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gunndawgDoes Super-boot-Manager work with Kubuntu? I'd like to change my plymouth theme, etc02:50
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robotdevilwhy do my windows never remeber the last window size setting?04:55
robotdevilopening system settings for example shows up across both screens04:56
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lordievaderGood morning.06:09
soeegood morning06:21
xennex81morning lordievader06:32
lordievaderHey xennex8106:32
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C855Anyone home?08:00
C855Anyone here know about dual boot kubuntu with windows?08:10
C855Any help is appreciated08:11
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:12
C855checking them out now. I've just installed kubuntu as a dual boot system but there's no option to use windows.. goes straight to kubuntu08:13
valoriesounds like grub is being clueless08:19
miguelausoHi all, somebody kwon how to move cursor/focus to another monitor using keyboard shortcut in KDE?08:38
c855I set up kubuntu as dual boot with windows but on start up don't get the option to use windows. Does anyone know a fix?08:40
valorie!grub | c85508:43
ubottuc855: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:43
valoriegrub should present you the option08:44
c855thanks, I'll look at those links now. I dont get the grub menu on start up. I had windows already installed. I lost grub after installing kubuntu08:47
valorieodd, it must be looking the wrong place08:50
valoriehow did you install?08:50
valorievia USB, perhaps?08:50
c855I installed from disk08:51
valoriehmmm, ok08:52
c855I tried using the disk again but it tried to reload Kubuntu08:52
valoriegrub could still be confused08:52
c855I'm certainly confused08:52
valorieof course, that's what a live disk does08:52
c855I can't get into windows at all.08:52
valoriewell, grub is a rather stupid little program, but that is its only function: boot whatever OSs you have08:53
c855and grub is supposed to appear when I start the computer?08:54
valorieso it seems not to be starting, otherwise it would offer you the choice of windows or kubuntu08:54
c855no, its not starting08:54
valorieif you have more than on OS installed, and want to have a choice, yes08:54
c855yes, I want the choice. I installed it as dual boot.08:55
valorieI'm no expert, but I have fixed problems with those two links ubottu posted above08:55
c855One talks about reinserting the cd. I assume that should now be dvd, but as I said, that just starts the installation process08:56
valorieyou should still be able to access a tty08:57
valoriecontrol + alt + f2, f3, etc.08:57
valorieyes, it should read DVD08:57
valoriehardly any OSs still fit on a cd08:57
valorieconsole, whatever you like to call it09:00
c855_oops. hit Ctrl Alt F2 and the screen went black09:01
valoriesorry, I'm off to bed, I hope you will get help from someone who knows grub better than I do09:01
valorieyes, that's the tty09:01
valoriectl+alt+f6 usually to get back09:01
valoriejust try them until you return09:01
valorieI wish you luck!09:02
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BluesKajHI all11:14
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rick_has anyone experienced a crush when you try to add widget to the desktop?11:32
rick_running plasma511:33
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soeenot for a long time11:37
rick_+Soee did you update any differently?11:38
soeerick_: im on direct install11:39
rick_+Soee it started misbehaving two days ago, am also on direct install beta211:41
soeehiho Ryoma72111:42
rick_lol #Hihi11:42
soeerick_: do you have all latest updates ? and also plasmashell crashes or ?11:42
rick_my system is upto date...11:43
Ryoma721I'm using kubuntu 15:04 .... but after some updates I had to format11:43
soeeRyoma721: what happend ?11:43
rick_+Ryoma why?11:43
Ryoma721sorry i am italian11:43
soeerick_: yes the panel, widtgets etc = plasmashell11:44
rick_ehehehe finito..lol11:44
Ryoma721after a few seconds desktop unusable11:44
soeeRyoma721: define unusable ?11:44
soeeRyoma721: by any chance, do yuo have propriety drivers installed for gpu ?11:45
Ryoma721impossible to use the desktop, blocked11:45
Ryoma721noooooooo always radeon11:45
Ryoma721oibaf driver11:45
soeeBluesKaj: any idea hot to debug or what logs lok into to check this issue ^11:46
soeeRyoma721: the desktop freezes ?11:46
Ryoma721I can not select the windows, the Start menu does not work11:47
Ryoma721yes yes11:47
soeewell i had such problem several times but i think it was related to my tests with gpu drivers11:47
BluesKajRyoma721, did you try alt+tab to unfreeze your desktop ?11:48
soeeRyoma721: anyway once it was some problem with configuration files, next time try to backup and remove .config and .kde11:48
