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imgbot=== IMAGE 171 DONE (finished: 20150414-03:55) ===03:55
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/171.changes ===03:55
rsalvetinice, many great fixes04:36
rsalvetiwe should promote 171 as well04:36
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pete-woodstrainguards: I fixed my not approved silo (#27), if someone could push the publish button again :)08:48
Mirvpete-woods: ok!08:52
pete-woodsMirv: thanks!09:07
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Laneycihelp - hi, looks like syncing of autopkgtest results to the public jenkins instance is broken - e.g. okteta has up to job #94 internal but only shows #85 on jenkins.qa.u.c10:52
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rvrrsalveti: ping13:06
rvrrsalveti: I'm about to approve silo 9 (network-manager, reconnect). In the spreadsheet it says "Additionally it also needs to be validated with Modem Manager (Ubuntu Desktop, using an external modem dongle)."13:08
rvrrsalveti: We are not doing any desktop related testing right now.13:09
rvrrsalveti: Is that already validated by your team?13:09
rsalvetinops, and unfortunately we don't have a usb dongle in hands to test13:09
rsalvetiwe need to test the desktop side in order to land this though13:09
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rsalvetirvr: davmor2: do you guys know if someone from QA has an external modem dongle to validate that silo?13:32
rsalvetithis is host side validation for modem manager13:32
davmor2rsalveti: how do you mean an external modem dongle?   I have 2-3 usb dongles13:34
davmor2rsalveti: are we talking just wifi for desktop though?13:35
rsalvetidavmor2: desktop, yeah, a usb modem dongle13:36
rvrdavmor2: I think it is for 3G dongles13:36
rsalvetiyup, 3g dongles13:36
rsalvetineed to find someone that has one at least13:36
rsalvetione that is known to work with modem manager13:37
rvrrsalveti: I have a USB 3G dongle that in the past has worked with Ubuntu13:38
rvrrsalveti: But I'm not happy having to test desktop silos, we are not doing that.13:39
rvrrsalveti: So, I can do it *exceptionally*13:39
rsalvetirvr: well, it's the only way to land this13:39
rsalvetirvr: in order to avoid regressions on the desktop13:39
rsalvetiwe don't have only ubuntu touch here13:39
rsalvetiand some components might affect the desktop13:40
rsalvetiso doing some sanity testing with the desktop, sometimes, are expected13:40
rvrThat's exactly the signal I don't want to emit13:40
rvrQA team are not the testing guys with lots of free time to check everything, we are gating phone silos to prevent regressions in the devices because that's the priority. Don't expect otherwise.13:42
rsalvetisure, but the goal is having a better phone product, right?13:43
rsalvetiand we can't necessarily land without validating the desktop, in this case13:43
rsalvetiwe'd do the validation ourself, if we had the hardware in hands13:43
rvrThat's why, exceptionally, I'll help you validating that it works in the desktop13:44
rsalvetirvr: great, this is not a rule for sure, it's just that we don't have the hardware13:45
rsalvetirvr: thanks13:45
* rvr downloads the latest Vivid image13:46
davmor2rvr: rsalveti I have a 3g dongle that works I just have no credit on it and I'm on vivid13:52
rsalvetidavmor2: can't you use the same sim card you use on arale/krillin?13:52
rvrdavmor2: The silo is for Vivid13:52
davmor2rsalveti: I don't think they are on the same network let me check13:54
rvrOk, mine is recognized in Utopic14:01
robrulool: got you silo 514:05
robruted: silo 14 for your vivid+1 refund work14:07
tedrobru, Oh, sweet, thanks!14:08
robruted: you're welcome!14:08
davmor2rsalveti: hang on do I need to go to a specific site I have a feeling this will let me connect to 3 for top up let me test that14:08
davmor2rsalveti: meh no14:11
rsalvetidavmor2: doesn't work or just not compatible with your sim?14:12
davmor2rsalveti: only works with 3 so doesn't work with the giffgaff sims I have and maybe too old too :(14:12
rsalvetidavmor2: got it, no worries14:13
davmor2rsalveti: I have a mifi too but that takes care of the modem part so that is no use I guess14:13
om26er_salem_, Hi!14:20
salem_om26er_, hello14:20
om26er_salem_, silo 29 failed. It does not fix the bug :/14:21
om26er_see my comment here: https://trello.com/c/yGde8ScD/1388-ubuntu-landing-029-messaging-app-boiko14:21
psivaaLaney: The jenkins publishing queue is quite long, public one being very slow, okteta #96 is on the way14:23
Laneypsivaa: is it going to catch up and stay caught up?14:23
psivaaLaney: that's the intention14:23
salem_om26er_, ok, I will have a look. thanks14:24
boikoom26er_: so, you send messages from one SIM to another, right?14:25
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om26er_boiko, I send the message to myself14:32
om26er_from the same sim to the same thing, but that should not be different.14:32
boikoom26er_: ok, just curious, because I tried this multiple times and it works on every try :/14:34
