ceed^Hi, after the latest update this evening wi-fi stopped working. It's grayed out. I can still connect over ethernet. What could be wrong?00:50
ceed^When I do "rfkill list" I'm told that wifi is hard bloced and I can not unblock it00:58
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lordievaderGood morning.06:09
randomrandom123can someone tell me, why ubuntu 15.04 boots to mobile ui on a touch screen desktop? and how to fix it?08:46
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BluesKajHI all11:14
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ubottuA schedule of Vivid Vervet (15.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseSchedule12:38
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Anonymauzhow to install bumblebee on 15.04 ? my X server doesn't start after reboot. My method works fine with 14.10 tho!16:10
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lotuspsychjeAnonymauz: bumblebee is outdated, use nvidia-prime16:11
Anonymauzwhy outdated? not supported with systemd or what?16:11
Anonymauznvidia prime gives same result tho16:12
k1linstalling the nvidia driver from the ubuntu repo will bring nvidia-prime16:12
Anonymauzisn't it proprietary? i mean nvidia-prime16:12
k1lAnonymauz: bumblebee was the workaround until prime was released by nvidia16:12
k1lso try the nvidia driver from the ubuntu repo16:12
lotuspsychjek1l: wanna join #ubuntu-discuss?16:13
Anonymauzi opened driver updates application once i installed ubuntu, i pressed INSTALL opposit the "recommended" tip. After that X doesn't start too x|16:13
Anonymauzi must be loser of the world, what i am doing wrong16:13
Anonymauzwhat i should install? i have 2 videocards, just reminding.16:13
k1lhey lotuspsychje. i dont take part in -discuss or -offtopic these days. maybe in some future, thanks16:13
lotuspsychjek1l: ok mate no sweat :p16:14
Anonymauzu say nvidia driver. u mean nvidia 346.59?16:14
k1lAnonymauz: there are some different drivers. depends on your exact hardware what to use best16:14
Anonymauzi checked out nvidia website. it says last version for my hardware is nvidia346.5916:15
Anonymauzso that i should apt-get intall nvidia-346?16:15
Anonymauzor nvidia-346 nvidia-settings nvidia-prime whatever... just sure my x won't start again16:15
k1llspci gives what?16:16
Anonymauzor i should only apt-get install nvidi16:16
Anonymauzlspci | grep VGA16:16
Anonymauz00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)16:16
Anonymauz01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK107M [GeForce GT 650M] (rev a1)16:17
Anonymauzso what16:18
Anonymauzcan you give a tip how to deal with all that?16:18
lotuspsychjeAnonymauz: did you install ubuntu with internet+updates enabled during setup?16:19
Anonymauzi am 80% sure i toggled that box16:19
Anonymauzi am fucked up :O16:20
lotuspsychjeAnonymauz: dont loose hope too soon16:21
Anonymauzi tried three different ways, neither of them worked.16:21
lotuspsychjeAnonymauz: try another driver from your additional driver list16:21
lotuspsychjeand install nvidia-prime16:22
Anonymauzhttp://imgur.com/nH3DN7l i got this16:22
Anonymauzin driver manager16:22
Anonymauzinstall it manually, right?16:22
Anonymauzwell, it may work. cuz i did nvidia driver install from application and nvidia prime installation separately.16:22
Anonymauzfirst driver, then prime, then reboot. right?16:23
Anonymauzi need nvidia-settings btw?16:23
lotuspsychjeAnonymauz: just try prime first and reboot16:23
Anonymauzokay right, thanks for tip16:24
Anonymauzhow to test it btw?16:24
Anonymauzif it works i mean16:24
lotuspsychjeAnonymauz: what makes your grafix work best16:25
Anonymauzhow to backup? purge nvidia-*?16:25
Anonymauzcuz it's only laptop xD16:26
lotuspsychjeAnonymauz: dont purge drivers, just switch from additional drivers16:26
Anonymauzmkay, rebooting..16:26
Anonymauzrebooted. no nvidia settings app tho..16:29
Anonymauzhow to switch16:30
Anonymauztried prime-select nvidia16:31
AnonymauzError: the installed packages do not support PRIME16:31
AnonymauzError: nvidia mode can't be enabled16:31
Anonymauzi ll try install driver from app again..16:37
AnonymauzWell. X didn't start16:44
AnonymauzPrime says nvidia is current card16:44
AnonymauzThat sucks so much..16:45
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-current16:46
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.125-0ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 4 kB, installed size 36 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)16:46
lotuspsychjeAnonymauz: did you remember wich driver worked on your 14.10?16:47
Anonymauz304 kek16:47
BluesKajAnonymauz, run dkms status16:48
AnonymauzHow to restore my pc now16:48
