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EriC^^limpc: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done00:01
EriC^^and sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi00:01
limpcerror with the last one00:02
limpcmount point doesnt exist00:02
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EriC^^type sudo mkdir /mnt/boot/efi00:03
EriC^^and ls -l /sys/firmware/efi00:03
limpcsays file exists00:03
EriC^^try to mount it again00:03
limpci mean when i tried the mkdir00:04
limpcit errored saying the file existed00:04
EriC^^are you sure there's no typo in the sudo mount command?00:04
limpcguess there was. i typed it all out again and it worked.00:05
EriC^^type sudo chroot /mnt00:05
limpck. then grub-insall /dev/sda?00:05
MannyLNJHello. I have a problem. I have ubuntu on a lapptop with a cracked screen. there is a printer connectted to it. The laptop is shared on a windows network. It accepts pring jobs but nothing ever comes out of the printer. I need helop diagnosing the cause and resolviong them problem.00:06
EriC^^limpc: try dpkg -l | grep gparted00:06
limpcEriC^^, its listed.00:06
EriC^^ok, at the end of the installation the installer is supposed to remove it00:07
EriC^^so i guess grub isn't the last thing that happens00:07
limpcso what, im screwed?00:08
EriC^^limpc: anyways type apt-get install grub-efi-amd64-signed00:08
EriC^^and see what happens00:08
limpcit installed00:08
EriC^^no errors?00:08
EriC^^well you could either remove the extra packages and hope after grub all it does is remove the extra packages00:09
limpcso obviously its not a disk problem00:09
limpci dont have to run grub-install, update-grub?00:10
EriC^^or try to get grub to install elsewhere or something, like install in legacy mode and then convert it etc.00:10
EriC^^limpc: nah it should do that i think00:10
EriC^^you can try update-grub if you want00:10
steelevenhi ! my english is bad for moment. sorry. good morning. and i happy because killed windows 8 forubuntu :)00:10
limpcrebooting the machine. fingers crossed00:11
twilerHey EriCD!00:11
EriC^^hey twiler00:11
twilerOops., EriC!00:11
twilerHey there, dude!00:11
limpcw00t. looks like it worked!00:11
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limpcso whats the problem? broken installer??00:12
EriC^^limpc: i dunno00:12
limpcman that was frustrating00:12
twilerI'm so sorry about earlier, dude!00:12
limpcthanks so much for your help, EriC^^00:12
EriC^^twiler: for what dude00:12
EriC^^limpc: no problem00:13
twiler@EriC cause I told you I'd be back in 20 minutes, and then I didnt' show up for another hour and a half.00:13
EriC^^limpc: if you want i could diff the manifest and installer log to get the extra packages if you want to remove them00:13
EriC^^it's up to you00:14
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twilerI just try to do what I say I'm gonna do today, ya know?00:14
limpcEriC^^, yea ill do that later. running the updates, need to set this up and im so behind in work ugh.00:20
mudtarI'm having problems with networking on an Ubuntu 14.04 install on my Lenovo IdeaPad Z710 (LENOVO_MT_20250). During booting, the kernel buffer reads "ideapad_laptop: timeout in write_ec_cmd", and the boot screen waits for a while for networking configuration. Upon booting, networking is unavailable, but about 5 minutes later it becomes available. Here is my dmesg output: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=v5UGHBmi ; crucial  points at about00:21
mudtar 27 seconds and 330 seconds.00:21
pavlosEriC^^, if you don't mind, how do you diff the manifest and installer log?00:22
skcin7I have a file called "dain.odt" on my computer. How come when I type "locate dain.odt" in Terminal, nothing shows up?00:24
skcin7Of course I update my db by typing "sudo updatedb" before doing this.00:24
skcin7How come the "location" program isn't finding this file?00:24
daftykinsyou should learn 'find' instead00:24
skcin7Is "locate" faulty?00:25
daftykinsfind /path -name "dain.odt"00:25
millertiI have two machines, both of which should be syncing to NTP, but they're a few minutes off from each other.  Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?00:25
millertiActually both are wrong, so NTP is broken on both.00:26
abc_haroldmillerti: Have you tried manually syncing the time on each?00:26
daftykinsdate -s hh:mm00:26
millertiabc_harold:  No, but I think I'd like to try got figure out why they're not just correct.00:26
millertiholy crap.  ntp isn't even installed.  It's like it got wiped out when I upgraded.00:27
abc_haroldmillerti: It may just be drift, computers do that over time, especially if the CMOS battery is dying00:27
mudtarskcin7, I realize this doesn't answer your original question, but here's info about locate vs find: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/60205/locate-vs-find-usage-pros-and-cons-of-each-other00:27
pid1millerti, You might have tried this already, but have you verified that the NTP servers are up and responding, and that ufw is allowing the traffic?00:27
abc_haroldmillerti: Try installing ntpdate and using it to sync the time00:27
millertiI think I know what's going on.  Ubuntu only syncs at boot time using ntpdate, and these systems haven't been rebooted in ages.00:28
twilerSo, EriC, you got time to walk me through my openbazaar issue?00:28
mudtarskcin7, my first thought is that perhaps the file you're looking for isn't being added to the locate database when you update it. I'm not really sure how locate generates its database, but maybe it's in a blacklisted or non-whitelisted directory?00:28
somsipmillerti: IIRC there is a difference between ntpd (which creeps towards the correct time) and ntpdate (which sets it once)00:28
abc_haroldmillerti: That might be it. You can force an update with ntpdate if you don't want to reboot.00:29
skcin7It's in my home directory /home/skcin700:29
millertisomsip:  Well, I'd like them to generally stay correct.00:29
somsipmillerti: crrep towards the corrext time with ntpd and accept it will take some time before they are both in sync. Could be very wrong on this, but sure I read it somewhere00:29
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)00:29
mudtarskcin7, do you get any errors when you type "sudo updatedb"?00:29
millertisomsip:  You're right about that.00:30
skcin7mudtar, no I do not00:30
EriC^^twiler: yeah sure00:30
EriC^^twiler: type dpkg -l | grep -i bazaar00:30
somsipmillerti: drift is the correct term, not creep :) But those links in the factoid might point you in the right direction00:30
ArgentWarriorHi guys00:31
ArgentWarriorAny reason the vmware modules won't build right against 4.0?00:31
mudtarskcin7, Take a look in /etc/updatedb.conf and make sure that your home directory or any of its parent directories aren't included in PRUNEPATHS00:31
millertiHuh.  Now that ntpd is running, I get an error when I run ntpdate.00:31
abc_haroldmillerti: You must stop ntpd first00:32
twilerok, I typed that00:32
EriC^^pavlos: the installer log is in /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz , and the manifest is in releases.ubuntu.com i think00:32
twiler Nothing happens.00:32
abc_haroldmillerti: Two programs updating the time at once isn't normally great. xD00:32
pavlosEriC^^, good .. thx00:32
millertiThanks for the help, everyone.00:34
millertiAlso, I found this:  https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/NTP.html00:34
millertiOut of date but good enough.00:34
abc_haroldmillerti: Glad we could be of help :)00:36
ArgentWarriorWhy does this happen?00:37
EriC^^pavlos: so wget http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-amd64.manifest and then diff <( awk '{print$1}' ubuntu....manifest) <(gzip -dc /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz | sed -n 's/^Package: //p' | sort -u)00:37
pid1ArgentWarrior, What does /tmp/vmware-root/vmware-*.log say?00:38
pid1The output indicates that is something concerning the vbox's network configs. Your logfiles should give you enough details to debug it00:39
ArgentWarriorCould vbox be conflicting with workstation somehow?00:39
EriC^^twiler: did it return anything?00:40
newbnewbEricC are you still here?00:40
EriC^^pavlos: i think comm should be used instead of diff00:40
EriC^^so it finds the packages that are there but not in the other00:41
newbnewbI decided to download VLC so I coulc watch a movie before bed...and halfway through the download the Sotware Center shut down and now won't load again just like before00:41
newbnewbso even though people are telling me things don't just "stop working" it did00:41
ArgentWarriorThis is vmware's log00:41
newbnewbso I think its time to try a new iso yeah? How do I make sure I am getting a good one? I downloaded this one right from Ubuntu00:42
EriC^^pavlos: comm -23 bla bla00:42
twilerHey EriC, no it didn't but, I figured out why I couldn't get it to start!00:42
EriC^^twiler: why?00:43
twilerNow, if I could just figure out how to actually LOAD A MERCHANT list, I'd be in business!00:43
daftykinsnewbnewb: did you even check your hard disks condition first?00:43
twilerI wasn't in the OpenBazaar directory.. :: stupid me! ::00:43
newbnewbno but they had no issues with a Mint Install....how do I check them from Ubuntu?00:44
daftykinswe don't talk about Mint ;)00:44
twilerHi, dafty!00:44
daftykinsnewbnewb: "sudo apt-get install smartmontools pastebinit" then "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit"00:44
newbnewbwhat will that do?00:45
twilerdaftykins hi!!!!00:45
MannyLNJI thought I updated my ubuntu system but when I ssh in it tells me I have the same amount of updates. Any ideas?00:45
ArgentWarriorUbuntu > Mint because Compiz > Muffin00:45
newbnewbReading package lists... Error! E: Read error - read (5: Input/output error) E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.00:46
newbnewbouput is same error I was getting before EricC fixed it....but it suddenly stopped working again00:46
EriC^^newbnewb: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* again00:46
EriC^^that's pretty odd it keeps getting messed up00:47
newbnewbyeah...since its so weird should I just start over?00:47
daftykinsi think either your install media is busted, or your hardware isn't stable00:47
newbnewbok how do I ensure I get a good iso? Is DL direct from Ubuntu ok?00:47
ArgentWarriorCheck the md500:47
newbnewbits how I did it this time00:47
twilerMaaannnn.. I guess no one around here says A00:48
daftykinsthey don't when they don't know who you are00:48
daftykins!ot | twiler00:48
ubottutwiler: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:48
newbnewbdaftykins media you mean USB boot drive?00:48
daftykinsyes the installation medium00:48
newbnewbok so first step where is best place to get new iso00:49
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newbnewbjust to rule that out00:49
newbnewbthanks....and how to check USB drive to make sure its not the problem?00:49
newbnewbformat it?00:49
ArgentWarriorIf you've abused that usb drive (by dd'ing to it a few too many times) it likely won't be bootable. Try a blank dvd or another usb disk if you can00:49
newbnewb ok00:50
Guest22523Can someone help me find my touch pad drivers for my laptop so I can disable my touchpad mouse clicking?00:50
daftykinsdd zero fill it maybe00:50
newbnewbive not used it as a bootable before....but who knows00:50
newbnewbi dont know what DD'ing means also sorry00:50
ArgentWarriordd if=/dev/zero bs=4096 count=your_drive's_size of=/dev/sdX00:51
patrick__Hello.  I've recently installed Lubuntu 14.10 and am trying to use wine to play Heroes of Might and Magic 3.  The installer runs successfully but the game itself crashes at the start.  Any suggestions?00:51
ArgentWarriorBeen a while since I used dd for that00:51
newbnewbargent if thats to me I have no idea what you are tellling me00:51
newbnewbim like kindergarten level here00:51
daftykinsnewbnewb: with a Linux OS, 'dd' is an image writing / creating app00:52
ArgentWarriorgotta start from somewhere00:52
daftykinsso you can e.g. use dd to throw a .ISO onto a flash drive00:52
newbnewbthe drive used hasnt been used a lot00:52
newbnewbbut I will try a DVD00:52
daftykinsi wouldn't bother if i were you, DVD is horribly slow and nasty to boot a live session from00:52
daftykinssometimes it won't even work00:52
newbnewbso just get a new iso and remake the bootable drive?00:53
ArgentWarriorBut if his flash drive is borked it may be the only option00:53
mulgaanyone give me a hand at fixing this please? When run update it fails due to lack of 'free space' because its looking at install in /boot instead of /root dir.  Ub 14.04l laptop install - I suspect when i performed a fresh install, EUFI (which was all new to me at the time) loader bullshit  is where i where i went wrong?  gparted prntscrn of partition table here > http://imgur.com/rmC38pT  - any help much appreciated00:53
daftykinsnewbnewb: do you have another computer or an OS other than this ubuntu with the problem?00:53
daftykinsArgentWarrior: pretty low chance of that imo00:53
newbnewbother laptop is osx....all fine00:53
daftykinsnewbnewb: well you can download ubuntu to that and make up the flash drive there too00:54
newbnewbthis one had Mint 13 but I didnt like it so I tried ubuntu00:54
daftykinsup to you00:54
newbnewbI tried that first time and it didnt work00:54
deadmundnewbnewb: Mint 13 is outdated.  They're on version 17 now.00:54
newbnewbso I made it inside mint and then installed unbuntu00:54
deadmundI think 18 will come out soon after Ubuntu 15.0400:54
newbnewbit all seemed fine at first....then just like now software center died00:55
newbnewbi just want to get functioning ubuntu on here00:55
daftykinsi'd probably memtest that machine then check the hard disk health as i suggested00:55
newbnewbok how to memtest and check hard disks?00:55
daftykinsi already gave the commands for checking the hard disk00:55
newbnewbtype "!memtest" in terminal?00:56
daftykinsnah ignore that00:56
newbnewbok sorry I am old, slow and tired.....can you tell me exactly what to type to do memtest?00:56
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daftykinsit's not a thing to type, it's also a bootable ISO to download and run - or it's also a boot menu option on the ubuntu disc00:57
ArgentWarriorWhen it shows that first purple screen, interrupt it by hitting an arrow key. Select your language and hit the memory test00:57
daftykins'test memory' beneath 'try ubuntu' and 'install ubuntu'00:57
newbnewbwhen booting from USB or from HDD installation?00:57
ArgentWarriorNo prob mate00:57
daftykinsbut memtest can take hours - you want to do 2 passes at least00:58
Patero-ngI loaded the latest ubuntu ver from a usb drive and it crashed while on desktop and while I was trying to search for an app that makes me not want to use ubuntu again if is gonna be that unstable00:58
daftykinseasy on the language in here00:58
newbnewband how do I check disks again?00:58
daftykinsnewbnewb: this is what it looks like - http://zapp4.staticworld.net/downloads/graphics/screenshots/199606f.jpg00:58
newbnewbi cant find your directions sorry00:58
daftykinsi already typed that earlier.00:58
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ArgentWarriorPatero-ng: Don't let an unstable live media put you off. It's stable once it's actually on there00:59
daftykinsi'm heading off now, laters00:59
newbnewbi dont know which one it is can you tell me again please?00:59
daftykinsno sorry.00:59
Patero-ngArgentWarrior bro00:59
newbnewbwhy not?00:59
Patero-ngI like ubuntu 10.0400:59
ArgentWarriorThere should be a memory test option in the usb disk's menu00:59
ArgentWarriorYour bios should also have a memory tester00:59
newbnewbthanks argent..will check that01:00
Patero-ngI have a bios savior for older bios01:00
ArgentWarriorPatero-ng: 10.04 is waaay out of support though01:00
newbnewbEricC there?01:00
Patero-ngArgentWarrior it was my little baby01:00
EriC^^newbnewb: yeah01:01
Patero-ngI also like silent hill one01:01
MannyLNJHerlp. I edited hostname to change the name of my system now SUDO keeps saying it can't resolve the host01:01
ArgentWarriorPatero-ng: Install a current Ubuntu, then install gnome-panel. Instant nostalgia desktop01:01
newbnewbEricC I am going to get a new iso...do a mem test....and if you can tell me how check my HDD....dafty said how but I dont know which esactly he meant and for some reason he will not repeat it01:01
newbnewbdoes that plan sound good?01:01
Patero-ngArgentWarrior good idea01:02
EriC^^newbnewb: sounds good, do the hdd test, memtest then get iso01:02
newbnewbok...how do I do the HDD test?01:03
newbnewbis it a command or in some start up option?01:03
EriC^^newbnewb: scroll up01:04
EriC^^hit pageup01:05
newbnewbEricC that didnt work01:06
newbnewbit returns the errors like before you fixed it01:06
newbnewbReading package lists... Error! E: Read error - read (5: Input/output error) E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.01:06
EriC^^type sudo apt-get update01:06
EriC^^did you type the sudo rm command?01:06
EriC^^type that, then sudo apt-get update01:07
newbnewbi dont know which sudo rm command you mean01:07
newbnewbi was trying to do the two commands dafty said to check HDD01:08
galah00Hello. I have a problem with Ubuntu 14.04 x64 installation. I am trying to install from a live USB made for GPT partition with Rufus under Windows 8.1. After clicking next in the install section the installer does not go forward to the part where I choose the partitions. It just stalls.  I have ensured the file is perfect . I suspect there is somet01:09
galah00hing wrong with my PC :S01:09
newbnewbrm: cannot remove ‘/var/lib/apt/lists/partial’: Is a directory rm: cannot remove ‘again’: No such file or directory01:09
newbnewbsame nonsense like before01:09
newbnewbnothing working as should01:09
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ArgentWarriorOops wrong window01:12
ArgentWarriorEmpathy and hexchat side by side = not good01:12
deadmundArgentWarrior: What did you say in empathy? "Hey can anybody help me with my Ubuntu / Win 7 Dual Boot Wifi Graphics Card Drivers?!?!"01:13
newbnewbi need to start over01:14
newbnewbbut cant seem to do that even01:14
