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Zolotkey{iPad}When I try to install the ppa repo I get the error to check to make sure I am using the correct name or format. however I am copy/pasting from the FAQs21:38
Zolotkey{iPad}anyone have any suggestions?21:40
veebersZolotkey{iPad}: which ppa string are you using?21:42
Zolotkey{iPad}sudo add-apt-repository ppa:autopilot/ppa && sudo apt-get update21:42
balloonssudo add-apt-repository ppa:autopilot/1.5 && sudo apt-get update21:43
veebersZolotkey{iPad}: it appears that the faq is out of date21:43
* veebers files a bug21:43
Zolotkey{iPad}Thank you, I knew IRC would be the best place to do this21:44
balloonssorry for the troubles Zolotkey{iPad} !21:46
Zolotkey{iPad}no problem :)21:46
Zolotkey{iPad}one more quick question, does Autopilot work on 12.04?22:29
balloonsyou are limited to an older version.. so, not really22:44
Zolotkey{iPad}What version do you know?22:45
Zolotkey{iPad}Would it be better to install it from source on a 12.04 system?22:45
balloonsit requires some newer stuff.. you would get 1.2 perhaps? it's in the repos22:47
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balloonsZolotkey{iPad}, I lie, heh.. It's not in 12.04 at all: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=precise&keywords=autopilot22:53
Zolotkey{iPad}if I added the ppa would it work?22:54
balloonsthere's no packages built for it22:54
balloonsyou might be able to find an old 1.2 version.. but you are probably right on grabbing the source and installing it22:55
balloonswould be interesting to see what happens. I suspect 1.5 won't work, but maybe 1.4  will?22:56
Zolotkey{iPad}Okay well I will give that a try22:59
veebersZolotkey{iPad}, balloons: I doubt that it will work (needs some much newer things) but I'm very interested to see if it does :-)23:26

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