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Ionicwhat's the difference between this channel and #ubuntu-app-devel?03:47
Snow-Manthis one is better04:24
Snow-Man(I have no idea)04:24
RAOFIonic: From /topic - “Devel of Ubuntu (not support or app devel)”.04:28
IonicRAOF: yes, but what is "app development" specifically?04:36
RAOFDevelopment of apps that run on Ubuntu?04:36
Ionicif I have problems with the ubuntu build system for building a package, where do I ask?04:36
RAOFParticularly: Ubuntu Touch apps.04:36
RAOFUnless you're developing a component of Ubuntu, this is not (the best) channel for you :)04:37
Ionic(more like dh_* stuff, but the problem seems to be ubuntu-specific)04:37
Ionicok, thanks04:38
RAOFHm, dh_ stuff is more this channel's forte.04:38
RAOFWhat's seems to be your problem?04:38
Ionicwell, I have a rather complex source package with multiple subpackages04:39
Ionicsome libraries, some binaries, some data stuff04:39
Ionicone of those binaries naturally depends on libraries build off that source package04:39
RAOFAs is so often the case, yes...04:40
Ionicdependencies are added via dh_makeshlibs/dh_shlibdeps... which works okay-ish for Debian, but seems to be problematic on Ubuntu for some reason04:40
Ionicthe dependencies are "okay", but incomplete04:40
RAOFThat's odd; we don't change that infrastructure to any great extent.04:40
Ionicnot really incomplete more like... minimal04:40
Ionica dependency on other_pkg is added that depends on lib_pkg{1,2,3}04:41
Ionicour Debian package also depends on lib_pkg{1,2,3} directly04:41
Ionicthe issue is weird, I'm currently using override_dh_* to run dh_makeshlibs -- -dV and dh_shlibdeps -- -v04:42
Ionic(for getting more useful information)04:42
RAOFDoes base_pkg link directly with lib_pkg{1,2,3}, or does it only link with other_pkg?04:42
IonicI can show you what I mean once the pbuilder run is through04:42
Ionicit links directly with lib_pkg{1,2,3}, that's the weird thing04:42
Ionicit looks like Ubuntu optimizes this stuff, while Debian is fine leaving it unoptimized04:43
RAOFDoes it use any symbols from lib_pkg{1,2,3}?04:43
RAOFBecause we do indeed by default not add transitive dependencies of that nature.04:44
RAOF(Although neither will Debian at some point)04:44
Ionicof that I'm not sure04:44
Ionic-dV was a mistake, now my build failed04:44
Ionicdpkg-gensymbols probably wants -d -V for some reason04:45
IonicRAOF: just for reference, can I force Ubuntu to add transitive dependencies?04:46
Ionicalthough, to be honest, I do not understand why the specific user ran into problems anyway04:46
Ionicas transitive dependencies should still be fulfilled by minimized dependencies04:47
RAOFIonic: dpkg-shlibdeps *should* be adding a dependency for everything in your DT_NEEDED sections.04:47
RAOF(As dumped by objdump -x /path/to/your/thingy | grep NEEDED)04:47
Ionicthanks, that will be handy04:47
Ionicthe three libraries are not showing up in DT_NEEDED04:48
Ionicthat's rather new though... older versions of the software have them in DT_NEEDED, so we probably broke something(?)04:49
RAOFThis likely means that the program doesn't use symbols from those libraries directly, and our default flags pass --as-needed throug to the linker.04:50
RAOFOr possibly you broke something :)04:50
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Ionicwell, I can "bisect" at least04:51
RAOF--as-needed shouldn't change program behaviour, though, because you'll still load the libraries, just indirectly.04:51
Ionicso that's very helpful, thank you04:51
Ionicwhen was -Wl,-as-needed introduced?04:51
RAOFQuite a while ago.04:51
RAOF2010 :)04:52
Ionicweird... my gentoo system is also listing the libraries in DT_NEEDED04:52
Ionicand AFAIK it also uses -Wl,-as-needed by default04:52
RAOFAlso, -as-needed looks like it was a Wheezy Debian goal :)04:54
Ionicso, probably not the cause of this04:55
RAOFThat's looking likely, yse.04:55
Ionicdoes launchpad PPA have an automatic version history, or is that up to the group/person?04:57
RAOFUp to the group/person.04:59
RAOFIt'll keep old binaries around for a small time, but it's pretty aggressively reaped.04:59
Ionichttp://pastie.org/private/qhuvueripuwkld2daiyna definitely linking against libNX_{damage,tst,composite} ... and not even using -Wl,-as-needed05:01
Ionicour release builds are still fine, only nightlies are affected05:09
Ionicaccording to https://launchpad.net/~x2go/+archive/ubuntu/stable/+files/nxagent_3.5.0.31-0%7E605%7Eubuntu14.04.1_amd64.deb anyway05:09