EriC^^newbnewb: did you type sudo apt-get update?01:16
newbnewbyes and i pasted the error output01:16
EriC^^you pasted that earlier before the sudo rm command..01:17
EriC^^did you run it after the sudo rm command?01:17
newbnewbthe rm command didnt work either01:17
newbnewbso I didnt know what to do next01:17
EriC^^it did01:17
MannyLNJI need help with airprint to a printer on Ubuntu 14.04 running CUPS01:17
newbnewboh....it said no such file etc so I thought it failed01:17
newbnewbok trying apt-get01:18
EriC^^it can't delete the partial dir, but that's ok01:18
newbnewbcan I ask what is the point of updating again though if it lasted about 30min last time?01:18
EriC^^newbnewb: that's just the list of packages01:18
EriC^^should take a minute or so01:19
newbnewbi meant when we did this before....and all seemed fixed....it just suddenly stopped working again01:19
newbnewbso this doesnt seem like a permanent fix01:19
newbnewbor are you doing this to make it work long enough to get the disk checking tools?01:20
Joseph-Hi, I'm trying to connect to remote server via ssh but I can choose a specific tty when I logon?01:20
EriC^^well something is odd, you didn't even have the software-properties-gtk installed to select the repositories, i dont know01:21
newbnewband software manager worked after you fixed it....for 30min or so then quit again01:21
EriC^^newbnewb: check the disks and memtest as daftykins said01:21
newbnewbthats strange eh?01:21
newbnewbwell I tried and his command came back with that parsing error stuff01:22
EriC^^did you try it after sudo apt-get update?01:22
newbnewbi'll try again01:22
newbnewbi mean the last attempt...the one we just did has just finished01:22
newbnewbso I will try again01:22
newbnewbok installing smartools now01:23
Joseph-Hi, I'm trying to connect to remote server via ssh but I can choose a specific tty when I logon?01:23
newbnewbEric I did the two commands dafty gave for HD check01:27
newbnewbwhat do I do now?01:27
newbnewbthis link came from second command01:28
newbnewbah thats bad eh? lots of prefail and old age ratings01:28
EriC^^i've no idea about that stuff01:29
newbnewbit does say overall health passed01:29
EriC^^if daftykins mentions the titanic or something then it's bad01:29
newbnewbdaftykins does that link of my hdd answer anything?01:29
notlennartnewbnewb: how old is the drive?01:29
newbnewbnotlennart not sure...its a handmedown...likely from 2008ish01:30
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newbnewbit was running Mint 13 ok01:30
notlennartnewbnewb: then i would take heed of those results01:30
newbnewbso saying passed doesnt mean much since it says prefail a lot?01:31
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notlennartnewbnewb: prefail means high chance of failure01:32
Joseph-/dev/pts/3 at the moment, I want to connect again but using diff. tty like 9 or something.01:32
newbnewbwould that also explain why I have had so many problems with this installation?01:32
notlennartnewbnewb: and on a drive approx 7 years old then its probably an accurate assessment01:32
newbnewbok thanks.....its been really weird and even fixes aren't sticking01:33
newbnewbguess I need a new drive01:33
newbnewbmaybe not worth with this old laptop though01:33
pavlosnewbnewb, lines 105, 122, etc show errors on power-on ... better get another drive01:33
notlennartnewbnewb: not to say that the drive may not fail for another year or two but it could be today or tomorrow01:33
EriC^^Joseph-: why?01:34
newbnewbthanks guys01:34
notlennartnewbnewb: is it sata or ide?01:34
newbnewbdont know have to look in settings01:34
newbnewbsorry dont know how to find it in ubuntu settings01:35
newbnewbanyway it sounds like its not long for the world01:35
pavlosnewbnewb, using the drive model, HTS541612J9SA00, google it .. it is a SATA01:35
newbnewbdont think the cost of a new HD is worth it in this old thing....maybe better off with a used but newer laptop?01:36
austnealI'm trying to connect to a bluetooth stereo. When I try to connect, the stereo says its connected for a split second, then immediately disconnects.... any thoughts?01:37
austneal(it connects ok in windows)01:37
newbnewbwhat would a cheap laptop be that would be good for ubuntu?01:37
pavlosnewbnewb, get an SSD 60GB for about $4001:38
newbnewbi'll look at them thanks01:38
austnealnewbnewb: are you looking for a laptop or a disk drive?01:38
notlennartpavlos: probably not worth getting ssd on an old laptop01:38
newbnewbwell this laptop is really old and falling apart01:39
Patero-ngyou guys are weird01:39
baxxhi - is it obvious to anyone why this script only  copies dotfiles? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10819708/01:39
newbnewbso prob shoulod just look foir a replacement for it rather than upgrade the HDD01:39
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newbnewbsince the HDD is dying it seems01:39
newbnewband has sullied my ubuntu beginning experience01:39
austnealI'm trying to connect to a bluetooth stereo. When I try to connect, the stereo says its connected for a split second, then immediately disconnects.... any thoughts?01:40
GeekMan1222is there any procautions i should take when running apt-get upgrade on a dedicated ubuntu server file server01:40
notlennartnewbnewb: if youre happy with the lapatop apart from the hard drive then just replace hard drive but 7 years for a laptop is pushing it towards eol01:40
newbnewbyeah....id rather not invest more in it I think01:40
GeekMan1222i know in practice you should always set machines to not auto upgrade and to test them on a test machine but i dont have the luxury to do so01:40
newbnewbrather get somehting used with some more lifespan01:40
EriC^^baxx: aren't destination and source in reverse?01:40
newbnewbbut not sure what is good01:41
jchodynieckiQuick question for anyone who can help. I downloaded snappy. I tried it on ESXi, Virtual Box, and Vagrant, but the default ubuntu/ubuntu user/pw is not working. any ideas?01:41
austnealnewbnewb: can I pm?01:41
newbnewbof course01:41
EriC^^it's rsync <source> <destination> baxx01:42
baxxEriC^^: arghhh01:42
baxxi tested i tested i tested i failled01:42
notlennartnewbnewb: a general ruleof thumb for ubuntu install is anything up to 5 years old01:42
GeekMan1222i just recently setup and rsync baxx01:43
nrml1anyone know why this would happen?: /etc/cron.daily/apt-mirror: 7: /etc/cron.daily/apt-mirror: 0: not found01:43
baxxGeekMan1222: you get it the right way around?01:43
GeekMan1222what are you trying to do01:43
GeekMan1222yes i did finally01:43
GeekMan1222its source then destination01:43
baxxI tested before loads and just borked it up01:43
baxxon the run that mattered01:44
baxxGeekMan1222: EriC^^ I don't appear to have lost anything though...?01:44
baxxat least it wasn't dd :D01:44
EriC^^baxx: yeah if /mnt was empty it would just overwrite stuff01:44
GeekMan1222im doing it over ssh so i have to use the options -av --delete --progress "-e ssh" /source/dir user@ip:/destination/dir01:45
jchodynieckidefault user/pass for snappy for ovf image?01:45
GeekMan1222what options are you using baxx01:45
EriC^^*it wouldn't overwrite stuff01:45
baxxthat was the failed script GeekMan122201:46
GeekMan1222baxx: i put quotes around the e option cause thats the option i used for ssh . ill take a look at yours now01:46
baxxI'm just backing up ~/ at the mo01:46
Guest22523Can anyone recommend a lightweight linux distro? Just looking for opinions. Have a laptop with 1gig of ram, and a shitty cpu lol01:46
baxxGuest22523: I used an exclude file01:47
PHPLearnerWhat of clean up commands shall I make in the terminal after I do sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade01:47
PHPLearnersort of01:47
ArgentWarriorsudo apt-get clean01:47
PHPLearnerMy objective is to make sure no files are duplicated and installation files that are no longer needed are deleted in the system01:47
baxxArgentWarrior: i thought that it cleaned after itself, learnt something today (else!)01:48
PHPLearnerreally only sudo apt-get clean01:48
PHPLearnerhow come when I do that terminal responds nothing01:48
mjollnerdGuest22523: Try out lubuntu.01:49
EriC^^PHPLearner: and sudo apt-get autoremove if you want01:49
PHPLearnerit just accepts the command but no reply messages01:49
GeekMan1222hmm im not sure baxx01:49
GeekMan1222have you tested the rsync command before you made the script01:49
EriC^^PHPLearner: it'll remove packages that aren't needed anymore01:49
PHPLearneroh ok01:50
GeekMan1222just to make sure you pointing things in the right place and using the right options how you want them to work01:50
EriC^^( uninstall them )01:50
PHPLearnerbut what does sudo apt-get purge does01:50
baxxGeekMan1222: yeah01:51
baxxsorry I was just having a gander at rsync options01:51
ArgentWarriorpurge removes config files as well as the package01:51
ArgentWarriorUse it if you want something gone for good01:52
baxxGeekMan1222: I did on a demo folder01:52
GeekMan1222did it work without the fancy scripting?01:52
baxxGeekMan1222: what fancy scripting?01:52
GeekMan1222if it didnt i would have a play around with the rsync options and such01:52
GeekMan1222just in general does the command your making a script for work with out using it in a bash01:53
GeekMan1222or rather a bash script01:53
baxxIt worked fine in the demo folder that I was using it with... oh right, if I run it from CLI directly01:53
baxxI'd have thought so , i didn't test that01:53
=== corey_ is now known as Guest6660
GeekMan1222im a man that generally likes to double check things i know that sounds silly but maybe your running it wrong or the options your using now arent working the way you intend01:54
baxxi think i need to add -p for permissions, -E for executability to the script01:54
GeekMan1222oh yes prolly01:54
baxxGeekMan1222: Oh i got the source and destination mized up before :P01:54
GeekMan1222i think you can check for bash script errors using bash -x /script.sh01:55
austnealI'm trying to connect to a bluetooth stereo. When I try to connect, the stereo says its connected for a split second, then immediately disconnects.... any thoughts?01:55
GeekMan1222yep i did that01:55
baxxGeekMan1222: oh wow, that's neat if so01:55
GeekMan1222i was really confused01:55
GeekMan1222baxx yes if you use -x option you can debug01:56
GeekMan1222i used to bash script ALOT01:56
baxxGeekMan1222: yeah ha, I had different versions in the script to test different parts, and must have muddled them01:56
GeekMan1222it comes in handy it will tell you what line its stopping on for an error01:56
GeekMan1222and what the argument it01:56
baxxthats cool - theres one to dry run as well that I forgot about01:57
mulgaanyone give me a hand at fixing this please? When run update it fails due to lack of 'free space' because its looking at install in /boot instead of /root dir.  Ub 14.04l laptop install - I suspect when i performed a fresh install, EUFI (which was all new to me at the time) loader bs is where i where i went wrong?  gparted prntscrn of partition table here > http://imgur.com/rmC38pT.png  - any help much appreciated01:57
baxxI'm not sure if there is actually, or if thats command related rather than bash01:58
austnealI'm trying to connect to a bluetooth stereo. When I try to connect, the stereo says its connected for a split second, then immediately disconnects.... any thoughts?01:59
austnealI miss my music D:02:00
austnealI'm trying to connect to a bluetooth stereo. When I try to connect, the stereo says its connected for a split second, then immediately disconnects.... any thoughts?02:03
siwicaIs there a function (2 arguments) that concatenates two lists?02:04
siwica(not concat :: [[a]] -> [a])02:04
rgb-onesiwica: wrong channel, check #haskell02:05
rgb-onesiwica: you can check hoogle for functions.02:06
rgb-onesiwica: but yea #haskell is the right place02:07
austnealrgb-one: You woudlnt happen to know anything about audio stuffs, would you? :/02:07
Patero-ngme gusta el02:08
rgb-oneaustneal: Whats the problem?02:08
austnealI'm trying to connect to a bluetooth stereo. When I try to connect, the stereo says its connected for a split second, then immediately disconnects02:08
austnealI've googled around, and I can't find a darn thing02:09
Patero-nguse startpage.com02:09
rgb-oneaustneal: does it try to reconnect after it disconnects?02:11
rgb-oneaustneal: Are you sure you are within range of the stereo?02:12
austnealI'm 2 feet away02:12
austnealSo, I'm pretty sure :/02:13
austnealrgb-one: when I try to connect through bluetooth manager, it says "Connection Failed: Stream setup failed"02:15
austnealrgb-one: I can connect my phone to it just fine, and can also connect to it with the PC when I'm in windows02:16
rgb-oneaustneal: sorry about that. I got disconnected02:20
austnealNo problem :P02:20
austnealrgb-one: when I try to connect through bluetooth manager, it says "Connection Failed: Stream setup failed"02:20
rgb-oneaustneal: so your objective is to play audio through this device right?02:22
rgb-oneaustneal: Navigate to System Settings->Sound then where you see Play sound through, look for your device and select it.02:22
austnealrgb-one: The device isnt listed there02:23
austnealI can't connect to it... not sure why it would be listed there02:24
=== josh is now known as Guest32196
austnealrgb-one: If you can fix it, you'll be my hero xD02:25
jmifhey all, curl is failing to verify an ssl cert that works in chrome.  we've tried to update the apt ca-certificates package but it seems that the new cert that was updated (about 7 days ago) isn't released there yet.  we've also tried downloading http://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem, dropping it in /usr/local/share/ca-certificates and running update-ca-certificates.  Curl still can't verify SSL, however if we point curl at the file we download, it veri02:26
jmiffies ssl just fine.  This leads me to believe we're install the CA certs wrong.02:26
jmifWe're 1) wondering why this doesn't work, but more importantly we're hoping someone in the ubuntu community here has a method for manage SSL cert updates on ubuntu server that has worked well for them?02:27
austnealrgb-one: Still there?02:29
rgb-oneaustneal: yea02:29
baxxI love it when you're trying to sort some stuff out then suddenly it's 03:3002:31
amnesiakor 72 hours later02:32
baxxamnesiak: I've not gone that far yet!02:32
baxxI'm not sure if your irc-name is literal or not02:33
rgb-oneaustneal: give this a try: sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth02:33
austnealrgb-one: rgr, one sec02:33
=== WildSoft_ is now known as WildSoft
austnealrgb-one: pulseaudio-module-bluetooth is already the newest version.02:34
rcatorreshola, alguien sabe de configuracion dns?02:34
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:34
rgb-oneaustneal: pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover02:36
austnealrgb-one: It just said "20" when I ran that... lemme test02:36
austnealrgb-one: Still just disconnects02:37
rgb-oneaustneal: what blutooth software have you installed?02:38
austnealUm... I have "Bluetooth Manager"02:38
YeahToastITwhat is the off topic chan02:38
austnealrgb-one: That's all I know of... Its just an interface for whatever ubuntu came with02:39
rgb-oneaustneal: reopen the Sound setting from System Settings02:40
rgb-oneaustneal: Do you see the device now?02:40
austnealrgb-one: No... still not there02:40
rgb-oneaustneal: Alright, I will ask you to perform a commandline task that requires administative privileges.02:42
austnealrgb-one: can do02:42
YeahToastITCan I allow browser plugins to update for non ladmin domain users through IE gpo?02:43
rgb-oneaustneal: Ok, open the file /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf in a text editor.02:43
jmaderohi all. I'm trying to remotely help my father in law install Ubuntu onto a flash and he's hitting a blank screen with a blinking cursor02:43
jmaderowhat he did was put the live boot on a 4 gig flash, then he installed to another flash drive02:44
austnealrgb-one: got it02:44
jmaderolive works no problem02:44
jmaderowhen he tries to boot from the flash drive that he installed to, he gets the blank screen with blinking cursor02:44
rgb-oneaustneal: In the file below the [General] section, add: Enable=Socket02:44
austnealrgb-one: Its already there :/02:45
rgb-oneaustneal: haha02:45
rgb-oneaustneal: interesting02:45
austnealNot commented out or anthing >.<02:45
pavlosrgb-one, in another link I saw the line Enable=Source02:45
rgb-oneaustneal: You can give what pavlos posted a try02:46
austnealOk, got that added. Do I need to restart a service or anything?02:47
pavlosrgb-one, then restart the bluetooth service02:47
austnealpavlos: what is the bluetooth service? :/02:47
=== luke is now known as Guest20327
pavlosaustneal, /etc/init.d/bluetooth02:49
austnealpavlos: bash: /etc/inid.d/bluetooth: No such file or directory02:49
austnealderp... inid lol02:50
pavlosaustneal, there should be a bunch of files in /etc/init.d/02:50
=== heinrich5991_ is now known as heinrich5991
austnealpavlos: I see them...02:51
rgb-oneaustneal: append a restart to the end of the command02:51
austnealpavlos: Ok, restarted it02:51
austnealpavlos: Still immediately disconnects02:52
pavlosaustneal, it was worth a try ...02:52
austnealrgb-one: still not connecting >.<02:52
rgb-oneaustneal: Ok revert to the previous settings (Enable=Socket) and restart again02:52
rgb-oneaustneal: but before you do run the pactl command I gave earlier02:53
rgb-oneaustneal: pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover02:53
austnealrgb-one: Failure: Module initialization failed02:54
austnealtried with sudo as well, didnt work either :/02:55
rgb-oneaustneal: give it a try if you haven't already03:13
=== 7JTAAA4RK is now known as thomas
austnealhavent... lemme try03:13
=== neunon_ is now known as neunon
rgb-oneaustneal: Try rebooting when you are finished.03:14
austnealrgb-one: still didnt fix it :/03:17
austnealrgb-one: Running out of options, I feel x_x03:17
Te3-BloodyIronI'm trying to write my own init script, and I'm stuck with this part03:18
Te3-BloodyIronPID=`su -p -c "$DAEMON_PATH/$SCRIPT" $RUNAS & echo $!`03:18
Te3-BloodyIronthis starts the process but stops processing the rest of the init script03:18
