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Mirvrenatu: pong05:16
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Mirvrenatu: so the qtpim has been QA sign-off:d but I'm not publishing it since you didn't specify what you pinged for :)07:38
David______Hi guys09:11
David______Is there any chance to use another IDE to develop ubuntu phone apps than QT Creator ?09:11
David______For examle with CodeLite ?09:12
brendandDavid______, yes but there is not a lot of documentation about using the toolchain independently of the SDK09:24
t1mpDavid______, brendand: there is this blog post from yesterday https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/blog/2015/04/13/inner-workings-sdk/09:28
brendandt1mp, well aint that a co-inky-dink :)09:29
t1mpthanks to zbenjamin :)09:30
zbenjaminDavid______: QtCreator will give you much more than just building the project. Also deployment and on device debugging09:32
David______Plus a big licence chaos09:34
David______If i want to build a app for commercial use.09:35
brendandDavid______, ??? nope09:35
brendandDavid______, besides the tool you use to develop your code has no impact on licensing09:36
brendandDavid______, that would come from the UI toolkit, which you can hardly avoid using anyway09:36
brendandDavid______, and afaik there are no licensing issues there09:36
David______ahh ok..09:36
David______if i use qt creator wihout the qt framework right ?09:37
David______Because in any other project we use CodeLite with WxWidgets. So it would be nice to use the same IDE for Ubuntu Phone apps09:38
brendandDavid______, so you're asking if you can use the SDK and not have to open source your code? you want your app to be closed source?09:38
brendandDavid______, there aren't any impediments to that coming from either Qt or our SDK09:38
brendandat least i'm pretty sure - t1mp probably knows for sure09:38
brendandDavid______, what is WxWidgets?09:39
David______Cross-Plattform Gui lib09:39
David______very nice09:39
brendandDavid______, ahhh. i'm not so sure it will work on Ubuntu Touch09:39
brendandbut maybe09:40
David______ok..at the first step it will be enough to run a service on ubuntu phone... compiled with gcc...09:40
David______without any gui09:41
David______is it possible to compile via gcc any run the app as a service in a ubuntu phone enviroment ?09:41
David______imho it should work...09:42
mcphailDavid______: ubuntu apps have very restrictive apparmor profiles, designed to limit what you can do09:42
David______I thought that the ubuntu phone os is able to run as a full ubuntu installation ( like on the pc ).09:44
David______with the full desktop etc. If you plug it into a monitor :-)09:44
mcphailDavid______: underneath everything is a slightly-modified install, but Ubuntu apps are treated as a special case and are different from standard .debs09:46
mcphailDavid______: the idea is to allow apps to be trusted09:46
David______Is there any plans to support those features ?09:50
bzoltanDavid______: Yes, you can use the SDK tools to create close source applications09:51
David______:-) nice...09:51
David______with or without QT-Creator ? :-)09:52
bzoltanDavid______:  QtCreator is an important part of the SDK tools, but you can do lots of things without IDE. It is just more milage09:52
David______Is there any tutorial to create ubuntu phone apps without the QT-Creator. ( with Codelite or any other free IDE ? )09:53
bzoltanDavid______:  ... and about the application security. Well, you as a phone user do not want that apps just access your personal data without your notice, right?09:53
bzoltanDavid______:  QtCreator is a free IDE09:54
David______free for commercial use09:54
mcphailDavid______: I think the confusion comes from Qt itself, rather than the creator. IIRC, you have to open source your project if you change core Qt components (and are using the GPL'd version). I may be wrong on this as it is a long time since I read it09:54
bzoltanDavid______: The QtCreator is free for commercial use09:54
David______OK ..09:55
David______So theres no plan to support other IDE's than QT creator ?09:56
bzoltanDavid______: You can do most of the things without the IDE, it is just a bit more difficult. But no, we have no plans to support other IDE than QtCreator... and if we decide to do then we will not support QtCreator :) So in short, we suport one IDE and so far that is the QtC. It is a great tool.09:57
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David______OK . thanks for your fast support :-).10:00
bzoltanDavid______: feel free to check in if you need any help. Actually I know lots of developers who use vi + terminal. And you can root and turn your ubuntu phone fully writable and do even native build and packaging on the phone. It is a full blown ubuntu inside.10:04
David______that sounds nice :-)10:07
faenilmorning people o/10:09
faenilis there any method which returns the path of my click package?10:09
faenilI couldn't find anything helpful in QStandardPaths10:09
faenilbasically, what's the best practice to access app data?10:09
popeyfaenil: it uses the standard XDG directories10:15
faenilnvm, I'm sleeping, thanks popey10:15
