barrydkMore almal04:37
Kilosmorning all05:23
Kilosgood evening tumbleweed  all good there?05:24
Kiloshi Tonberry  05:29
Kiloshi pieter2627  05:57
pieter2627morning Kilos05:59
plustwogood morning everyone06:17
inetprogood mornings06:44
inetprooh and hi plustwo as well06:44
Jacques_StryMorning all06:48
superflymorning everyone06:50
* Jacques_Stry waves06:50
Jacques_StrySorry for being away so long - was on vacation on a game farm(no signal)06:57
superflynice !06:59
Jacques_StryWas nice - except being offline for 2 weeks >.<07:01
Kiloshmm... loadshedding done for the day hopefully08:29
Jacques_Stryhaha i'm probably going off in 30 min08:29
Kiloshi Jacques_Stry  08:30
Kiloswhat a pain08:30
Jacques_StryHi Kilos :)08:30
Jacques_Stry2 Days till 15.04 Release Candidate08:34
Kilosim very tempted to try it08:34
* pieter2627 wonders how many will try it08:35
Kilosthe main things are systemd and mir right?08:35
Kilosmaybe ill go kde and see what plasma5 is like08:35
Jacques_StryI'm especially cautious of MIR08:35
Kilosis kde also going to be using it?08:36
Jacques_StryDon't think so08:36
Kilosoh isnt the x thing flavour wide08:36
Jacques_StryLast time i heard Kubuntu was still wondering whether to go wayland or mir08:40
Kilosim trying to think what you havent done Jacques_Stry  with you unanounced holiday08:41
Jacques_StryYea it was a bit of a impulsive decision08:42
Kilosoh you guys blog is at08:42
KilosMaaz  padroni.blog08:42
Kilosits more like a help thing08:43
Kilossome cool advice there08:43
Jacques_StryYea I still have a few things I have to add08:43
Kiloshas inetpro  said anything today?08:44
Jacques_StryNot that I know of08:44
inetproKilos: yes08:45
Kiloswe are lucky at night an old hand, hibana, watches him at night08:45
Kilosohi inetpro  koud in die oggend ne08:45
Kilosinetpro  did you go see the conversation of last night on locoteams08:46
Kilosfrom about 20.3108:49
inetproKilos: ai!08:50
inetproyou'll get yourself in trouble very quickly08:50
Kilosnono we will do it legally08:51
inetprojust be patient and the the fly handle it08:51
Kilosive applied08:51
inetprolet the fly*08:51
inetprojaja, and what exactly did you fill in... don't just do that... first discuss!08:51
Kilosok let me try find that thing again08:52
inetprotoo late now08:52
Kiloswell we dont need a domain name right?08:52
inetproyou see, there we go again08:53
inetproMaaz: assumption08:53
MaazAn assumption is a proposition that is taken for granted, as if it were true based upon presupposition without preponderance of the facts, but when made by intelligent people is often proven to be true.08:53
Kilosso i asked for permision to use the buntu logo on a site08:53
Kilosoh do we?08:53
Kilosoh my08:54
Kiloswell DalekSec  is here so he can advise what they say08:54
Kiloshi DalekSec  08:54
Kilosoi its 4 am there08:55
Kiloslol inetpro  i couldnt first discuss, you went to bed08:57
inetproKilos: no, you must learn to find that pause button of yours08:57
* Kilos looks08:58
Kilosoh thats the broken one08:58
inetprofix it, because I know you have one08:58
inetproyou've often used it even08:59
inetproKilos: you press your pause button and an automatic message comes up as follows, "thanks $who, I will discuss with our team and get back to you asap"09:03
inetpronow please go fix your remote :-)09:04
Kilosok will do09:04
Kiloshi SDCDev  09:17
SDCDevhey Kilos09:19
Kiloshi dan09:21
Kilosdanfowler  09:21
KilosMaaz  hmm...10:04
Maazhmm... is often used to try make others believe one is actually thinking10:04
Jacques_StryGood thing Maaz doesn't use urban dictionary10:05
=== inetpro_ is now known as inetpro
Kiloswb inetpro  and other hoppers10:15