Ionicunpacking and examining leads to "NEEDED               libNX_Xdamage.so.1" etc., which is fine05:10
Ionicok, now... what did I break?05:10
Ionicthe only changes are related to the client part, and adding pointer guards to the server code...05:16
Ionicweird, I cannot reproduce that05:23
Ionicbuilding myself via pbuilder-dist trusty leads to the same missing libraries in DT_NEEDED05:24
Ionicoff the release branch ofc05:25
Ionicjust to make sure I didn't mess up by using the upstream git repo, I've checked out the bzr branch (bzr branch lp:~x2go/x2go/nx-libs_build-main), ran dpkg-buildpackage -S and am now running pbuilder-dist trusty ../nx-libs_3.5.0.31-0x2go1.dsc again05:35
Ionicit's missing the "ubuntu..." tag, but I believe this to be a non-issue05:35
Ionic'lo and behold... same issue05:38
Ionicat this point I can only assume it's caused by something ubuntu-internal05:38
RAOFIonic: Hm. Feel free to pastebin the pbuilder log or something.05:43
Ionicuh, that's huge05:43
RAOFTrue :)05:44
RAOFThat's why it's in a pastebin!05:44
* RAOF is going to make dinner now, but will be back later.05:44
StevenKRAOF: Dinner at quarter to 4?05:45
RAOF*Making* dinner. It then gets to simmer gently until we want to eat it!05:46
Ionicwell, that crashed my terminal.05:49
IonicI'll need to go to bed, but I'll read the backlog06:21
Ionicoh, one more thing maybe06:21
Ionichttps://launchpad.net/~x2go/+archive/ubuntu/stable/+build/7083881/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.nx-libs_2%3A3.5.0.31-0%7E605%7Eubuntu14.04.1_BUILDING.txt.gz < this is the build log for the "same" build on launchpad about a month ago (2015-03-17)06:22
Ionicand the package created through that is fine, seriously. https://launchpad.net/~x2go/+archive/ubuntu/stable/+files/nxagent_3.5.0.31-0%7E605%7Eubuntu14.04.1_amd64.deb < that's the file created by that build06:24
Ionicfeel free to unpack it and check with objdump06:24
ricotzflexiondotorg, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plank/+bug/144377306:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1443773 in plank (Ubuntu) "FFe: Sync plank 0.9.0-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)" [Undecided,New]06:44
RAOFpitti: Good morning! Would you like to upload a new colord to experimental?07:13
seb128RAOF, hyey, he's in Texas this week, maybe not up yet07:15
RAOFseb128: Oho!07:15
RAOFWell, that invitation is open to all DDs :)07:15
seb128RAOF, sorry, I don't have a debian install to build binaries and Debian doesn't accept source uploads, maybe Laney can help when he gets online in 40min or so07:20
RAOFseb128: Oh, no urgency.07:20
tjaaltonRAOF: I can do that :)07:29
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darkxstcjwatson, hi, is user-setup in ubuntu forked from debian? we have a bug with Automatic Login option, but that code does not exist in debian. see bug 141279108:01
ubottubug 1412791 in user-setup (Ubuntu) "automatic login configured in ubiquity cannot be disabled by gnome-control-center" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141279108:01
darkxstcjwatson, and relevant code: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~darkxst/user-setup/noTimedLogin/revision/28408:03
Odd_BlokeHow can I map between Ubuntu versions and codenames in Python?  I'm struggling to get Google to produce anything useful.09:21
jamespageOdd_Bloke, python-distro-info09:26
Odd_Blokejamespage: Ah, thanks. Is there documentation for it anywhere?09:28
jamespageOdd_Bloke, "pydoc distro_info"09:30
jamespageOdd_Bloke, UbuntuDistroInfo is probably the class you're interested in09:31
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Odd_Blokejamespage: Great, thanks!09:37
Anupkumarcan any one help me with this bug? https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8971109:53
ubottuFreedesktop bug 89711 in general "udisksctl loop-setup does not mount some ISOs" [Normal,New]09:53
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Riddellpitti: can you say why http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html should a bunch of regressions on kde bits but when I look at the public links it's all green ?10:47
LaneyRiddell: Looks like it hasn't synced from the machine which runs them to jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com10:49
LaneyRiddell: I pinged the people who should be able to see10:52
Riddellthanks Laney10:53
LocutusOfBorg1hi folks :)10:53
LocutusOfBorg1ginggs, sometimes people give thanks to developers10:54
