lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:18
lotuspsychjetnx :p05:22
lotuspsychjegr33n7007h: welcome05:45
gr33n7007hdidn't even notice you pm'd me not got channel listing up not set up weechat as of yet :)05:46
gr33n7007hnoticed it by luck05:47
* gr33n7007h needs to fully set up is irc client05:47
gr33n7007hlotuspsychje: thanks for the invite05:48
lotuspsychjegr33n7007h: no sweat mate, tought your query was set to off :p05:48
lotuspsychjethe idea is, we see alot of active supporters in #ubuntu helping others, but never chat to each other05:49
lotuspsychjethis might have positive changes05:49
gr33n7007hyeah, sounds like a great idea05:49
lotuspsychjetnx and great to have you here05:50
gr33n7007hWhere ever did ActionParsnip go to?05:51
lotuspsychjei see him rarely05:53
lotuspsychjesome guys did a lot of support in the past and some dissapeared05:53
lotuspsychjelike dr_willis05:53
lotuspsychjenever saw him either05:53
gr33n7007hah, yeah dr_willis remeber him to05:54
lordievadergood morning.06:09
lotuspsychjegood afternoon11:06
lotuspsychjelordievader: hello mate11:07
lordievaderHow are you doing?11:07
lotuspsychjegreat and you?11:08
lotuspsychjenice sunshine today11:08
lordievaderGot a coffee next to me, guess I'm doing allright.11:08
MonkeyDustcoffe gives meaning to my life11:11
lotuspsychjecoffee with an ubuntu cookie :p11:12
* lordievader slides a mug of "meaning of life" to MonkeyDust 11:12
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: morning mate11:13
BluesKajHI all11:14
BluesKaj'Morning lotuspsychje, what's happening today ?11:14
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: new article on softpedia, they fixxed wifi on oneplusone phone (ubuntu touch)11:15
BluesKajI must be getting old ...don't have desire for a "smartphone"11:16
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: well i have a nexus7 with touch on, very happy with it11:17
lotuspsychjesmall tablet can be usefull sometimes11:17
lotuspsychjequick checking your emails while you watch tv11:17
BluesKajheh, my pc monitor is my tv11:18
lotuspsychjeyou got a myth tv ubuntu?11:18
BluesKajit's an actual tv, not a pc monitor, no mythtv I have a sat service11:19
lotuspsychjeah cool11:20
BluesKajin the boonies , otherwise I probly would have mythtv11:20
lotuspsychjei like the way ubuntu spreads on hardware these days11:21
BluesKajmythtv is good for large cities where there are lots of free ota siganals11:21
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: your sat is connected to internet also?11:22
* lordievader still has a dumb phone11:22
lotuspsychjelordievader: me also a cheap 50 euro nokia :p11:22
lotuspsychjebut it can make calls!11:22
lordievaderDon't think mine was ever worth 50 euros XD11:22
BluesKajmy sat is connected , but it's only used for the program guide updates11:23
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: did you doublecheck if it cant be exploited or remote takeover11:24
lotuspsychjemostly those sats are setup with weak l:p on telnet11:24
lordievaderExploited in Canda?11:25
BluesKajlotuspsychje, no I haven't , but Bell Canada is quite proprietary and theur pvrs are tightly locked11:26
BluesKajtheir pvrs11:26
lotuspsychjewhat brand of sat is this?11:26
lotuspsychjein the netherlands they use many dreambox and those have weak login:pass11:27
lotuspsychjelordievader: your reading weird things on the net :p11:35
lotuspsychjei installed ubuntu on my fathers pc, he's also 78 year and he never been able to crash it11:36
lotuspsychjewith windows on, i had to come back every month to fix lol11:36
=== DalekSec_ is now known as DalekSec
OerHeksOh, now you see him with crhistmass only?11:37
lordievaderIt's just tfts on reddit.11:37
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: lol11:37
BluesKajlotuspsychje, I can't find out who actually makes the pvr , althjo it's the same maker as Dish network in the US . Scientific Atlanta made the old models , but the newer HD pvrs are amystery to me .11:37
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: i would do an nmap on yourself to check if the sat telnet is open11:41
BluesKajit's seen by the router11:41
BluesKajI'll nmap as soon the system is finished upgrading ...I need to install nmap11:43
lotuspsychjeokay :p11:44