AnonymauzI am from android so i can make typo16:48
BluesKajpastebin the output please16:48
AnonymauzBbswitch installed16:48
AnonymauzNvidia-346 too16:49
AnonymauzSo does vboxhost16:49
AnonymauzHow to restore? Aptget remove nvidia-346?16:51
BluesKaj346 is too experimental for most cards, the 340 driver should be the correct driver for most nvidias16:51
AnonymauzSo i remove 346 and apt install 340?16:52
BluesKajAnonymauz, yes16:52
AnonymauzShould i delete xorgconf before it?16:52
AnonymauzOr rename whatever. Googled that it may cause problems16:53
BluesKajno but you can run nvidia-xconfig after installing16:54
BluesKajif you want a xconf file that is16:55
AnonymauzOk i ll try16:56
AnonymauzLol what a fancy crap .16:59
AnonymauzFailed to fetch repo..16:59
AnonymauzMaybe it's kubuntu trouble? If that can matter ofc..17:02
AnonymauzWell, 340 giefs blackscreen17:05
AnonymauzIf i startx, i get errorz17:06
k1ldont use startx17:06
k1lstart the lightdm, or the other thingy that kde uses now17:06
k1ldid you install the bumbelbee stuff again?17:07
AnonymauzBtw if i run dkms status it says not nvidia installed but added17:07
k1ldoes your video card require nomodeset?17:07
k1ldoes it load the nvidia module?17:07
AnonymauzWhat you meaN 'it'17:08
k1lyour system?17:09
AnonymauzKubuntu 15.0417:09
k1lseveral possible issue mentioned now. so go on the hunt :)17:09
AnonymauzWhy its Added?17:10
lotuspsychjeAnonymauz: you also might wanna press F1 at boot to see where it stucks17:10
AnonymauzI inst17:10
AnonymauzOk 1 sec17:11
k1lAnonymauz: what are you talking about?17:11
AnonymauzF1 remove splash screen? Or safe mod17:12
AnonymauzCuz this fucker just loaded!17:12
AnonymauzOpened app17:14
AnonymauzIt says nvidia is on. Gonna test it17:14
AnonymauzCan i install glxgears mesautils or that will fuck up nvidia prime?17:17
lotuspsychjeAnonymauz: plz keep the channel family friendly17:17
AnonymauzSorry i apologize.17:17
anonymauzzmy wine doesn't work now with new driver, how that could be?17:22
anonymauzzseems like my opengl's gone. well, gonna solve it on my own :> thanx for help guys, i owe you very much17:24
AnonymauzIf glxgears giefs 60 fps - that should be nvidia right?17:30
lotuspsychjeAnonymauz: sudo lshw -C video and check after driver= wich driver loaded17:32
AnonymauzNvm found wow, ran it on wine, driver works perfect17:33
lotuspsychjeAnonymauz: so can you tell us how you fixxed it now17:33
AnonymauzBut your command says intel tho.. Interesting17:34
AnonymauzI installed 340, it didnt load17:35
AnonymauzBut after few reboots it did somehow17:36
AnonymauzSo i don't know is that fix17:36
AnonymauzNow it switches to intel automatically xD17:39
AnonymauzMaybe i ll try lower driver17:42
AnonymauzNow driver manager giefs nothing. Weird too17:56
AnonymauzTried install 331.. Badumtssss kernel 4 not supported17:58
AnonymauzWhy it says driver in use nouveau if i removed it?18:11
k1lbecause it couldnt load the nvidia one and will fall back to nouveau.18:12
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rektidei have a recent (week old?) nightly. when i ssh into it, i don't have hardly a thing. chiefly, i'd really really really like a dbus user session.21:45
rektidei tried copying units from https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Systemd/User#D-Bus in hopes of having a socket activated bus, but i still don't see anything show up in my envs if i ssh in (after adding those units, rebooting, and ssh'ing in)21:46
holsteinyou are ssh'ing into a live box?21:46
holsteinyou should be able to install what you want, but, i would expect limiatations..21:46
rektidei am ssh'ing into my workstation, and i would like access to a dbus-session of any kind when i ssh in. i use git-credential-gnome-keyring extensively, and i need to be able to use that while ssh'ing in.21:47
holsteinrektide: your workstation will have whatever it has, if the live iso is the "client".. it'll just be connecting via ssh21:48
rektideholstein: fine whatever sure yes of course. how do i use systemd to get a dbus session for my users?21:48
rektideplease help21:48
holsteinrektide: sure.. and now that you are not referencing the nightly live iso, but, your workstation OS, you can look at what is needed on your server-side on your workstation to facilitate your needs21:49
rektidemy workstation is a week old vivid21:50
holsteinrektide: what are you trying to accomplish? more of a remote desktop connection?21:50
holsteinrektide: sure, you are ssh-ing into 15.04, as well.. i understand.. what are you trying to do there via ssh?21:50
rektidegit push.21:50
rektidewhich relies on git-credential-gnome-keyring. which relies on dbus.21:51