boikoom26er_: nevermind, just reproduced the case you mentioned14:40
sil2100jibel: I suppose let's join the RTM meeting each of us on his own PC, no need to share a screen14:51
jibelsil2100, agreed, it's even more difficult to share a headset :)14:51
sil2100I'm a bit worried about the internet quality here14:52
rvrsil2100: Are you also in Austin?14:53
jibelsil2100, I just had another HO and it's ... painful14:53
sil2100rvr: yes14:53
rvrrsalveti: Ok, USB with Vivid booted on my laptop, now I'll install the citrain tools and the silo14:53
rsalvetirvr: great, thanks14:54
looldpkg-source: error: syntax error in /var/lib/jenkins/silos/ubuntu/landing-005/ubuntu-location-provider-here_0.1+15.04.20150127~rtm-0ubuntu1.dsc at line 1: line with unknown format (not field-colon-value)14:59
loolit works for me here15:00
loolrobru: I think I'm going to require some help fixing this ^15:00
loolis it because it's running an older dpkg-source maybe?15:00
rvrdavmor2: Is there a way to log into unity 7 in Vivid ISO?15:01
rvrdavmor2: Unity Next is presented instead15:01
davmor2rvr: did you get the daily iso or the ubuntu-next iso15:02
davmor2rvr: yeah but from where15:03
rvrdavmor2: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20150414/15:03
jibelrvr, download from pending instead of current15:07
om26er_seb128, Hi!15:27
seb128om26er_, hey15:27
om26er_seb128, re: silo 06, it looks like the fix for bug 1438049 could have some autopilot tests15:28
ubot5bug 1438049 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Passphrase lock - "Choose passcode" or "Choose passphrase" field should be highlighted" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143804915:28
om26er_and the battery fix needs to be added to the TestPlan.15:29
seb128om26er_, I guess it could, I've no slot for that this week and I'm travelling/to a sprint next15:29
seb128om26er_, so either we delay by that and forget about those fixes for vivid or you ack it like that15:30
om26er_seb128, Theses fixes don't look very critical so I guess we can delay this landing.15:31
seb128om26er_, shrug15:32
seb128om26er_, there is a segfault fix, one usability issue coming from our user testing and a quite visible bug (discharge graph being wrong when waking up the device)15:33
seb128om26er_, but oh well, if you want to throw the work again please do15:34
om26er_seb128, yes, we are asked to not land silos without test so I'd prefer not go around that. Unless someone from mgmt approves that.15:34
om26er_it might make sense to re-upload the silo with the focus fix removed.15:35
seb128pmcgowan, kenvandine, jgdx, ^ fyi, the fixes in silo 006 (trivial ones) are blocked by qa, I've no slot for writting test in the next week, should we just discard the work and let segfaults & co in vivid?15:35
robrulool: checking15:36
jgdxseb128, I don't know what segfaults & co is15:36
seb128jgdx, segfault is the null check in the bluetooth panel15:36
seb128I hit that segfault a few time on my bq15:37
seb128the co are the focus fix, and the one to refresh the discharge graph on wakeup/focus15:37
robrulool: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/cyphermox-test/893/console indeed that's a funny looking DSC, I never saw one in xml before ;-)15:37
cyphermoxrobru: and I thought you were pinging me :)15:38
robrucyphermox: do you want me to rename the job so we stop pinging you? ;-)15:38
cyphermoxas you wish, it's just funny :)15:39
robrulool: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-005-1-build/133/console indeed it is just a transient network issue, restarted the build and it looks ok now15:39
jgdxseb128, okay dokay15:39
pmcgowanjgdx, so is creating tests for those something you can do15:53
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rvrjibel: davmor2: I downloaded the correct image, and only suggests to try Ubuntu Next16:02
rvrLet me check whether I overwrote the wrong image16:03
rvrmd5sum -c MD5SUMS vivid-desktop-amd64.iso: OK16:04
loolrobru: thanks16:06
robrulool: you're welcome16:06
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davmor2rvr: is it a saying what next try ubuntu install ubuntu16:22
davmor2and has been mis-translated?16:23
rvrdavmor2: I'm only offered to try Unity 8 or to install it, not to launch Unity 716:23
davmor2rvr: that image is only unity 716:23
davmor2rvr: let me grab it16:24
rvrdavmor2: Well...16:24
rvrdavmor2: md5sum tells me it is the right image in http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily-live/pending/16:24
rvrdavmor2: I downloaded http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily-live/pending/vivid-desktop-amd64.iso16:24
rpadovanisil2100, does this fix the AP issue with calculator? In the first moment I created the project with app/tests because thatÅ› what the QML App with Simlpe UI (cmake) does in the sdk16:31
seb128sil2100, hey, is there a known issue with vivid update giving a non working calculator?16:38
seb128the icon is missing in the dash and it doesn't start, aa-exec complains about the missing apparmor profile16:38