Te3-BloodyIronwhat am I doing wrong?03:18
austnealrgb-one: I appreciate the help, btw03:19
rgb-oneaustneal: Glad to help :)03:19
Te3-BloodyIronshould I do "&& echo$!03:20
Te3-BloodyIronor just one &?03:20
rgb-oneTe3-BloodyIron: try double and if it is an and statement you want to perform03:21
rgb-oneTe3-BloodyIron: try && if it is an and statement you want to perform03:21
Te3-BloodyIronwell I'm trying to get the PID from the new process and echo it to a pidfile03:21
Te3-BloodyIronbut I'll try the double &03:22
austnealrgb-one: Any more ideas? :/03:22
rgb-oneaustneal: maybe it has something to do with the driver for that specific bluetooth device driver03:23
=== gerald is now known as Guest42919
nemanjahi, trying to use files for accessing remote box with following ssh://user@ip-address:5222 but getting the error unvalid network location03:26
nemanjaI'm able to access given host with ssh ip-address -p5222 but thats not what I need - I'd like to mount iso file on remote box locally via ssh03:30
nirokatoMay I have a suggestion where I can start delving into how Ubuntu accomplishes persistence for a live USB? I've already got it working, I want to learn `how` it does it now. Any reading suggestions?03:34
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest14608
gunndawgHello. I installed super-boot-manager to see about tweaking my plymouth display, grub, etc. I decided I didnt like it and removed it with a purge. Now when I do an autoremove or apt-get upgrade I get errors regarding "burg" files not being able to be accessed or deleted03:37
gunndawgits trying to remove a burg theme and errors out03:38
ubottuTo have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence03:43
Joseph222Hello everyone.03:45
rgb-onenirokato: If you want reading material on the how to of persistence you can check the Archlinux wiki03:45
gzcwnkI am trying to install drdb8-utils in 14.04 and it doesnt seem to be there...how do I find it and install it?03:45
Joseph222I'm currently using Ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop, and when I close the laptop lid off and then re-open, this error is being shown: http://i.imgur.com/pPtVAyG.jpg03:45
Joseph222Any idea what that that is and how to solve it? I'm required to restart the laptop every time this happens and it's super annoying.03:46
rgb-onegzcwnk: apt-cache search drbd8-utils03:47
rgb-onegzcwnk: you misspelled it03:48
gunndawgsudo aptitude remove burg03:48
gunndawgcan that work?03:48
gzcwnkoops, LOL, ta03:48
rgb-onegunndawg: reinstall grub03:49
nirokatogunndawg: you might try: sudo apt-get remove --purge burg03:49
* valleycat can't connect to her university housing wifi :s03:49
gunndawgnirokato: tried that also03:49
CountryfiedLinuxSoftware Center isn't behaving. Pastebinning the output now.03:49
nirokatogunndawg: aw, gocha03:49
gunndawgrgb-one: What's the easiest way to reinstall grub?03:50
CountryfiedLinuxFor some reason Software Center won't open with my theme.03:50
nirokatogunndawg: I've used this in the past, http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd03:51
gunndawgnirokato: used what?03:51
gunndawgah ok03:51
gunndawgnirokato: so this burg error I'm getting is related to grub?03:51
gzcwnkvalleycat do you have to sign in?03:51
nirokatoThis will ensure that you have an unbroken bootloader, then you can go through and manually purge burg03:52
valleycatyeah, it won't sign in, though03:52
gzcwnkvalleycat do you get an IP off teh wifi?03:52
* valleycat is an idiot and has no clue what that means03:53
gzcwnkvalleycat how do you sign in with a web browser?03:54
valleycatoh, no03:54
gzcwnkvalleycay can you open an xterm?03:55
nirokatogunndawg: ^^ You should revert back to vanilla grub first, then you can go through and manually purge the old burg files03:55
* valleycat nods03:55
gunndawgnirokato: not exactly sure how to do that03:55
gzcwnktype in ifconfig03:55
gzcwnkdoes inet addr: for eth0 have an IP address?03:56
nirokatorgb-one: thanks for the tip on the persistence, I'll take a look into the Archlinux wiki03:56
shadalooi just got a bluetooth adapter and when I open bluetooth settings it says "no bluetooth adapters found"03:56
nirokatogunndawg: Do you have the install media for Ubuntu available (CD/DVD/LiveUSB)?03:56
shadaloohowever, my iphone detects the bluetooth device03:57
valleycatoh, inet address03:57
valleycatsame thing?03:58
gzcwnkdid your uni ppl give u no instructions? usually you use a web browser to sign in then you get wifi03:58
valleycatit doesn't have any for linux/ubuntu03:58
shadalooyou probably need to add your mac address somewhere03:59
gzcwnkso for windows what do you do?03:59
shadalooso your school network can recognize you03:59
nirokatogunndawg: the link I posted earlier will instruct you on how to repair your GRUB2 installation for Ubuntu which will overwrite the super-boot-manager 'burg' files (which is 'grub' backwards). Once that's done you can go through the `burg` files and delete them manually as they are no longer needed since GRUB has been installed as your default bootloader.03:59
valleycatand https://uits.kennesaw.edu/docs/netaccess/guides/ubuntu10_wifi_instructions.pdf doesn't work03:59
gunndawgnirokato: makes sense. Thanks a bunch!04:00
valleycatwhich is the instructions for the campus wifi04:00
gunndawgnirokato: Will those same instructions work for Kubuntu? I may reinstall it on another system as swell that has Kubuntu04:01
gzcwnkwell that is ubuntu so u should be OK....when you click on the wifi icon you get no networks come up?04:01
nirokatogunndawg: yep, it'll work for Kubuntu as well04:02
shadalooi just got a bluetooth adapter and when I open bluetooth settings it says "no bluetooth adapters found"04:02
shadaloohowever, my iphone detects the bluetooth device04:02
shadalooany ideas?04:02
* valleycat nods04:03
wfioAnyone running a Dell XPS 13?04:03
gzcwnkvalleygirl so when you click on ksu u cant continue?04:04
gzcwnkok, nm04:04
gzcwnki see what u say04:04
gzcwnkvalleygirl have u used your laptop elsewhere with wifi?04:04
valleycatwas working fine when I was at home04:05
valleycatbut when I got here it wouldn't connect04:05
gzcwnkom, does it look like your laptop is still trying to conenct to home maybe?04:05
gzcwnkyou might have to disconnect from home04:06
gzcwnkkind of stumped....04:06
valleycatit just keeps asking for the password04:06
valleycatand not working04:07
tnkhanhhi all04:07
shadalooas i already said04:07
gzcwnkthey gave you an acocunt and password?04:07
shadalooyou probably need to log into your school's IT site04:07
shadalooand find where to add your MAC address04:07
shadalooto the network04:07
shadaloootherwise you won't associate04:07
gzcwnkshadaloo the howto doesnt say that....04:08
shadaloojust call them tomorrow then04:08
* valleycat nods04:08
valleycatthis is also new04:08
valleycatdorm wifi04:08
valleycatwell, on campus housing04:09
valleycatthey're apartments04:09
gzcwnkah, better04:09
gzcwnkI dormed once, so much noise no sleep04:10
valleycatso much better04:10
valleycatoh, our ac is so loud I can't hear anything04:10
valleycateh, it blocks out things I wouldn't want to hear04:11
mothershipMexicans are scum.04:11
* mothership shits04:12
valleycatalrighty then04:12
valleycatgood to know04:12
gzcwnklol, oh dear04:12
valleycatgzcwnk: thanks04:13
valleycatethernet works, at least04:13
gzcwnksorry i couldnet help more04:13
mothershipknow your dope-fiend. his knuckles will be white from inner-tension, and his pants will be crusted with semen from constantly jacking off when he can't find a rape victim.04:13
gzcwnkim setting up packet fence which makes it easy for users04:13
mothershipThe dope fiend will attack with any weapon at his command, including yours.04:13
mothershipQ: How is a Mexican like a cue-ball? A: The harder you hit them, the more English you get out of them.04:15
valleycatwtf was that04:16
gzcwnkdunno, a drug adict I guess04:16
gzcwnkgtg, bye04:16
shadalooi just got a bluetooth adapter and when I open bluetooth settings it says "no bluetooth adapters found"04:21
shadaloohowever, my iphone detects the bluetooth device04:21
shadalooany ideas?04:21
gr33n7007hshadaloo: pastebin some info namely: "rfkill list", "hciconfig -a"04:25
shadaloogr33n7007h: on it04:25
shadaloogr33n7007h: both of those return nothing04:25
gr33n7007hshadaloo: they shouldn't just return nothing04:26
gr33n7007htry with sudo04:26
gr33n7007hwhat OS04:27
shadaloolsusb doesn't even detect anything04:28
gr33n7007hunplug the bluetooth adapter04:28
shadalooboth linux and windows do not detect anything04:28
shadaloothat's what i get for buying from china :(04:28
shadaloo$4 dongle from newegg.om04:28
gr33n7007hshadaloo: open up a terminal and type: tail -f /var/log/syslog then plug back in a pastebin the output04:29
gr33n7007hif any04:29
gr33n7007hhmm, nothing04:32
=== AlphaTech is now known as zz_AlphaTech
gr33n7007hshadaloo: I think thats ready for the knackered yard04:33
shadaloowhat is that04:35
gr33n7007hshadaloo: where things are laid to rest ;)04:36
shadalooi just bought it -.-04:36
=== CompuDesktop is now known as Compu
gr33n7007hshadaloo: have you tried rebooting with bluetooth adapter in04:37
=== RAMS4 is now known as RAMSay
shadaloogr33n7007h: don't see why that would do anything04:37
gr33n7007hI've has issues in the past where when rebooting with bt adpater from start recognizes it04:38
shadaloogr33n7007h: sure why not04:38
shadaloogr33n7007h: thanks for your input04:39
malgorathI'm trying to reinstall my system as my main SSD died on me.  Problem I'm having is my other 4 drives are all 500g 7200 RPMs that where setup with a raid 0 and I need to remove the raid now but I'm not sure how to go about it. Any suggestions?04:42
TheNumbmalgorath: there's no way of removing a drive from raid 0 without loosing data.04:44
malgorathI have already backed up the data04:44
TheNumbmalgorath: was it a software raid?04:44
TheNumbmalgorath: stopping all the individual drives, removing the array and zeroing the superblocks should be enough.04:46
TheNumbmalgorath: man mdadm, the switches you're looking for are --stop, --remove and --zero-superblock04:47
=== TriJetSc- is now known as TriJetScud
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
malgorathkeeps saying the /dev/md0 file is busy04:49
TheNumbdid you --stop it?04:49
TheNumbmalgorath: well, is it mounted?04:49
malgorathI just rebooted and now its saying mdadm : not found04:49
malgorathI might have to make a rescue usb I guess then, I am using the server install iso on usb to boot right now04:50
=== dm7free__ is now known as macfreek
Johanis the the place where i can ask about ubuntu for mobile or tablet ?04:51
malgorathah I got it to stop TheNumb04:52
Johanis the the place where i can ask about ubuntu for mobile or tablet ?04:52
TheNumbJohan: if you did your research you'd have known that there is  #ubuntu-touch04:53
TheNumbJohan: also, repeating your question is considered rude.04:53
TheNumbJohan: if someone knows the answer, they will answer you.04:54
Johanok sorry for that04:54
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
mudtarIs there a way to resize a window in Gnome 3 once it's been snapped to the side like you can in Unity? Is there perhaps a Gnome Shell extension or a configuration option to allow this?05:12
homeI have downloaded the "autoclose.c" file from git directory and trying to compile it with this command "gcc -c autoclose.c -fPIC `pkg-config --cflags geany`" but getting errors http://pastebin.com/feevGeZf05:14
homeplease help me to solve it05:14
mudtarhome, would you mind posting the contents of your autoclose.c file to pastebin?05:16
mudtarhome, it looks like what you downloaded is in fact not C source but instead HTML markup. The C compiler can only compile C source code.05:19
mudtarhome, how did you acquire the autoclose.c file?05:20
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: morning mate05:21
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, greetings = lunchtime here in Beijing05:21
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: bon apetit then :p05:22
mudtarhome, it appears that you did something like "File > Save Page As..." in your browser. When you do this, it saves the page that is currently displaying in your browser window. Web pages are delivered as HTML code.05:22
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: can you set #ubuntu-discuss to your favs05:22
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, will do05:22
mudtarhome, on that web page, you are only seeing a list of the files in that github project, not the files themselves.05:22
gr33n7007hhome: wget https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins/blob/master/autoclose/src/autoclose.c05:22
homeokay thanks let me try it05:23
TheNumbgr33n7007h: that won't work.05:23
fattywumpushow are most folks managing user accounts/ids/groups on 20+ systems.  ldap?05:24
cfhowlettfattywumpus, perhaps a question for #ubuntu-server ?05:24
fattywumpusok, thanks!05:24
mudtarDoes anyone know of what I can do to allow resizing of windows snapped to the side in Gnome 3?05:25
gr33n7007hhome: git clone https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins.git05:25
homethese are my recent errors http://pastebin.com/WGN8kWMD05:27
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gr33n7007hTheNumb: I thought he just wanted to the autoclose.c source file, my mistake05:28
=== Yukkino is now known as wash
=== wash is now known as Yukkino
TheNumbgr33n7007h: I mean, that won't download the autoclose.c file.05:30
TheNumbIt will pull down the code of the webpage.05:30
gr33n7007hTheNumb: of course, good call :)05:31
gr33n7007hit would have to be: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/geany/geany-plugins/master/autoclose/src/autoclose.c05:32
ar647Hi All, Does any one knows How To Set Up Master -Master-Slave Replication on PostgreSQL on an Ubuntu 14.04?05:34
=== EriC^^ is now known as Guest76140
homeI have done what you have said to download the C file using wget but the errors I have posted at the last are the C code error not HTML error05:38
homeplease loo at it05:39
gr33n7007hhome: you won't be able to compile just autoclose.c it needs dependencies05:41
gr33n7007hand my c skills are a bit rusty05:42
gr33n7007hmight better of asking in #c for a more detailed approach05:44
homeokay I will try05:44
gr33n7007h:) good luck05:45
pressionhello, i am looking for some laptop with stylus working good in linux? is posible surface pro 3 stylus work fine in ubuntu?05:51
ZerkalerkaAnyone know how 15.04 works with laptops with dual graphics like the nvidia 840m or 860m?  Still have to jump through hoops to get it configured/working properly or does it work out of box these days?05:52
pressionhello, i am looking for some laptop with stylus working good in linux? is posible surface pro 3 stylus work fine in ubuntu?05:54
lotuspsychjeZerkalerka: is that an optimus card?05:55
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-prime | Zerkalerka you need this package mate05:56
ubottuZerkalerka you need this package mate: nvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.7 (utopic), package size 11 kB, installed size 102 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)05:56
ZerkalerkaAh, I am not running ubuntu at the moment, I spent days trying to get it to work correctly last time, but when 15.04 official comes out I am going to install again.  Just hoping it is easier this time around.  lol05:57
ZerkalerkaI am assuming you still have to manually switch between cards.05:57
lotuspsychjeZerkalerka: you can switch with that nvidia-prime tool05:57
Zerkalerkaahh ok05:57
lotuspsychjeZerkalerka: alot of users with black screens here, on optimus cards without that nvidia-prime package05:58
Zerkalerkalotuspsychje: Yeah makes sense, I just remember having a heck of a time trying to get it to recognize the nvidia card.  Just hoping it is easier this time as I want to switch back to ubuntu fulltime06:00
lotuspsychjeZerkalerka: im sure you will mate06:01
=== lance is now known as Guest76163
Zerkalerkalotuspsychje: One last thing.  Official comes out on the 20th right?06:02
lotuspsychje!15.04 | Zerkalerka06:02
ubottuZerkalerka: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) will be the 22nd release of Ubuntu due for release in April 2015. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. For more info see the announcement at  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/142506:02
TheNumbZerkalerka: it comes out on 23rd.06:03
Zerkalerkaok ty :)06:03
=== ubik is now known as Guest79113
pressionhello, i am looking for some laptop with stylus working good in linux? is posible surface pro 3 stylus work fine in ubuntu?06:09
=== bitnumus is now known as Guest98902
stangelandCan i mount a usb harddisk such that all files have 777 permissions?06:31
stangelandall files and directories06:31
HHaremount won't change permissions, nor shiuld it06:33
HHarestangeland: the root user or a sudo user will have access to all though and could even change them if he wanted - does not sound a good choice usually06:34
stangelandHHare, its because i am running a local test site in apache and a bunch of images to be served is on a mounted usb disk, but apache cannot access them06:35
TheNumbstangeland: well, you could mount the usb drive so that a specifis user has access to the files.06:40
stangelandTheNumb, that sounds really good. how do i do that?06:42
Zebbiwhat's the difference beetwen taliandroid and taliapple?06:44
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest63892
TheNumbstangeland: it depends on the filesystem.06:47
stangelandTheNumb, ok, how do i find out what filesystem it is?06:48
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=== systemd0wn_ is now known as sysd0wn
geirhastangeland: Regardless do NOT set the mode to 777. Especially not when you have a web server serving images from it07:15
matt|homehowdy. im having some graphical problems , getting unity/gnome/whatever it's called working. i had a friend help me set it up, but after i did a software upgrade(the automatic installer one) and rebooted, it's only booting into xfce now. if i select default from the login screen, it just shows a background picture with no menus or anything07:18
