soeeovidiu-florin: ill make a sample tomorrow to show you how i would see20:48
* ahoneybun hates the Ubuntu Wiki20:49
soeeovidiu-florin: resize page to smaller size20:49
ahoneybunwhat do you have in mind soee20:49
soeeahoneybun: ?20:50
ahoneybunbanner soee20:50
soeeseparate background image and text etc20:50
ovidiu-florinsoee: check it out now (navigation)20:51
ahoneybunhave a slight trans background for the text and images?20:51
soeeovidiu-florin: yes its fine now, but the menu button and logo arent verticaly centered in this to panel hight20:53
soeewoudl be got to fix it20:53
ovidiu-florincan you make a pull request for that?20:54
soeeovidiu-florin: tomorrow20:54
soeeRiddell: ping21:06
soeeusers report the same 2 issues we did: https://plus.google.com/103063697074786093032/posts/PJhPtdxMfDX21:06
Riddellmm meh, I'll test it out tomorrow21:08
ovidiu-florinW: Failed to fetch http://ro.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/vivid/universe/i18n/Translation-en  Hash Sum mismatch21:08
ovidiu-florinE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.21:08
soeekernel upgrade21:16
Riddellovidiu-florin: wait a bit and try again21:25
valorieI have the same issues soee reports22:15
valoriewhere should this be reported?22:15
valorieie: no right-click on teh desktop, krunner doesn't search22:16
valoriein fact, it doesn't add 2+322:16
valorieI guess I'll file it on krunner on bko22:33
Riddellvalorie: one on krunner and one of plasma-framework22:35
Riddellbugs.k.o and launchpad 22:35
Riddellif you can22:35
valorieapt-cache policy krunner yields nothing22:38
valoriewhat do we call it?22:38
valorieI mean, our packagename22:41
Riddellkrunner source package22:41
valorieeeek, lost without my krunner22:41
valorieomg, search isn't working in kicker either22:42
Riddellframeworks-krunner in bugs.kde.org22:42
valorieapt-cache policy tells me I have neither22:43
valorieapt install can't find it22:44
Riddelllibkf5runner5 is the library22:44
valoriesomething wicked this way comes22:44
Riddellwhich is what has changed22:44
valoriethat I do have22:45
valoriedo you happen to know our version of krunner since apt-cache is being so stupid?22:46
valorienone of those sound right22:47
valorieand search for frameworks-krunner finds null22:48
Riddellvalorie: 5.2.9522:53
Riddellvalorie: https://bugs.kde.org/describecomponents.cgi?product=frameworks-plasma22:53
Riddellvalorie: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-framework22:54
Riddellvalorie: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/krunner22:54
valorieplasma components?22:55
valorieI assume22:56
Riddellhmm here is no frameworks-krunner22:56
shadeslayerRiddell: how's it going22:57
Riddellshadeslayer: can I put a load of anarchist vegans in the office this weekend?22:57
Riddellthey'll be well behaved22:57
valoriebut will they wear kilts?23:00
shadeslayerRiddell: what's with the anarchist vegans23:01
Riddellvalorie: unlikely, they're from england23:01
shadeslayerRiddell: do they use KDE?23:01
valorietoo bad, vegans should all wear kilts23:02
valorieheck, guys in Seattle wear them 23:02
Riddellshadeslayer: they will if they want a bed for the night23:03
valorieeven if they are utilikilts23:03
* valorie spreads the rumour that Riddell beds vegans to get them to use KDE23:04
valorieso naughty23:04
shadeslayerNim still uses OS X23:05
shadeslayerI think he's failing at that if that is his agenda23:05
valorieframeworks: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34619123:08
ubottuKDE bug 346191 in components "no right-click menus on the desktop after today's updates" [Normal,Unconfirmed]23:08
valoriekrunner: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34619023:09
ubottuKDE bug 346190 in filesearch "Search no longer works after today's updates (Vivid beta Kubuntu), nor does math" [Normal,Unconfirmed]23:09
valorieconfirmations, please23:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1444195 in plasma-framework (Ubuntu) "desktop search no longer functions" [Undecided,New]23:12
ahoneybunRiddell: seems the installer bug will be fixed soon23:12
ahoneybunhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1428877 ^23:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1428877 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Vivid) "partman crashes when trying to make a EFI partition" [High,In progress]23:13
valoriehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/krunner/+bug/1444196 - confirm please23:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1444196 in krunner (Ubuntu) "Krunner no longer responds to user input" [Undecided,New]23:15
valorieall of them23:15
ahoneybunvalorie: let me reboot after those updates and try brb23:19
valorieyes, I'm glad I rebooted after the updates so I could report this stuff on day one23:20
valoriealso weird that G+ is now where we find this stuff......23:20
valorieI guess I'll go add those links and ask the plussers to confirm also23:20
=== aaron__ is now known as ahoneybun
ahoneybunkrunner search, counts, and launches23:28
ahoneybunvalorie: *23:28
valorieall I did was update, restart, and then test23:30
claydohlaptop udated just now, confirming the bugs23:30
valoriea bit of a Heisenbug situation, I fear23:30
ahoneybunno updates left23:31
claydohupdating the media center now23:33
stoocotahoneybun: maybe you used mirror, not main repo server and it's not in sync yet? I was affected by these bugs about 8 hours ago 23:39
ahoneybunkf 5.9 was installe23:40
ahoneybunstoocot: so same version23:41
stoocotright, strange difference23:42
stoocotahoneybun: what's about your right-click desktop menu?23:46
ahoneybunall good23:47
valorieand kicker/kickoff search/launch?23:47
claydohvalorie: both mine have all the bugs, not going to bother checking the third one23:48
valoriethere are two bko bugs, and two in launchpad23:53
valorieconfirmation needed for all 4 bug reports23:54

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