sil2100seb128: hm, I didn't know anything, it worked fine for ubuntu-rtm - we had a reboot landed recently, maybe vivid doesn't have the right apparmor profiles for it yet16:40
sil2100cwayne: ^ did you have to update something in the custom tarball for 14.09 when the new calculator app landed?16:40
cwaynesil2100, noep16:40
sil2100rpadovani: hey! Let me take a look :)16:42
rpadovanisil2100, sorry, had to fix CMake, now shoulb de ok :-)16:43
sil2100rpadovani: hah, yeah, just commented on that ;)16:43
sil2100rpadovani: will the unit tests still work now?16:44
sil2100I suppose there are no paths that need to be changes in the AP tests themselves, right?16:44
rpadovanisil2100, afaik unit tests are the ones created by the sdk template16:45
rpadovanisil2100, no idea, autopilot and I aren't good friends :P16:45
sil2100bzoltan: hey, I was wondering, since it seems the SDK template creates the test directory in app/tests - is that a standard now?16:46
sil2100bzoltan: is that also the directory for AP tests?16:46
sil2100Since if that's the new standard, we'll have to modify phablet-click-test-setup16:46
bzoltansil2100:  rpadovani: there is no such standard writen anywhere. It is more like a best practice16:52
sil2100bzoltan: is that also the best practice directory for AP tests?16:53
sil2100Since if more people use this directory this way, the AP-test tools need to be accomodated16:53
sil2100As now they only look for tests in tests/16:53
bzoltansil2100:  tests can be anywhere as far as  I know.16:55
sil2100bzoltan: not for phablet-click-test-setup16:55
jibelsil2100, that's a bug in phablet-click-test-setup, it shouldn't explode if it doesn't find the tests where it expects them to be16:59
jibeltests can be anywhere, the tool should be smarter in its discovery17:00
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bzoltansil2100:  well.. that is the problem of the phablet-click-test-setup :) it should be smarter17:03
om26er_cihelp Hi! whats happening with smoke testing results, seem last appears on 10th April: http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/vivid/touch/17:08
sil2100bzoltan, jibel: yeah, in theory, but making it smarter would mean it would have to scan the whole directory tree for tests which in theory can have various forms and format17:11
sil2100Making it smart would mean writing a lot of guessing code17:11
sil2100Sure, could be smarter, but best following certain pre-defined standards for that to avoid problems17:12
jibelsil2100, use adt in CI instead, problem solved17:12
jibelsil2100, and again if p-c-t-s doesnt' find tests it shouldn't explode17:13
jibeljust ignore it17:13
jibelcihelp; ^ is anyone on this, there is no result on the dashboard for the last 5 days17:14
psivaajibel: om26er_: looking into it, the network being slow does not help17:15
boikoom26er_: salem_: so, the fix is correct, it is just not working because of a regression I introduced on a previous change, I will add an MR to the silo to get it fully working17:20
boikoom26er_: salem_: luckily it is just a one-line change17:21
om26er_boiko, one line fixes are the best ones :)17:22
boikoom26er_: that's a pitty they are so rare17:26
boikoom26er_: so, I will add the extra MR to the silo, and re-test it17:27
boikotrainguards: can I get vivid silo 29 reconfigured? I added a new component there (telephony-service)17:29
sil2100boiko: on it17:30
rpadovanisil2100, Jenkins is now happy with https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/fixApDirectory/+merge/25617517:31
rpadovaniafaics, it's all we need17:31
sil2100rpadovani: \o/17:31
sil2100rpadovani: I'll check that after lunch and approve if anything17:31
sil2100rpadovani: thanks :)17:31
sil2100boiko: reconfigured17:32
* sil2100 lunch, suspending17:32
boikosil2100: great! thanks! enjoy your lunch :)17:32
rpadovanisil2100, thanks, enjoy :-)17:33
bzoltansil2100: you are right. It is a double edged sword you know... I could come up with a strict app structure back 2 years ago to serve these types of automatization, discoverability and many other things... believe me there are other areas where a strict app structure policy would be beneficial. For example API control is easier. But community folks and app developers together with hyperfree hipsters woluld have  stond me if I tell them that they need to17:34
bzoltanfollow a policy :D17:34
rpadovanibzoltan, I think 90% of developers follow sdk templates :-)17:42
bzoltanrpadovani:  I hope so :)17:43
jgdxpmcgowan, I think so, if all there is to it is: making a AP test for the highlight in security/privacy, and a section in the testplan for the battery fix.17:54
jgdxbfiller, ping17:54
boikoom26er_: silo 29 updated, no more changes required on messaging-app itself, just the extra MR on telephony-service itself18:21
bfillerjgdx: pong19:08
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robrulol, no22:00
robrusil2100: silo 15 is mine, i don't want to publish it. clicked that by mistake22:10
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