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dholbachpopey, now it shows up on http://ubuntuonair.com/ for me15:12
popeyblame caching15:12
dholbachweird :)15:13
dholbachpopey, how much in advance do you usually spam the internets about an upcoming Q&A?15:30
popeynow is good15:30
dholbachok cool15:30
popeygives people time to get tea/coffee/crack15:30
dholbachI'll do twitter and fb15:30
* popey will respam15:30
popeymake sure you mention the snappy specifics15:30
awilkinsStand by for action : anything can happen in the next 20:00   :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E06cNv55jTs15:40
dholbachstarting in 10 mins15:50
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HamSaladRUSIs this, like happening today ?15:54
HamSaladRUSSo finally live.16:01
HamSaladRUSQUESTION: Will snappy be available for my Barska Starwatcher Telescope ? I wanna see the next galaxy !16:04
GlueGlueGlueQUESTION: Can Ubuntu Phone run vim or apache web server?16:06
HamSaladRUSQUESTION: How many bugs are there for 'Snappy' at the moment, would you say, on Launchpad  ?16:08
TheFutureOfTunaQUESTION. Even though I really like the idea of seperated click/snappy apps in Unity8 on the phone and desktop, I've seen an unofficial app store that, before installation, gives the user a prompt saying it could break your phone. Is it possible to have a sandboxed area that can hold such unoffical apps together that, if something goes wrong, doesn't effect the entire system and require a reinstallation?16:13
* popey is keeping an eye on the questions, will get to them in a bit16:14
TheFutureOfTunaQUESTION. Are there plans to have all unity8 apps submitted by developers to be fat packages by default or will there always be some apps that can only be used on the phone (or any ARM device) even though they could very well be on the desktop (or any x86/AMD64 device) too?16:37
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tedNo, they're still sandboxed no matter where you get them from.16:48
HamSaladRUSQUESTION: If the 'Snappy' Team intend for snappy to overtake apt-get on the desktop ... Does the team see the 'Snappy' process integeral to the UbuntuTV-milestones ? Have they heard anything to any degree or to this end t ?16:48
tedThere is just an option to run "unconfined"16:48
HamSaladRUSsans t16:48
tedBut, I'd imagine that there are other restrictions people are looking to avoid.16:49
tedNot just going to full "unconfined"16:49
ChipacaHamSaladRUS: what are “ubuntu-tv milestones”?16:51
KnightmareQUESTION: Softpedia has posted that Unity 8 will not look that different from they way Unity 7 looks now. Are there plans to update the Unity UI even if these are slow increments?16:52
glomeQUESTION: How do Snappy and Click relate to Gnome sandboxed applications (xdg-app).16:52
HamSaladRUSI guess they are milestones that appear in launchpad that delay or promote a release of e.g. Ubuntu TV.16:52
dholbachthanks a lot everyone!16:55
popeyThanks for the questions everyone!16:55
dholbachthat was awesome :)16:55
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TypewriterI've been trying to migrate away from Windows for over a decade, but Linux just isn't as simple yet. The Ubuntu interface (and Fedora) has come a long way but there's still a heavy reliance on terminal - is this a consideration for the direction of future releases?20:08
* Bl4ckD34Th Hi21:30
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