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: in the past it was easy to telnet into dreambox with default telnet pass, and even watch the sattelite over-web11:45
BluesKajnot here11:46
lotuspsychjeokay :p11:46
lordievaderHow about not forwarding port, what is it, 21?11:47
BluesKajat least so I've been told , never tried to telnet into the pvr so I can't be absolutely sure, lotuspsychje11:47
lotuspsychjei would surely doublecheck11:47
BluesKajyes I will ,as soon as i can11:49
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: want me to nmap you, dont tell to the cops ok :p11:49
lotuspsychjeoh your on vpn nevermind11:50
BluesKajyou can try, but i'm on a vpn11:50
lordievaderPort scanning ain't illegal.11:50
BluesKajport 21 for telnet?11:50
lotuspsychjelordievader: to be a burgler and look inside someones house isnt illegal neither :p11:51
lotuspsychjeport 22 normaly11:52
lotuspsychjeand port 80 might also we open on the sat11:52
lordievader22 is ssh...11:52
lordievaderTelnet != ssh.11:52
lordievaderAh, 23: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telnet11:53
lotuspsychjeyeah 2311:53
lotuspsychje21 is ftp11:53
BluesKajlotuspsychje, got a command I could use ?11:58
BluesKajfor nmap11:58
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: nmap -PN -sV yourip11:58
lordievadernmap -p 23 -Pn ip11:58
lotuspsychjesV is handy for services active11:58
lordievaderYou're only interested in the state of port 23. Which shouldn't be forwarded...11:59
BluesKajAll 1000 scanned ports on 192.168.X.XX are closed12:00
lotuspsychjenice and secure ubuntu :p12:01
lotuspsychjeor good router12:01
lordievaderOn 192.168? Try your public ip.12:01
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: yeah public ip might show usefull stuff12:01
lotuspsychjecheck whatsmyip12:01
lordievaderdig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com12:02
BluesKajI know what my IP is12:02
BluesKaj23/tcp closed telnet on the pvr12:02
BluesKajI have my ISPs dns server IPs setup in the router as well12:03
lordievaderlotuspsychje: Besides, Ubuntu's firewall config is very lacking by default. Accept all...12:04
lotuspsychjelordievader: true, but what will someone do with the open ports12:04
BluesKajthis the IP looup site that I use , it's quite accurate. mostly http://www.ip-tracker.org/12:05
lordievaderlotuspsychje: It means that access to ports is completely unregulated.12:05
lordievaderThat I have smb running doesn't mean that I want the full world to access it.12:06
lordievaderWhat Ubuntu should have done by default is use the drop policy on the input table. And allow related and established connections in the input table.12:08
lotuspsychjelordievader: maybe a sugestion for the ubuntu brainstorm12:09
lordievaderMeh, they probably have reasons for the way they do things.12:09
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
MonkeyDusttwitter: I just sneezed... FB status: running noses12:27
MonkeyDustthought you wanted to know12:27
BluesKajwell, my pvr seems locked down pretty tightly13:06
daftykinsi seem to identify a hell of a lot of dead hard disks over in #ubuntu 0o16:11
daftykinsi'll start getting a reputation before too long...16:11
lotuspsychjedaftykins: :p16:11
OerHeksYou mean booting in blackscreen or grub after update?16:12
lordievaderThe man, or woman, who kills harddisks through IRC!16:12
daftykinsOerHeks: who was that at?16:12
OerHeksfor you, i have a client in #ubuntu-nl, struggeling with this issue over and over again16:12
daftykinsoh this was genuine disk failure - check out last nights http://paste.ubuntu.com/10819664/16:13
daftykinsbut certainly plenty of symptoms can result from a disk in this kind of condition16:13
lordievaderdaftykins: 0 reallocated sectors...16:14
daftykinskeep reading, lordievader16:14
lordievaderJup, never mind.16:14
daftykinsthe key lines are 52, 66 and 6716:14
daftykinsplus all the errors recorded thereafter16:14
lotuspsychjehitachi's arent the best hd's16:16
daftykinsi thought that, though a friend found an article the other day that claims they have the lowest fault tolerance of desktop consumer HDDs 9i16:17
daftykins* 0o16:17
lordievaderHigh failure rates on Hitachi's.16:17
lotuspsychjeill swear by seagates16:17
lotuspsychjeand samsung ssd's :p16:17
daftykinsseagates have too low warranty a lot of the time16:18
