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furkanis there any reason why i shouldn't be able to build Mesa from git on Ubuntu 14.04? i narrowed down my bug to between Mesa 10.1.3 and 10.3.207:38
furkanand i'm using the instructions from here to build Mesa from git: http://wiki.x.org/wiki/radeonBuildHowTo/07:39
furkanit builds fine and i'm able to install it to /opt/xorg and point my LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH environment variable to it07:39
furkanbut then when i try to log in, unity fails to launch and i just get kicked back to the lightdm greeter07:40
furkani couldn't really find anything useful in the logs that i looked at07:40
furkani thought maybe i need to apply the ubuntu patches, but i'm not sure how to go about doing that07:41
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tjaaltonshouldn't need anything special11:24
furkanbased on that guide, i did "./autogen.sh --prefix=/opt/xorg --with-dri-drivers="radeon" --with-gallium-drivers="radeonsi,swrast" --with-dri-driverdir=/opt/xorg/lib/dri/"16:22
furkanand then make, followed by make install16:23
furkanand when i try "ldconfig -p | grep libGL.so" the libraries from /opt/xorg show up first16:23
furkanbut when i try glxinfo i get "glxinfo: symbol lookup error: /opt/xorg/lib/libGL.so.1: undefined symbol: __glX_tls_Context"16:24
furkani also tried adding --enable-glx-tls to the autogen script, but no difference16:24
furkangoogling the error gives me 2 results from #dri-devel IRC logs lol16:26
tjaaltonldd /opt/xorg/lib/libGL.so.116:53
tjaaltonxorg log too16:55
furkantjaalton: here's the first http://pastebin.com/hMvbyz1417:05
furkanand the second: http://pastebin.com/2jDmFhTk17:06
furkani get the same __glX_tls_Context error in the xorg log17:06
tjaalton--enable-glx-tls for mesa17:24
tjaaltonsince the xserver is built with it17:27
furkantjaalton: yeah, i included that, you mean with autogen.sh right?17:33
furkan(mentioned above)17:33
tjaaltonoh, I see17:35
tjaaltonforgot to run make install perhaps17:39
furkancan't be, i ran that too, and i can verify that it copies everything into /opt/xorg17:39
furkanyeah i just tried it again to make sure it was putting everything in the right place, it's all going straight in /opt/xorg17:42
furkanis it possible that ubuntu just ignores those?17:42
furkanand the configuration in that guide is still up to date?17:44
furkani created the file /etc/ld.so.conf.d/a-local-xorg.conf17:44
furkanput "/opt/xorg/lib" in it, and ran ldconfig17:44
furkanand setting the LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH=/opt/xorg/lib/dri/ environment variable17:45
furkanbut if i'm understanding right, that part may be unnecessary if using the --enable-glx-tls flag17:46
furkan"Problem with this configuration is that AIGLX doesn't respect it. This means that compiz doesn't get advantage of new driver.17:46
furkanIt is possible to get the new libGL and dri drivers used without setting LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH:"17:46
tjaaltonyou probably need to remove /etc/ld.so.conf.d/x86_64-linux-gnu_GL.conf17:59
tjaaltonor at least try with that elsewhere17:59
furkantjaalton: i'll give that a shot18:05
furkani've got it narrowed down to between 10.2 and 10.3.2 now18:05
furkansince i just noticed Maarten had a 10.2 build in trusty-proposed18:06
furkantjaalton: i think that fixed it dude...18:22
furkanglxinfo doesn't throw the error anymore18:22
* furkan tries restarting X18:22
furkanthis is so weird18:26
furkanwhen i put that file in ld.so.conf.d, X starts in low graphics mode18:27
furkani removed it, but left the LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH environment variable intact18:27
furkannow it runs fine18:27
furkanfurkan@furkan-trusty:~$ LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo 2>&1 >/dev/null | grep so$18:28
furkanlibGL: OpenDriver: trying /opt/xorg/lib/dri//tls/radeonsi_dri.so18:28
furkanlibGL: OpenDriver: trying /opt/xorg/lib/dri//radeonsi_dri.so18:28
furkanthat double-slash looks weird18:28
furkanbut i also get "OpenGL ES profile version string: OpenGL ES 2.0 Mesa 10.2.1 (git-1b69ea1)"18:28
furkanwhich is what i just built18:28
furkantjaalton: i think i found the bad commit20:42
furkan"4a5519f1e019dbf1103e4f3abe0a695637a87518 is the first bad commit"20:42
furkanr600g,radeonsi: set correct initial domain for shared resources20:42
furkani've got a but report filed @ freedesktop and was asked to do the bisect, so we'll see if it gets fixed20:44

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