holsteinrektide: sure.. you would just connect via ssh, and do whatever you do via git21:51
holsteinrektide: if its a "normal" desktop install, with a GUI, you'll have, or have access to add what you need easily21:51
rektidei guess i need to reiterate this for the third time?21:52
holsteinrektide: i would personally seperate these issues out.. i would see that i can do what i want to do from the workstation via GIT, then, work on doing that from the workstation in the terminal, *then* just connect via ssh and do the exact same thing21:52
holsteinrektide: you can answer this, friend.. can you git push in the terminal on your workstation? yes or no? if no, then, you are not going to be able to do that via ssh, when connected from another machine21:53
rektidei can use git just fine from a gui session on the workstation21:53
holsteinso, you can address being able to git push from terminal on that workstation21:53
holsteinrektide: sure. *not* from the GUI. otherwise, connect with a remote desktop solution, and GIT push in the GUI that works on the workstation21:53
holsteinwhen you can git push from the terminal, then, you will easily be able to do that via ssh21:54
holsteini would reference any commandline specific information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Git21:54
rektidehow do i get to a virtual-terminal term? control-alt-f1 &c isn't switching me to a term21:56
rektidethis is not X behavior i'm familiar with21:56
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution21:57
holsteinthough, i have had issues with that in the past with one particular GPU..21:57
holsteinyou can just use *any* terminal emulator, though, in whatever 15.04 version you are running.. gnome-terminal or terminator..21:57
rektideif type 'env|grep DBUS' in a terminal inside the gui, I get a result21:58
rektideif i type the same ssh'ed in, i get nothing21:58
rektidethat's the root of what dogs me right now21:58
holsteinrektide: sounds like your users have different permissions21:58
rektidei thought you were asking me to do the same from a console vterm. which i can't seem to get to, in spite of following !tty directions21:58
rektideit's the same user21:58
rektideit's how you've setup systemd21:58
rektideit's ubuntu not me21:59
holsteinrektide: though, as is suggested, *dont* ssh in.. just do a git push from the local machine in the terminal..21:59
rektidedo this with a bonestock ubuntu and you will certainly see the same thing21:59
rektideit works21:59
rektidei can git push from Terminal21:59
holsteinrektide: above, you stated you did it in the GUI, not the terminal21:59
k1lrektide: i think you might need to file a bug and see what the devs think about it21:59
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.21:59
rektideby gui, i meant a Terminal in the gui21:59
holsteinrektide: id be glad to confirm the behavior, as i am in 15.04 right now22:00
holsteinwhen you are ssh'd in, you will have "limitations" based on your ssh config file, but, if you are the same user, you should have the same setup..22:01
rektideUbuntu still relies on an archaic /etc/X11/Xsession.d/75dbus_dbus-launch to commence dbus22:02
holsteini know, patches are usually welcome upstream22:03
rektideif you can help me fix the fact that my /etc/systemd/system/user@.service/dbus.conf that i linked to when i first posted doesnt work22:03
rektidei'll gladly submit22:03
holsteinyou should be able to do the same as you do via ssh as you do locally.. if not, then why? that would be my question22:03
rektidei see the socket activated dbus session , and i can use it, it just doesn't show up in my env22:04
holsteinrektide: you are saying, that works, when you are local to the machine, just not via ssh as the same user, correct?22:04
rektideholstein: i just told you why not. do you want me to explain to you what /etc/X11/Xsession.d/75dbus_dbus-launch is for, what it does, and why it means my env doesn't have dbus when i ssh in in a much longer form to you?22:05
rektidei'm happy to explain these mechanism if you don't get them22:05
holsteinrektide: good luck, friend.. if it were me, i would try and replicate this behavior on a supported 14.04 or 14.10 version, from a live iso, and file a bug, regardless22:06
rektidethose aren't systemd22:08
rektidei'm not interested in the old world22:08
holsteincheers, and i hope you can find someone to help you.. with 14.04, you can broaden your scope of assistance to the #ubuntu channel.. or a server channel.. i personally can do all i do from the ssh session as a local user, but, if you want to start and link a bug report, id be glad to confirm a bug22:08
rektidecheers, thanks22:08

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