nik90Anyone free to help review https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/improve-setting-listitem/+merge/252930 ?11:06
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DS-McGuiredpm, Did you get my email the other day?11:08
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popeynik90: should I notice any difference when running that branch?11:57
nik90popey: very minor visual change. You should notice a arrow indicating the setting option chosen when you expand a listitem in the settings page.11:58
nik90popey: otherwise everything else should be the same.11:58
popeynik90: ok, are you planning to resolve bug 1432696 too?11:59
ubot5bug 1432696 in Ubuntu Clock App "[SDK] Bottom edge header improvement" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143269611:59
nik90popey: I just pushed https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/improved-bottomedge-header/+merge/256129 for that :)12:00
popeyAlways ahead of me.12:00
popeyooh, i like the arrows in settings12:00
popeyflip/flop/flip/flop, I could do this all day12:00
nik90that arrow animation "^/ v " was there before..the new thing I added was the tick mark12:01
popeyclearly I didn't notice :S12:01
kalikianat1mp: have you seen [Ubuntu-phone] Page sections and corrupted stacks ?12:20
t1mpkalikiana: nope, I'll read it now12:24
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t1mpkalikiana: wow12:27
renatuMirv, is not related with that :D12:59
renatuMirv, you can release it12:59
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mhall119kalikiana: is there a way to get an auto-generated unique docId in U1DB?13:25
kalikianamhall119: yes. don't pass one :-)13:25
mhall119kalikiana: if I do that twice I get teh same one13:26
kalikianamhall119: can you show me the code?13:26
mhall119kalikiana: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mhall119/memebook/trunk/view/head:/main.qml#L12513:28
Mirvrenatu: ok, thanks! :)13:39
renatuMirv, I was about to ask you to make a package with qtpim the private headers13:40
renatuMirv, I have a test package here "https://launchpad.net/~amanzi-team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa"13:41
renatuMirv, this is not urgent but probably we will need this on the future13:41
kalikianamhall119: ah, I see the problem. putDoc does *not* return the docId13:45
kalikianaI can see why you'd think so, I thought myself at one point it might be convenient but it'd be an ABI change13:46
mhall119ok, so what is it returning?13:51
mhall119or, rather, how *do* I get the new docId from what I just put into the database?13:52
kalikianamhall119: what do you want to do with it? in the code it's not used, is it?13:53
mhall119kalikiana: not in that code, but I need to move the file that content hub gives me into my app's ~/.local/share/ folder, and I'd like to use the docId as the name of the new file to avoid name clashes13:54
mhall119kalikiana: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10821817/ is where I'm at now13:54
mhall119using an md5 hash of the original filename13:54
mhall119which gives me a docId ahead of time,but doesn't prevent naming clashes13:54
kalikianahmmmm so names aren't unique? normally I'd say md5 seems like a good idea13:56
mhall119kalikiana: there's no guarantee, I could be shared multiple screenshot.png files from multiple places13:56
mhall119I could make a hash using a timestamp, but I was hoping U1db would give me a more straightforward option13:57
kalikianamhall119: how about doing the moving in onDocLoaded?14:01
kalikianahrmm tho it might be called on next startup which you might not want14:01
kalikianamhall119: what if you hash the final filename, though?14:04
kalikianathat would have to be unique14:05
mhall119kalikiana: I want the final filename to *be* the docID14:05
renatucharles, is silo 8 ready to test and release?14:15
charlesrenatu, yea14:17
charlesrenatu, what was the build issue yesterday?14:17
Mirvrenatu: we've worked to get rid of all private headers so that we don't have them in anywhere besides qtbase/qtdeclarative. could you instead convince upstream to change the required functions to be public API instead?14:17
Mirvrenatu: note that we used to have qtpim5-private-dev already, but it was removed during utopic cycle14:18
Mirvrenatu: anyway, let's keep the need on mind, please file a bug about the functions needed and then we can see if the upstream route could be taken or if it's needed to package the private headers14:19
renatuMirv, ok I will need to take a deep look why buteo uses that14:19
karniHey folks. I can check for env var with QProcessEnvironment properly, but only if I export the env var in /etc/environment . If I do it in ~/.profile, it doesn't work. I see .profile is used for GRID_UNIT_PX, for instance, so I wonder why QProcessEnvironment::systemEnvironment().contains('foo') isn't working for me well. Any hints?14:20
renatucharles, it was caused by EDS. Sometimes it get unstable during the tests.14:21
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Mirvrenatu: ok, thanks14:28
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karnimardy: what would that be? (FWIW UOA panel works just fine)14:32