daftykinsi always buy WD16:18
lotuspsychjei had few wd's fail on me also16:18
daftykinsooh that reminds me16:18
daftykinsyeah i think they all die plenty :>16:18
lotuspsychjei never had a seagate fail16:19
* lordievader doesn't like Seagates either.16:20
lordievaderWD :D16:20
daftykinsfinished off an 8 x 2TB RAID6 -> 8 x 4TB RAID6 move last night16:21
daftykinsso. many. screws.16:21
daftykinsspent a good time removing the 5 years of dust from the system too :D16:22
daftykins48TB ^_^16:23
daftykinsall the 2TB disks are out of warranty and needed ditching y'see16:24
daftykins/dev/sdb1        22T  9.0T   13T  41% /media/array216:25
lordievaderNo lvm raid?16:27
daftykinsit's on a 3ware HBA16:27
daftykinseven if i did know how to use any LVM magic it'd have no use for it there16:27
lordievaderLVM raid is quite flexible as you can specify what kind of raid you want per logical volume. But I suppose a hardware raid is faster.16:29
daftykinsi have thought about playing with some other setups like ZFS, but between using the 3ware cards simple management to fix issues and the idea of staring at logs for hours on end - i chose the former :D16:31
daftykinsi spot when the disks fail early as well, as it does a nice scheduled weekly verification across the arrays16:31
lotuspsychjei just watched blackhat..nice movie :p16:32
BluesKajyeah, i tried a LVM partition management type install from scratch so I could run qemu-kvm with plenty of space for guest OS , but it mucked  up my partitions after I removeed qemu-kvm and I needed rescue support to fix my partitions16:35
daftykins2015 film?16:35
lotuspsychjedaftykins: yes16:35
daftykinshmm sounds very topical according to IMDB :D16:35
lotuspsychjedaftykins: well i liked it, and finally a hacking movie with some real linux commands to see16:36
daftykinswoohoo \o/16:36
daftykinsi wonder if the upcoming third Tron film will use some factual ones too16:37
daftykinsthey at least used 'whoami' in Tron: Legacy ;)16:37
daftykinsseem to remember nmap cropping up somewhere too - maybe that was the Matrix16:38
lotuspsychjeknock knock16:38
lotuspsychjewake up neo.....16:39
EriC^^neo's drunk come back later16:40
EriC^^sudo poweroff16:40
lotuspsychjehe saw too many wite wabbits16:40
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/04/beta-plasma-5-3-features17:03
lotuspsychjethis is a weird support day oO17:13
lotuspsychjetook too many of those neo pills i think17:14
daftykinsi find my faith in the common man drops constantly, being in #ubuntu17:16
lordievaderHehe... Keep your chin up.17:21
lotuspsychjewe poor volunteers :p17:21
lotuspsychjeki7mt: welcome :p17:23
lotuspsychjeseen on https://twitter.com/ubuntu17:30
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: you skared him :p17:35
OerHeksIdo, do i?17:35
OerHeksMaybe that is why my chihuahua's bark at me.17:36
daftykinsdo we figure that these other distros are too silly to modify their IRC client packages to not join #ubuntu as default 0o17:36
lotuspsychjethat would be a great start17:37
daftykinsto be honest even Ubuntu should disable it ;)17:37
lotuspsychjethat would surely safe alot of work17:38
OerHeksi think #ubuntu should support all forks :-D17:38
daftykinsseriously? :P17:39
EriC^^OerHeks: mind your table manners please :P17:39
OerHeksplus vivid 15.04 beta217:39
lotuspsychjei rather like straight ubuntu in here17:39
OerHeksEriC^^,  i have never been banned, i am missing some experience.17:39
OerHeksI am hungry, thinking what i should make for diner.17:40
ubot5Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!17:40
lotuspsychjecool bot works here too17:40
ki7mt+1 .. I would not mind all the offcical ditro's, Lub, Xub, Kub, etc being in #ubuntu  but not Kali and all those.17:40
lordievaderPeople allways wonder why everything is together in #ubuntu+1.17:41
EriC^^i just made something gross, hamburger bread with ketchup mustard and cheese, microwaved, OerHeks i wouldn't recommend17:41
daftykinski7mt: those are already fine to be discussed in there17:41
EriC^^i was too lazy to order pizza17:41
daftykinsit's all the downstream distros like Mint, this new Backbox thing and Elementary OS - all that rubbish :)17:41
ki7mtAnd Mint especially, that one really gets on my nerves, even though I test pkgs on it.17:41
daftykinsback in a tick17:42