matt|homei know for a fact i didn't change any config files or anything like that, all i did was install some upgrades with the graphical manager07:18
matt|homeso.. can someone help?07:18
stangelandgeirha, its a localhost server only. never exposed to web...this is nothing but development07:18
Ben64stangeland: why do things the wrong way though07:19
geirhastangeland: I'd take the time to learn unix permissions regardless. You'll need it eventually.07:20
stangelandgeirha, not possible in 40 minutes ;)07:20
Ben64very possible in 40 minutes. possible in 10 minutes.07:20
matt|homeoh and i did apt-get update/upgrade today, if that makes a difference07:21
fidel_matt|home: and you see only a black background if you choose ubuntu/unity in the login-manager?07:21
matt|homeno , i see the default background picture for xfce (the little rat)07:22
matt|homeif i select that one07:22
matt|homebut no side menus, no right click drown down menu etc07:22
matt|homedrop down*07:22
=== erkan is now known as Guest74736
matt|homefidel_ : and like i said, it was working fine with unity before i did the upgrade07:23
geirhamatt|home: make sure the ubuntu-desktop package is installed07:23
matt|homeuh. k?07:24
matt|homewhats the command, pkg info or something?07:24
mehdihey guys i have installed adobe flash player & pepperflashplayer but only adobe works on firefox and i use opera as defualt browser07:24
mehdihow can i activate flash plugin in opera 28?07:24
geirhamatt|home: as a command, you run  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop07:24
geirhaor you can search it up in the software center and check/install from there07:25
TheNumbmehdi: opera might use hardcoded path for chrome's pepper flash plugin. I'm not sure.07:25
TheNumbIt used to work when I had both installed.07:25
matt|homewell , i did that.07:27
matt|homei'll try rebooting, see if it works this time07:27
mehdiin 14.04 it seems the path doesn't work here is the  Install path :/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera07:27
=== norm is now known as Guest98524
matt|homefidel_ , geirha : same problem.07:30
geirhamatt|home: did the apt-get install anything or did it just say already installed?07:30
matt|homeit's just showing the background image and mouse cursor and nothing else07:30
matt|homeuh . i dont remember, it did something for about five seconds then put me back at the prompt. no error messages07:30
geirhaok, probably already installed then07:31
geirhaat the login screen, do you have multiple sessions to pick from?07:32
matt|homeyeah. xfce , default ubuntu , uh.... a couple others, one with a weird name07:32
matt|homexorg? compiz something?07:32
matt|homecompiz i think07:32
=== Guest98902 is now known as bitnumus
matt|homeim just using xfce since it took .5 seconds to install and is lightweight enough for me to test, i'd really like to be able to use unity again..07:33
geirhaand you used the default ubuntu now, right?07:33
matt|homethats the one im logged into yes. also , i dont know if this makes a difference or not07:33
matt|homebut when i first installed the OS, it just said ubuntu on the loading screen. now it says 'kubuntu'07:34
matt|homedunno why07:34
oriceonHello there07:34
geirhaperhaps you installed the kubuntu-desktop package at some point07:34
oriceonI have two vm with ubuntu 1407:34
matt|homemaybe, i dunno07:34
oriceonI tryed to connect from one to another on a mysql server07:34
oriceonbut get connection refused07:35
oriceonI did a sudo netstat -tlnp |grep 330607:35
oriceonand get tcp        0      0*               LISTEN07:35
geirhaoriceon: means it is only listening on localhost07:35
faustoriceon: you should configure your mysql server to listen on
oriceonand how can i make it to work remote?07:36
oriceonbind-address ? from my.cnf07:36
matt|homegeirha : im able to switch back and forth between the gui and commandline, so it's not like it crashed or anything. is it just not loading ? i dunno what to do ;_;07:36
TheNumbfaust: why would he want to listen on all interfaces?07:37
matt|homeuh, xinitrc says 'exec unity' - should that be exec ubuntu-desktop instead?07:37
faustTheNumb: because he is asking it07:37
geirhamatt|home: Well, at the VT, running   sudo service lightdm restart   should bring you back to the graphical login screen. Try some other sessions to... you have an xinitrc?07:38
matt|homegeirha : yeah. but no dot before it, just xinitrc07:38
matt|homelooks like no matter what session i try, it only displays the background image. xfce is working for some reason however07:39
geirhamatt|home: Hm. Ok, so login with the unity one again, then switch to a VT and look inside ~/.xsession-errors for some clues07:40
=== CyberJacob is now known as zz_CyberJacob
=== Hiz is now known as Guest30162
matt|homeextension GLX missing in display 0, openconnection connect so such file or directory, update-notifier-crash07:43
matt|homesomething something07:43
TheNumbsomething something won't cut it07:43
TheNumbpastebin the logs07:43
geirhaglx missing sounds like a suspect07:45
oriceonso anyone have a minute please?07:45
cfhowlett!patience | oriceon,07:46
ubottuoriceon,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:46
somsiporiceon: yes, bind-address should be in /etc/mysql/my.cnf to accept connects from any external IP07:46
TheNumbsomsip: unless the interface are firewalled07:47
oriceonsomsip i did then restart07:47
somsipTheNumb: I tend to answer the question, and work around to the details if needed. You're right of course07:47
somsiporiceon: and?07:48
oriceonand same result on netstat and outside connection07:48
oriceontcp        0      0*               LISTEN      17966/mysqld07:48
oriceonis still
TheNumboriceon: did you restart mysql?07:48
matty|homegeirha : http://pastebin.com/vq8Ghgqn07:48
matty|homethose are the .xession-errors and Xorg.1.log errors07:48
matty|homealso @ TheNumb i guess07:48
TheNumboriceon: can you pastebin your mysql config?07:49
somsiporiceon: can you connect from localhost ok? Do you have a use that has grant for an external address?07:49
oriceonsure, one min07:49
TheNumbmatty|home: looks like your nvidia kernel module is missing.07:50
TheNumbmatty|home: like 92 and 9307:51
geirhamatty|home: So it seems to be unable to find a usable driver for your graphics adapter07:51
matty|home.. TheNumb : i had a friend install it, so i dont know what they did. is there a way to automatically make it load?07:51
oriceoni see another line with bind-address            =
matty|homebut why would doing a software update remove the driver like that07:51
oriceonone sec to comment it07:51
matty|homethis is like the fifth time ive had the stupid nvidia driver error07:52
matty|homehow can i permanently fix this :/07:52
oriceonyap, now workin07:52
oriceonthanks for your time07:52
geirhamatty|home: the kernel was probably updated, which means the nvidia kernel module must be built again07:53
matty|homeson of a bitch...07:53
geirhamatty|home: If the driver was installed via Ubuntu's repositories, that would've been done automatically07:53
matty|homeokay. is there a way to make it installed via the repo07:53
somsipmatty|home: first tidy up wherever you installed it from previously. Which was...where?07:54
TheNumbmatty|home: ask your friend how he installed it.07:54
matty|homei dont know, my friend did that for me -_- i think they used a file i downloaded07:54
TheNumbI guess he downloaded the driver from nvidia's webpage.07:54
matty|homelooks like i'll have to wait for them to come online..07:54
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somsipmatty|home: WHS (TheNumb) ^^^07:54
matty|homeWHS ?07:54
somsipmatty|home: What He Said07:54
matty|homeyeah. i followed some instructions off the nvidia website but things just broke more07:55
matty|homewell, thanks for your help guys -_-07:55
darxmurfhi all07:57
TheNumbjack__: please unplug your keyboard before cleaning it.07:57
* cfhowlett suspects troll activity07:57
ANJ7hey I get flickering window while playing youtube video on ubuntu07:58
cfhowlett!cn | jack_07:58
ubottujack_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:58
jack_  来聊天07:59
jack_   嘿嘿、、07:59
TheNumbjack_: please stop07:59
DJonesjack_: Enough, this is Ubuntu support in English, please stay on topic08:00
ANJ7any help ?08:00
lotuspsychjeANJ7: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?08:00
ANJ7lotuspsychje: nope08:01
TheNumbDrone`: plox ban the troll08:01
lotuspsychjeANJ7: try it please08:01
=== jack_ is now known as wfy
TheNumbDJones: good call :)08:01
matt|homeso i reinstalled the driver , and it appears to be loading unity. except there's no menus, and when i open any windows i dont see the x/- minimize/close buttons08:02
gryzorHi. on 14.04, I use xfce4 as window manager. When I open a "terminal emulator", the terminal seems to technically wok but font is black on black background.08:02
matt|homewhat gives08:02
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IncredibleHighIQanybody knows how to make a exception apps for vpn connection?08:10
vagelisHello everybody, I have a really bad pgraphics problem. Even now, I dont see some letters that I type.08:12
vagelisI see black spots where i have to point my mouse in order to see the "hidden" button etc . Its a new dell 15 inspiron 7548 laptop08:13
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PHPLearnerany can help me how to find www-data folder in my ubuntu08:24
Ben64by default it is /var/www/html08:24
PHPLearnerdid check but I can not find it there08:25
Ben64what are you expecting to find there08:25
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest31992
mcphailPHPLearner: www-data is usually a user and group, rather than a folder08:25
PHPLearnerok so how to I grand read and write permission to that08:25
PHPLearnerI am having problems with my NetBeans IDE because my ide can see the files but can not delete the files08:26
robotdevilwhat is a good way to use your android phone as a bluetooth air mouse08:26
PHPLearnerthe delete option is disabled08:26
PHPLearnerwhen you look at the file in the folder it is locked but you can delete the files when you visit the folders where it is ocated08:26
mcphailPHPLearner: that's generally the right design, as most people don't directly edit the production environment and work on a copy instead. But you can change the permissions on /var/www/html to whatever you want08:28
PHPLearnerI alreadydid08:28
PHPLearneralready did with sudo chmod -R 777 but each time I run phalcon08:28
PHPLearnerthe cache files do not get deleted08:28
Ben64don't do 77708:28
PHPLearnerthen what08:28
Ben64you could make yourself part of the www-data group, or change the owner of the directory08:29
MonkeyDustPHPLearner  777 is dangerous, anyone could change anything and even lock you out08:29
PHPLearnerI gave that command each time run phalcon on my browser08:29
Ben64chmod to 777 is almost always the wrong thing to do08:29
PHPLearneroh ok08:29
PHPLearnerthen how shall I correct this mistake08:29
PHPLearnerand use the www-data instead08:29
PHPLearnerpleae help me out on this as I am new to Linux08:30
PHPLearnerand I am using it because it is a course requirement08:30
PHPLearnerany help guys08:31
Ben64pick one of the two options i gave you and do it08:31
linuxmintIs there a grep command to search for a line of code, as I can't find the file containing the code?08:31
linuxmintI tried man grep, but seem to get more help from Google.08:32
=== Eric__ is now known as EricAhn
Ben64linuxmint: grep <pattern> file .... but you should be asking the mint support for mint support08:32
somsiplinuxmint: grep -nir {pattern} {dir} will give you the line of code in the file for a case-insensitive search, recursive in the dir08:32
TheNumblinuxmint: or use ack/the silver searcher08:33
linuxmintok, thank you.08:33
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: sudo useradd -g www-data <user>08:33
=== sysd0wn is now known as systemd0wn
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: or usermod if existing user08:37
geirhano, that changes the gid of the user08:37
geirhause adduser, not useradd08:37
gr33n7007hgeirha: hey?08:38
geirhaadduser username groupname  # to add a user to a group08:38
gr33n7007hsudo useradd -g www-data <user> #adds a new user to www-data group08:39
geirhait sets www-data as the primary group of the new user, yes. And it does not create a homedir, sets /bin/sh as login shell, doesn't set any gecos. In general, use adduser, not useradd.08:41
PHPLearnergr33n7007h: what does recursive mean in the context of folders08:42
gr33n7007hgeirha: sudo usermod -a -G www-data <user> #adds existing user to www-data08:42
gr33n7007hbut will use adduser in future :)08:42
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: all folders and subfolders08:43
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randomrandom123can someone tell me, why ubuntu 15.04 boots to mobile ui on a touch screen desktop? and how to fix it?08:45
Ben64randomrandom123: #ubuntu+1 for support until release08:45
k1l_randomrandom123: you installed the desktop next test version obviously08:46
fs0iHey guys, whenever I try to connect to my university wlan I with my notebook I get disconnected. It worked yesterday (for some time) so I know it's set up correctly, and I verfied it with the website. I even get disconnected when I try to unencrypted wifi provided by my town, so I rule misconfiguration out. I get disconnected whenever I try to connect. The mobile hotspot provided by my cellphone works though.08:46
fs0iVarious stuff about my system and relevant syslog: https://gist.github.com/moritzuehling/018b6ba023908d24910c08:46
randomrandom123well i've so far found the vivd vervet and vivid vervet desktop builds. i tried both, same result. is this the wrong build too use? which one should i use instead?08:47
=== newbie is now known as Guest60615
k1l_randomrandom123: no pms please.08:49
k1l_randomrandom123: get the regular 15.04 beta image. the desktop test image is the mir test image. that is not what you want.08:50
randomrandom123where can i get that? if i google the beta, it always redirects me to the phone builds.08:50
randomrandom123a link or a pointer on how to find it would be really nice.08:50
k1l_randomrandom123: you joined the +1 channel since that is the obvious right channel for that topic. did you read that topic in there?08:51
randomrandom123thanks alot.08:52
randomrandom123have a nice day.08:52
PCatineanDoes anyone know why skype video does not work on ubuntu 14.04? also screenshare is really bad when spectating09:05
anmoli m the king yes09:07
funkenstrahlenHey, I have a V-Server with ubuntu and I want to messure how fast the cpu performance is as this is a virtual cpu. How can I do it?09:13
archhereticany way I can find the ethernet address in the terminal? (not the mac adress.)09:13
funkenstrahlenI also would like to compare to other cpus to know how fast mine is09:13
funkenstrahlenarchheretic: ifconfig09:13
archhereticifconfig: HWaddr   adress didnt seem to be the same as my ethernet adress, according to wireshark09:14
archhereticbut it might be me that is not that proficient with wireshark09:14
archhereticah ofc09:15
=== dooferlad_ is now known as dooferlad
archhereticim on the internet throught wlan0 not eth009:15
archhereticso your answer funkenstrahlen  was correct :)09:15
funkenstrahlenarchheretic: :)09:15
fRit_^looking someone from Antwero09:17
siwicaWhen using the Alt-Key in GNOME-Terminal the first item of the menu bar is getting focus. How can I disable this behaviour?09:22
MonkeyDustsiwica  there's a link on this pagen explaining how to do it, good luck http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15090994/disable-normal-behavior-of-alt-key09:28
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
siwicaMonkeyDust: Thank you. Looks like the answer recommends not changing this bahaviour. But doesn't ALT+BACKSPC delete a word in GNOME-Terminal (like in Emacs)? How would you do that instead?09:32
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
MonkeyDustsiwica  http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/keyboard-shortcuts-for-bash-command-shell-for-ubuntu-debian-suse-redhat-linux-etc/09:35
MonkeyDust(learned something new myself)09:36
yblHello, I accidently CTRL^C a running aptitude instance and now my apt-get is giving me segfaults.. is this related ? How should i fix the segfaults ?09:41
IncredibleHighIQybl, kill yourself09:42
MonkeyDustybl  try apt-get -f install (apt-get is similar to aptitude)09:42
PCatineanhow does one remove python3 when installed accidentaly?09:43
PCatineanin ubuntu 14.0409:43
yblIncredibleHighIQ: I would someday, and I would take you with me :)09:43
IncredibleHighIQu go 1st09:43
PCatineanapt-get purge python3 seems to remove, everything09:43
cfhowlettIncredibleHighIQ, ybl cease the insults.  violation of channel guidelines09:43
yblcfhowlett: Sorry, about that, ignoring him now.09:44
cfhowlettybl, tyvm.09:44
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
yblOh well its working after doing an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade . Thanks MonkeyDust09:50
utu8oaccording to phoronix, Ubuntu and Linux in general drains more battery than windows, is this true?09:53
MonkeyDustutu8o  http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/improve-power-usage-battery-life-in.html09:54
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mcphailutu8o: in my experience, yes09:55
dreamon_hello there. I installed 14.10 and cinnamon. Thats great. but how do I remove this nasty click on touchpad as click.. this drives me insane :)09:56
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raichunatorns identify10:06
mrwappieGood afternoon10:16
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest93986
Seveashello mrwappie10:19
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DiggsRoadI'm having real trouble finding skypedbus.so anywhere on the internet, it's so that you can chat Skype via Finch10:29