Jacques_Stryirc giving prob's?11:26
inetproty Kilos11:26
inetpronetsplits messing us around11:27
Kilosmaybe i must go back to drive repairs and data recovery11:28
inetprothe bad peeps having fun again11:28
Kilosyeah looks like11:28
inetprowhere is padroni when we need him?11:28
Kiloshe has gone for a job interview today11:29
=== DalekSec_ is now known as DalekSec
Kilosactuallinetthats a good idea, rmember to ask him if he can trace and stop that kinda bad peeps11:40
Kiloswill be trickt i think, dont they use other peeps pcs to cause the prob11:42
Kilosoh my now spcae bar playing up11:42
Kilosbetter to blame it on the keyboard than clumsy fingers i think11:44
Kiloshi nlsthzn  wb11:46
Kilosblame it on looking after the new baby11:46
nlsthzno/ uncle Kilos 11:46
nlsthznoh that is a big part of it :p11:46
Kilosyou well lad?11:46
Kilosand the family?11:47
nlsthznfine thanks, how are things with you and yours over there in sunny ZA-land (and obviously abroad ;))11:49
Kiloswe all seem fine ty . note seem11:50
Kilosim in trouble again as usual11:52
Kilossaid something i shouldnt have or ommited something i shouldnt have or didnt do what i should have11:53
nlsthznI guess it happens... hope it resolves itself quickly11:54
Kiloswell i suppose thats up to the pro11:55
Kiloswith every mood swing im in a different place11:55
Kilosand ill be in trouble because i didnt give you work to do11:57
Kilosetc etc11:57
* Kilos hides12:00
Kilosjust joking man12:02
Kilospro must be working for a change12:02
Kiloswhy am i getting lots of there when updating12:04
KilosW: Failed to fetch http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-security/universe/binary-i386/Packages  403  Forbidden [IP: 80]12:04
KilosSymmetri1  what have you broken12:04
Jacques_Stryhave had that allot lately too Kilos12:08
Jacques_Strychange your source mirror to saix12:08
Kilosi just swopped to the neology mirror and update ran fine12:09
Kilosneology is fast12:09
Jacques_Stryi'll try that12:09
Kilosand last i checked it was the first mirror to be updated12:10
KilosSymmetri1  is loafing on the job again12:11
Kilossomeone here works there but i forget who12:12
Kilosoi system restart needed12:16
Kilos14.04 kde has been so good to me12:19
KilosJacques_Stry  do you get the ubuntu weekly newsletter12:24
Jacques_StryWhere can I sign up?12:25
Kilosmaybe there is a link there to sign up12:26
Jacques_StryThere is12:26
Jacques_StryMarked 18.12:26
Kilosi get it in the mail but dont remember how i did that12:27
Kilosoh Jacques_Stry  i just remembered12:39
Kiloswilliam is running some thing to get books for schools12:40
Kilosare you on our mailing list12:40
Jacques_StryDon't think so - I should sub12:40
Kilosgo to our site and joing from there12:41
Kilosok ill mail the list and see if wwk can update on whats happening12:42
Kilosyou should get your first mail there shortly12:46
Kiloswat nou?12:53
inetproKilos: you should catch that barry dude before he goes and tie him to a pole12:54
Kiloslol why?12:54
inetproJacques_Stry: check the archives at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-za/2015-April/thread.html12:54
Kilosthey knock off at this time12:54
inetproKilos: he's way to slippery12:55
inetprocomes and goes without saying much12:55
Kilosno man hes is here early and knocks off now12:55
Kilosif i dont greet he does12:55
Kilossame as most peeps here12:55
Kiloshe doesnt 12:55
inetproKilos: relax!!12:56
* inetpro is not even upset with you 12:56
* Kilos relaxes12:56
Kilosoh wow its gonna rain12:56
inetproyou see, you keep making the wrong assumptions12:58
Jacques_StryThese email lists confuse the hell out of me...12:58
