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bumbumIs this project still going on?02:18
g4vr0cheI think so. I have it installed on my phone02:18
bumbumoh yeah? awsome,02:19
bumbumI just got old galaxy s3,02:20
bumbum& try to use that as new ubuntu device,02:20
g4vr0cheStatus page is here. I have a Nexus personally: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/i930002:20
bumbumthx for letting me know the project is still going ^^02:20
bumbumthanks for the link!!!02:21
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Johanhi every one04:53
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Johani have old device samsung tab 8.904:56
Johanis it possible to run with ubuntu04:56
lotuspsychjenice work by mariogrip :p05:29
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Equal Pay Day! :-D08:46
AskUbuntuwhy does ubuntu 15 always boot to phone ui? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60907908:50
seb128I upgraded my vivid tablet, and now the calculator is listed with no icon and not starting when clicking on it09:00
seb128is there a known issue with the transition to the rebooted version?09:00
seb128popey, ^ do you know?09:00
mcphailseb128: I previously lost icons after an upgrade, but the app still started09:02
seb128aa-exec: ERROR: profile 'com.ubuntu.calculator_calculator_1.3.339' does not exist09:03
seb128in the log09:03
mcphailBug 1437355 (my bug) is now closed as "fixed" so maybe this is something different09:04
ubot5bug 1437355 in ubuntu-app-launch (Ubuntu) "Icons lost from various apps after upgrade" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143735509:04
seb128mcphail, thanks, unsure if that's the same issue or not, but likely not since mine fails to start09:07
seb128jgdxx, tested silo 6, looks fine to me09:07
mcphailseb128: may have the same cause, though. Stale links after updates etc09:07
faenilhow do you get the path of your click package, in order to refer to app data?09:24
faenilnone of the QStandardLocations seem to have it09:25
faenilnot even QCApp::appDirPath09:25
faenillet's try Saviq :D ^09:53
Saviqfaenil, $PWD09:53
Saviqfaenil, if you mean files installed with your package09:53
Saviqfaenil, but http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qstandardpaths.html should work, too09:56
faenilSaviq: I meant StandardPaths in my previous message09:56
faenilI couldn't find any which points to my click package dir09:56
Saviqfaenil, yeah, none of those seems to make sense there09:57
faenilPWD is pointing to home09:57
mcphailfaenil: iirc, one of the XDG-blah environment variables points to the install path09:57
faenilmcphail: ok, I'll look into those, RUNTIME_DIR didn't help09:58
mcphailfaenil: yes - I can't find the details right now but there is an enviromant variable which is set09:58
faenilThere should definitely be a "how to bundle and access application data" in the app development tutorials :/09:59
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faenilmcphail: ok I'll keep looking for it, thank you10:01
mcphailfaenil: yes - it is buried in there somewhere because I was reading it the other night10:03
faenilmcphail: the only related bit I found so far is this10:03
faenilbut it didn't help10:03
DanChapmanfaenil: QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath should return the path to the apps binary. or even QDir::currentPath should also return something useful10:05
faenilDanChapman: the app binary is qmlscene, so that won't help10:05
DanChapmanahh now that's a problem.10:05
faenileh :P10:06
popeyseb128: sorry for the delay, was afk. no, not seen that.10:07
Saviqfaenil, I'm sure that's a solved problem, try #ubuntu-app-devel, prolly a better channel for that10:08
faenilDanChapman: and QDir, since it uses PWD afaik, returns home/phablet10:08
faenilSaviq: yeah I'll try there, thanks...yes I'm finding it surprising that there's no trivial solution :)10:08
Saviqfaenil, APP_DIR10:09
faenilSaviq: I'm quite sure QStandardPaths wraps that as well, but let me try10:10
mcphailfaenil: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/platform/guides/app-confinement/10:11
Saviqfaenil, that page says "PWD: a chdir() to the installation directory is performed prior to launching the app", if that's not the case, needsfixin'10:13
faenilthanks, that page is useful10:14
Saviqfaenil, I just checked, /proc/`pidof app`/cwd points to the app install dir10:14
Saviqfaenil, how are you launching your app?10:15
* faenil headdesks10:15
faenilI need a special env var and qtcreator resets QML2_IMPORT_PATH so I have to do it via cmdline...of course the poor system didn't know the correct path...10:17
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jgdxmpt, re: bug 1424149 If I create a custom MMS APN with fields 'Mickey Mouse' and 'http://disney.com', neither the fields, nor the MMS APN can be unset/removed.11:07