karniNow executing: click-review ./com.ubuntu.telegram_1.3.4.97_armhf.click14:32
karni------ - online_accounts_telegram_account-service_name Could not find '<name>' tag14:32
karnikenvandine: any hints on the above ↑ ?14:34
kenvandinekarni, sorry, no14:34
karnikenvandine: ok :)14:34
karnipopey: have you ever seen an app click review fail with similar msg ↑ ?14:35
popeykarni: nope14:35
popeydholbach: ^14:35
dholbachkarni, no - maybe jdstrand knows? which click-reviewers-tools version?14:40
karnidholbach: jdstrand: Installed: 0.24-0~407~ubuntu14.10.114:41
karnijdstrand: Jamie, I'm getting an error I pasted above, even though the app works just fine on the phone. Ideas?14:41
dholbach436 is the newest - let me backport it14:43
dholbachcopied to sdk release ppa, will take a while to publish14:45
karnidholbach: thank you14:45
dholbachI don't know if that's going to help though :)14:46
karniYes, I'm aware of that. I haven't seen that error before, and it's the first time I'm using UOA account config panel, so want to make sure what I'm releasing is not broken.14:46
jdstrandkarni: apparently the service is nissing the <name> tag in the xml. you might want to talk to mardy15:01
faenilDanChapman: hey :) I installed Dekko yesterday as I wanted to help out with the testing15:02
karnijdstrand: 'name' in the <service> is not documented. mardy, thoughts? https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/platform/guides/online-accounts-developer-guide/15:02
faenilbut it didn't even let me go through the account setup :(15:02
faenilthere was a red X on the right side of the input field of username and password, but no message or output about the setup process, I was a bit confused15:03
faenilI can only imagine that it means "wrong username or password" but that wasn't the case...is the lack of an error message intended?15:03
faenilcould it be the 2FA?15:04
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dpmfaenil, I had the same issue16:09
rickspencer3kalikiana,  so, I have some records in u1db16:09
rickspencer3they have a list of dictionaries16:09
dpmfaenil, I was told to remove the dekko app folder as it could be a conflict from a previous installation, but I've not had the chance to try it yet16:09
rickspencer3when I push a new dictionary to the list, and then call db.putDoc(docID) the new doc doesn;t seem to get saved16:10
rickspencer3any idea what I am doing wrong?16:10
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faenildpm: I had no previous installation16:25
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kalikianarpadovani: the first argument is the contents, not the id17:13
kalikianaer sorry17:13
kalikianarickspencer3: the first argument is the contents, not the id17:13
kalikianayou want to do db.putDoc({}, docId)17:13
kalikianarpadovani: autocompletion fail :-D17:14
rpadovanikalikiana, don't worry, it happens :-)17:14
rickspencer3weird, but ok17:15
kalikianarickspencer3: it has to be this way so that putDoc({}) can give you an autogenerated docId17:16
kalikianain which case obviously you'd put something useful in there and not just {}17:17
kalikianaarguably adding an empty doc is the weird one ;-)17:17
* kalikiana hides17:17
rickspencer3kalikiana, it's only weird because the documentation just says this: string Database::putDoc(string)17:19
rickspencer3otherwise, the putDoc call makes sense as you describe it17:19
kalikianahmmmm that's odd indeed17:30
DanChapmanfaenil: hey sorry was afk. Yes so google can cause us problems in 2 ways atm either 2fa or you need to get an app specific password for their "less secure apps" policy. I've got a work item to prompt a dialog on that issue and forward on to the relevant google help docs. Just havn't got to it yet17:44
faenilDanChapman: ok, thanks18:56
DanChapmanfaenil: np :-). also just so you know, there is work mostly done to enable authentication for gmails XOAUTH2 we just need to figure out how we are going to make it work with online accounts as an additional account store. Once that is done, we will only allow gmail access through online accounts.19:02
davmor2DanChapman: who said you could leave you're keyboard???? ;)19:07
davmor2balloons: meh19:08
DanChapmandavmor2: I was instructed by my other half. It wasn't by choice!! :-)19:08
davmor2DanChapman: oh well perfectly understandable then :)19:08
DS-McGuiredholbach, Are you here?20:13
dholbachDS-McGuire, yes20:15
DS-McGuiredholbach, Did you get the email I sent the other day?20:16
dholbachDS-McGuire, I did20:18
dholbachDS-McGuire, but I'm afraid that I'm at a sprint right now and busy most of the time, which is why I didn't reply yet20:18
dholbachsorry about that20:18
DS-McGuireNo no no, don't apologize. I have had a problem with my emails ending up in peoples spam folder due to a signature I added. I was concerned about that, that's all.20:22
nik90popey: hey can you test https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/improved-bottomedge-header/+merge/256129 .. it uses the same code used in the document-viewer MP.20:36
faenilDanChapman: ok cool :)21:09
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popeynik90: ok22:17
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