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bazhang<Eightynine> Because I installed it a few days ago. By the way I found a cause of my problem with Software Update11:57
bazhangthis sounds exactly like 'newbnewb'11:58
bazhangsame strange issues, wont give full info, etc11:58
Unit193"Darkforce, Eightynine."12:03
bazhanghe was complaining about horribly ugly the fonts were, kept at it, we suggested restricted-extras.12:09
bazhangstellar "support" from gry as always12:24
bazhang<svetlana> since i am not allowed to yell at people or shoot people, i have to resort to yelling at things or shooting things12:29
k1lseems like the perfect match found themselves.12:30
ubottuOerHeks called the ops in #ubuntu (LittleBish)13:47
Picijpds_: thanks13:50
ubottuseednode called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()13:53
bazhangk1l, he was completely advised against that. svetlana was the lone voice saying he should remove everything18:34
bazhangand the router depends on having a browser, thats it, perhaps javascript as well18:35
k1lhe removed networkmanager too.18:35
bazhanghe was told by many of the regular helpers to just get an xubuntu iso then start from scratch18:36
bazhang<Eightynine> Is there any Ubuntu builds with Fluxbox?19:08
bazhanghe wanted to remove everything an have xubuntu only, now he wants to bring all that back just a day later19:09
Unit193And then fluxbox is somehow involved?19:09
bazhanghe had flux gnome xubun and lxde DE all on there19:10
bazhanginstalled synaptic on the lone advice of a most singular helper19:11
bazhangremoved most of the entire, well, everything19:11
k1lmainstream is to mainstream. so better ruin my system!19:12
bazhang<Eightynine> LXDE is buggy, XFCE is unusable, MATE is slow on my system, Gnome is crap, KDE is huge and confusing.19:30
bazhangshoulda chose HURD!19:30
Picitheres twm19:30
bazhangthunar is bloatware19:32
bazhangPici, haha19:32
bazhangwtheck is spacefm19:32
Unit193Forked pcmanfm, iirc.19:33
Unit193Description-en: Multi-panel tabbed file manager19:33
bazhanglubuntu then19:33
elkysomeone is being forced to give up fluxbuntu?19:33
Jordan_Ubazhang: It's part of SETI@home, analyzing FM signals from space.19:33
Unit193elky: Can't be!  I still have the 7.10 installer!19:34
bazhangJordan_U, nice!19:34
* Jordan_U Just made that up if it's not clear :)19:34
Unit193bazhang: And no not by default.19:37
bazhangkil is ignoring chekhov; if you display a gun on the mantel in act I, it must be fired by act III19:38
bazhang* GoobiePls3554 (~mario@12-64-142-46.pool.kielnet.net) has joined19:46
bazhangJordan_U, he is going to new install a new everything19:51
bazhangnew graphics, hdd, motherboard etc19:51
bazhangso his 'ssd' only is a complete red herring19:52
bazhang"someone here told me!11"19:52
bazhangday three of this19:53
Jordan_Ubazhang: I admit I originally misread it as "SD" (as in SD card), but my answer is still relevant since you're booting the drive on a motherboard that doesn't have a UEFI entry for Ubuntu already.19:54
bazhangJordan_U, yep, just wanted to catch you up19:55
bazhangwhy is gnome so ugly!!!1??21:27
bazhanghe's bordering on trolldom at this point21:28

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