OerHeksSad thing is, thoose forks are too lazy to give support. For pentesting distros i can imagine, who wants to help wannabee-hackers?17:43
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: sounds real healthy :p17:43
* lotuspsychje lowers his hand17:43
lotuspsychjei never got that, pentesting tools can be just downloaded as packages..whats the big deal17:44
lotuspsychje!info john17:45
lordievaderlotuspsychje: It is usefull to have them all together, then you can just start a vm and done.17:45
ubot5john (source: john): active password cracking tool. In component main, is optional. Version 1.8.0-2 (utopic), package size 213 kB, installed size 956 kB17:45
ki7mtOerHeks, Most of them cant provide support, as the base engine is Ubuntu, and they don't  re-spin the packaging, so they've no real knowledge of what's really going on.17:45
ki7mtAt least with Ubuntu, it's a fairly tight integration to Debian.17:46
ki7mt90+% of the Mint users say Mint is not Ubuntu .. I disagree, it's Ubuntu with a variant DE + More Bugs ;)17:47
lotuspsychjebbl guys17:48
ki7mtman, python-pil v2.6.1 is giving me major issues on 14.10 and Jessie .. I hope they backport 2.5.3 as 2.6.1 is FUBAR17:53
ki7mtHow many of you all are Ubuntu Members ? I've been working on that for a while, but I dont seem to be making much progress in getting the membership.18:24
OerHekski7mt, i am, after 5 years of hangin in #ubuntu and giving support.18:28
OerHekski7mt, but there is no minimum time to it, you need to prove that you contribute, and find persons who want to write a testimonial for you18:29
OerHeks* and have no history of beiing banned for childish reasons and such18:29
ki7mtYeah, Iv'e been here off and on for at least 5yrs, been using UB since the 5.04 or there abouts.18:29
OerHekski7mt, go for it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership18:30
ki7mtI've never been banned, ever. I've had situations where we had to "Agree to Disagree", but nothing nasty ever.18:30
ki7mtOerHeks, Yeah., I've done some Doc work, packaging, Q&A, IRC, QA ISO and app testing, just not in mass quanity.18:31
OerHekski7mt, you might have done more for ubuntu than i did sofar, who can tell, who can judge?18:32
ki7mtIm also upstram on several packages, so time is also an issue.18:32
ki7mt.. upstream18:32
ki7mtI guess I could throw my name in the hat, and see what the feedback is .. I just dont do rejection very well :-)18:33
OerHeksTake your time to write something about yourself, and let me know please.18:34
ki7mtI think I have my wiki up .. have to go find it, I don't spend allot of time on it, maybe I should.18:34
OerHeksyeah, just saw your Karma :-D18:35
ki7mtIt's not very high, I've not done allot fo packaging work lately.18:36
ki7mtKarma on Launchpad that is.18:37
OerHeksThis is the past, what do you expect from beiing a member?18:37
lordievaderI get the feeling you'll do fine, ki7mt.18:38
OerHeksme too, lordievader18:38
ki7mtThat's a good question .. I suppose, from a personal standpoint it's a sense of achievement, from a Ubuntu community stanpoint, give back to the community, help drive and shape the future of various aspects things like that.18:39
ki7mtI dont think we get Karma for IRC though do we ?18:43
ki7mtat least, not on Launchpad18:43
OerHeksNo, i don't think so.18:43
OerHeks..maybe !cookie | ki7mt  counts18:44
ki7mtYeah, I would think so, those are cool18:44
lordievader!cookie | ki7mt18:45
ubot5ki7mt: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!18:45
OerHeks /msg ubottu i love you # +1018:45
ki7mtI like cookies :-)18:45
lordievaderki7mt: You'll love the Darkside, we got cookies :D18:45
ki7mtIndeed :-)18:47
OerHekski7mt, that 98 should really try mint :-D19:35
ki7mtYeah, I use Mint, mostly for testing, but I dont like Green :-)19:36
OerHeksI like green, but mint is slower than ubuntu19:36
OerHeksmicroseconds, but slower.19:36
lordievaderTime to learn some awk.19:37
ki7mtYeah, I noticed that too on 17.1, like opening the FM and things, first time around it like stalls then goes.19:37
lordievaderAwk is pretty sweet.20:09
ki7mtawk, sed and grep, if you can master those three thing, CLI is stupid powerful20:13
lordievaderI'm quite okay with sed and grep. But all I could do in awk before was print out a column.20:20

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