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belkinsaHello, I changed my primary e-mail address a few days ago but it didn't update to my ubuntu.com.  Can you help me with that?17:54
belkinsahttps://launchpad.net/~belkinsa is who I am17:54
ki7mtbelkinsa, Are you referring to your "Contact This User Email" ? if so, I font think that's associated with the Ubuntu1 login, but may be wrong. I've changed my LP email addy several times, and it did not  affect the UB1 login.17:58
belkinsaYes.  I will change that.17:59
belkinsaChanged, and do I wait 2 days now?17:59
ki7mtI think they are unrelated. Maybe updating the UB1 account email addy to match LP is the right approach.18:00
dobeybelkinsa: yeah, you have to update your address in login.u.c if you want things to change outside launchpad. the launchpad e-mail config settings are only for the launchpad service18:00
belkinsaAlright, let's see what happens in 2 days then.18:00
dobey2 days?18:00
mapreriactually, the @ubuntu.com email aliases are updated by a scrip run manually18:03
dobeybelkinsa: oh ok, it says it uses the launchpad primary e-mail.18:03
belkinsamapreri, I see.  Can it be updated then?18:04
mapreribelkinsa: do you really need it to be changed now right now or can you just wait once the sysadmins run it? otherwise people might be poked, but perhaps is better avoiding that...18:05
belkinsaI can wait.18:06
mapreribelkinsa: if it's not changed in some days (2?) then please come back and complain loudly :)18:07
belkinsaAlight, I will.  Thanks for the help!18:07
ki7mtJust for my info, the @ubuntu email addy and LP addy should be different addy;s right? Doesn't the @ubuntu addy forward to LP addy ?18:08
cjwatsonYou should indeed not set your primary address in Launchpad to @ubuntu.com.18:09
mapreriki7mt: yes. otherwise there might be bounces18:09
cjwatsonI think the forwarding setup script just refuses to consider that.18:09
ki7mtRight, you'd end up in a loop I would think18:09
ki7mtIm in a do-loop ost of the time anyways, so that's par for the course for me :-)18:09
maprerithat's exactly the reason why the script is run manually, they told me once. to also review such changes. (i hope they actually automated this, but YMMV and it's my business)18:09
ki7mtI'd like to get an @ubuntu email addy, but that's not as easy as it sounds. Been after that for a a few years now.18:13
dobeyit's actually very easy18:14
ki7mtHmmm .. ok, Im listening with much interest :-)18:15
dobeyall you have to do is become an ubuntu member. you don't have to become a developer18:15
ki7mtThis is OT for here, but I've tried to do a bit on severas things .. docs, packaging, IRC, Q&A, QA ISO testing etc.18:17
ki7mtI guess it's the "sustained superior performance" part that I need to work on :-)18:18
Kb52I am sure the xscreensaver is an exhausted topic, but lately it seems certain screensavers seem to crash. Is there a list of the ones that are stable. And/or how do you remove screensavers from xscreensavers interactively?20:02
Kb52Or tell me of a better channel to discuss this.20:02
wgrantKb52: #ubuntu might make more sense, if you're using Ubuntu.20:03
wgrantThis is the support channel for launchpad.net, nothing to do with xscrensaver.20:03
Kb52Well Zorin but same idea.20:03
dobeythen #zorin maybe20:03
wgrantYou'll want a Zorin channel.20:03
Kb52Ok I will go look for a xscreensaver channel. The Zorin channels are usually empty.20:04
Kb52Thanks anyhow.20:04
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micahgis it possible to get a virt armhf PPA these days?21:59
wgrantmicahg: It's emulated with qemu-user, but it works for many packages.22:00
wgrantWe can enable it on request.22:00
micahgshould I just file a request on answers?22:00
wgrantmicahg: Or just mention the PPA name here and I'll do it now.22:01
wgrantmicahg: Done.22:08
micahgwgrant: thanks22:08
henrikhodneHi! We’re seeing slow downloads from ppa.launchpad.net for Travis CI builds (~500 kbps). From another datacenter we’re seeing ~85 Mbps, so I was wondering if there might be some rate limiting on your end or something. The slow connections are coming from our VPC in EC2 us-east-1, while the fast connections are from a different datacenter in Ashburn, Virgina.23:05
wgranthenrikhodne: There's no reate limiting like that. How do the routes appear to differ?23:08
henrikhodnewgrant: They look quite similar, here are the traceroutes: https://gist.github.com/henrikhodne/1a3b0b96873250aca12923:11
henrikhodneThe hosts on the slower network are all behind a NAT, so all connections will appear to be from the same IP, which is why I was suspecting a rate limiter of sorts.23:12
wgranthenrikhodne: How's the slow host's connectivity to other UK/EU hosts?23:26
henrikhodnewgrant: Ah, also really slow. Okay, so probably not Launchpad-specific then. I’ll continue poking.23:28
wgranthenrikhodne: yeah, some ISPs (like mine) are pretty dodgy, unfortunately.23:29
DalekSecI find it faster to use my VPS as a proxy to bzr clone, download from cdimage, or whatnot. >_>23:30

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