LocutusOfBorg1and this is for you :)10:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1443152 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 00007fe416858408" [Undecided,Invalid]10:54
ginggsLocutusOfBorg1: it was all your handiwork :)11:03
LocutusOfBorg1there is no work without a sponsor ;)11:04
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cjwatsondarkxst: Automatic login is an Ubuntu addition to user-setup, yes.  It should be reasonably clear from the changelog.12:17
cjwatsondarkxst: You should branch from and propose merges into lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/user-setup/ubuntu, not lp:user-setup.12:18
cjwatsondarkxst: Then the MP might be comprehensible :-)12:18
cjwatsonI suspect you just need to resubmit that MP with the correct target branch.12:19
smoserpitti, wolfe is back12:38
smosersorry, i was on holiday yesterday12:38
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strikovHey guys. Is it possible that /run/systemd/system/ folder disappears from time to time? We're trying to fix juju bug where it can't detect systemd *from time to time* by checking if this path exists.13:24
strikovI suspect that the issue is somewhere else but want to make sure that we don't do anything very wrong.13:24
rbasakstrikov: you know that /run disappears on boot, right?13:26
strikovrbasak: yeah, i observe this issue by running juju bootstrap multiple times13:27
strikovrbasak: so i don't think that reboot is our problem13:28
pittiGood morning!13:28
pittismoser: cheers13:28
pittiRiddell: I think the public jenkins is ridiculously behind13:28
pittiRAOF: ah, can do; just from git?13:28
pittiRiddell: I retried a bunch of failed tests this morning13:31
pittithere's still a couple of them left, I'll keep retrying13:31
pittiRAOF: want to push a release tag?13:32
pittiRAOF: ah, collab-main, I'll do it I guess13:33
strikovmorning pitti; i just integrated your 'switch to upstart' adt code into juju-1.22.1 (1.23 won't be ready before release); it works nicely but I wonder if it's possible to run this code once during testbed setup; Right now I do this switch at the very beginning of every test and it looks messy;13:35
cjwatsonbdrung: Would you mind if I uploaded an sbuild merge?  There's a bug fix in Debian that affects building d-i13:37
bdrung_workcjwatson, not at all!13:37
cjwatsonbdrung_work: Thanks.  We're very close to being able to run modern sbuild in Launchpad and it'd be nice to be using a package from Ubuntu for the purpose :-)13:38
pittistrikov: (sprint meeting going on, let's discuss later)13:38
strikovpitti: sure, thanks13:39
bdrung_workcjwatson, why are Debian and Ubuntu have problems to use the packages from the repositories on their build machines?13:40
cjwatsonbdrung_work: Debian has a load of changes to buildd, nothing significant to sbuild13:53
cjwatsonbdrung_work: In Ubuntu's case the main blocker has been patches for ddebs, but we're almost over that hump now13:55
rbasakpitti: fyi, bug 1431581 looks like it is due to systemd switch, based on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nis/3.17-32ubuntu2 from slangasek14:16
ubottubug 1431581 in nis (Ubuntu) "NIS does not install on 15.04" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143158114:16
pittirbasak: queueing, thakns14:17
pittiRAOF: uploaded and release tag pushed14:23
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pittiLaney: can I ask you to review/accept my apport upload? important security update14:25
pittiinfinity1: or you &^14:27
infinity1pitti: Looking.14:29
pittiLaney, infinity1: ah, stgraber is looking already14:29
* Laney nods14:30
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infinity1pitti: You should normalize your TZ when generating ChangeLog.14:31
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stgraberapparently there's no bzr flag for it (we just checked)14:32
pittiyeah, sorry about that massive changelog diff14:32
pittiperhaps I can call bzr log with $TZ or so14:32
infinitystgraber: No, but there's an environ... Yeah.14:32
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pittiinfinity, stgraber: fixed in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~apport-hackers/apport/trunk/revision/2945, so from now one this shouldn't happen any more14:35
pittiexcept for the next upload which will put the changelog timestamps back14:36
infinitypitti: Ta.  That drives me nuts.14:43