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stevenmHi, I've been sent an Adobe After Effect project (basically a Video) - so I've got all the individual vector files that were used in making the video... I'd like to remake the video using these individual files - what program is best on Ubuntu for this?10:46
stevenmI was thinking LibreOffice Impress might suffice (and perhaps export to mp4 video) but the transitions/effects are a bit limiting on the image objects10:47
loganleecan u run civ v on wine?10:58
mcphailloganlee: don't know, but you can run it natively on Ubuntu10:58
loganleemcphail, i have PC copy and i don't want to buy one for linux10:59
mcphailloganlee: does the PC copy have a steam key?10:59
loganleemcphail, what is a steam key?11:00
mcphailloganlee: a numeric key for the Steam digital download service?11:00
loganleemcphail, i dont know11:00
stevenmloganlee, some normal PC game serial number also work on steam (without needing to buy again) so your product can be downloaded on there too... since steam doesn't care about platform - you'd then have access to the linux version for nothing11:01
stevenmsee this list... https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7480-wusf-360111:01
stevenmciv 5 is on there - your in luck :)11:01
mcphailloganlee: have a look. If there is a steam key you will have the Linux version for free11:01
stevenmmcphail, doesn't have to be a steam key - that's what I'm saying11:01
stevenmvalve have programmed their steam to accept other non-steam keys11:02
mcphailstevenm: missed that as I was distracted when typing :)11:02
stevenmcd keys basically11:02
nalumhello all, I'm having some trouble with my wifi connection on ubuntu 14.04. It keeps dropping and when it is connected it's very slow11:08
lotuspsychjenalum: ubuntu version and wifi chipset please?11:09
mo_nhello there11:11
nalumnot sure where to get the chipset, the product from lshw -C Network is BCM4360 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter ubuntu is 14.04.211:11
lotuspsychje!broadcom | nalum11:12
ubottunalum: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx11:12
scorpio_can me help?11:13
lotuspsychjescorpio_: if you ask us your issue11:13
lotuspsychjenalum: did you install ubuntu with cable internet enabled?11:13
BluesKajHI all11:14
scorpio_I want to install SFTP + chrootdirectory. Everything done by manual. Owner chroot folder (/var/www/igor) is root.   However the owner of the folder /var/www - not root.   sshd_config: Match User igor ForceCommand internal-sftp ChrootDirectory /var/www/igor       AllowTCPForwarding no X11Forwarding no  The logs:  "bad ownership or modes for chroot directory component "/var/www".  Whats problem?11:14
geirhascorpio_: Hard to say without seeing ''ls -ld /var/www''11:17
archhereticwhats the best way to display arp cache?11:18
scorpio_geirha: owner of /var/www - is master. not root. i wrote.11:19
archhereticIm trying something like this: were the last numbers is my IP adress.11:19
archhereticarp [-vn] [ether] [-i wlan0] [-a] []11:19
archhereticI get Host name lookup failure11:19
geirhascorpio_: group ownership and permission mode also matter11:20
hit_Hi, I have bougth a new ssd drive Samsung EVO 850 120Gb, Im trying to create a partition of 30Gb with gparted and its taking forever. On the details I see is stuck at the mkfs.ext4 -L step. Is this normal?11:20
scorpio_geirha:  drwxr-xr-x 4 master master 4096 Apr 14 11:41 /var/www11:20
ponyriderarchheretic: do you have localhost up?11:20
archhereticIm on my schools network so Im not sure how it all works.11:21
=== saurabh is now known as Guest62881
geirhascorpio_: ah right, must be root-owner. Missed that part.11:22
nalumlotuspsychje: No, I had a lot of trouble getting this machine set up. At the time I didn't have access to a wired connection.11:22
scorpio_geirha: but /var/www/igor - is root:root. I want use igor folder for chroot))))11:23
lotuspsychjenalum: might be reccomended to install with cable + updates enabled during setup so ubuntu will search latest broadcom drivers too11:23
geirhascorpio_: «All components of the pathname must be root-owned directories that are not writable by any other user or group.»11:24
geirhascorpio_: ^ says so under ChrootDirectory in sshd_config(5)11:24
scorpio_geirha: thx.  I was hoping it was a joke (11:25
nalumlotuspsychje: once I had a connection I installed the broadcom drivers from the additional drivers tab.11:25
alerayhi, how can install a more recent version of webkit and epiphany than the ones shipped with ubuntu 14.04 by default ?11:25
lotuspsychjenalum: you might wanna try that bcmlw firmware package11:26
mcphailaleray: the LTS releases is designed to be stable, and does not support "more recent versions" by default. You may be able to find a PPA for your packages, but be aware that PPA's can break things in unexpected ways.11:29
nalumlotuspsychje: do you know which one it is? I can't find it using packages.ubuntu.com11:29
h9xi have big problem in my labtop11:30
Guest62881h9x, be more specific :)11:30
h9xi can't disconnect the HDMI11:31
jellieHey, I installed mosh without going through a PPA successfully yet according to the mosh docs to install mosh on ubuntu I should use a PPA.11:31
lotuspsychje!info firmware-b43-installer | nalum11:31
ubottunalum: firmware-b43-installer (source: b43-fwcutter): firmware installer for the b43 driver. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:019-1 (utopic), package size 4 kB, installed size 56 kB11:31
jellieIs there any chance that what I installed isn't complete or something?11:31
lotuspsychje!info mosh | jellie11:32
ubottujellie: mosh (source: mosh): Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.4a-1ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 186 kB, installed size 777 kB11:32
nalumlotuspsychje: thanks will give that a shot11:33
jellielotuspsychje: That didn't really answer my question since I have already installed it from the repos without going through a PPA11:33
MonkeyDustjellie  find mosh in the repos, no need to use a ppa11:33
aleraymcphail, ok thanks11:33
jelliewhich is what the mosh docs say I should do11:33
jellieMonkeyDust: Thanks11:33
h9xi have big problem in my labtop i can't disconnect the HDMI11:33
jellieh9x: What do you mean you can't disconnect HDMI?11:34
TheNumbh9x: did you glue the cable to your laptop?11:35
TheNumbor what11:35
TheNumbh9x: there's usually a button which allows you to switch the output.11:35
TheNumbDisable the HDMI output and you're golden.11:36
=== DalekSec_ is now known as DalekSec
h9xwait a second11:39
nszcetahere comes11:42
archhereticarp -vn ether -i wlan0 -a archheretic-P17SM11:43
archhereticether: Host name lookup failure11:43
lotuspsychjearchheretic: maybe the ##networking guys can help you with that11:44
archhereticso the command is right?11:44
archheretici see11:44
h9xlook to these picture11:46
EightynineHi. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with Fluxbox, Openbox, LXDE, XFCE, and MATE(trying which is better) and I've noticed that Software Updater began to lag and freeze. I'm trying to click Details and it's not responding and then I'm trying to close or minimize it and it says "This window is not responding. How to fix this?11:46
nalumlotuspsychje: that hasn't changed anything unfortunately11:46
EriC^^Eightynine: open a terminal and type xkill11:47
[gtn]ciao a tutti11:47
EriC^^then aim and shoot11:47
EightynineIs this a joke?11:47
EriC^^no seriously11:47
lotuspsychje!it [gtn]11:47
h9x i have big problem in my labtop  i can't disconnect the HDMI11:47
lotuspsychje!it | [gtn]11:48
ubottu[gtn]: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:48
EightynineIt closed though I didn't type that command.11:48
[gtn]qualche italia?11:48
hit_No one knows my problem? It has been more than 1 hour to mkfs.ext4 on a 30Gb partition. Should I return the disk to the shop?11:48
[gtn]qualcuno italiano? sono nuovo11:48
lotuspsychje!english | [gtn]11:48
ubottu[gtn]: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList11:48
[gtn]hello to everybody11:48
EriC^^hit_: is it an empty disk?11:48
hit_yes, just bought today11:49
EriC^^hit_: try to make a fresh partition table11:49
EriC^^hit_: gpt if you want11:49
EriC^^will you be using it with uefi>11:49
EightynineWhy that utility began to freeze? Maybe that's because of many DEs?11:49
hit_humm I think Im not much technical11:49
EriC^^Eightynine: i doubt11:50
=== hege1 is now known as hege
EriC^^Eightynine: run it from the terminal and it might say what's going on11:50
EightynineAnd I've noticed that wallpaper disappeared in LXDE and installed like a background for panel. What's going on with my system?11:51
EriC^^hit_: are you going to install win8 to it?11:51
hit_its an old laptop, only lubuntu11:51
EriC^^hit_: ok, make a msdos partition table11:51
hit_ok, on it11:52
EriC^^type sudo parted -l and get it's name, then type sudo fdisk /dev/sdX11:52
EightynineI'm planning to replace my hardware will my system work with it or I should reinstall it?11:52
lotuspsychjeEightynine: check your logs: syslog, dmesg11:52
bazhangwhat hardware Eightynine11:52
EightynineI'm currently using AMD processor and graphics but I'm planning to build Intel-based system. My motherboard uses BIOS and the new one will be with UEFI.11:54
svetlanabackup; reinstall; restore useful stuff from backup11:54
h9xsome help guys11:54
EightynineIt's required because of UEFI?11:54
EriC^^h9x: what exactly is the issue?11:55
lotuspsychjeEightynine: whats required?11:55
svetlanaEightynine: that, and the architecture change, are my guess11:55
EightynineTo backup and reinstall system as svetlana said.11:55
EriC^^Eightynine: you could copy your whole installation if you wanted, but why not start fresh and copy the backup stuf11:56
lotuspsychjefresh installs are the best11:56
OerHeksEightynine, backup your data and try it? my best guess is that you need some steps to make UEFI work.11:56
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI11:56
EightynineBecause I installed it a few days ago. By the way I found a cause of my problem with Software Updater. It was a conflict with LXDE.11:57
lotuspsychjeEightynine: did you try to update from terminal?11:57
cossyby the python?11:58
EightynineI'll try it but I've just opened it in XFCE for a second time and now it works but lags a bit.11:58
bazhanghow much ram there Eightynine11:59
Eightynine4 GB11:59
bazhangwhat graphics card model and how old is the computer Eightynine11:59
EightynineRadeon 6750 and my computer is 3 years old(I built it in 2012) though hardware is pretty old(I mean generation)12:00
EightyninePython is evil, guys.12:01
bazhangEightynine, you are going to get a completely new computer, why are doing this now12:02
bazhangEightynine, stay on topic please12:02
k1lEightynine: is the right video driver installed and loaded? what says (h)top to the system load when you have that lag?12:02
svetlanadoing what? i think he/she intends to reinstall12:02
svetlananothing wrong with that12:02
bazhangk1l, that card is ancient as far as amd support goes12:03
EightynineI have a client who wants to upgrade his 10 years old PC and I asked him if he wants to buy my PC and seems like he agreed.12:03
svetlanano problem; go ahead12:03
=== gauss is now known as asunder
EightynineNot my system lags, it's only program loading list for a long time.12:04
svetlanadidn't get that12:04
svetlanawhen did it start lagging12:04
EightynineI'm oppening that tool and clicking on any item and than Details and waiting a few seconds until it shows details about updates.12:05
bazhangwhich tool is that Eightynine12:05
OerHeksEightynine, is a few seconds bad?12:06
OerHeks.. come on ..12:06
EightynineXFCE works pretty good but font rendering could be better and some items are small. MATE has a menu lags.12:06
svetlanaOerHeks: yes it is bad12:06
EightynineI mean Software Updater tool.12:06
svetlanaEightynine: is it on your old computer or on your new computer12:06
k1lwhat cpu is it?12:07
bazhangEightynine, did you install the restricted-extras as we suggested12:07
k1lEightynine: and what about the details on the system load i requested?12:07
EightynineI thought it should open details right after mouse click.12:07
EightynineI'll install extras now.12:07
bazhangthat depends entirely on the total system usage, cpu processes ram etc12:08
svetlanaam I the only one who doesn't follow12:08
Eightyninesvetlana I havent changed my PC yet.12:08
svetlanaso it's on the old computer12:09
svetlanawas it always like this or did this slowness start recently12:09
EightynineSystem load is up to 6% and RAM is loaded on 20%12:09
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest59817
EightynineIt's started recently and speaking about MATE when I used it before it's menu lagged only after boot and then began to work good and when I tried it on Ubuntu it lags almost everytime and sometimes looses icons.12:11
TheNumbEightynine: maybe the gpu is dying12:11
TheNumbanything in dmesg?12:11
svetlanaok then i need to forget all the garbage about moving computers and start over12:12
EightynineI think that the right decision will be to remove all except Fluxbox and XFCE though I consider XFCE unusable.12:12
k1lEightynine: you are telling unspecific stories. please give way more details. like cpu that is used. what does system load say (not the processes)12:13
svetlanaso your problem is 'xfce does not lag but MATE does', right?12:13
svetlanak1l: i am trying to not go that tech savvy yet12:13
svetlanajust to understand the issue12:13
MonkeyDustEightynine  yes, linux/ubuntu offers a lot of choice... if you don't lik eit, don't use it, use something else12:13
EightynineYes, that's right.12:13
EightynineAnd LXDE is buggy. So I should remove them.12:14
=== Snowstormer is now known as cats
svetlanayeah, remove lxde and mate, and poke #xfce about making xfce usable12:14
svetlanait's very customizable last i checked12:14
svetlanarecommend package shimmer-themes, it makes it look pretty12:14
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
EightynineThanks. I'll install extras as you recommend, remove LXDE and MATE and check dmesg12:15
svetlanai think extras stuff was meant to be useful together with lxde or mate to see if the problem goes away12:15
srvn alacarte not working in ELEMENTARY OS Luna. running but cannot add or edit.12:15
EightynineShould I use Software Center or terminal to do that?12:15
svetlanaif you're not using lxde or mate it's probably useful12:15
BluewolfHi all, Anyone know much about themes. I have Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 installed and I prefer my interface to be dark due to eye problems, yet the default theme which I like (Adwaita Dark) does not work on LibreOffice, Gimp and VLC which I use most. Anyone know how to get it dark?12:15
svetlanayou can use the software center, it works to do this12:15
bazhangthe first complaint was about fonts, thus the extras package12:16
k1lsrvn: ask the elementary guys what to do about that. we cant help there12:16
svetlanaokay, install extras, remove mate, remove lxde12:16
svetlanai am okay with this solution12:16
EightynineMATE and LXDE has better font rendering and file manager but LXDE has ancient look and feel.12:16
svetlanafree to share #xfce your screenshots of font issues, it's got full fonts configuring power (there is a special dialog), and the extras thingy will help12:17
k1lEightynine: choose what you like. but we dont need to argue about what you like best in here. start a blog for your personal ranting.12:17
svetlanahe isn't ranting12:17
svetlanahe's solving a problem with performance and sharing thoughts on bugs12:17
svetlana(or she)12:18
svetlanaif someone is ranting, that'd be me :)12:18
EightynineI got message during update installation: "System problem detected. Do you want to report now?"12:18
svetlanayes, report it12:18
svetlanait'll tell you what's the problem while you go through the reporting process12:18
EightynineNow it asks to restart my PC. Maybe click "Later"?12:19
ViK_dehi guys! How do you manage to get iphone woriking in kubuntu? i got it workin in ubuntu gnome and rythmbox out of the box but with kubuntu i cannot even get the iphone in dolphin S:12:19
svetlanaEightynine: if you can restart now, it'd be better. it must have upgraded something important that would break a bit if you don't restart (this is rare, usually just for the kernel upgrades).12:20
svetlanaif you click 'later', try to do it as soon as you reasonably can.12:20
EightynineIt installed kernel update which fix issues. It says something about CVE etc12:21
bazhangEightynine, what does lsb_release -a in terminal say12:21
EightynineWill it better to restart now or first remove MATE and LXDE and then restart to apply updates?12:22
svetlanaEightynine: right - that's why. it's okay to delay it but you'll be running a vulnerable kernel while you wait, and some programs might act up a little and complain that they don't see something.12:22
svetlanabetter restart first, I'd say; mate or lxde removal won't ask you for another restart.12:22
EightynineDescription:Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS12:22
bazhangEightynine, there is simply no need to remove mate etc, that will not fix your current issues12:22
svetlanabazhang: they're slow, he dislikes them. his call.12:23
bazhangsvetlana, completely unneccesary12:23
EightynineLXDE is buggy and MATE is slow.12:23
svetlanabazhang: i think it's good advice to suggest people remove the software they dislike.12:23
OerHeksEightynine, first restart, then remove stuff12:23
EightynineThanks for help.12:24
svetlana(of course, they can keep all software installed,if they have the space. but they won't use it.)12:24
EightynineI can't understand why fonts and icons are better in MATE and why is everything is small in XFCE.12:24
svetlanai don't know how mate works, but xfce has a fonts preferences dialog where you can set font size, aliasing, hinting, and dpi - i think it should do the job12:25
EightynineI have a lot of space but no need to use something that unnecessary.12:25
bazhangEightynine, this goes back to you not having installed the extras package as we long ago suggested12:25
svetlanato avoid confusion, i would not come back to fonts before rebooting and installing the extra fonts12:25
EightynineThose extras needed only for XFCE?12:26
