Kiloshi nhaines  and others05:24
Kilossigh load shedding sucks08:39
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elachecheping pleia2! 13:46
Kiloshi elacheche  13:48
elachecheHey Kilos! on what! 13:54
Kilosread the news letter13:54
belkinsaKilos, I think that is someone else, maybe elacheche's brother or something.13:54
belkinsaGeneral Community News13:55
belkinsaWelcome New Members and Developers13:55
belkinsaEleanor Chen, on behalf of the Ubuntu Membership Board, announces four new Ubuntu Members who have been approved by the 2200 UTC board:13:55
belkinsa    Brendan Perrine https://wiki.ubuntu.com/walterorlin13:55
belkinsa    Cheng-Chia Tseng https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Zerng0713:55
Kilosoh my again i dint read properly13:55
belkinsa    Bedis ElAcheche https://wiki.ubuntu.com/d4rk-5c0rp13:55
elachecheI did, it's about the new ubuntu members :) my little brother is one x)13:55
belkinsa    Andrew Hayzen https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ahayzen 13:55
belkinsaAh, I figured that he was a brother of yours, elacheche.13:55
mhall119yay Ubuntu Members!13:55
elachecheyep belkinsa :) 13:55
Kilosive already congratulated him on irc13:55
elachechebelkinsa, my Fiancee is an ubuntu member too.. Do you think that one day, my children will be ubuntu members by default? :D x)13:57
belkinsaYou wish.  They need to prove themselves.13:57
elachechehahahahahah :D13:57
Kiloselacheche  congrats16:12
elachechethx :D :D :D How did you knew?16:15
Kilosi know everything16:15
Kilosexcept what i forget16:15
elachechebelkinsa, now I can't apply to be part ofthe CC?? x) congrats Kilos too :D16:16
Kilosim very thatnkful for the honour16:16
Kiloselacheche  no missing meetings hey!16:24
* genii makes a celebratory pot of coffee and passes the mugs around16:24
elachecheI don't miss meetings :D Maybe I sleep in irc but not during mettings :p16:24
* Kilos accepts thanfully16:25
* elacheche Happy to share coffee with the LoCo :D16:25
Kilosgood man :D16:25
toddycongrats Kilos and elacheche 16:32
Kilosty toddy  16:32
elachecheThx toddy :) 16:32
Kilosoi i always forget smiley things16:32
toddyI hope we will make a good job :)16:33
Kiloswe will do our best i think16:33
Kilosi might just need reminders, im rather forgetfull16:33
* elacheche congrats toddy too :)16:36
Kilosoh my did you also get it now toddy  ?16:37
elachecheKilos, canonical don't offer XPS 13 Laptops for the new board members :p #troll x)16:49
elachechethat was a question btw x)16:50
Kilosno man16:50
Kilosive also been looking but my old desktop works fine16:50
elachechehahaha :D16:51
Kilosnice to dream though16:51
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pleia2elacheche: pong17:13
Kilospleia2  ty17:13
Kilosand hi there17:13
pleia2hi Kilos 17:14
elachechepleia2, I lokking for an information about the membership board.. but now it's ok x) Kilos & myself we're aboard x)17:14
pleia2elacheche: ah yes, a formal announcement will go out soon :)17:15
elachechepleia2, but now am wondering.. now I can't apply to be part of the CC?? x)17:15
* elacheche have huge dreams, and he know that :D 17:15
pleia2elacheche: there will be a call for nominees in the fall, it happens every 2 years17:15
Kilosoh pleia2  for info to the weekly magazine can i just mail you the info?17:16
pleia2of that list, Mark selects 12 for voting on by the Ubuntu Membership community17:16
pleia2Kilos: mention it in #ubuntu-news or mail ubuntu-news-team@lists.ubuntu.com17:16
pleia2I travel a lot, so best to tell the whole team in case I'm busy :)17:16
Kilosty pleia2  17:16
belkinsapleia2, do you know when is the next election for the CC is?  I'm just wondering it.17:17
elachechebelkinsa, pleia2 http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2015/04/13/call-for-nominations-for-the-loco-council-2/17:17
belkinsaEr, that's for LoCo.17:17
geniiOh! Yesterday17:17
pleia2belkinsa: in the fall, we all expired on November 13th17:18
pleia2will probably start the call for nominations in september17:18
belkinsaThank you.17:18
elachecheEmm.. Sorry belkinsa.. I have no idea why I read it as Community council x) But now I should findout the difference between CC and LC x)17:20
belkinsaLC is for the LoCo's and CC is the community as a whole.17:21
elachecheEmm.. I see :)17:22
wxlword is there is a need for loco council members?18:16
mhall119wxl: yup18:25
wxlmhall119: what's the process for nominating?18:26
mhall119wxl: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2015/04/13/call-for-nominations-for-the-loco-council-218:26
wxlthx mhall119 :)18:27
wxlis IS caught up with their backlog from christmas time yet? our loco is still waiting on official canonical hosting :(18:41
wxlnomination sent :)18:44
Kilosgood luck wxl  18:45
dk___Hello need help 18:46
dk___with bluetooth 18:46
dk___my bluetooth cant be switched on with the bluetooth app on my ubuntu 14.0418:47
dk___help is much appreciated18:47
Kilosdk___  type in /j #ubuntu18:49
Kilosthis isnt a support channel18:49
Kiloswhere are you?18:49
dk___<Kilos>where exactly coudl I get some help?18:51
Kiloslook at your pm message18:51
Kilosill try help you18:51
dk___very kind of you Im extremely new to Ubuntu18:52
dk___what is pm message. 18:52
Kiloslook in one of the side panels18:52
Kilosyou should see an extra one18:52
Kilosan extra channel that is18:53
Kilosprivate message18:53
Kilossorry guys, i hate seeing new peeps battle19:58
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