bwmakerSo our Monday chat was 5 lines. What's Tuesday going to be like?13:41
Unit193Shorter!  But less prone to headaches.13:42
bwmakerI hope so. So this is 3 lines. :)14:22
xTEMPLARxFour lines now.  Boo-YAH.16:03
bwmaker 17:10
Unit193bwmaker: You ruined it!17:10
Unit193Well, now at least I get to say I made French Roast coffee.17:14
bwmakerNice. Did you also use a French press?17:15
Unit193Yes I did.17:15
xTEMPLARxFrench press is one of my favorite ways to make coffee17:26
xTEMPLARxbetween pourovers, aeropress, drip and french press, we have quite a few ways to make coffee at our house.  Great thing is, a coffee that may taste awful in one method may be the bees knees in another17:27
xTEMPLARxhad some starbucks guatemala antigua coffee recently that was awful in drip and aeropress, but french press really did it justice17:27
bwmakerWow, going to have to go get my bowtie for this conversation. :)17:34
Unit193I only use French Press.17:35
bwmakerI don't feel quite classy enough. :D17:35
Unit193We have drip, but... :P17:35
bwmakerI broke my French press Friday. :(17:35
bwmakerYeah, at least my coffee was done. I'll get a new one this weekend since we have pretty good coffee at work.17:38
bwmakerSpeaking of, just got a fresh cup.17:45
xTEMPLARxi'm thinking about brewing a pot17:47
xTEMPLARxI have a pourover cone here at work, but my grinder here is all but dead17:47
bwmakerGo get 2 stones, caveman style. :)18:11
xTEMPLARxbwmaker :D18:11
Unit193Annnnnd, decided to make more coffee, baaaad idea. >_<20:24
bwmaker3PM's my cut off, but I just grabbed a Coke.20:45
bwmakerProbably not my best decision today.20:45
xTEMPLARxyou'll never sleep now20:47
bwmakerProbably won't20:48
Unit193Byebye. :(23:44

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