bazhangsvetlana, thats simply not correct12:26
EightynineOh, it's clear now.12:26
svetlanaor not12:26
EightynineI'm restarting. See you later.12:27
svetlanai thought they'd be needed only for xfce if the things work ok in other des -- i thought they use something else that replaces these extras12:27
svetlanabye, see you12:27
svetlanacan i shoot something for subjecting me to a discussion where a user has xfce-specific fonts issues and is suggested to install a package which is not xfce-specific12:28
svetlanainstead of going and looking into the xfce font preferences dialog12:28
bazhangshoot something?12:28
svetlanasince i am not allowed to yell at people or shoot people, i have to resort to yelling at things or shooting things12:29
EriC^^is it shooting season already?12:29
svetlanaabout time12:29
svetlanai'll leave you with it; it's time for me to leave; please be gentle12:32
EightynineRestarted my system and it said that problem appeared and asked me to report it. And now it says "Sorry, internal system error appeared". I opened details and I can see that cause is Grub" Grub-mount crashed with SIGSEGV in memmove()12:32
amahoolai hate it when my apps get autorejected from developer.ubuntu.com :P12:36
OerHeksamahoola, we don't, do you have an ubuntu support question?12:36
BluewolfHi all, Anyone know much about themes. I have Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 installed and I prefer my interface to be dark due to eye problems, yet the default theme which I like (Adwaita Dark) does not work on LibreOffice, Gimp and VLC which I use most. Anyone know how to get it dark?12:37
bazhangBluewolf, how to theme those particular apps?12:38
bazhangBluewolf, did you mean something like skins for vlc and so on12:38
EightynineMy system is a mess. How can I completely remove Gnome, MATE and LXDE?12:39
amahoolaOerHeks, well, no, my app will probably get published after the manual review12:39
bazhangEightynine, what other de do you have installed12:40
amahoolaOerHeks, just like my other apps that got autorejected12:40
Bluewolfbazhang: Well yes something like that. I have the theme installed and yet those applications do not use it, not to mention that the test in Ubuntu Software Centre is barely visible.12:40
bazhangEightynine, removing those will not fix or remove the mess12:40
EightynineFluxbox and XFCE12:40
splitwireEightynine - can't you just uninstall all the programs that were installed with those desktops and then uninstall the desktops12:40
bazhangBluewolf, the test? did you mean text12:41
EightynineIt's a long process can I use terminal?12:41
splitwireI think so12:41
bazhangEightynine, we have no idea what you did12:41
splitwireif you can make a list then you could just type out a script to do it all12:41
bazhangEightynine, better to just get the xubuntu iso, and start over12:41
splitwireI agree with bazhang12:42
EightynineI have Gnome splash in my system.12:42
splitwireif you want to try out a lot of different desktops, use a VM and then just burn it when you're done12:42
Bluewolfbazhang: Yes the text, pardon me.12:42
bazhangEightynine, and the very first step is to install xubuntu-restricted-extras package following the initail update and upgrade12:42
bazhangBluewolf, I seem to recall vlc being skinnable, not sure about gimp however12:43
bazhangBluewolf, I know that a much lighter music player, audacious is extremely skinnable, as is the all in one replacement for vlc , smplayer12:44
=== scb is now known as simalps
MonkeyDustaudacious is awesome12:44
MrNumber3ismeHello room. Anybody knowledgable in the area of permissions granting?12:45
EightynineI think DeadBeef is a good player and SMPlayer is better for video.12:45
bazhangBluewolf, audactious is appararently qute similar to winamp, if you are familiar with that, in terms of being skinnable12:45
=== simalps is now known as etg
MittMrNumber3isme what's the question?12:45
=== etg is now known as simmalps
EightynineI installed Synaptic12:45
MittEightynine Parole is good for both12:46
bazhang!permissions | MrNumber3isme12:46
ubottuMrNumber3isme: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions12:46
bazhangEightynine, why are you doing that12:46
Bluewolfbazhang: Well to be honest I have heard of themes for VLC, though the biggest problem for me is LibreOffice and Gimp, I do most of my work in these for long hours which definitely affects my eyes.12:46
BluewolfI don't use audactious12:46
EightynineI tried to use Parole a few years ago and didn't like it. Maybe now it's much better.12:46
bazhangEightynine, you have a very long road ahead in trying to remove the entirety of those de and all the associated applications12:47
Eightyninebazhang I'm doing it to remove DEs that I don't need and install extras.12:47
EriC^^i'm using gmusic-browser , it's light and nice12:47
MrNumber3ismeWhen I access any SD card I insert, the card mounts as read only. using chmod does nothing. I have to remount through terminal. the real problem is that when I try to navigate through the folders on the SD card, the permissions reset to read only. I'm getting real tired of having to remount the card every time I change folders.12:47
bazhangBluewolf, ok, just a suggestion12:47
splitwireEightynine, what he is trying to tell you is that you are going to have issues if you do not get all the programs and packages associated with each unique de you are removing also uninstalled12:48
splitwireit would be easier to bu your data, nuke and pave a new install12:48
EightynineI'm trying to remove gnome-session and it asks to remove ubuntu-session.12:48
MrNumber3ismespecifically, the command I end up using is12:49
cfhowlettsplitwire is correct.  way more sane!12:49
MrNumber3ismemount --options remount,rwx /dev/sdb112:49
Bluewolfbazhang: As a matter of interest, there is a theme called Gnomish Dark which themes all the applications in question, although it is a bit brighter and I do not like it much. I am forced to use it as its better than the bright background.12:49
EriC^^MrNumber3isme: i think there's no rwx, just rw12:50
BluewolfWould fiddling with themes be a pain?12:50
EriC^^-o remount,rw12:50
MrNumber3isme@eric, no avail. still acting up.12:51
EriC^^MrNumber3isme: what filesystem does it have>?12:51
mcphailMrNumber3isme: what filesystem is the sdcard?12:51
OerHekslist with tons of themes here, http://www.noobslab.com/p/themes-icons.html12:51
MrNumber3ismeFat32. I use it for my soft-modded Wii.12:51
MrNumber3ismeMounts perfectly on my wii, using Damn Small Linux.12:52
EriC^^MrNumber3isme: mount it with whatever options you want, like -o uid=1000,gid=1000,fmask=000,dmask=00012:52
EriC^^MrNumber3isme: unmount it, then type sudo mount -o uid=<your uid>,gid=<your gid>,fmask=000,dmask=00012:53
EriC^^MrNumber3isme: unmount it, then type sudo mount -o uid=<your uid>,gid=<your gid>,fmask=000,dmask=000 /dev/sdb1 /mnt12:53
MrNumber3ismestill acting up.12:54
EriC^^type ls -l /mnt | head -n 212:55
EriC^^and paste here12:55
ponyrider ill have a look12:56
amahoola /join #elementary12:56
ponyriderpaste the output of cat /proc/mounts12:56
MrNumber3ismetotal 40   -rw-r--r-- 1 root root   376 Sep 25  2006 README12:57
Eightynine sudo aptitude remove gnome* Is this correct?12:57
ponyrideri am not ubuntu sorry. sounds like you are removing your DE though.. that might be bad.12:58
EriC^^MrNumber3isme: type sudo blkid /dev/sdc112:59
EriC^^sorry sdb112:59
=== x44x45x41x4E is now known as [Away]x44x45x41x
MrNumber3ismehmmm .. nothing happened.13:00
ponyrideror just sudo blkid13:00
EriC^^MrNumber3isme: did you use sudo?13:00
ponyridermust use sudo13:00
MrNumber3ismeI'm in a root shell. I tried just blkid, and it worked now ... but hey. stupid question ... how does one copy from xterm? I use X11 desktop13:01
EriC^^MrNumber3isme: highlight the text then click the middle mouse button to paste it13:01
ponyrideror ctrl shift c13:02
ponyriderif its builtin...13:02
MrNumber3ismethat may be an issue. laptop with no middle mouse button. Right click doesn't work, Ctrl + C doesn't work.13:02
BluewolfOerHeks: Thanks, though I would rather try and get these two applications sorted with - http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/10/use-adwaita-dark-as-your-system-theme13:02
EriC^^MrNumber3isme: type blkid | nc termbin.com 999913:03
EriC^^it should give you a link13:03
MrNumber3ismeeither way, for some reason, sdb isn't listed at all. it's just my hdd partitions in sda 1 - 613:03
ponyriderSHIFT. CTRL SHIFT C13:03
EriC^^MrNumber3isme: try to unplug then plug back in13:03
ponyriderportable hdd?13:03
MrNumber3ismeno. all internal hdd. multi boot system.13:04
EriC^^ponyrider: it's a sd card13:04
ponyriderlol what are you doing on that hdd13:06
MrNumber3ismestill no go with reading the card now ... it's never not read the card before.13:06
ponyridertower pc or laptop?13:06
EriC^^MrNumber3isme: did you try unplugging then plugging back in?13:06
ponyridertry this echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/bus/pci/rescan13:07
MrNumber3ismeMy GF refuses to learn linux, so I've got windoze vista on here, but I've been tweaking Kubuntu with KDE4 to look like vista to get her over to the light side13:07
MrNumber3ismeYeah, I've unplugged/plugged.13:07
ponyridersome guy on the ubuntu forum recommends restarting w sd card in slot.13:07
=== x44x45x41x4E is now known as [Away]x44x45x41x
ponyridershe wont come. shes too pure aaarrg13:08
MrNumber3ismeI suppose I can try restarting with the card in the slot ....13:09
ponyridertry that13:09
EriC^^try partprobe13:10
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=== x44x45x41x4E is now known as [Away]x44x45x41x
MrNumber3ismeOkie dokie. Card is recognized again13:16
EriC^^MrNumber3isme: ok type sudo lsblk -f | nc termbin.com 999913:17
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jonascjI am installing texlive in ubuntu 14.04, and currently it is going very very slow: "Get:20 http://dk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/main texlive-pstricks all 2013.20140215-2 [26.2 MB]" is going at 19kb/s, taking 2 hours. Right before other packages were going at 4mb/s.13:25
swizgard_hi. any ideas why using apt-cacher-ng gives me hash-sum mismatches quite often?13:25
swizgard_(making it quite unusable)13:26
jonascjHow can I find out if that particular archive is just really slow or if there is something else amiss?13:26
LittleBishwhat is ubuntu?13:26
LittleBishand is it uBUNtu ?13:26
LittleBishor OOboontoo ?13:26
cfhowlett!ubuntu | LittleBish13:26
ubottuLittleBish: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com13:26
LittleBishor is it AHHBUNTUH13:27
compdocan operating system13:27
LittleBishor is it13:27
LittleBishhow do you guys call it?13:27
MonkeyDust!manual | LittleBish13:27
ubottuLittleBish: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:27
compdocits a way of life for some13:27
LittleBishhold on hold on13:27
LittleBishhow do you guys call it?13:27
LittleBishi'm thinking OOBOONTOO ?13:27
LittleBishlike that13:27
LittleBishaww <313:27
cfhowlettLittleBish, use whatever works for you13:27
LittleBishyeah well i dont want to look like a retard to my boyfriend13:27
compdoctoo late13:28
cfhowlettLittleBish, somehow I doubt that will be an issue ...13:28
LittleBishyou guys are mean13:28
OerHeksswizgard_, likely because the lists are corrupted, run: sudo rm -fR /var/lib/apt/lists/*  # and then: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade13:28
MonkeyDustLittleBish  this is ubuntu support. Did you have a support question?13:28
LittleBishno i stopped talking13:29
LittleBishi'm just debating between linux or ubuntu13:29
LittleBishor mac13:29
LittleBishso i was thinking i'd watch how you guys interact13:29
compdocubuntu is linux13:29
LittleBishok between mac or ubuntu13:29
cfhowlettLittleBish, both.  ubuntu will run on the mac13:30
swizgard_OerHeks: i do that all the time and it does not really help13:30
OerHeksswizgard_, oke, maybe this is partial, run: sudo rm -R /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*13:30
swizgard_OerHeks: i delete it all13:30
swizgard_i even sometimes reset the cacher itself13:31
OerHeksswizgard_, are you on a supported ubuntu version ?13:31
swizgard_OerHeks: yes13:31
=== oats is now known as oatbagle_
swizgard_repositories failig in question were utopic-updates. without apt-cacher-ng it runs fine13:32
swizgard_the apt-cacher-ng runs on debian wheezy13:32
OerHeksswizgard_, then go look for the issue there, not on your workstation13:32
swizgard_OerHeks: so would you say it's the apt-cacher's problem and #debian the right channel?13:32
chotaz`wcan anyone suggest me a good app to nest terminals? or organize multiple terminal instances?13:34
nomicyou can do ctrl-t in the terminal window - get another terminal prompt13:35
EightynineRemove all DEs I don't need anymore and now my system works much better. Give me please a command to install Xubuntu extras.13:35
OerHeksEightynine, open softwarecenter and search?13:35
cfhowlettEightynine, sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras13:36
EightynineIt was removed during Gnome uninstallation. Thanks cfhowlett13:36
nomicshift-ctrl-t opens another terminal instance, as a tab, in your current terminal window  (  chotaz`w )13:36
=== oatbagle_ is now known as oats
MonkeyDustchotaz`w  or use the screen command... you can then terminate the instance and even logout, without terminating running processes ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen13:37
jonascjHow do I debug why installing / getting a certain package (or archive) is very slow? I am install texlive-full, and some packages see 4mb/s, but others 20kb/s.13:39
OerHeksjonascj, simply abort update, and run it again?13:41
EightynineThanks for help.13:42
LittleBishdo people even talk here?13:43
MonkeyDust!ot | LittleBish13:43
ubottuLittleBish: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:43
cfhowlettLittleBish, this is a support channel. for chit chat, try a different channel \13:44
LittleBishgot banned from chat channel13:44
LittleBishwhat other channel can you suggest?13:44
cfhowlettLittleBish, so you know the ruls13:44
lmatI'm using ubuntu and trying to get the grub menu to not show up upon boot. Did ubuntu mess this up or something? The docs ( https://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/html_node/Simple-configuration.html ) say "GRUB_TIMEOUT Boot the default ... Set to '0' to boot immediately without displaying the menu..." I set it to 0, but the menu still shows up. My /etc/default/grub is http://sprunge.us/hTca13:44
ANJ7LittleBish: ##explain13:44
lmatbekks: I think you said something about this before? ^13:45
LittleBish8 users on there wtff13:45
ANJ7or #ubuntu-offtopic13:45
MonkeyDustLittleBish  please behave13:45
LittleBishalright will try my niggas13:45
cfhowlettLittleBish, that kind of language will get you banned from here.13:45
LittleBishthank yall :)13:45
MonkeyDustLittleBish  of course, you were banned for no reason...13:45
LittleBishwassup ?13:45
LittleBishwhats wrong?13:45
cfhowlettLittleBish, consider yourself added to my /ignore list13:46
LittleBishwhat kind of language?13:46
LittleBishwhy cfhowlett?13:46
HarryLittleBish, you weren't even on a chat channel before, nor are you now. If you don't need ubuntu support please leave this channel.13:46
LittleBishnot today13:46
ANJ7LittleBish: if you need help stay here otherwise look for other channels :)13:46
LittleBishwas on another day got banned for 30 days13:46
LittleBishye ye i got you13:46
LittleBishalright my niggas i'mma hit up offtopic section13:46
MonkeyDustLittleBish  switch off your computer and go out and play13:47
LittleBishnaw nigga got here from a party last night tho13:47
LittleBishso tired af13:47
OerHeks!ops | LittleBish13:47
ubottuLittleBish: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang13:47
LittleBishwhats up13:47
lmatoh my...13:47
LittleBishwhy yall sending bots so much?13:47
LittleBishi do something wrong?13:47
mikecmpblltroll alert.13:49
OerHeksmikecmpbll, a little sunshine make them go13:50
BluewolfSo is there no one who could knows how to get the Ubuntu Gnome default theme Adwaita Dark theme working in LibreOffice and Gimp. Would following these instructions work? - https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=11665213:51
kulelu88Hello there13:52
jonascjOerHeks: It happens every time. Some archives are fetched at 4mb/s, and others at 20kb/s.13:52
kulelu88Does anybody know how I can activate the internal hardware for a Lenovo laptop that uses 3G/Mobile-Simcard?13:53
kulelu88I inserted the sim card by the battery but it doesn't seem to allow me to activate mobile broadband on the network settings13:53
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=== Brand3n is now known as r00t
OerHekskulelu88, on what model lenovo?13:58
kulelu88I'm now beginning to wonder if the slot is a dummy slot13:58
swizgard_OerHeks: i get hash sum mismatch for http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/utopic-security/main/i18n/Translation-en also with no apt-cacher13:59
OerHekskulelu88, i found no howto for your model, just this one for x121 https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Linux-Discussion/x121e-How-to-enable-WWAN-Bluetooth-on-Linux/td-p/668255  maybe it is any help ?14:00
swizgard_kulelu88: thinkwiki is also a quite good resource14:01
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eonbluezhowdy all --- is there a site where I can search across multiple repos for packages?14:13
eonbluezI need specific versions of ruby and wanted to search for an existing one before I package my own14:14
JunkHunkhello I need to keep the current kernel version how do I set it as default? system updates wants to install the latest and therefore the current one will be out of grub startup list... preventing me from choosing it14:15
cfhowlettJunkHunk, false.14:15
MonkeyDusteonbluez  ruby sits in "main"14:16
cfhowlettJunkHunk, once you have more than a single kernel, the old kernel is retained is the grub boot options.  just won't be the default option.14:16
MonkeyDust!info ruby14:16
ubotturuby (source: ruby-defaults): Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby (default version). In component main, is optional. Version 1: (utopic), package size 5 kB, installed size 46 kB14:16