Kilosyaya but i have an excuse, whats yours12:58
Kilosour list is cool Jacques_Stry  12:59
Kilosno spam unless from me12:59
Jacques_Stryhaha, I just can't get used to the formatting - doesn't feel like conversations flow13:00
inetproJacques_Stry: I agree Jacques_Stry, thanks!13:00
Kiloswhy do you think i prefer irc13:00
inetprothat's because some peeps continue to ignore our calls about top posting etc13:00
* inetpro still prefers a default setting of text only emails13:01
Kilossome top post and others bottom post. i just delete as much as possible now from old posts and bottom post13:02
Kilosif i dont delee most of the stuff , fly fights me13:07
Kiloswbb, just wanna test sisters sim13:08
arnaudmez_hello guys13:12
arnaudmez_hello Kilos13:12
Kiloshi arnaudmez_  13:12
Kiloswhats broken arnaudmez_  13:13
arnaudmez_wish I could break something today13:14
Kiloslol no man13:14
Kilosyou have lots of work13:14
Kilosthis visiting once a month or less is very sad13:15
Kilosyou need to get members on #ubuntu-africa13:15
Kilosor linux users anyway so i can convert them to ubuntu13:16
Kilosoh my that frightened him13:18
Jacques_Strybrb going home13:24
Kilosoi join/part same time13:39
Kilosek sukkel darem13:40
Kiloshi georgelappies  13:42
georgelappieshi Kilos, how are you?13:47
Kilosgood ty and you?13:47
georgelappiesgood thanks13:47
Kiloshi kulelu88  13:54
kulelu88do you guys know how to setup internal 3G on a laptop where you insert the sim card in it?13:54
Kiloson ubuntu?14:01
Kilosplay in network manager setup it should see it14:02
Kilosaw i missed mage15:02
Kilosnou gaan julle sukkel16:06
pieter2627evening all16:07
Kiloshi pieter2627  16:07
SquirmLoad Shedding Stage 3B16:13
SquirmThe joy...16:13
Kiloseish i already had over 2 hours this morning16:14
georgelappiesyeah load sheddding stage 3 till 22:0016:34
georgelappiesthen it is stage 2 till 06:0016:34
Kiloshi kulelu88  did you win?16:36
kulelu88still trying to figure it out16:37
Kilosdoesnt network manager see it?16:37
Kilosmaybe a driver needed16:37
kulelu88yeah I'm thinking a driver is needed16:38
Kilosyou on unity?16:38
Kilosi dont know if additional drivers looks there too16:38
kulelu88i'm on xfce16:39
Kilosdoes that not have the additional drivers function16:40
kulelu88you mean the option?16:40
kulelu88it's there16:40
Kiloswhat does that say16:41
kulelu88it doesn't specify an internal 3G driver16:42
Kilosoh my16:42
Kilossomeone will know16:43
Kilosmight be the lappy manufacturer settings16:44
Kilosmaybe in bios16:44
kulelu88oh ja. crap, I'll need to fix it before tomorrow. loadshitting at 416:58
superflyI think we're safe for the night18:35
Kilosfrom loadshedding?18:36
Kiloshi qwebirc57646  19:25
Kilosqwebirc57646  19:25
Kilosguys can someone guide qwebirc57646  here please19:26
Kiloshe has an internal bluetooth19:26
Kilosand it doesnt light up when turned on19:27
qwebirc57646Im the guy looking for Help and Kilos is trying to help me . Await assistance. 19:27
Kilosqwebirc57646  ping19:27
Kilosqwebirc57646  just be patient the guys are busy19:28
qwebirc57646yea sure I can wait 19:28
Kilosqwebirc57646  is from finland guys19:28
Kiloselacheche  you here?19:32
kulelu88does anybody know how to unlock a 3G modem from a network?19:33
Kiloswhew kulelu88  very quiet here tonightr19:36
kulelu88I figured19:37
kulelu88now I need to buy a 3G modem or get a tablet and use it on wifi mode19:37
Kiloswhat do you see in bios19:39
Kilosisnt there some setting to enable wireless and other stuff19:40
kulelu88I checked19:40
kulelu88nothing in there about it19:40
kulelu88I'll try their forums19:41
Kilosthe manufacturers19:41
Kilosmust be a simple setting19:41