ubot5bug 1424149 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "[system-settings] Ubuntu Phone: Remove current APN for MMS" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142414911:07
mptjgdx, how was it possible for them to set those values in the first place, when they didn’t work?11:13
mpt(“them” -> “you”11:13
lotuspsychjemariogrip: did you see your article of softpedia?11:13
Eidriaenanyone here?11:15
lotuspsychjeEidriaen: 300 users are11:15
mariogriplotuspsychje: Awesome!11:15
lotuspsychjemariogrip: great isnt it :p :p11:16
EidriaenI've got a HTC Desire Z and I'm trying to install Ubuntu on it, but I'm not the most technical, so something isn't going right11:16
lotuspsychje!devices | Eidriaen11:16
ubot5Eidriaen: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices11:16
mariogriplotuspsychje: Yeah! :D11:16
jgdxmpt, this [1] is the way we 'Save' a preferred MMS. It gives us no way of telling if 'disney.com' works or not. Maybe sergiusens can confirm/contradict? [1] https://gist.github.com/sergiusens/703f3eb664b05b891b9111:18
EidriaenI tried following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/flipped_vision#General but my phone won't accept the files I downloaded as a firmware, copied two zip files over to the SD card and got in recovery mode11:18
Eidriaenam I missing a step? I get the red triangle when I click "recovery"11:19
mptjgdx, I’m sorry I can’t tell what that code does. Anyway, the last sentence I wrote in the “APN” spec section: “If [activation] fails, the spinner should revert to ‘Activate’, the dialog contents should become sensitive again, and the dialog contents should scroll to the top to reveal the error text ‘APN activation failed.’”11:21
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mptjgdx, so there would be no way you can save APN details without activating them11:22
mptAnd no way you can activate them, obviously, unless they work11:22
jgdxsergiusens, is there a way to confirm that an MMS APN (Context) 'works'? /cc awe, abeato11:23
mptIf you can activate an APN that doesn’t work, I … I don’t know what activation is any more11:24
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abeatojgdx, can't say, you can try to activate it with activate-context script, but that does not test MMS proxy, server, etc. params12:37
jgdxabeato, right, so our best shot is to talk to the mms service.12:38
abeatojgdx, yes, try to send an MMS from the messaging app12:38
jgdxabeato, doesn't help USS though :p12:39
jgdxubuntu system settings12:40
abeatojgdx, ah... :)12:40
abeatoanother TLA :p12:40
jgdxI try to use "Settings" instead.12:41
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sturmflut-workbeuno: mhall119 mentioned on G+ that the app store API will pre-filter search results according to GeoIP magic, so you don't see apps which are not intended for the country the source IP address is located in. Is that correct?12:49
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beunosturmflut-work, it is correct, yes13:27
doflahertyIf I've added my google account in system settings, shouldn't the GMail webapp automatically log me in?13:50
jgdxdoflaherty, is gmail allowed to access the account?14:14
doflahertyjgdx yes14:15
mptkemmko1, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityAndPrivacySettings#common-behavior14:16
g105bThe gmail app never worked for me, I kept on having to re-add the account over and over.14:16
kemmko1mpt: . cheers14:16
g105bI never once have had a notification from gmail app14:16
g105bWhat he said.14:20
doflahertyI disabled access, started the gmail app again, got a popup that said "Gmail wants to access your google account" so I clicked allow14:21
doflahertythen it dumped me on the login page14:21
doflahertyI have seen notifications though...14:22
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dadexix86hi, sometimes my phone crash and reboots. what is the best way to investigate this problem?15:15
popeydadexix86: does it actually fully reboot (bq logo) or just restart unity?15:18
dadexix86popey, now that I think of it, probably it is just the second. I don't know how exactly works it, but I think that it is something equivalent to a lightdm restart on the pc. it appears the rotating ubuntu logo15:21
popeylook in /var/crash and see if there's a recent .crash file15:21
popeyand look in ~/.cache/upstart and look for most recent log files, like unity8.log maybe15:22
Saviqjgdx, hey, can you explain bug #1444002 in a bit more detail? the app/splash screen should come in on screen immediately15:22
ubot5bug 1444002 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[launcher] visual feedback on tap is too subtle" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144400215:22