JunkHunkcfhowlett,  I am using kubuntu and there are only two to choose from14:16
eonbluezMonkeyDust: yeah but I want to search for a specific version14:16
eonbluezin third party repos14:16
eonbluezthe main repo doesnt have the version I need14:16
cfhowlettJunkHunk, unless you deleted it, it's still there.14:16
MonkeyDusteonbluez  i guess you'd need an external .deb or a ppa, then14:16
JunkHunkcfhowlett I am already using an outdated kernel14:17
eonbluezyeah, i was looking for a way to search those third parties14:17
eonbluezlike a search engine for ppas or something14:17
g105bHi guys, I want to use Mutt, and want to pin it to the Unity Launcher, but how do I do this without affecting other terminal windows that are open?14:17
MonkeyDusteonbluez  any search engine can find it14:17
MonkeyDustif it exists14:18
OerHekseonbluez, search on launchpad, the place for 3th party ppa's.14:18
MonkeyDusteonbluez  start here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas14:18
JunkHunkcfhowlett anyway how do I set a particular kernel as default and is it bad to do it?14:18
cfhowlett1JunkHunk, bad?  no.  just not necessary.  but if you insist, edit your grub so that your preferred kernel is the first listed option.14:19
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:19
k1lJunkHunk: kernels on ubuntu get security and bug fixes. you might want to run the latest one ubuntu got in the repos for your release.14:20
ProfMerlinHi guys. Liquid Telecoms ubuntu mirror is down. Emailing and speaking to them directly has been useless. Who can I report it to?14:20
k1lJunkHunk: any reason you want to keep that kernel?14:21
JunkHunkk1l I see.. I think I ll better use the latest...one reason yes14:21
JunkHunkk1l mono libraries14:21
JunkHunkk1l I am using opensimulator and the latest kernel was making opensim mono libraries fatal error crash14:22
=== norm is now known as Guest46021
JunkHunkk1l but I think I will try the new one just suggested by update manager and see what happens...14:23
JunkHunkI was only worried seeing nomore the .46 in the list14:23
k1lwhat ubuntu is that exactly?14:23
JunkHunkkubuntu 14.04.214:25
baxxis there any way of displaying recent messages in ubuntu? I had one about VirtualBox pop up (top right of screen) then it vanished before i could read it all14:30
Knight80Hello everyone14:30
=== jhenke_ is now known as jhenke
Knight80Does any of you have some experience with plex media server?14:31
OerHeksKnight80, plex is not in our repos, there is a #plex channel here on #freenode.14:33
Knight80OerHeks Thank you very much14:34
=== Armadillos_ is now known as Armadillos
splitwireDoesn't the plex website have a .deb you can download and install?14:38
OerHekssplitwire, maybe they do.14:39
codeichi to all. can I get some info on this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tracker/+bug/1364780 ? It still affects me, even after switching between versions14:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1364780 in tracker (Ubuntu) "tracker-extract crashed with SIGABRT in g_malloc0()" [Medium,Confirmed]14:52
woodsbwI am using targetcli to present a LUN over FCoE to a Windows server, using a virtualized HBA on the Windows side. The issue that I am running into is that the virtualized HBA's WWN begins with the character "C", and targetcli keeps rejecting it as an invalid WWN (if I change the "C" at the beginning to a "2", it will allow it.) Any ideas on what can be done to get targetcli to accept this WWN?14:53
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javnutI have an i7-3770 according to cat /proc/cpuinfo but file /sbin/init tells me my cpu is 32 bit15:00
javnutI thought the i7s were all 64-bit compatible though, what am I missing here?15:00
goddardwas trying to upgrade and my upgrade crashed when trying to remove KDM15:00
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
=== Faylite_ is now known as Faylite
Generator_hi I have this 2 disks http://fpaste.org/210854/42902394/raw/ how to check if they are mounted, how to mount them if not mounted.15:07
k1lGenerator_: "mount" into terminal15:09
k1loh, but this is a raid, hmm. i got no experience with raid setups15:10
Generator_k1l mount says mount: unknown filesystem type 'linux_raid_member'15:10
k1lGenerator_: no, just "mount". not mount /some/stuff /some/other/stuff15:11
OerHeksjavnut, what ubuntu are you runningnow, 32 bit ?15:12
Generator_http://paste.ubuntu.com/10822337/ k1l15:12
javnutOerHeks: yeah15:12
OerHeksjavnut, that explains it, see lscpu for real details.15:13
Generator_I dont see where those raids are mounted15:13
javnutOerHeks: yes, that says Op-Mode 32-bit, 64-bit15:14
codeic_  is there solution to tracker-extract bug?15:14
k1lGenerator_: /dev/md is raid, right?15:14
javnutso does that mean I can install the 64-bit version of ubuntu?15:14
OerHeksjavnut, sure15:14
javnutwill I get better performance? :o15:14
OerHeksjavnut, with 2gb+ mem yes, your cpu uses more registers and bigger sizes.15:15
Generator_k1l: they are raid array15:15
javnutcool. I have something to do then, thanks Heks15:15
OerHekshave fun15:16
Generator_k1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10822380/ what does this mean ?15:17
k1lGenerator_: i dont know that raid stuff. if you use it you should have basic knowledge and know where you can read about15:18
Generator_yeah :(15:18
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MonkeyDust!raid | Generator_15:21
ubottuGenerator_: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto15:21
Generator_MonkeyDust thank you15:22
MarcGuayHi folks.  I'm looking for an equivalent to Notepad++ for Ubuntu.  Any suggestions?  The features that interest me are code highlighting and easy ability to switch file encodings.15:22
codeic_MarcGuay, try Sublime or Atom15:23
MarcGuay(Aptana Studio 3 fails miserably at the 2nd)15:23
MarcGuaycodeic_: Thanks15:23
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator15:23
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code15:23
MonkeyDustI found BlueGriffon for HTML coding, on the net, looks neat15:24
=== saschpe_ is now known as saschpe
MarcGuayOerHeks: I understand that you mean to be helpful but I asked a specific question and you provided a very general answer.15:25
MarcGuaySo the effect is actually not very helpful.  I do thank you for trying, though.15:25
=== Guest80096 is now known as Sleepnbum
OerHeksMarcGuay, there are a lot of extended editors, see which one suits you best.15:27
kunal278I need help on url rewrite and redirection , can somebody help ?15:27
kunal278I want to transform /post.php?id=2&title=Another-blog-post to /Another-blog-post.html , what should i put in .htaccess file15:29
pbxkunal278, this isn't the right channel for that.  go to the channel for your httpd software, e.g. #apache, #nginx15:29
kunal278i am not able to redirect15:29
junimou alguem me ensina a programar15:37
OerHeks!es | junim15:37
ubottujunim: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:37
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.15:37
lucian_yoooo, people :D15:38
MonkeyDustalguien is spanish, alguem is portugese15:38
OerHeksoh, thank you MonkeyDust15:38
comodo_dragonhas ubuntu 15.04 been released ?15:38
OerHekscomodo_dragon, no, 27th this month15:38
MonkeyDustcomodo_dragon  two weeks from now15:38
junimsou novo aqui ajuda15:38
comodo_dragonah ,ok. thanks15:39
k1ljunim: stop that, you know that this channel is english only15:39
k1l!br > junim15:39
ubottujunim, please see my private message15:39
laowei123when i setup an ubuntu server system, that i want to switch to full disk encryption at a later point, would it be best to use lvm or no lvm when installint?15:40
OerHekslaowei123, lvm is a choise, so is encryption, i think you'll need to reinstall when you do want encryption at a later stage.15:43
MonkeyDustlaowei123  i guess lvm is best for servers, but better ask in #ubuntu-server15:43
john_doe_jrthe desktop will display the background but it will not launch the icons…any ideas who this is happening in ubuntu 14.04?15:45
DexxstarrHey guys, I'm using Win7 and I have a USB 2TB drive that reads fine as a USB device but when plugged into the sata on my PC it reads as a corrupt or raw filesystem. Is this encryption of some sort? I'm going to switch to Ubuntu now that I'm done anyway. Any bets on what will happen?15:46
YvesLevierQuestion : Is there a channel to help Windows users for true BUT telling them they are not using a serious OS?15:50
k1lYvesLevier: that is not a real ubuntu support question. for windows support see ##windows and for questions about channels on freenode ask in #freenode15:51
YvesLevierk1l: My goal is to promote Linux.15:51
YvesLevierNon seriously help Wintrick but...15:52
YvesLevierLook Dexx has a question about win7.  Good occasion to help him to understand he is in a bad contition...15:53
YvesLevierTo think plz15:53
OerHeksYvesLevier, nice thought, but how do we tell it is encryption or a bad partition ?15:55
kamkazedaveanyone know how to use modules.conf correctly?15:56
hiveartswhere to find prepared ubuntu qemu img?15:56
daftykinskamkazedave: what are you trying to do? load a module at boot?15:57
kamkazedavei'm trying to suspend b43 and bcma15:57
OerHekshivearts, for 14.04 lts > http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/14.04/release/15:57
MonkeyDusthivearts  consider using vagrant, it has plenty prepared virtualbox images http://www.vagrantbox.es/15:57
kamkazedavei've tried SUSPEND_MODULES="b43 bcma" and when i do sudo modprobe wl it comes up saying it's a bad line15:58
hiveartsi want to run dokku as my backup production server15:58
hiveartsshouold i can trust vagrant?15:58
MonkeyDusthivearts  it's a simple way to load virtualbox machines15:59
hiveartsyes, but is it stable and machine hard restart safety?15:59
MonkeyDusthivearts  the question is, if virtualbox is stable16:00
MonkeyDusthivearts  vagrant is simply a terminal command16:00
hiveartsso is virtualbox stable as qemu?16:00
MonkeyDusthivearts  it would not be qemu16:01
=== Troy2 is now known as Troy^
hiveartsi know16:01
hiveartsbut compared to qemu16:02
MonkeyDusthivearts  but vagrant loads virtulabox in the background, you then ssh to it in the terminal16:02
hiveartsi know, i use virtualbox already16:02
hiveartsbut should i trust to virtualbox as i can trust to qemu?16:02
MonkeyDusthivearts  i don't see why not16:02
YvesLevierhivearts: Vbox is stable.  Very.  But not offering all we are used in Linux.  Didnt have time to explore alternatives, but most are telling that this is not the best option.16:03
YvesLevierProblem is that non opened Vbox is better.  I hate that!16:04
YvesLevierand dont use16:04
MonkeyDusthivearts  do you want to use a gui, or a command line? (server)16:05
hiveartsi don't need much options, i just need to have stable VM16:05
MonkeyDusthivearts  then go for vagrant/vbox16:05
YvesLevierhi Mys716:05
hiveartsok, thanks16:06
kamkazedavedaftykins you still there?16:06
daftykinsoh yeah16:06
kamkazedaveany idea?16:06
MonkeyDusthivearts  https://docs.vagrantup.com/v2/16:06
daftykinskamkazedave: when you say suspend, do you mean you want them to not be loaded?16:07
YvesLevierMonkeyDust: What is vagrant?16:07
MonkeyDustYvesLevier  look at the link I just suggested16:07
YvesLevieron it.  Thx :)16:07
kamkazedavedaftykins: yes16:07
daftykinskamkazedave: so really you're talking about blacklisting :)16:08
kamkazedavedaftykins: how would I do that?16:08
daftykinskamkazedave: dunno! plenty of advice online though i'm sure16:08
daftykinsit's written in tonnes of guides16:08
YvesLevierVagrant looks great.  Thx again :)16:09
kamkazedavedaftykins: would putting it in blacklist.conf be a better idea?16:09
kamkazedavedaftykins: putting it in as blacklist b43 bcma?16:10
daftykinskamkazedave: if you want those modules not to load, blacklisting is the way16:10
daftykinskamkazedave: you're asking me questions about how to do something that i just said i don't know how :D16:10
kamkazedavedaftykins: still helpful, though. I'll reboot trying to blacklist it.16:11
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
kamkazedavedaftykins: it's now working. Thanks for the help16:19
lotuspsychje!cookie | daftykins16:20
ubottudaftykins: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!16:20
daftykinsyay \o/16:21
daftykinsom nom nom16:21
Happy1How do I delete a protected file? because in the process of trying to install drivers for my printer, which failed in the end, a file is on my desktop that I can't delete because it is protected.16:29
lotuspsychjeHappy1: you can try gksu nautilus and delete it16:29
Happy1what?? sorry I don't understand16:30
SchrodingersScat!gksu | Happy116:31
ubottuHappy1: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)16:31
Happy1so how do I delete the file?16:32
lotuspsychjeHappy1: open a terminal and type gksu nautilus and delete your file from there16:34
goddardhow can i install without cd or flash drive?16:36
k1lgoddard: see if you can use the pxe install method16:36
goddardcan i launch that from recovery?16:36
SchrodingersScatgoddard: PXE? could grub2 boot an iso off the hdd.16:37
goddardyeah my system is messed up just gonna install fresh16:37
kulelu88does anybody know how to make the internal 3G work on a Lenovo T430?16:37
OerHeksgoddard, why can't you boot off usb??16:38
goddarddont have any16:38
kulelu88OerHeks: Is it possible that I need an additional driver for internal 3G ?16:39
OerHekskulelu88, not that i know of.16:40
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest69359
toshiba_hi, I have a smartphone bq aquarius 4.5E but I can not synchronize with my notebook ubuntu 14:04 , what can I do ?16:41
lotuspsychje!touch | toshiba_16:41
ubottutoshiba_: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:41
lotuspsychjetoshiba_: you can install the tools from #ubuntu-touch topic16:42
egypzwho are here16:54
egypz hello16:55
VoyageHow to restart kde16:56
Voyagealt + ctrl + backspace does not works16:56
FuchsAlt+SysRQ+K, but that's not recommended,16:57
FuchsCTRL+ALT+Backspace is unrelated to the desktop in use, also not recommended and got disabled by default16:57
kruxsudo service lightdm restart16:58
VoyageFuchs,  that doesnt works either16:58
coffee-hi i'd like to get 3d acceleration with my radeon r9 270 in 14.04.0216:58
FuchsVoyage: probably SysRQ is disabled then, I recommend enabling that.  For now you can switch to a VT hopefully  (CTRL+ALT+F1) and restart the graphical interface16:59
coffee-i tried to get it working earlier but to no avail16:59
daftykinscoffee-: sure, install AMD drivers then16:59
daftykinswhat did you try?16:59
VoyageFuchs, CTRL+ALT+F1 willl give me terminal16:59
coffee-installing amdcccle and drivers16:59
VoyageI dont what that16:59
Voyagejust restart x16:59
coffee-didn't work16:59
* genii briefly considers taking "coffee" off his highlight list17:00
coffee-coffee- <--- with the dash?17:00
daftykinscoffee-: how *specifically*17:00
coffee-downloaded from amd.com and installed17:01
daftykins!ati | coffee- follow the guide here17:01
ubottucoffee- follow the guide here: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:01
coffee-i think sh install iirc17:01
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coffee-ok daftykins thank you :D17:01
daftykinsgoddard: off topic :)17:05
k1lgoddard: please keep this channel for technical support only.17:05
baxxsymlink has no referent: "/home/vco/.config/gitbook-editor/SingletonCookie17:07
baxxin this context, what does referent mean? That the directory doesn't exist that the link is meant to live in?17:07
Nickinizyou webmasteR?17:08
baxxI'm just trying to back some stuff up... That would make sense as the location the files are being backed up to doesn't have the same absolute path, is there some copy relative version?17:08
daftykinsNickiniz: do you have an Ubuntu support question?17:09
Nickinizdaftykins you webmaster?17:10
lotuspsychjeNickiniz: your in an ubuntu support channel here, what are you trying to find?17:12
Nickinizirc Google search bot17:13
daftykinsNickiniz: you're in the wrong place.17:13
Nickiniz!Google keywords17:13
MonkeyDustNickiniz  did you have a ubuntu support question?17:13
niramhey guys17:16
niramany idea how to see the currently confiugured nameservers in ubuntu 14.04?17:16
Fuchscat /etc/resolv.conf17:16
niramyeah, right17:16
ki7mtbaxx, use somethign along the lines of:fir i in $@ ; ln -s $(relpath $PWD $(readlink -f $i)) .. do other stuff ; done  ... that should copy relative links, but I've performed a local test fo the command17:16
daftykinsFuchs: nameserver
niramFuchs: ubuntu desktop (should have specified) comes default with dnsmasq17:16
ki7mtwhoops .. for i in $@ .. .. .. ; done17:17
Fuchswell, both dig and nslookup will show which one they used17:17
niramand i don't know how to see what's configured into dnsmasq via dbus17:17
daftykinsniram: do you want to see or change? because you can set them in network manager if you want to change them (on a desktop the GUI way)17:17
niramdaftykins: i am using network-manager-openvpn17:18
niramand i am switching vpns a lot17:18
niramand i want to see the current nameservers17:18
niramsee, not change17:18
niramsee what i am currently using17:18
Fuchsniram: nmcli dev list    does it here17:18
ki7mtbaxx, or a bit easier may be: for i in *; do [ -L $i ] && cd  .. .. ..&& ln -s ../$i $i  .. .. ..cd - ; done17:18
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Fuchsbut that's a 14.1017:19
EduardoHello. What is license I need? I want program a library which can't be closeable, but it can be modified and usable by commercial programs, but distributing the modifications of my source.17:19
ki7mtbaxx, you can add the $(readlink ../$i) to identify what the link objects point too as well.17:20
daftykinsEduardo: ask in #linux - you're off topic for Ubuntu support17:20
niramFuchs: nmcli dev list shows the wifi interface dns'es17:20
niramnot the ones pushed by openvpn17:20
niramnmcli dev list doesn't see tun interfaces17:20
niramlet me rephrase my question17:20
niramhow do i dump dnsmasq current configuration?17:21
niramthe config can be updated on the fly, via dbus17:21
