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infinitywxl: Huh, I thought we found and fixed that in the last beta.  I guess we'll fix it harder.06:05
Saviqrobru, yup, thanks!07:35
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rbasakCan someone look at syslinux-themes-debian in the trusty and utopic SRU queues please? It fixes an upgrade bug so will not be particularly useful to land after Vivid's release.12:24
jamespagehi release team - the ceph upload in the vivid queue is fairly critical for release - upstream are recommending that people skip 0.94 if possible14:08
jamespage.1 is good tho14:08
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bdmurrayinfinity: There doesn't seem to be a vivid-updates milestone15:24
infinitybdmurray: Would you like one?15:31
bdmurrayinfinity: yes, please15:32
infinitybdmurray: You have one.15:33
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sil2100robru: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/73032119:08
ubot93Launchpad bug 730321 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad REST API does not support JSONP" [Low,Triaged]19:08
sil2100robru: no movement since 201119:08
infinitywxl: I think I have a fix for the missing X drivers bug, just regenerating some metas to see if the results look sane.19:43
wxlinfinity: you may not need to fix anything19:51
debfxthere are a bunch of removal requests in the ~ubuntu-archive queue. it would be nice if someone could put aside some time to process them before release.19:52
DalekSecThough adding driver-all to platform should help and be useful anyway.19:56
wxlinfinity: now you messed everything up XD20:24
cyphermoxinfinity: so, you mentioned before that there was a vervet somewhere?20:32
elfycyphermox: hey there :)20:32
cyphermoxelfy: hey hey!20:33
cyphermoxand I meant to ask you something, I just don't remember what20:33
elfyso you'll know what I'll be saying next ... any movement on the crash on press enter at install end20:33
elfyor s/crash/die20:33
cyphermoxthat we fixed yesterday, so I already know :)20:33
cyphermoxit was something else20:34
cyphermoxxubuntu-related I think20:34
elfyI've been machine less for a day or so - so ...20:34
elfycyphermox: icons on desktop at install ?20:34
cyphermoxI don't know anymore20:34
cyphermoxare there missing icons?20:34
elfyno - but there is a specific xfce issue, which I believe we've a fix for (affects studio)20:35
elfybug 143718020:36
ubot93bug 1437180 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Desktop Icons show on the install only desktop" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143718020:36
cyphermoxah, really20:45
cyphermoxbut the install-only part would be one app too much being added to ubiquity-dm20:45
cyphermoxthe fact that xfdesktop is running...20:46
cyphermoxunless that's also what paints the wallpaper or something20:46
Ukikiecyphermox: That's what's painting the wallpaper.20:53
cyphermoxUkikie: thought so20:53
infinitywxl: Eh?21:04
infinitywxl: I already fixed things last night to a certain extent, and was just tying up loose ends today.  What did I "mess up"?21:04
wxlinfinity: adding to recommends doesn't fix the problem since lubuntu doesn't follow recommends and your fix supercedes the one that gilir did that would actually fix the problem22:40
wxl…as you can see on the bug report22:40
wxlinfinity: oh nevermind i see you cleaned it up :)22:41
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