jgdxSaviq, sure. It isn't always shown immediately.15:23
Saviqjgdx, your bug says reproducible "Always", so which one? ;)15:24
Saviqjgdx, if you could post if a particular app is causing that maybe, a video could be helpful15:25
jgdxSaviq, oke doke15:25
dadexix86popey, in /var/crash there are crash files named _sbin_upstart.32011.crash and _sbin_upstart.32011.upload that were created around when the crash happened15:25
popeydadexix86: so the crashes have been uploaded to errors.ubuntu.com - good.15:26
popeydadexix86: if you're so inclined you could go to system settings -> security & privacy -> diagnostics -> previous error reports, then "adb shell" in once the browser starts, and "ps aux | grep webbrowser" and pm me the link, I can take a look at them for you.15:27
popey(the link being the secret url the browser has opened which shows you all your phones crash reports)15:28
popey(they're not public btw)15:29
dadexix86popey, in ~/.cache/upstart there are a lot of .gz log files created around the time of the crash. I do now the thing of the crash report link, thanks!15:30
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dadexix86popey, is it this? https://errors.ubuntu.com/user/6b4986b91261ec5d9fc93d5f65dd5f25c8bccb7a9f95d372a48066d6b3e95b7b7b46ba8a0ca0be2f1d6aa01686ec4cf8e186ec2d9445ee191f417e5381e26e1d15:34
popeylooks good15:34
popeycant see a crash for today though15:35
popeymost recent was lunchtime yesterday15:35
popey(unless these are all out of sequence)15:35
popeymaybe it only just uploaded and hasn't been processed, I wonder.15:36
popeyI'll keep that page open and refresh a bit later and look for it15:36
dadexix86popey, ok thanks :) I cannot access them unfortunately.15:39
jgdxSaviq, changed the narrative of the bug. Whaddaya think?15:39
Saviqjgdx, so you mean there's no touch-down effect?15:40
jgdxSaviq, yes15:40
t1mphow can I find out the phone number of the sim card that is in my bq ubuntu phoen?15:40
Saviqjgdx, but you said there's a delay when launching apps, how long would you say that delay?15:40
Saviqt1mp, you can try with /usr/share/ofono/scripts/list-modems15:40
popeydadexix86: np15:40
Saviqt1mp, but it's not always there15:40
jgdxSaviq, on krillin there's like 0.5 seconds for the Facebook app after a reboot.15:40
jgdxSaviq, I realized it's not the lag that matters, it is the moment where nothing happens.15:41
Saviqjgdx, where, it does matter, there should be no lag ;)15:41
jgdxSaviq, but that's not the scope of this bug.15:41
dadexix86t1mp, Settings > Infos on the phone15:41
jgdxSaviq, lack of feedback in the launcher makes the launcher feel sluggish no matter how fast it launches the app.15:42
Saviqjgdx, not sure I agree, if the reaction (app coming in from the right) is instant, and, FWIW, no lag here15:42
jgdxSaviq, I strongly disagree, as well as being confused by the inconsistency.15:43
t1mpSaviq: hmm it is there. I see a few numbers but they don't seem to be the sim number15:43
jgdxSaviq, I can maybe cite some material that highlights the importance of immediate feedback?15:44
jgdx… in the bug15:44
Saviqjgdx, don't get me wrong, we should add a touch-down effect to the launcher, but we should find out why you have a .5s lag in there15:44
jgdxSaviq, ah, ok. Sorry.15:44
t1mpdadexix86: I don't see Infos15:44
Saviqjgdx, but it doesn't mean the immediate feedback needs to necessarily be under your finger, especially when the touch target is going away as soon as you touch it15:44
t1mpmaybe it is an old image15:45
jgdxSaviq, I can make a bug for the .5 sec lag so we get it tracked, and add a video there. Ok?15:45
jgdxSaviq, why should the launcher be different from the app scope, or vice versa?15:45
jgdxthat statement is true for both, the target goes away after a tap15:46
Saviqjgdx, I'm not saying it should :)15:46
dadexix86t1mp, I have it localized, but it is the last-but-one row, before "Restore", the icon on the left is the Ubuntu logo... on which image are you?15:46
Saviqjgdx, I'm just saying you wouldn't notice if the reaction was, indeed, instant, and the app would come in straight away15:46
Saviqjgdx, more than that, if we're blocking on tap, the touch feedback would be just as blocked as the app coming in on screen, so that's the more important thing to fix :)15:47
Saviqjgdx, so yeah, please file a bug, video very much welcome15:47
jgdxSaviq, will do15:47
* BOHverkill got his bq aquaris e4.5 ubuntu edition :D15:51
brunch875Enjoy, BOHverkill!15:52
brunch875you'll soon be getting a big update too :)15:52
BOHverkilli will15:52
BOHverkillbrunch875: k15:53
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t1mpdadexix86: r19, 19 february. I need to update it15:54
mariogripi'm trying to setup an system-image server, but i cannot find out what the file_device= .tar.gz and .build files should include16:04