Ryoma721already tried deleting kde .... improves slightly, but then crashes11:49
Ryoma721alt-tab works for 5 minuts, after not work nothing11:50
Ryoma721after format works good11:50
Ryoma721sorry my english is bad11:50
Ryoma721i like kubuntu11:50
soeeoh dont be sorry :)11:51
Ryoma721after update....not work freeze11:51
Ryoma721all day i use apt-get update11:51
Ryoma721I think it's a problem of the desktop, the programs work although I can not interact11:54
Ryoma721yesterday update and after reboot freeze11:54
Ryoma721this day format11:54
Ryoma721now works good11:55
Ryoma721I have a10-780011:57
Ryoma721I am alone having this problem12:02
soeewell freezing sometimes is known to me12:05
Ryoma721freezes after 2 minutes12:05
BluesKajRyoma721, have you tro=ied to update, upgrade abd dist-upgrade since this issue ?12:07
BluesKajerr tried12:07
* BluesKaj searches for his glasses12:08
Ryoma721during the search of the update remains indefinitely12:09
BluesKajsearch of the update?12:10
Ryoma721100% [13 Packages 1.471 MB/1.471 MB 100%12:13
Ryoma721not stop12:13
Ryoma721goes on to download without stopping12:14
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ViK_dehi guys! How do you manage to get iphone woriking in kubuntu? i got it workin in ubuntu gnome and rythmbox out of the box but with kubuntu i cannot even get the iphone in dolphin S:12:19
webnetedgaranyone know when the 15.04 stable version will be released?12:37
lordievader< ubottu> A schedule of Vivid Vervet (15.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseSchedule12:39
BluesKajApr 23rd12:39
webnetedgarThank you so much!12:39
Ryoma721I do not want to reformat hihihih12:40
BluesKajwebnetedgar, google is your friend for these genaral questions12:40
soeebut we could put it in topic :-)12:40
soeeas we are 2 weeks before release date12:40
BluesKajsoee, yes we should12:41
webnetedgardidn't find any official info, that's why. thanks though12:41
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BluesKajwhat method do you use to update and upgrade, Ryoma721 ?13:16
Ryoma721sudo apt-get update13:17
Ryoma721sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:17
Ryoma721always day13:17
BluesKajok good13:18
colbyfany plasma 5 users13:18
BluesKajyou should apt-get upgrade before dist-upgrade13:18
BluesKajRyoma721, ^13:18
Ryoma721firs update13:18
Ryoma721after upgrade13:18
Ryoma721first update13:19
Ryoma721after upgrade13:19
BluesKajcolbyf, yes on 15.0413:19
Ryoma721seems like a configuration problem13:19
colbyfBluesKaj cool, you have any idea on fixing the icon size by any chance13:20
soeecolbyf: what icon size ?13:21
Ryoma721the amazing thing that amule works even if the desktop is freeze13:21
colbyfwhere the best place to quicklu upload a screenhot13:21
soeethe new fancy commads are: apt update and apt full-upgrade13:21
Ryoma721although I can not use it13:21
soeecolbyf: wstaw.org13:21
BluesKajcolbyf, system settings>icons>advanced , but I don't think the settings do much atm13:22
Ryoma721100% [13 Packages 2.488 MB/2.488 MB 100%]13:23
Ryoma721repository not work?13:23
colbyfyou see the icons  are massive I can't seem to change then in advanced settings13:24
colbyfI can get the drop box to unlock in advanced but values don't chnage anything13:25
soeecolbyf: yes because they scale with panel13:25
soeecolbyf: what widget is it ?13:25
colbyfits just icons13:26
colbyfthat I add by dragging onto the pannel13:26
colbyfthe only options I key when I right click is icon settings and this only brings up keyboard shortcuts13:26
colbyfi suppose an idea is to move them off there on a separate panel. Which I could keep small, that should work?13:27
soeecolbyf: ok but tehy are activator splaced in task manager ?13:27
colbyfok lost :)13:29
soeecolbyf: ok seems liek you just put single icons in panel, its not tasdk manager, you have task manager above the icons13:32
BluesKajcolbyf,  your panel seems quite large , and the iconsd there expand with the width of your  panel in your setup13:33
soeewell atm in Plasma 5 you can't scale this icons i think, in KDE4 there was widget called i think QuickLaunch taht allows you to set columns or rows for added icons13:33
soeebut it is not ported to Plasma 5 yet13:33
colbyfthought so, I will create a separate panel13:34
* BluesKaj waits patiently for quicklaunch amongst other missing widgets13:34
colbyflol :P this is my 1st time with any KDE desktop. I know its still in development but does look very good13:34
soeewe all have our favs, mine is colorpicker - also missing in P513:35
soeecolbyf: yup, wait some time and in backports Plasma 5.3 shoudl land :)13:35
colbyfyea :)13:35
soeecolbyf: http://www.reddit.com/r/kde/comments/32jwkw/kde_kde_ships_plasma_53_beta_improves_power/13:36
colbyf....away back to experimenting :P13:36
BluesKajprefer panel at the bottom , old school :)13:37