pittiinfinity: is a final full langpack upload okay for next Monday? We often/usually do that on Monday (final translation deadline), but just checking14:52
pittiwe'll get a cron'ed export on Monday; if we need/want it earlier, I'll ask the LP guys to kick off a manual run14:53
pittiwgrant: can we do a manual full vivid langpack export on Thursday, so that we can upload the final packs on Fri?15:39
pittiwgrant: I think the cron would only give them to us on Monday, which is too late15:39
pittiseb128: FYI, we just got a langpack update for vivid, so cron is working again15:39
seb128pitti, \o/15:40
mdeslaurkees, infinity, stgraber, slangasek: meeting?16:03
pittikees: TB meeting?16:03
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argeshallyn_: bug 1444057 fyi16:56
ubottubug 1444057 in qemu (Ubuntu) "gdb in a guest VM fails to continue" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144405716:56
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smoserarges, does that really only fail inside a vm ?18:15
cyphermoxkirkland: could you please check if /usr/lib/pulse-6.0/modules contains module-bluez5-discover.so?18:22
argessmoser: it fails outside a vm, i'm trying to debug a vm18:27
smoserok. that makes more sense.18:28
smoser"in a guest vm" was confusing in the subject of the bug.18:28
argessmoser: i'll fix that=18:29
argesgdb remote target of a guest VM fails to continue Edit18:29
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hartmansHi.  I made a backport request (LP: #1439215) and unfortunately the person resolving that didn't act on the debdiff I attached.  The package builds but is useless without the package.18:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1439215 in utopic-backports "Please backport moonshot-ui 0.7.1-1 (universe) from vivid" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143921518:59
hartmansI could use help with the right procedure to request a new upload with the diff applied.19:00
hartmansShould I use the existing bug or a new bug and if a new bug, on the package or on the backports project?19:00
cjwatsonpitti: https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/ddeb-retriever/lp-fetch/+merge/25619219:26
cjwatsondebfx: ^- Could you look at hartmans's request above, since you processed that backport?19:27
cjwatsonhartmans: if it were me I would reopen the bug on the grounds that it wasn't completely acted upon19:28
hartmansIf I do that should I attach a new debdiff to update version and subscribe ubuntu-sponsors?19:29
hartmansAlso, do sponsor requests need a debdiff or is a branch link acceptable?19:29
cjwatsonhartmans: Shouldn't be necessary; any sponsor should be able to cope with trivial reformatting19:29
cjwatsonhartmans: And ditto I'd expect a sponsor to be able to cope with grabbing a patch from any roughly reasonable source19:29
cjwatson(I'm not saying that definitely nobody will be jobsworth about it, but ...)19:30
debfxhartmans: sorry, must have missed that. I'll upload a new version.19:33
cjwatsonpitti: We should manually create .lp-threshold for the first run set to something reasonable, say today's date, so that we don't have to scan back through everything19:35
pitticjwatson: agreed19:36
pitticjwatson: I didn't look through it with a fine comb again, but this looks very similar to the changes I've reviewed some two weeks ago?19:36
cjwatsonpitti: Yes, it's just bug-fixes since then19:36
cjwatsonpitti: And the order_by_date=True stuff which was a result of LP reviews19:36
pitticjwatson: so if you feel good about it, please feel free to merge19:36
pittior rather, push, for cleaner history19:37
cjwatsonpitti: will do, thanks!19:38
pittithanks to you!19:38
hartmansdebfx: thanks much.19:40
cjwatsonpitti: Done; please yell if cronspam explodes19:40
cjwatsonpitti: Otherwise I believe we can now flip the switch right after vivid19:41
pitticjwatson: did you already roll it out? (cron doesn't bzr pull)19:42
cjwatsonpitti: Yes19:42
pittiah, good19:42
cjwatsonAnd I did date -d 2015-04-14 +%s >/srv/ddebs.ubuntu.com/www/.lp-threshold19:42
pitticjwatson: so we should spot-check some ddebs which are being uploaded today19:42
cjwatsonRight, it should be a no-op at the moment but worth confirming19:42
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Ionicso... any help with the DT_NEEDED situation would be greatly appreciated20:25
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Ionicfor debian, there's this stuff called... snapshots?21:43
Ionicunstable is typically snapshotted and the state of a specific day archived21:44
