thafreakdzho: sorry...i didn't see your mention the other day :)01:52
thafreakI should configure my irssi better01:53
Unit193No notify-remote?  hilightwin?02:31
thafreakany of you fine folks play with any ubiquiti hardware?13:45
thafreakI'm considering buying one of their edge switches13:46
jrgiffordthafreak: I love their router14:48
jrgiffordand i love their switches14:49
jrgiffordand i love their access points14:49
jrgiffordthis is the gateway drug to UBNT: https://www.ubnt.com/airmax/nanostationm/14:49
jenni[ Ubiquiti Networks - NanoStation®M ] - https://j.mp/1aZKXRb14:49
jrgiffordi have 2 of these @ work: https://www.ubnt.com/accessories/toughswitch/14:50
jenni[ Ubiquiti Networks - TOUGHSwitch™ ] - https://j.mp/1aZKZIE14:50
jrgiffordand one of these: https://www.ubnt.com/edgemax/edgerouter-pro/14:51
jenni[ Ubiquiti Networks - EdgeRouter™ PRO ] - https://j.mp/1aZL7Ig14:51
jrgiffordand the pro variant of these: https://www.ubnt.com/unifi/unifi-ap/14:51
jenni[ Ubiquiti Networks - UniFi® AP ] - https://j.mp/1aZLbrt14:51
jrgiffordthafreak: long story short, they build great stuff.14:52
jrgiffordneeds to get sued over the GPL though14:52
Unit193Soo, yes you use a lot. :D14:52
jrgiffordand https://www.ubnt.com/unifi-voip/uvp/ is on backorder at my normal supplier, but i'm waiting for one of these.14:52
thafreaktheir phone?14:59
thafreakDo you know anything about their phones actually?15:00
thafreakAre they vanilla sip and you just use them with your pbx, or do they have their own pbx?15:00
jrgiffordI don't know15:00
thafreakah ok15:00
jrgiffordI'm getting one for 2 reasons:15:00
jrgifford1. i don't like my samsung desk phone.15:00
thafreakI'm interested to know when you get one15:00
jrgifford2. I want to tinker with one.15:01
thafreakI buy one of each thing alot for experimenting15:01
thafreakwrite it off as R&D costs :)15:01
thafreakI have a used (from ebay) hp switch and a cheap dumb gigabit switch, and I think both are starting to flake a bit15:02
thafreakso I was going to replace them with the edge switch 24 port15:02
jrgiffordlet me put it this way: If you don't mind their GPL infractions, getting the UBNT stuff is a good move.15:02
thafreaksince all the other decent brands (HP, even Dell) all seem to cost > $300 for their entry level web managed switches15:03
jenni[ Four ways Ubiquiti Networks is creatively violating the GPL ] - https://j.mp/1JH1YuB15:03
thafreaki seem to remember seeing they were using vyatta for there edge routers15:04
jrgiffordit's a fork, yeah15:04
thafreakthat sucks...wish they were better citizens15:07
jrgiffordYeah... i didn't know about that until after we had already bought all their stuff.15:07
jrgiffordwhich is why i recommend their hardware. not their ethics.15:08
jrgiffordthe SEC got 'em for some shady stuff back when they first started trading.15:08
jrgiffordHas anyone here seen ec2/virtual instances get corrupt partitions more often than their physical counterparts?15:34
jrgiffordOurs all get corrupted after 10-15 days of uptime.15:35

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