soeeand we are lucky with KDe that we can put it where we want13:38
colbyflol i dont know where I want it yey, I keep moving it, plus I have a nice wide screen monitor so lots of wasted space width wise13:38
donniezazensoee: that's like your opinion man.13:38
donniezazenhaha I had to say that13:38
colbyfdesktop fight lol :P13:39
donniezazenYou would get it if you are a Big Lebowski fan.13:39
mparilloShame about the timing of 5.3...ISTR that earlier the KDE SC releases seemed to align better with the Kubuntu releases.13:40
colbyfahh my mate tries to make me watch that movie,13:40
donniezazenYeah, timing is a shame. Both Kubuntu and Fedora KDE are going to be shipped with 5.213:40
Riddellwe should get backports soon enough13:41
soeemparillo: imo yes and no, now we are sure we have pretty stable 5.2.X13:41
soeeeach 5.x release might have some issues at first13:41
soeeso its better to ship it with first bug release13:42
mparilloGimme new stuff. If I wanted stable I would be on LTS.1+ ;-)13:43
soeemparillo: yes but think about simple user13:44
BluesKajhas 14.10 plasma 4 as my backup OS13:44
donniezazenor machines that are meant for special purposes like dev machines that can only be upgraded once in 2 years.13:45
colbyfwhere woudl you download widgets too, i like to keep things tidy. Should I create a folder for them in my /home or should I put them to the kde folder, which I dojn't know where that is13:49
BluesKajcolbyf, the widget downloader leaves them in the "widgets File" until you click on the desktop and "add widgets" or the wrench on the end of the panel13:53
colbyfthe link I am using dosen't download them auto, its a manual install13:53
BluesKajyes theres' that option too13:55
BluesKajclick on add widgets then choose "get new widgets" for a list of available stuff13:57
colbyfcool :)13:57
LINKSWORD2Hello. How do I hide an unused device in KMix?14:01
BluesKajLINKSWORD2, dunno if it's possible to hide it14:05
LINKSWORD2Hi, Blues.14:06
BluesKajHi LINKSWORD214:06
LINKSWORD2BluesKaj: Well, here's the deal. Kubuntu is on a desktop system with a built-in soundcard on the motherboard, and when I go into the settings for KMix, it shows an HDMI device in the configuration, which I know I do not have. Any thoughts?14:07
colbyfcool :)you plugged into a hdmi monitor14:08
colbyfi had the same but I use pulse audio14:09
LINKSWORD2That doesn't make sense. I have HDMI ports on my monitor, but not on my video card.14:09
BluesKajHDMI connects to your spdif soundcard output by default if you have a HDMI output , LINKSWORD214:09
LINKSWORD2That's just it. I don't have an HDMI output on my system.14:10
colbyfoh you have no HDMI port on ur laptop14:10
colbyfpass :) sry14:10
BluesKajthen the HDMI is being detected on your monitor by the  HW system14:10
LINKSWORD2.... *Points to original post.* Desktop. No HDMI on graphics card. Motherboard default audio.14:11
BluesKajit's like an outboard device most likely14:11
LINKSWORD2BluesKaj: Odd. I've never seen that happen.14:11
LINKSWORD2BluesKaj: So... It's detecting an HDMI port on my monitor, through my VGA port KVM switch, which the monitor is hooked up to....14:13
BluesKajyes, but it's possible with better HW detection nowadays14:13
LINKSWORD2Mind... Blown....14:13
rbergI bet your chipset supports HDMI even if no connecter is attached.. and the driver found it14:14
LINKSWORD2rberg: Ahh..... Interesting hypothesis....14:14
BluesKajmy sdpif  output was never detected by my nvidia gpu until about 3 yrs ago, but now i have a ackup in case my pci soundcard dies14:14
BluesKajmy onboard spdif I mean14:15
rbergbut I dont know how to hide it from kmix other then looking around the bios to see if it can be disabled14:16
colbyfgo into ur sound options and see can you disable it there14:16
colbyfI hid HDMI output settings in there14:17
LINKSWORD2Considering that I don't have an HDMI device on my system, I don't think I will have HDMI settings in the bios.14:17
BluesKajdunno why you'd want to hide it though, it might come in handy someday LINKSWORD214:17
LINKSWORD2I have 2 audio devices, and one of them, (the HDMI) does nothing. I want to disable the one that doesn't do anything. I can always re-enable it later if it does something useful, or if I need it for something.14:18
colbyfif you download pulseaudi volume control, you can disbale it there and should run through to the rest of ur applications14:19
LINKSWORD2PulseAudio, you say? Hmm....14:20
colbyfthats whi I was able to kix skype and different programs from playing through my HDMI devices14:21
LINKSWORD2I'll look around. Thanks.14:21
lordievaderpavucontrol \o/14:22
colbyfBluekaj: what email app do you use, just the one that comes with KDE14:22
BluesKaji just use gmail , kmail iis too complex for my needs altho thunderbird works well too, colbyf14:25