IonicI don't know if the same holds for testing and stable, though21:44
Ionicand if that is applicable to Ubuntu in any way21:44
Ionicif I could build a base image via pbuilder-dist ... create from a specific "snapshot repo", that might be helping in debugging my issue21:45
Ionic(yes, I'm kinda desperate)21:45
infinityIonic: Not at all discounting that snapshotting would be useful, I'm not sure how it would help much here.21:47
infinityIonic: If your build system is producing underlinked binaries, that's generally your build system's fault.21:47
Ionicinfinity: I would like it to be, but I don't see any way how that may be the case21:50
Ionicinfinity: checking out the bzr branch that was used for building the packages a month ago, using dpkg-buildpackage -S and pbuilder-dist trusty foo.dsc is precisely recreating the missing lib dependency situation, while the packages built on launchpad a month ago don't have that bug21:51
Ionicfrom the same branch and everything21:52
Ionicthe nightlies show this weird behavior, and also they are built from master, there were no changes that would explain this behavior21:52
IonicI've been thinking about triggering a rebuild of the latest release on launchpad, but that would mean removing the "good" packages and potentially replacing them with the "bad" ones if the bug is indeed reproducable21:54
cjwatsonIonic: You can always create a separate PPA for that kind of test.21:57
Ionicunder my account, maybe?21:57
IonicI have only been working with launchpad the past two days, so I'm still very unknowing of how to upload a package correctly, copy a build recipe and stuff21:58
pittisforshee: bug 144416622:02
ubottubug 1444166 in systemd (Ubuntu) "closing lid does not suspend during the first couple of minutes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144416622:02
cjwatsonIonic: It can have the same owner as the PPA you're presumably already using.22:03
cjwatsonIonic: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA22:03
Ioniccjwatson: the owner is a group currently (which I'm a member of, naturally)22:04
IonicI'd just need to copy the stuff over into my own PPA to not disrupt the group22:05
cjwatsonIonic: Teams can have multiple PPAs too, but as you like.22:07
cjwatsonIonic: It'd be a copy either way.22:08
Ionicpoint is that I don't want to have a test build publicly visible on the team... pages, whatever22:08
IonicI'll look into that, thank you22:09
Ionicis ubuntu<version> automatically added by launchpad without me having to do anything?22:09
cjwatsonThe version is up to you.22:10
Ionicwe do not add an ubuntu tag in our source explicitly22:11
cjwatson"ubuntu" has a special meaning in the primary Ubuntu archive.  It isn't required for PPAs, and is indeed potentially confusing/undesirable in some cases.22:11
cjwatson(that special meaning is precisely "this package has an Ubuntu delta and should not be overridden by an automatic sync of a newer version from Debian")22:12
Ionicfor our packages, ubuntu<ubuntu-version> is being added, presumably to make the packages in the PPA unique22:13
Ionicfor each dist22:13
IonicI thought that to be standard behavior when building for multiple dists22:14
Ionic... wrong command, sorry22:18
cjwatsonIonic: That's reasonable, but Launchpad doesn't add it for you.  If it's not in your VCS, then some tool you're using is adding it.22:29
Ioniccjwatson: probably. I will have to investigate.22:33
infinitycjwatson: Hrm?  It's added for recipe builds, is it not?23:02
infinity            '~ubuntu%s.1' % distroseries_version], env=env)23:03
infinitycjwatson: I imagine that's what he was refering to.23:03
IonicI was told that "launchpad adds this", but no further explanation (because I didn't care)23:03
Ionicyep, exactly :)23:04
Ionicthat's what I'm seeing23:04
infinityIonic: Yeah, that happens for recipes, but not for direct uploads.23:04
infinityIonic: Direct uploads get whatever version you used in debian/changelog.23:04
Ionicwell, the recipe is triggered by bzr updates which syncs with our git repository, or something like this23:05
Ionic(so, for reproducibly, I will also use recipes)23:08
RAOFpitti: Thanks muchly!23:10
cjwatsoninfinity,Ionic: Oh, right, yeah, recipes do it.23:15
cjwatsonI always forget about those. :-)23:15
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pittiRAOF: yw!23:39
RAOFpitti: Next colord job: work out why all the tests don't pass in an autopkgtest environment :)23:46

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