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* slangasek waves16:04
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slangasekhttp://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting-2/2015/ubuntu-meeting-2.2015-03-31-16.02.html says kees is chair?16:06
slangasekelse mdeslaur16:06
* stgraber waves16:07
slangasekkees: are you chairing? :)16:08
* mdeslaur waits a minute for kees16:08
mdeslaurok, looks like kees is a no-show again16:09
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Apr 14 16:09:24 2015 UTC.  The chair is mdeslaur. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.16:09
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mdeslaur[topic] Apologies16:09
mdeslaur[topic] Action review16:09
mdeslaur[topic] Mailing list archive16:10
mdeslaurso it looks like we've responded on-list to MAAS16:10
mdeslaurto docker16:10
mdeslaurdoes anyone have anything else they'd like to say about the new docker proposal?16:10
pitti+1 on that, LGTM now16:10
pittithe previous per-series packaging was scary, but that's gone now16:11
mdeslauryeah, +1 from me as well.16:11
pitticaribou: *prod*16:12
caribouyes, just want to have TB's opinion on an MRE for sosreport16:12
caribouit is a fast moving project with many new inclusions16:13
caribouand not possible to adhere to SRU rules when adding new plugins16:13
infinitycaribou: That description is exactly the opposite of what MREs are (usuaully) for.16:13
pittiwhat does that do, roughly?16:13
caribouso I think that it would be beneficial to have the current upstream version on Ubuntu for all stable rel16:13
cariboucollect configuration & logs on running systems for offline analtysis16:14
pittii. e. a program which shows and manually sends data, or automatic in the background, etc?16:14
mdeslaurit seems to be pretty self-contained and nothing seems to depend on it, so at least there's that16:14
cariboufor instance, a new plugin was added for cloud-init which will not be available to any of the stable release16:15
caribousince it is not part of any stable release and will only make it to "W"16:15
pittiit sends it to a location you configure, or to canoincal?16:15
caribouso the possibility to have the same 'recent' version on stable release would be a bonus16:15
pittii. e. with SRUs is there a chance that we'd suddenly leak private data which it didn't before on that release?16:15
caribouinfinity: I was told  that MRE would be a solution for that16:15
slangasekit's not really an MRE16:15
cariboupitti: manual16:15
slangasekbut that's a nomenclature question16:15
pittiTBH I think I need some more details of what that does, how new versions impact stable releases, etc.16:16
slangasekconceptually, as a tool that's used by support to gather information from a customer's system, I think it makes sense to allow it to be updated16:16
slangasekbecause the extent of the interface from the user is "run this command, get results back from the Canonical support team"16:17
cariboupitti: there is confidential data scrubbing built in, but there is always a chance of bugs around this16:17
pitticaribou: if that's manual configurations, how do me make sure that newer upstream releases work with older configs, and don't suddenly drop config options/information that's sent, or change their format?16:17
slangasekso it seems analogous to me to other exceptions we've made for software where the server interface has changed16:17
slangasekjust that in this case the "server interface" is the support team16:17
cariboupitti: but this would affect the dev release in the same way16:18
pittiah, so it does send data to Caonical, not to the admin's servers16:18
cariboupitti: the tool doesn't send anything16:18
cariboupitti: it produces a tarball to be uploaded "somewhere" by the user16:19
pittiah, ok16:19
cariboupitti: the only output is a tarball in /tmlp16:19
infinityI'm not against it conceptually.16:19
pittiso it's intended for e. g. the Canoincal support team, so it's ok if the format/content changes?16:19
infinityAs Martin says, though, are there config files, is migration guaranteed to be sane, etc?16:19
pittiyeah, I'm mostly interested in what this does structurally, and what's the worst thing that can happen16:20
pitti.. if a new upstream version changes format or drops files, etc.16:20
cariboupitti: worst thing is that some collection would be missing (which is the case in the current situation)16:20
mdeslaurperhaps we could better decide if you sent an email to the list with a description of what the tool does, who uses it, what config is uses, what it produces, and the types of changes that have happened in the past?16:20
cariboupitti: this is the current situation with SRU16:20
cariboumdeslaur: that was my intent, but I wanted a first feeling for it16:21
cariboumdeslaur: no point in formally proposing it if the first reaction is totally negative16:21
pittiI'm generally not opposed to SRU exceptions as long as they are done in a safe and sane way16:21
mdeslaurI'm open to the idea, I think this type of tool is something that is definitely worth considering for an exception16:22
cariboupitti: I think that regression issues would be restricted to the output content16:22
pitti^ agreed; I woudl just like to understand what exactly it is and what the impact is :)16:22
pitticaribou: right, understood16:22
cariboumdeslaur: pitti: Fine, I will send an email with all the details requested16:22
pitticaribou: so I'm trying to find out whether that would break automatic evaluation of the content16:23
mdeslaurcaribou: ok, I think we're all open to the idea, and we'll await your post16:23
caribouthanks to the TB, this will help in writing the email16:23
caribouthis is all I had16:23
pitticaribou: thanks16:23
mdeslaurthanks caribou16:23
mdeslaurdoesn't look like there was anything else to discuss on the list16:24
mdeslaur[topic] Community bugs16:24
mdeslaur[topic] Next chair16:24
mdeslaurlooks like it's pitti?16:25
infinityor kees. :P16:25
mdeslaurok, so kees if he's still alive, then pitti16:25
infinityYes, that.16:25
mdeslaurDoes anyone have anything else they would like to discuss?16:25
pittinothing from me16:26
slangaseknot I16:26
mdeslaurok, that's it for today folks16:26
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Apr 14 16:26:43 2015 UTC.16:26
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting-2/2015/ubuntu-meeting-2.2015-04-14-16.09.moin.txt16:26
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