Zundrli_hello everyone, i need help with kde and my dual screen setup. is there anyone here with experience in that topic?14:25
colbyfahh i am looking to use pgp and that14:26
colbyfZundrli_ : I don't know about experienced but I am running dual screen14:26
BluesKajI have no need for an email database/server setup colbyf14:26
Zundrli_colbyf i have everything set up nicely but one thing is really bothering me: i have one monitor (big, 16:9) on the right, and one smaller monitor on the left (4:3). on the left side of the bigger screen i have a panel placed vertically. windows maximize under that panel and its driving me mad. its everywhere around google too, but no fix to be found14:28
colbyfsame prob haven't looked at it yet but its on my todays todo list lol14:29
colbyfu using KDE desktop14:30
Zundrli_yes kde 414:30
colbyfkde 5 still same prob14:30
Zundrli_it drives me nuts14:30
colbyfdid you go into windows behaviour in settings14:31
Zundrli_another thing, how do i make icons in the task manager stack ontop of eachother to save space?14:31
colbyfgoing there now myself to see14:31
Ryoma721now kubuntu works good14:32
colbyfon kde 4 there should be a package search the net for resize panel icons kde4 might help14:32
Ryoma721crossing my fingers in future updates14:32
Zundrli_can you add me on skype or something colbyf in case you find a fix14:34
LINKSWORD2Later, ya'll.14:34
colbyfmsg me ur id14:34
colbyfr email14:35
Zundrli_how lol14:35
colbyfright click on my name and there should be a dialoge option14:35
Zundrli_im on a webirc in my browser14:36
Zundrli_i think my skype id is the same as here, without the _14:36
goddardwas trying to upgrade and my upgrade crashed when trying to remove KDM14:57
goddardand replace it with SDDM14:57
goddardgetting plasmashell borted14:59
zundrli_i have a dual screen setup in kubuntu 14.10, one monitor 16:9, right side, and one, 4:3 on the left side. i set a vertical panel up at the left side of the bigger (16:9) screen. whenever i maximize windows they go under the panel and its really frustrating..... anyone an idea for fixing this?15:00
alvinI did something.... As a user, you can run tcpdump on some interfaces. In the hope of being able to run it on all interfaces, I ran dpkg-reconfigure tcpdump. Now, I lost all permissions. How to reverse this and set it back to default? (And why did this happen? I didn't get any questions.)15:02
alvinOk, now I'm wondering why it actually worked before as non-root user.15:08
s_20i only realised now that kf 5.9 made it into vivid, nice15:44
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goddardcan i install 15.04 over the net?16:31
goddardwithout a flash drive or cd16:31
ubottudebootstrap is used to create a !Debian or Ubuntu base system from scratch, without requiring the availability of !dpkg or !APT. It does this by downloading !.deb files from a mirror site, and carefully unpacking them into a directory you can eventually !chroot into.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot for more information16:37
geniigoddard: See the bots link for more info16:37
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goddardyikes sounds time consuming16:49
VoyageHow to restart kde  alt + ctrl + backspace does not works16:56
Graf_WesterholtVoyage, wait a minute, let me try. ;)16:58
Graf_WesterholtTry ALT+Print+K16:59
VoyageGraf_Westerholt,  doesnt works16:59
Graf_WesterholtVoyage, maybe it is disabled.17:00
Graf_Westerholt!ubottu sysrq17:00
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key17:00
Graf_Westerholt!sysrq | Voyage17:00
ubottuVoyage: please see above17:00
goddardbig problem i see already with the Kubuntu installer17:01
goddardyou can't connect to a wifi network with a hidden SSID17:01
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AristideHi !18:12
AristideLot of packages are not available into 15.04 repository, its normal ?18:12
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NickStoneanstide 15.04 hasn't been released yet18:17
MoonUnit`todays plasma5 updates broken kickoff search?18:39
soeethere was Kf 5.9 update but that shoudl break it i think18:45
MoonUnit`baloosearch and find from dolphin still work.18:46
MoonUnit`installed plasma5 on a spare drive today, logoff, reboot and shutdown worked. so something broken on my main system.18:48
MoonUnit`will reinstall at the weekend.18:48
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YAFUAnyone using Kubuntu 15.04 here?21:31
geniiYAFU: Might also check #ubuntu+1 which is for all 15.04 *buntu21:33
YAFUOk. I just want to discuss some issues that I found on Kubuntu 15.04 before reporting21:36
Headpool182I was wondering if anyone knew, for non-linux steam games, do i have to install steam for windows via wine, or can i configure them to automagically launch with wine?22:26
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