AskUbuntuWhy are the Ubuntu SDK Publish and Devices tab blank? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60924116:06
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cwaynemariogrip, Tassadar would be a good person to ask, he's got a server setup already for n516:17
BOHverkillCan I change the time format from 12 to 24h or depends that on the language?16:25
dufluBOHverkill: Not sure but when I logged a bug against the clock, I was told it was specific to my locale (en-AU)16:29
dufluSo yeah the language affects it16:29
BOHverkillk but it would be nice ;)16:30
nik90BOHverkill: the feature to change time format between 12h/24h has been requested a lot and it needs to be in the system settings app.16:36
nik90BOHverkill: clock app cant do it since it can only change its own format and not that of the system leading to inconsistencies16:36
BOHverkillnik90: k16:37
toshiba_hi, I have a smartphone bq aquarius 4.5E but I can not synchronize with my notebook ubuntu 14:04 , what can I do ?16:47
lotuspsychjetoshiba_: install the tools from topic16:53
toshiba_what topic16:54
lotuspsychjetoshiba_: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/16:55
lotuspsychjetoshiba_: Install phablet-tools package16:57
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dobeytoshiba_: what do you mean by "sync" exactly? it doesn't show up as a drive, or you are expecting some sort of contacts or such sync automatically?17:13
kenvandineseb128, i just noticed that getByName call for regulatory-information was already setting a property, not used inline in the push to the page stack17:21
kenvandineso the updates page was the only one being used that way17:21
jay_jackhi guys. i have installed latest stable ubuntu-touch on my nexus4. does anybody know how I could enable both WiFi and 3G connections. i have played around with the ofono scripts, and ifconfig does show both interfaces, but 3G never works as soon as WiFi is up. does anybody have a clue how to get both running?17:23
rpadovanioSoMoN, o/17:23
basti_does anybody know where to find the ubuntu touch release scedule? or is there no planning online?17:24
oSoMoNrpadovani, \o17:24
rpadovanioSoMoN, how are you? :-)17:25
oSoMoNrpadovani, not too bad, and you?17:25
rpadovanioSoMoN, so so. I fell and I have a sprained left knee and left ankle, and probably I broke my tibia17:26
rpadovaniapart of that, good times :D17:27
rpadovanioSoMoN, so, I pinged to ask if there is something you think I could focus on browser, or I should just jumping bug by bug :-)17:28
oSoMoNrpadovani, ouch, sorry to hear that, I hope this isn’t as bad as it sounds, or at the very least that it heals fully and quickly17:31
oSoMoNrpadovani, let me try and find something interesting for you :)17:31
rpadovanioSoMoN, I don't have too much pain, it's only annoyng to use crutches. Thanks :-)17:32
dobeyjay_jack: there isn't a way to have both interfaces active at the same time. how would it know which one to route traffic through?17:32
mindspin2015stupid question: I wrote a simple html5 linklist and published it in the SDK to my Phone (aquaris) . How do I start the app?17:34
jay_jackdobey: well, there would be obviously a default route. and you can always specify which interface you want to use, i.e. curl --interface www.google.com17:35
dobeymindspin2015: it should appear in the apps scope. you might need to pull down to refresh in that scope to have it show up though17:35
bzoltanmindspin2015:  it should be listed in the apps grid. You can search for the name in teh Apps scope too17:35
bzoltandobey:  darn it... I lost by a sec17:35
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BOHverkillanyone an idea why adb is not working?18:06
dobeyyou don't have developer mode enabled and/or the screen is locked/off, or there's a problem with your usb cable or the port on your computer?18:07
jgdxabeato, hey, are you still able to repro bug 1415833 consistently?18:07
ubot5bug 1415833 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Wrong tech set in Cellular screen" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141583318:07
BOHverkilldeshack: udev is finding the device and the screen is not locked18:08
BOHverkilland developer mode is on18:11
dobeyBOHverkill: and developer mode is enabled on the phone?18:11
BOHverkilldobey: yes18:11
dobeyBOHverkill: you are on 14.04? add ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa and apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, and try again18:11
BOHverkilldobey: no and thats maybe the problem, i am using arch linux18:12
dobeyyeah, i'm not sure all the definitions and/or code needed are available there18:14