Kilosbecause 3g is quite common in network manager19:42
kulelu88it can find a dongle easy19:42
Kilosopen nm and look 19:42
kulelu88but internal 3G I don't know19:42
kulelu88most folks have used the files from the windows driver19:42
Kiloseven more whew19:42
kulelu88I'm beginning to wonder if this machine has the WWAN card 19:42
kulelu88bloody phoned the seller and they say it does support it19:43
Kilosubuntu is good with hardware 19:43
kulelu88this is balls. I need this cause those numbnuts at shitkom cant supply power19:43
MaNIhave you figured out what chipset it is? thats usually a good starting point - try lspci or lshw commands and see what comes up19:48
KilosMaNI  can i hit you with this bluetooth prob as well please?19:52
Kilosi know nothing about internal bluetooth19:52
MaNIdon't have much bluetooth on linux experience, but my above comment stands, figuring out the chipset is the best starting point19:53
kulelu88I think the powercuts have messed my modem up also19:54
kulelu88can anyone access pastee.org?19:55
Kilosya im in19:55
kulelu88i'm getting lagged19:55
Kilospastee is slower than slexy.org though19:57
Kilosand http://bin.snyman.info is even faster19:57
kulelu88https guarantees better security19:58
kulelu88but anyways19:58
kulelu88MaNI: Here is the output: http://slexy.org/view/s2vl890iUT19:59
kulelu88it doesn't look like an internal card reader exists20:00
KilosMaaz  time in finland20:00
MaazKilos: It is 2015-04-14 23:00:56 EEST20:00
Kilosah an hour ahead of us20:01
kulelu88whos in Finland?20:01
Kilosthat qwerbirc guy20:02
kulelu88he left20:02
Kilosi get caught up all over the world20:02
Kilosya he is tired so will come back tomorrow20:03
Kilosnew to ubuntu as well20:03
Kilosand new to irc20:04
MaNIkulelu88, yeah I only see SD card reader and wireless card there20:04
Kilosinetpro  you asleep already?20:05
Kilosai! he is really getting old20:05
kulelu88MaNI: I don't know if lshw provides more info though. it looks like something is there20:06
MaNIlshw is much more comprehensive usually20:06
kulelu88Let me show you the relevant output for it20:07
inetproKilos: yes 20:09
inetprooh I mean... 20:09
Kilossleep tight old man20:09
Kilosoh you mean you old20:09
Kilosor you mean no you not asleep20:10
kulelu88MaNI: http://slexy.org/view/s208xK0Y5M20:10
MaNIhrm I still just see wireless/SD card reader/ethernet/audio there20:14
MaNI"RTS5229 PCI Express Card Reader" - thats the SD card reader20:14
kulelu88I have a few slots here and there on this machine20:15
inetprosorry, just had to read the backlogs 20:15
kulelu88I'm wondering if 1 of them allows me to use a simcard somewhere20:15
inetpronow am awake again 20:16
Kilossorry inetpro  20:16
inetprofor a few minutes 20:16
Kilosgo sleep sir20:16
Kiloscheck pm inetpro  20:16
MaNIkulelu88, try lsusb as well20:18
MaNIand see if you can figure out the function key combo to turn it on/off (fn _ on some laptops) 20:19
MaNIwhat laptop brand?20:20
inetprogood night everyone 20:28
Kilosnight inetpro  20:28
Kilossleep tight20:28
MaNIideally if you are lucky you should see something like: Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0bdb:1904 Ericsson Business Mobile Networks BV F3607gw Mobile Broadband Module20:32
MaNIafter toggling it on with right key combo (and assuming it isn't turned off by some buried away BIOS setting)20:33
MaNIanyway I'm off good luck20:33
Kilosnight MaNI  20:33
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:34
kulelu88take care MaNI . if you are still here I can check quickly20:46
kulelu88yeah there's nothing there sadly 20:47
kulelu88thanks MaNI 20:47

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