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mem11darkxst, I've verified the AutoLogin issue from yesterday. Your comments about custom.conf being commented out by default is valid, sometimes. When user chooses "Login automatically" on install, those comments are removed, thus enabling AutoLogin and TimedLogin. And when you turn off the auto login, TimedLogin stays on...05:08
darkxstmem11, file a bug06:41
mem11darkxst, where?06:48
mem11https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome This address is nowhere to be found on the webpage and wiki06:53
darkxstmem11, use ubuntu-bug command06:58
darkxstprobably those settings are handled by gnome-settings-daemon06:59
mgedminnot gdm?06:59
darkxstmgedmin, I think he is talking about changes that are occuring via g-c-c?07:00
mgedminoh right, gdm reads these; something else writes them07:00
mgedminnot gnome-control-center itself?07:00
mem11darkxst, ubuntu-bug <package-name> : what should I file against?07:01
darkxstmgedmin, could be either really, didnt actually check07:01
darkxstmem11, I just told you!07:02
mem11all right. i'll do it later, as i'm on a different machine07:03
mem11isn't there a web-based tracker somewhere?07:04
mgedminhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome, but ubuntu-bug attaches various bits of relevant system information such as package versions and config settings07:05
mgedminso it's better to use the tool07:05
mgedmin(in theory you can file a bug now and then use apport-collect to collect and upload the extra info later)07:06
darkxstaccountsservices edits the config file07:06
darkxsthowever I can't find any code that would enable TimedLogin07:07
darkxstunless its a regex in ubiquity07:08
mem11I think it's only during installation. When you don't select "Login Auto..." during install and then modify AutoLogin=False, the commented sections are all there and my change is appended in the file. Hope I'm being clear.07:10
mem11Nevermind, I'll make a proper bug report later on. Thanks people.07:11
darkxstyes its ubiquity07:13
darkxstmem11, if you disable autologin in gnome-control-center is it still broken?07:14
darkxstmy guess is that wont touch the "TimedLogin" keys either though07:15
mem11Yes, that's it.07:15
mem11TimedLogin isn't changed back.07:16
darkxstmem11, ok, file bug against ubiquity, TimedLogin probably doesnt need to be ever set07:16
darkxstits probably old code from GNOME2 days07:17
mem11Ok, ubiquity. Thanks.07:17
mem11Looks like it's been reported couple of months ago actually: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/141279107:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1412791 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "automatic login configured in ubiquity cannot be disabled by gnome-control-center" [Undecided,New]07:20
mem11Someone responded that "it's not a security bug" :-/ He probably knows better huh?07:22
darkxstmem11, physical access to a machine does not count as a security bug07:24
darkxst(its ridiculously easy to get root access on any linux machine)07:24
darkxstunless its an encrypted system07:25
mem11When /home is encrypted, you need password anyway...07:25
darkxstyou can still get at the root filesystem then07:26
darkxsthmm I don't know where that code comes from, seems to be imported into ubiquity at build time07:30
darkxstseens to be user-setup07:37
darkxstthis is crap, ubuntu patch the upstream code directly in that package07:40
darkxstit has completely diverged from the debian source07:40
mem11how do you track all those sources?07:45
darkxstmem11, track what? codesearch.debian.org is useful07:59
darkxstnormally ubuntu patches are applied over debian code with quilt07:59
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