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balloonsping wxl elfy14:17
balloonsjibel, good morning! any news on the images front? The last image to have passed smoke testing for ubuntu is from the 26th of march14:19
jibelHey balloons14:20
jibelballoons, there is a problem in CI, and there is an installation loop. I'll ask to force the publication to current14:21
jibelballoons, the image is OK-ish, I could do a manual unstallation14:21
elfyballoons: pong, just got a working PC back together here ... desperate for something liquid and I'll be right with you :)14:24
balloonsjibel, I grabbed the image yesterday, but wasn't sure if I should use the new one or not. I'll grab from pending14:26
balloonselfy, ack..14:27
jibelballoons, grab latest pending, it fixes the shutdown problem14:27
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elfyballoons: s'up then :)14:38
balloonselfy, hw troubles, same as you. Swapping primary harddrives, wiping and restoring from backup :-)14:44
balloonselfy, but I wanted to ask you about UOS14:44
elfylucky you - I was hoping that the psu didn't take out the mobo14:44
elfyfingers crossed14:44
balloonselfy, ohh, bad psu eh? I think I have some bad cables again14:45
elfyheh - well even UOS sounds better than a new mobo :D14:45
balloonsin addition to the dead drive.. heh. The new one acted the same until I swapped the cable14:45
balloonselfy, :p14:45
elfyoh - that would be a :( moment for sure14:45
balloonselfy, so anyways from a quality and xubuntu perspective both.. Who best to talk to about xubuntu having a session at UOS? And from a quality perspective, what session would you like to see?14:46
balloonsWe have a 'show and tell' track for demoing things, I'm wondering if we have ideas for a cool demo14:46
knomethere is no person with the nick "right" in the xubuntu team14:46
elfyso from a Xubuntu perspective the project lead is ochosi14:46
balloonsdemoing in theory is the easiest session to run ever :-)14:46
elfyfrom a QA perspective from me - I've gotten a bit 'doesn't matter what you say, when you say it, how you say it' doesn't actually make much difference in the reality of what I see as XubuntuQA Lead14:48
knomewhat's the main subject?14:49
balloonshey knome :-)14:50
knomehello balloons14:50
balloonsjust talking UOS with anyone who might be interested :-) I'm curious about what the flavors might be up to for this UOS, in addition to seeing what people might want to see in the way of sessions14:51
knomethe most realistic one for xubuntu might be a Q&A session14:51
balloonsI feel like having each flavor do a q and a, or a simple community session would be awesome. I know many flavors plan things outside of UOS, which is wonderful -- whatever works for them. I do see value in sharing a small snippet of what's going on with the rest of us though14:52
knomewhen is UOS?14:53
elfyknome does not speak for me there - if he thinks it's a useful thing to do - he can run it14:53
balloonsat the very least I'm hoping there will be interest in demoing things.. I know new stuff is landing / changing in all the flavors and it would be neat to see some of it14:53
knomeelfy, i said realistic...14:53
knomeelfy, i didn't say useful14:53
balloonselfy, :-). Only you can speak for you14:53
elfyand I do, often :p14:53
balloonswhat of the demoing idea?14:53
balloonsknome, UOS is May 5th14:54
knomei'm pretty sure we don't have any new things to demo at that point (yet)14:54
elfyballoons: you about tonight at ~ 2100UTC ?14:54
knomealso, i'm so not going to be attending...14:54
knomewe fly to berlin that day14:55
elfyballoons: there is a Xubuntu meeting tonight, pop by and broach the subject perhaps14:55
knomeand i will be having intentionally bad online presence for a week..14:55
elfymight be nice to have a Canonical type person wander in and say hi14:56
elfyjust a thought14:56
knomegenerally lurkers are welcome.14:57
balloonsknome, new things can be old things to you, heh.. still likely new to me. I don't know about any of the changes in vivid for xubuntu really14:57
elfyfor sure they are - I wish they said something sometimes though :)14:57
balloonsbut other things can be demoed ofc..14:57
knomewell i don't think vivid has many fresh things either...14:57
knomebut point taken14:57
balloonselfy, great I will do that, ty. in ubuntu-meeting or ?14:58
knomeballoons, #xubuntu-devel14:58
balloonsahh, figured as much14:58
* elfy needs to make some pre-meeting notes of nasty bugs still kicking about 14:58
* knome adds an agenda item14:59
elfyknome: good idea :)_14:59
balloonsi'm idling, please feel free to ping my nick to pull me away from whatever I'm doing at 2100 :-)15:01
elfycue a bunch of pings ...15:05
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davmor2balloons: ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ......I mean it must be 2100 somewhere in the world :D16:21
wxlballoons: you rang?16:32
balloonsdavmor2, rofl16:34
balloonswxl, howdy.. I was wanting to talk to you about UOS. From a lubuntu perspective . .16:35
wxl1s balloons16:36
elfyhi wxl16:36
wxlok go for it balloons16:46
elopiovila: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages#Going_through_MOTU16:47
balloonswxl, ok so I was wondering what lubuntu might be up to for UOS. I'd like to see if there is interest in having a session on the community track. If not a planning session for next cycle, perhaps a Q and A where you discuss what's been happening / will happen inside lubuntu.16:48
balloonswxl, alternatively there is a 'show and tell' track, which is for demos. I think showing off the qt version of lxde would be well recieved16:49
wxlballoons: yeah as lxqt approaches, it would be valuable. maybe a show off session16:49
wxla planning session would be good too if i can organize all the cats together16:49
balloonssomething you might be interested in doing? UOS is May 5th - May 7th16:50
wxllemme check the calendar but off hand yes16:50
balloonsI planned to send a mail along to lubuntu-devel, but I can send it elsewhere or make a pitch at a meeting, etc :-)16:50
wxllubuntu-admins would be best i think16:51
balloonswxl, ack. I'll send it along now16:51
balloonsthanks, and I hope those dates / times work for you :-)16:52
wxlballoons: it's a launchpad list so send it and i'll approve16:52
wxl…unless you want to join the team ;)16:52
wxlballoons: hah i already have it in the calendar so good to go on my end16:53
wxlonly thing that stinks is it's16:53
wxlduring work for me16:53
wxlmaybe this time i'll go to the coffee shop and use their wifi16:53
balloonswait, elfy, is the xubuntu meeting tonight or tomorrow? wiki says april 15th at 210016:58
elfyballoons: that all went a bit wobbly - it is definitely tonight :)17:09
elfyhang on17:10
elfyno idea now lol17:10
elfyI think I'm wrong17:11
elfyballoons: ^^17:14
balloonsI assume as much :p17:15
elfyand knome didn't notice either :)17:15
elfyballoons: at one point it was on Wednesday and Thursday lol17:15
knomeit's tomorrow :P17:19
knomeno, i didn't notice because today has been a lousy day..17:20
elfytell me about it17:21
elfyI was expecting to try and remember passwords on a clean install :p17:21
elopioping veebers: so this is the right way to launch things? https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/address-book-app/fix_base_class/+merge/25624322:20
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veeberselopio: yeah, that's the one23:27
elopioI got it all wrong.23:27
elopioveebers: thanks for the investigation in here. I'll be correcting all the ones I messed up.23:28
veeberselopio: yeah it's not the most obvious thing, and as stated in the investigation results, it needs to be clearer, the docs need improved and autopilot needs to be smarter about it23:29
elopioveebers: I agree. But now that you mentioned it, it makes more sense to make the base class the same as the base of the inheritance hierarchy.23:30
elopioI just thought for some reason that launch_app was going to try to match the class I passed. I didn't notice that it goes to the registry, as with any select single.23:31

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