jchodynieckianyone available for a silly question?01:37
jchodynieckimaybe mahmoh or kirkland? or anyone01:38
jchodynieckiguess I'm 0 for 91 here01:44
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Equal Pay Day! :-D08:46
zbenjamindoes anyone know where mvo is these days?11:12
ogra_zbenjamin, at a sprint i think ...11:20
ogra_US timezone11:20
zbenjaminogra_: aaa ok, makes sense11:22
zbenjaminogra_: right there is a sprint in austin afaik11:23
zbenjaminogra_: what would be the right way to hack around on snappy in a VM?11:30
zbenjaminogra_: do we have any images11:30
ogra_i never used it in a VM :)11:30
zbenjaminogra_: heh, how do you use it ? :)11:31
ogra_but i think there are instructions for runnin it in KVM on the website somewhere11:31
ogra_on arm boards11:31
ogra_once you have it running you should be able to ssh into it or open the webdm UI in a browser ...11:31
ogra_that has a KVM section11:32
zbenjaminogra_: aa nice thank you11:33
sergiusenscprov: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/odroidc/13:13
ogra_sergiusens, that *might* need a re-spin for the latest release ... havent done one since the last milestone ...13:14
sergiusensno worries13:16
cprovsergiusens: thanks13:17
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ezobnHi All, Can the "repository"/store for the snappy packages be installed localy  ?14:40
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ezobnogra_: Is it available in commercial terms ? Or some other ideas here ?14:48
ogra_ezobn, ah, i dont know ... beuno might though14:52
beunoezobn, hi14:52
beunowhat do you mean?  as in, run your own version of the store?14:52
ezobnbeuno, yes. To have scenario like vCPE for the telcom and application delivery using localised store.14:54
beunoezobn, you can't run it locally, we do offer a sub-store for products14:56
beunostill hosted by us, but you have control over what goes into it14:56
beunoin some cases, we will offer a local proxy, so clients don't need to talk outside of the network to get updates14:56
mvojdstrand: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/vivid/ubuntu-core-system-image14:57
ezobnbeuno, good to know, the idea for the local proxy is to deliver updates to not get it all from outside network, decrease amount of possible traffic or so ?14:59
beunoezobn, yeah, different people want to lock down networks for different reasons15:01
beunofor some it's security, some bandwidth15:01
ezobnbeuno, thanks, got the point.15:02
sergiusenszbenjamin: ah yes you are15:09
sergiusensmvo: raise your ears just in case :-) (or eyes)15:10
sergiusenszbenjamin: I'd rather have mvo be the main stakeholder here ;-)15:10
sergiusenszbenjamin: we don't have a concept of hand holding builds with snappy15:11
sergiusenslike click chroots didd15:11
zbenjaminsergiusens: hm yeah i just had the idea that it would be nice and more lightweight to create a buildenv with the snappy tools15:11
zbenjaminsergiusens: since we already have package versioning and so on15:11
sergiusenszbenjamin: right, we have no versioning in snappy either15:12
zbenjaminsergiusens: you can do rollbacks no?15:12
sergiusenszbenjamin: yes15:12
sergiusenszbenjamin: but there is no dependency chain that ties you to the versioning15:13
zbenjaminsergiusens: thats what i meant, so lets say you want to build a specific snap, you need a rootfs with the dependencies. The rootfs builder could read your dependencies and install them into a core rootfs15:13
sergiusenszbenjamin: as in, in the click world you could depend on ubuntu-sdk-13.1015:13
zbenjaminsergiusens: yes, but i can depend on frameworks in the snappy world15:14
zbenjaminor did i get that wrong15:14
sergiusenszbenjamin: yes, you can15:14
sergiusenszbenjamin: for native builds you might want to look at what lool did15:14
zbenjaminsergiusens: if it uses schroot then thats exactly what we would like to prevent...15:15
sergiusenszbenjamin: just take into account, snappy rootfs don't have apt (and won't have dpkg)15:15
zbenjaminsergiusens: schroot has proven to be slow and unstable in the SDK.15:15
zbenjaminbzoltan: ^^^ jus t case you want to read as well15:15
zbenjaminsergiusens: so for example schroot leaks mounts. For any reason a click chroot .. run is killed or terminated it will leave mounts behind. Those mounts are restored on boot.... We had people with 16k mounts15:16
zbenjaminsergiusens: also the mount/umount on every command is horribly slow15:16
sergiusenszbenjamin: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/snappy-devel/2015-March/000415.html15:16
zbenjaminsergiusens: ah teh devpacks yeah15:17
zbenjaminsergiusens: ok i thought the devpacks would be installed by snappy as well15:18
zbenjaminsergiusens: the idea was that i can construct the rootfs from outside. and then use it as chroot/sysroot/whatever15:19
zbenjaminsergiusens: but reverting it to a clean state is the problem here15:20
elopioping ogra_, if I install your chatroom snap in kvm, what is the url?15:21
sergiusenszbenjamin: that's snapcraft; but I suggest to reply with that in the rfc email which needs some interaction love15:22
sergiusenselopio: don't forget to -redir if using kvm15:22
sergiusenselopio: and you can check by looking at the ports entry in package yaml maybe15:22
ogra_elopio, $ip:6565/15:22
ogra_elopio, for kvm you need to forward that port somehow15:23
ogra_then i think localhost:6565 might work15:23
elopiosergiusens: where should I use -redir ?15:23
ogra_you likely use it already in your kvm commandline15:23
ogra_just add another redirect for the 6565 port15:24
elopiogot it.15:24
ogra_elopio, and thanks for the blog comment !!15:24
elopioogra_: this is really cool actually. Thanks to you for the magic tool.15:24
zbenjaminsergiusens: sadly i can not answer to that mail. I just registered for the snappy-devel ML15:41
elopiowhere do I report a bug for snappy-remote?15:44
loologra_: would you know where the pins for the serial console are on the ninja sphere develoepr kit?17:05
loologra_: nevermind, found it17:08
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fishcookeris anyone here with "Screen version 4.00.03 + CentOS release 6.6 " that support vsplit release?22:08
fishcookererr sorry wrong channel22:08
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