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Kiloshi arnaudmez_13:18
Kiloswhats news13:18
arnaudmez_COol Kilos13:18
Kiloshow are your linux classes doing13:18
arnaudmez_Not yet actioned13:19
arnaudmez_busy putting everything in place13:19
Kiloswow you guys are slow how13:20
Kilosas long as you are well thats fine13:20
Kilosoh ya you in brazzaville hey13:22
Kilosi need contact peeps in the drc to try wake up that loco please arnaudmez_13:23
arnaudmez_cannot help Kilos13:29
Kilosdont you know anyone there13:29
Kilosi have to find peeps from here?13:29
Kilosno wonder im getting old so fast13:30
arnaudmez_this is the man you should talk to: Rene Manasse GALEKWA13:36
arnaudmez_Street: 44 Avenue Des Huilerie; City: Kinshasa; Phone: +24381278522213:37
Kilosi do irc man not fone calls13:37
Kiloseven emails work13:37
Kilosbut ty ill try find someone up there that can fone him13:38
arnaudmez_Email: rene.galekwa@unikin.ac.cd13:40
Kiloswonderful, ty arnaudmez_13:40
arnaudmez_One day I will succeed doing IT Sec13:44
Kilosi want the whloe of africa here man13:45
Kilosbefore i die13:45
Kilosso arnaudmez_  whats on your agenda these days14:53
arnaudmez_Busy setting up my workbench and doing some few updates14:56
arnaudmez_want me to help on something14:57
Kilosnot really apart from  finding the missing countries14:57
Kilosoh yes you can add your country in here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams14:58
Kilosyou then only have to get an ubuntu team going and you are smiling14:59
Kiloselacheche  we are in16:08
elachecheyou too?? :D awesome :D16:15
elachechecongrats dude16:15
Kilosty, you too16:16
d4rk-5c0rpcongrats Kilos && elacheche :D16:28
* nlsthzn also wants to congratulate people but doesn't know what for :/16:31
Kilosheehee  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-membership-board16:32
nlsthznoh nice... congrats Kilos and elacheche :)16:38
nlsthznwell done :D16:38
Kilosty nlsthzn16:38
elachechethx nlsthzn :)16:39
pieter2627WOW, that's awesome. Congrats Kilos and elacheche16:50
Kilosty pieter262716:51
elachechethe pieter2627 :)16:51
elachechethanks pieter2627 x)16:51
Kilosi actually didnt expect it being such a new member16:52
elachecheyou know! we're lucky x)17:06
elachechethe next meeting is for tomorrow :D17:07
Kilosi saw the schedules somewhere but that gone out the head now17:07
elacheche12UTC .. and there is no one in the list x) I think that am lucky because I did already plan something for tomorrow )17:07
Kilosi know its twice17:07
Kilosi told them i can make both times17:08
Kilosnormally i go to bed around 10pm or so but will stay up for the midnight meeting17:09
elachechethe same here :) I think that we have the same time zone.. I'm on GMT+117:10
Kilosim +217:11
elachecheI see :)17:12
Kilosyou must just keep in mind not to plan things on those days, then if there are no new applicants do spur of the moment things17:12

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