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nitroshifthello people10:17
nitroshiftNCommand`, hello10:20
nitroshiftsorry, NCommander :)10:20
nitroshiftare you around?10:20
nitroshiftanyone here can answer a question regarding ubuntu on armada xp?11:18
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nitroshifthello people18:46
nitroshiftNCommander, hello, are you around?\18:47
ars23hi nitroshif!18:48
nitroshifthello ars2318:50
nitroshifti've got a question regarding ubuntu on marvell arm18:50
ars23ask, and if I know, I'll try to help... I also have some problem, but with debian and pppoeconf on a pi...18:51
nitroshiftmore specifically on a patch18:51
ars23so, let's try.18:51
nitroshiftmarvell released a patch to enable network fast processing but that was for kernel 3.218:52
nitroshifthow feasible is it to portr it for current kernel versions?18:52
nitroshiftmeaning 3.18 - 4.018:52
nitroshiftthe tricky part is integrating the hooks in netfilter code18:53
ars23yes, and also the dependencies...18:54
nitroshiftthose too18:54
nitroshiftbut the dependencies are easier to port18:55
nitroshifti really wanted to talk to NCommander as he was the one that brought the patch into ubuntu code (though it was for kernel 3.2.0)18:56
ars23yes, I think is better to wait for him... and talk with him...18:57
nitroshiftthought so... but it's late here, going to bed18:58
nitroshifttalk tomorrow18:58
nitroshiftsee ya guys18:58
nitroshiftsee ya ars23 and thanks :)18:58
ars23you're welcome! bye!18:59
* NCommander is21:05
NCommanderBut I missed nitroshift21:05
danielbrazilianhello is odroid c1 officially supported by ubuntu?23:11

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