SaviqoSoMoN, hey, Q about new browser: when "restore tabs" off, will it still recover the open tabs if it was killed by OOM (as opposed to terminated by the user)?18:24
Se7hello friends18:27
oSoMoNSaviq, good question, I haven’t tested this use case, I’d say it won’t, as there’s no distinction made on how it was last terminated18:27
brunch875Hello Se718:27
brunch875I hope you're having a good day!18:27
oSoMoNSaviq, a bug is in order if you think that’s not expected18:27
Se7yes brunch875 great tnx18:27
SaviqoSoMoN, yup, will confirm and file one18:27
Se7how about you?18:28
brunch875It's fine, other than very little productivity :P18:28
SaviqoSoMoN, FWIW, there's no app doing The Right Thing yet, and I'm not sure its even possible right now (like if you're suspended and the user swipes you away, I don't know if you get SIGCONT before a SIGTERM)18:28
oSoMoNSaviq, right, it’s a tricky problem, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to solve it :)(18:30
SaviqoSoMoN, oh no, I just meant we may need to tweak other things first to let you know when you're stopped 'by the user' vs. otherwise18:30
AskUbuntuUbuntu Phone in Nexus 4 | http://askubuntu.com/q/60929718:56
kenvandineElleo, hey, do you find it frustrating that the getter for ContentTransfer.items automatically sets the state to collected?18:58
kenvandineif a qml app that is sharing/exporting the content wants to do anything with the values in items, it gets marked as collected18:59
kenvandinebut i think that should only happen if it's the app receiving the content18:59
kenvandinelike just printing activeTransfer.items[0].text marks it as collected19:00
kenvandineElleo, do you think the QML bindings could only change the state by the destination app?19:00
mariogripi think i got the system-image server running now19:02
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mariogripwill ubuntu-device-flash wipe system and data partition? if yes, is there a way to prevent that?19:06
dobeymariogrip: it will if you use --wipe or --bootstrap; don't use those options if you don't want to wipe your data. also, back up your data :)19:17
dobeymariogrip: you can just tar up ~phablet on the phone as a way to back up your data, and just adb pull the tarball over to your PC19:17
mariogripdobey: I was thinking about the android partition19:18
dobeymariogrip: there is no android after you flash with ubuntu-device-flash. there is only ubuntu.19:21
kenvandinemandel, don't forget to update your fix-network and fix-network-errors branches19:34
mandelkenvandine, I have not, I already own you a drink, I'm working on it as soon as I get my chinese food :)19:34
kenvandineyum, i want some :)19:35
dobeymu shu pork?19:35
kenvandinepmcgowan, the ubuntu-settings-components fix for bug 1390136, i'm kicking a CI run to make sure we have passing tests for the corresponding settings branch19:37
ubot5bug 1390136 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu Vivid) "need a transition state for indicators reflecting laggy backends" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139013619:37
kenvandinepmcgowan, assuming all is well, i'll create a silo for it tomorrow19:38
pmcgowankenvandine, great, can then put that big bug to rest19:38
mandelkenvandine, get away! its mine ;)19:45
abeatojgdx, don't know, will try tomorrow19:57
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LihisHi all20:14
cwayne_Tassadar, heya, I think mariogrip was lookin' to figure out how to setup a s-i server, had a thought that it'd be super awesome to have it setup the same server as N5 (assuming that would make multirom work maybe?)20:18
Tassadarwell yeah, I already told you I can host that port too20:18
Tassadarjust make it compileable)20:19
mariogriphttp://system-image.ubports.com :D20:20
mariogrip            "ubuntu_touch": {20:20
mariogrip                "enabled": true,20:20
mariogrip                "base_url": "http://system-image.ubports.com"20:20
mariogrip            },20:20
mariogripis that how i add it to multiromgr?20:20
Tassadarand you need to add gpg keys to your recovery20:22
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mariogripTassadar: where can i find the source of the ported version of TWRP multirom to oneplus one?20:32
TassadarI dunno20:32
Tassadarshould be the same actualy20:32
BOHverkillfinally i found the solution :D20:38
dobeyindeed you cannot run android applications in ubuntu20:39
dobeyoh, that title is very misleading20:40
dobeyBOHverkill: glad you got it working :)20:41
LihisI get "fs_mgr: Error parsing mount_flags" in dmesg and "recovery: unhandled page fault (11)" when booting to recovery, here is recovery.log: http://pastebin.com/10wefDE620:50
LihisIs my fstab in wrong format? Fstab can be found here https://github.com/Lihis/TWRP_device_huawei_u8800pro/blob/master/recovery.fstab20:50
