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dpmmhall119, we need to update the dates of http://uds.ubuntu.com - do we have access to that or do we need to talk to Michelle?13:16
mhall119dpm: I can do that13:20
dpmthanks mhall11913:35
mhall119dpm: updated13:43
dpmthanks mhall11913:43
dpmara ^^13:43
dholbachhey hey13:58
dholbachpopey, uonair in 2h?13:59
popeydholbach: ya14:01
popeydholbach: do you have people to answer snappy questions?14:03
dholbachpopey, yes, there'll be mvo and beuno14:04
dholbachI'm just setting up the event and stuff14:04
popeyawesome, thanks14:04
dholbachpopey, can you see the video feed on https://ubuntuonair.com/?14:06
dholbachI can't see it, but the HTML looks good to me, so I'm not quite sure what's happening14:06
popeydholbach: no14:08
dholbachthe diff in the wordpress page revisions looks correct too14:09
popeyi often see this14:09
dholbachbefore: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10821976/14:10
dholbachafter: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10821981/14:10
dholbachdpm, davidcalle: want to have a quick hangout in a bit to talk about snappy docs?14:15
davidcalledholbach, sure, whenever you can14:15
dholbachcool, let me set up a hangout14:16
dpmmhall119, ok, I'm done with my other ad-hoc call. As one thing I wanted to talk about was snappy docs, shall we just join the snappy hangout dholbach is just setting up?14:17
mhall119sure, dholbach can you link me?14:30
dpmmhall119, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/g7e346nvjsu7viy7atbcu4i5cea14:38
dpmdholbach, mhall119, not directly related to the snappy pages, but I've got a call with balloons coming up where we're going to do some long due reorg of the QA pages so that they're not under apps/ (as they apply to scopes too)14:55
dpmjust as a heads up14:55
dholbachnice one!14:57
elfyafternoon everyone14:58
dpmmhall119, dholbach, also moving apps/platform to start/platform for the same reason14:59
dpmhey elfy14:59
mhall119dpm: 'start' is slowing becoming more than just what you need to get started15:00
mhall119dpm: we should plan on making it 'platform' or something like that, as kyleN proposed last year15:01
dpmmhall119, indeed, but 'start' is about the only place I can think of for common docs right now15:01
mhall119agreed, I'm just thinking ahead15:01
dpmyeah, absolutely15:01
dpmI agree that we're overloading 'start' too15:02
dholbachdpm, add redirects! :)15:09
dholbachwe always get bug reports when URLs change15:10
elfypopey: ping15:16
popeyelfy: PONG!15:18
elfyhey :)15:18
elfyso I'll blame balloons for this ... but he DID say talk to you :D15:18
* balloons wonders15:19
elfygot the nexus 7 thing, got it running the dev channel15:19
mhall119don't run 'devel', it's really old15:19
mhall119run 'stable' or 'devel-proposed'15:19
elfyso ... now testing things, what? where? when?15:20
elfymhall119: I just got info from the webpage - wording could be wrong15:20
popeywhich page?15:20
mhall119elfy: webpage could be wrong, in theory devel should be newer than stable, in practice it's lagged behind due to the switch to vivid15:21
popeyelfy: from my perspective, use the device as you would any other. So sign into services, browse, use the things you would normally use.15:21
dpmdholbach, yeah, so far the world didn't break, and we're adding the redirects15:21
popeyelfy: and the UK loco have collected a few things that we already know... http://pad.ubuntu.com/phonefaq15:21
elfyprobably one of the developer.ubuntu.xcom/loads_of_touch_links15:21
dpmmhall119, how do I add a redirect to an existing page? Do I add a regular page and change its url?15:21
elfypopey: yea I've seen thge UK loco pad15:22
mhall119dpm: yes, add a regular page that will be at the URL you want redirected, and then in the advanced settings you can tell it where to redirect to15:22
elfypopey: last channel command I ran was ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=devel --bootstrap15:25
popeyelfy: ok, as the guys say "devel-proposed" is more upd to date I believe15:28
elfyokey doke - as soon as I get chance I'll move over15:29
dpmStart > Overview | Platform | The Ubuntu SDK | Ubuntu for devices15:33
dpmballoons, that's what I'm seeing now ^15:33
elfypopey: never sure if my mails to the Membership board get modded - if they do there is one I'd love unmodded ;)15:54
popeyam I an admin of that list?15:58
elfymmm no idea actually lol16:00
elfyapparently not16:01
toddyelfy: thx for adding :)16:01
elfyhggdh: ping16:02
czajkowskidpm: membership board sorted16:10
dpmczajkowski, cool, thanks for the heads up16:11
elfyhggdh: nvm, seems ok16:11
dpmczajkowski, I can see the changes on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-membership-board/+members#active - that's clear now, thanks!16:12
dpmdholbach, mhall119, d.u.c/start has now got the Platform and Quality content moved from /apps - redirects are also in place16:13
elfyand congrats to those in here on the new board :)16:13
elfytoddy: welcome ;)16:13
dpmmhall119, one thing I wasn't sure of was whether there is any additional step to have the redirects in place for the zh-cn pages16:14
hggdhelfy: cool16:37
elfyhggdh: I assume as I've not had an 'your message is moderated' I'm good to spam that list now :p16:39
hggdhbut I will check now anyways16:39
elfyok - pretty sure it's on list, not had the oops here16:39
hggdhindeed, no messages in moderation16:40
elfy\o/ spam away then :D16:41
hggdhand yes, I got your email :-)16:41
hggdhelfy: you are adding them to the LP team, or should I?16:41
elfyI've done that16:42
hggdhack. I will send out a welcome email to them16:42
elfythey'll need IRC and m/l doing I assume16:42
elfythanks hggdh :)16:42
mhall119dpm: you might need to do the same for the chinese pages,since they're not tightly links to the english IA16:43
elfymhall119: so "ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=devel-proposed --bootstrap" ? type thing16:49
mhall119elfy: you probably don't need --bootstrap again if you've already done it once16:50
mhall119but otherwise yes16:50
elfyack, just lazy copy pasting :D16:51
elfyso from there?16:55
dholbachdpm, woohoo!16:56
elfyjust saying, but too many pages to wade through ...16:56
dholbachall right... we're getting closer to lunch time - see you in a bit :)16:56
popeydholbach: thanks for organising that!16:57
popeywas fun!16:57
dholbachthanks a lot - you were a great host, as always :916:59
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dpmmhall119, I've got all the redirects in place, but it still does not seem to redirect e.g. https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/platform/ - would you mind having a look if the redirects are set correctly?17:43
dpmI'm thinking I might have made a typo somewhere, but I cannot figure it out17:43
mhall119dpm: sure17:43
mhall119dpm: yup, typo "plaform" != "platform"17:45
dpmmhall119, yeah, but it seems the typo is only on the title but not on the slug or redirect?17:46
dpmI hadn't published the fix17:46
mhall119it was on both title and slug17:46
dpmah, ok17:46
mhall119works now :)17:47
dpmthanks mhall119!17:47
czajkowskidpm: are you free by any chance for a quick catch up in irc with the cc18:44
czajkowskicprofitt: elfy pleia2 and I are all about18:44
dpmczajkowski, I am18:45
elfy- 30 seconds while I grab my cape18:45
dpmare you batman as well?18:45
elfyI am Elfyman :D18:46
czajkowskidpm: invite sent to pm18:46
balloonsso many capes, so little crime18:46
dpmczajkowski, it seems the pm hasn't reached me yet?18:46
czajkowskiI hate technology18:47

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