rpadovanioSoMoN, in the webbrowser bug tracker, should I assign myself bug I fix both for project and for package or only for the project?20:55
dobeyLihis: /sdcardvfat/dev/block/mmcblk1p1/dev/block/mmcblk1 flags=display="Micro SDcard";storage;wipeingui;removable definitely looks wrong21:01
dobeynotice the dev listed twice21:02
dobeymeh, paste killed the whitespace21:02
dobeybut not sure what you're doing exactly21:02
Lihisdobey: I'm trying to build recovery, currently I can access the adb shell but the stays off.21:03
oSoMoNrpadovani, usually for both, although there’s a bit of a mess there, at some point I’ll need to clarify that21:03
Lihisscreen stays off*21:03
rpadovanioSoMoN, oki doki, thanks21:04
AskUbuntuUbuntu Aquaris System Settings > Updates | http://askubuntu.com/q/60930721:10
brunch875^That also happened to me21:10
brunch875I thought it was because of poor connection21:10
mariogripTassadar: can i set alias on devices in the image server? (need A0001, bacon, A0001 One)21:16
Tassadarjust use the one that's in recovery, not sure why you would need any othe21:17
mariogrip"No updates found for this device" and i think that may be because the device name is A000121:18
mariogripand i set bacon as the device name on my image server21:18
Tassadarwell run "system-image-cli -vvvv" in ssh/adb shell21:18
Tassadarno use in just guessing21:18
mariogripTassadar:  is multiromgr using model number when i is quarrying my system-image server?21:22
Tassadarit's using the base board name21:22
Tassadar(the one that's first in the list)21:22
TassadarI think21:22
mariogripalso A000121:23
mariogripthen, i'm wondering if i can set alias on my system-image server21:24
mariogripfor devices21:24
mariogripsomethin like bacon,A000121:24
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BOHverkillmhhh my bq is not playing music :(  but that is something for tomorror21:44
mariogripTassadar: will install ubuntu touch work without gpg keys and without editing system-image-updater in my recovery?21:45
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Tassadareither you add your gpg keys or you disable the gpg check, you need to modify the updater for both21:46
pancakejust got the ubuntu phone (bq) in my hands, and bricked it trying to flash the devel img22:09
pancakewat du22:09
popeydefine "bricked"22:09
popeywhat exactly did you do?22:10
pancakei put it in fastboot mode, i run the ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=devel --bootstrap22:10
pancakeit flashes the recovery22:10
pancakebut never gets into it22:10
pancakewhy i typed this command or why i want ubuntu-devel ?22:10
popeyyes, why all of it :)22:10
pancakei missed many packages in the repos, also found several issues in the gui, and wanted tro try to devel branch22:11
pancakeerr .. channel22:11
pancakethe flasher says: "Failed to enter Recovery"22:14
popeyso you don't need --bootstrap22:14
popeyand devel is older than what you previously had22:14
popeyalso, we don't generally recommend using apt22:15
pancakei cant enter in recovery mode, in fact i cant boot the system now. so i can only use the --boostrap22:15
popeyhold power and volup22:15
pancakepopey: its just for some specific cmdline tools22:15
popeyfor ~10-15 seconds22:15
pancakepopey: this enters in fastboot mode22:16
pancakeif i press power+anybutton for long time i get the device rebooted all the time22:17
pancakeif i just press volup, i get into the menu that i can choose recovery, fastboot and normal22:17
popeyso when you run the ubuntu-device-flash command now, what happens?22:18
pancakewhen is now? which option should i choose?22:18
popeylet me get the command line22:18
pancakefastboot is the only option that works22:19
popeythe answer from john-mcaleely is accurate to flash it22:19
pancakewhich is the newest firmware i can flash here?22:22
pancakeyeah that recovery seems to work :)22:24
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pancakepopey: btw, the pkg i missed was 'git'22:54
pancakewhich repo should i add to get it? because i though it was in the same place as 'gcc'22:55
popeythe repo we use for the rtm bq image is a fork of 14.10 which has a restricted set of packages22:57
popeyyou could grab git from utopic22:57
pancakehow to do that?22:58
pancakei mean.. the url of that utopic/arm repo22:59
pancakei know how to dpkg -i22:59
pancakeadd-apt-repository -y ppa:???23:00
popeyyou could modify your /etc/apt/sources.list and make it utopic then apt-get install the packages you want then put them back23:01
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Elleokenvandine: it's not something I'd run into before, but it sounds reasonable to me that it should only be able to get collected from the destination23:31
pancakeyeah works :)23:42

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