niramcan it also be queried?17:21
niramisn't it bothering anyone besides me that there is no way to see what nameservers you are currently using? :)17:21
Fuchsniram: as said, both dig and nslookup should be able to tell,17:23
Fuchsbut I'm checking if there are more sane options17:23
niramdig and nslookup show
niramthat's the nameserver they are using17:24
niramin resolv.conf there is
niramwhich is the local dnsmasq17:24
Fuchsyes, that I do know, just can't reproduce that here, but then I am currently not using VPN17:24
Fuchsso I don't know how much that adds to your problem17:24
nirameven if i weren't using vpn, there still was no way to see the current config17:25
niramfor example, if i connect to the running dnsmasq via dbus and change nameservers17:25
niramnetworkManager would not know17:25
niramnor would nslookup or dig or anything else17:26
sparrWhat can cause top to show 100% user cpu usage with no processes using much cpu? %Cpu(s):100.0 us,  0.0 sy,  0.0 ni,  0.0 id,  0.0 wa,  0.0 hi,  0.0 si,  0.0 st17:28
niramsparr: D state processes17:28
backboxis this ?17:33
lotuspsychje!language | backbox17:33
ubottubackbox: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:33
backboxi'm new17:33
backboxjust i install this17:34
backboxblack box17:34
OerHeksbackbox, read the topic first, thanks.17:34
backboxFUCK YOU BITCH17:34
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Kully3xfHey all - I can't ssh with a user I used to be able too, verified that all the .ssh and authorized keys are correct, with correct permissions. I get software caused connection abort17:40
Kully3xfany idea's where to look?17:40
lotuspsychje!ssh | Kully3xf17:40
ubottuKully3xf: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)17:40
Eduard_MunteanuKully3xf, could be a firewall issue17:41
=== cyboman34 is now known as cyboman33
Kully3xfnah aws - I can connect from the same machine with another user17:41
albertРоссия есть?17:41
pavlos!ru | albert17:41
ubottualbert: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:41
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jason_If I run something that starts using a lot of memory (like, to the point where it might be swapping) things grind to a complete halt and I can't interrupt the program. Is there a way to fix this?17:45
beachbuddahmorning folks - I'm stuck with a recovery/reinstall issue17:45
beachbuddahUsing a live USB version of trusty I have installed on both an extra partition on my hdd as well as an external drive17:46
daftykinsfire away with an explanation on one line and someone can attempt to help you :)17:46
beachbuddahwhen booting now from either (after adjusting the bios) I get OS Not FOund errors17:46
jason_Oh what the hell. I think I found the problem. I don't have a swap partition.17:47
daftykinsjason_: sounds about right17:47
beachbuddahI really am trying to avoid a reinstall on my main hdd partition - all my good junk is there (encrypted home folder - oops) but I am arriving at the idea that my version on the live USB could be corrupt?17:48
jason_I have no idea how that happened.17:48
hetakusoHow do you change the session? Either user or default.17:48
beachbuddahok - a bit more than 1 line but there it is - any help?17:48
daftykinshetakuso: login screen17:48
hetakusodaftykins: OOH, it's the ubuntu icon... would not have guess that17:49
hetakusodaftykins: thanks!17:49
EightynineHi. I have installed Xubuntu extras, but now I have bad fonts in browser. Also I have Fluxbox and I can't find any browser in it's menu though I have Chrome and Firefox.17:50
Eightyninehttp://pastebin.com/y4cCqqMi is this correct?17:52
OerHeksEightynine, IIRC you had bad font rendering before xubuntu-extra's too, is it worse now? or is this because you installed/removed so many DE's ?17:53
EightynineThey haven't change in system but they became worst in browser.17:53
EightynineI think I need Infinality.17:54
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OerHeks!rootirc | Guest6351417:56
ubottuGuest63514: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.17:56
kulelu88is there an easier/better solution to this issue of making an internal sim-card work on a Lenovo laptop: https://randomproblem.wordpress.com/2013/03/17/howto-umts-wwan-on-lenovo-thinkpad-x201-using-ubuntu-12-04/17:57
EightynineWhat about that pastebin link?18:01
OerHeksEightynine, what are you trying to remove?18:03
OerHeksthat part is missing18:03
EightynineI typed sudo apt-get autoremove after removing Gnome, MATE and LXDE and got that list.18:04
k1lEightynine: then you know why it wants to remove that.18:05
OerHeksEightynine, that would be oke, those packages arent in use then.18:05
EightynineThanks, I'll try to confirm that.18:05
OerHeksmaybe it breaks your system, i cannot tell, these things occur when adding and removing DE's. but in this situation, autoremove only gives unused packages.18:06
ars23hi, does anyone know why pppoeconf give the error: cannot find concentrator on eth0?18:06
kulelu88how do I check if wwan is supported on ubuntu?18:07
=== zz_AlphaTech is now known as AlphaTech
kulelu88a way to confirm if the hardware exists18:07
OerHekskulelu88, in this model, you need to enable it in your bios > http://lenovoipad.blogspot.co.at/2011/02/how-to-enable-3g-sim-card-in-lenovo.html in yours too ??18:11
junction4hi all. I'm trying to understand the UsePAM option when configuring sshd so that password based logins are disabled. A lot of info on the web suggests that this should be set to "No" but is it correct that if PasswordAuthentication and  ChallengeResponseAuthentication are disabled, UsePAM is effectively not used and can stay set to Yes?18:12
OerHekskulelu88, then from this page: rfkill list # does it show wwan ? https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Linux-Discussion/x121e-How-to-enable-WWAN-Bluetooth-on-Linux/td-p/66825518:12
baxxdoes anyone use rsnapshot?18:13
ianorlinjunction4: If password authentiacation is set to no then you can't login over ssh with passwords18:13
baxxI'm just wondering if I'm going to run into issues editing the conf file with an editor that replaces tabs with spaces18:13
kulelu88Following your instructions OerHeks . Brb18:15
junction4ianorlin: okay, so the UsePAM option can safely be left as set to Yes as it is in the default Ubuntu sshd config?18:16
stanmcmHello!  I have a friend asking for my help.  He has a web server that has been compromised.  It's been sending DoS attacks across the internet.  I'm wondering if making a backup of the website's source code and transferring to a new system is the best approach.18:16
dsmosAnyone think it'd be safe to tri boot Niresh and Windows along with Ubuntu?18:17
stanmcmThe site is programmed heavily in python.  I'm worried that the DoS code could be hidden inside the website's source.  Any ideas?18:17
OsmodivsHello. Wich PPA Nvidia driver do you guys recommend? I do not need a bleeding edge driver, but a stable one, there is NVIDIA Binary Driver Updates and18:19
OsmodivsX Updates18:19
splitwirestanmcm - I think you would run the real posibility that the botnet or whatever it is would be in the source code or at least the www directory someplace18:19
splitwirewas there not a backup someplace else?18:20
splitwireprior to the the DoS attacks?18:20
k1lOsmodivs: if you dont need bleeding edge why not use the ubuntu one?18:20
ki7mtstanmcm, best thing to do is shut it down, and do a source code validation, then validate the sever software also.18:20
stanmcmThe attacker is a previous dev who became irate.  Had root access.  Compromised the backups.18:20
=== Fahrenheit is now known as krunkpirate
stanmcmThanks guys.  That's what I needed to know.  I think I'm in over my head trying to help my friend.  :(18:21
ki7mtstanmcm, Thats easy, disable root access, enable SSK Key access only, change the keys.18:21
ki7mt.. SSH Keys ..18:22
stanmcmki7mt, Access is no longer the problem.  Tracking down the code is.  The owner took control with the help of their host.18:22
ki7mtstanmcm, Well, in almost all cases, unless the dude is a serious hacker, there's a trail, e.g. log in dates etc, use those dates for the compromise time reference and work backwards from there.18:23
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stanmcmki7mt, Thank you.  I'll do my best.  I think my real problem is going to be the fact that I'm not a pro programmer.  Even if I figure out which files were changed I won't know what to look for in the code.  :(  I was hoping that I wouldn't have to worry about the code.  lol18:25
EightynineAfter removing those packages my system lost network connection, I can't even open my router's interface.18:26
ki7mtstanmcm, That can be an issue. If the site is mostly Python, then obviously one needs to be Python literate. Off site "secure" incremental backups would have saved you here.18:26
=== TheNumb is now known as OpenRC
stanmcmki7mt, I wish I had setup this system.  That's exactly what I would have done.  All too common of a situation.  Business man set this system up.18:27
ioriaEightynine, i think router interface is indipendent from the system18:28
ki7mtstanmcm, Yeah, it's a lesson nobody wants to learn the hard way, but all to often, that is how it goes.18:28
EightynineYes, it has web interface. I booted my Windows 7 in order to connect to this channel and ask how to fix that issue.18:29
ioriaEightynine, which issue ?18:30
k1lEightynine: you installed all desktop packages. so you need to install the stuff you want now manually. like networkmanager and stuff18:30
k1lEightynine: * you removed18:30
EightynineI have no internet connection at all.18:30
EightynineI had the same problem in Salix OS and somehow I launched network connection by typing command in terminal but I don't remember it. Is there any way to do the same in Ubuntu?18:31
compdocEightynine, have you added or removed network cards?18:31
ioriaEightynine, i suppose yours hasn't been a regular setup ...18:31
comodo_dragonim using ubuntu 15.04 beta and is awesome and fast too. good job guys18:32
k1lEightynine: that is correct. you removed all networkmanager etc.18:32
bpromptEightynine:    http://blog.tplus1.com/blog/2008/06/13/how-to-connect-to-a-wireless-network-from-the-ubuntu-command-line/18:32
k1lEightynine: so what is the issue now? you removed all desktop-pakcages that removed their preinstalled stuff like networkmanager too.18:32
EightynineNo, I just removed all packages using apt-get autoremove copied list to pastebin and asked guys here if that was correct and they said that all is correct. I confirmed uninstallation and my system lost connection.18:33
k1lEightynine: so you are on a very limited minimal version now and you need to choose the packages you want to install.18:33
Jeeves_Mosswhat is the /dev/ device that the raspberry pi camera module attach to?18:33
k1lEightynine: no, you wanted to get rid of stuff that uninstalls other stuff that is "not needed" anymore. that is what people here confirmed.18:34
bpromptJeeves_Moss:    you could take a quick peek at -> sudo fdisk -l  <--- see where it shows18:34
OsmodivsHello. Wich PPA Nvidia driver do you guys recommend? I do not need a bleeding edge driver, but a stable one, there is NVIDIA Binary Driver Updates and18:34
OsmodivsX Updates18:34
ars23on a pi b+ I have problems with pppoeconf. it says cannot find concentrator on eth0. what should i do?18:34
Eightyninepppoeconf? I'll try this.18:34
k1lEightynine: you want to do expert stuff. so do the reading and thinking. you didnt like the mainstream user stuff that doesnt require auser to do that work.18:35
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EightynineYes, but maybe networkmanager was in that list?18:35
k1lEightynine: did you check that list? (yes it was in that list)18:36
k1lEightynine: you want to manually choose the configuration so do it.18:36
EightynineAnd how can I fixed that? I'm on ADSL and my router is needed for PC, tablet and smartphone.18:37
EightynineFix that.18:37
k1lthis is your router?18:37
EightynineYes, ADSL modem router.18:37
k1lyou installed ubuntu on your router?18:37
EightynineNo, on my PC18:37
k1lso that doesnt relate do ubuntu anyhow18:38
EightynineWe understood that package manager removed networkmanager. How can I connect my system to internet to install it again?18:39
k1lEightynine: put a lan cable in it?18:39
EightynineCable is connected but network doesn't work at all but I can connect to internet only using Windows on that PC or connect smartphone or tablet to that router via Wi-Fi.18:40
ioriaEightynine, if ifconfig is blank, start with  lspci, or lshw, then check lspci -k for your drivers18:42
=== zulu is now known as Guest92217
EightynineI checked if my network adapter is recognized. Seems like it works, so driver is installed?18:42
ioriaEightynine, also, sudo ifup eth0, etc., etc..18:43
EightynineIt doesn't work. Tried that.18:43
ioriaEightynine, so what's your ethernet card ?18:43
EightynineRealtek GBE series.18:44
EightynineIntegrated adapter.18:44
ioriaEightynine, lspci -k | grep Ethernet ?18:45
EightynineI'll check it now. Rebooting.18:45
Guest92217hi, i just installed monkey server on 14.02 using apt-get.  however, its not listed in /bin directory. where is it and ow do i start it?18:46
yorwosi want to edit my lightdm.conf file so i disable my automatic login , this is now http://pastebin.com/Z6uRQ22J , should i delete everything excpept the first line ? or leave timeout and session inside also ?18:47
EightynineRealtek RTL811118:48
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
EightynineWhat's next?18:49
ioria lspci -k | grep Ethernet  -A 418:50
MotherMGA1hello, I have a laptop with a GeForce 840M and Intel Integrated graphics. I'd like to use the intel chip primarily, and have it switch to nvidia for games, it doesn't seem to work.  Do I need to install the proprietary nvidia driver as well as bumblebee, or just bumblebee? Are there any guides to configuring this to work?18:50
ki7mtGuest92217, http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/amd64/monkey/filelist18:51
yorwosmother , in my old desktop each card mobo + gpu had seperate cable for the monitor18:51
ioriaEightynine, the driver in use is r8169                  ?18:51
ioriaEightynine, ifconfig ?18:52
manh_yorwos: just delete your user's name at line 218:52
EightynineLoopback running18:52
ki7mtGuest92217, So the binary location is not /bin rather /usr/bin/monkey should be the right location18:52
yorwosits logging in as the final line18:52
Guest92217thanks, but although it tells me its installed, its not in /usr/bin18:52
ioriaEightynine, no eth0 ?18:52
yorwosi mean its logging as ofoto18:53
manh_oh, delete one of two, and keep other null18:53
MotherMGA1yorwos: I believe this uses the nvidia-prime architecture, where the nvidia is just a 3d processor that delegates the signal processing to the intel chip18:53
EightynineOnly inet and inet618:53
manh_just like this18:53
yorwosso i should just delete my final line ?18:54
ioriaEightynine, i think you have to configure by hand /etc/network/interface ... then when you have connectivity you can reintall NetworkManager18:54
EightynineThanks. How to do that?18:55
manh_yep, just keep one of theme18:55
yorwosim rebooting brb18:55
ki7mtGuest92217, The try: which monkey  or locate monkey  .. it may be in /usr/local/bin is you built it from source or something.18:56
ki7mt.. then try:18:56
ioriaEightynine, sudo nano interface ... and write your configuration - IP, Gateway, SUBmask, dns... etc.   look here :http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Trusty_Networking#Manual_configuration_from_the_command-line18:56
=== mpmc_ is now known as mpmc
EightynineMy IP is dynamic18:58
ioriaEightynine, ^18:58
ioriadhcp then18:58
=== gfodranoel is now known as odranoel
EightynineIt says not found18:59
ioriaiface eth0 inet dhcp18:59
ioriaEightynine, the other link below19:00
EightynineCommand not found19:00
ioriaEightynine, what command ?19:00
EightynineWhere can I find said?19:00
ioriasaid ?19:00
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:01
twilerHey guys, I need help with setting up thunderbird, so, I'm just gonna lay it out all at once: So, I downloaded a file called "thunderbird-31.6.0.tar.bz2", and I opened it with archive manager, but, then what? I don't understand linux in that there is almost never an "executable" filed, which drives me bonkers! I don't know if it installed anything, or not! Please help me!19:01
splitwiretwiler - why don't you just download it through the repo or download the .deb file and install19:03
Eightynineiface command not found. Where can I find ssid?19:03
compdocEightynine, sounds like you removed too much. might as well reinstall19:03
EightynineI wanted to write ssid but autocorrect wrote said19:04
splitwiretwiler: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ubuntuzilla/files/mozilla/apt/pool/main/t/thunderbird-mozilla-build/19:04
ars23@Eightynine, maybe a reinstall should help you... in future, I recommend to save the list of software that is proposed by OS for uninstalling...19:04
ki7mttwiler, Why not use the repo version of TBird, it's what I uses, seems to work well.19:04
Harrytwiler: simple way to get thunderbird is through the Software Center19:05
twilerOK, thanks a lot guys!19:05
EightynineIs there any Ubuntu builds with Fluxbox?19:05
ki7mttwiler, And secondly, that is a source tarball, you need to compile it for use, which may not be straight forward.19:05
ars23twiller from software center is the easy way. if you download the sources from internet you have to compile them... (./configure && make && make install)19:06
twilerOhh so, that's why there isn't "a file" that can be clicked?19:06
EightynineNo way to repair network on my system?19:07
ars23yes, that's why... only if you get .deb files, that are packaged software, that can be installed with a double click or dpkg -i name.deb19:07
ars23eightynine, i understand from the conversation that you uninstalled some software and maybe between that software was network manager or dhcp...19:08
EightynineAnd no way to fix it?19:08
Harrytwiler: but if you're a new user, I highly recommend sticking to the Software Center and repos for now19:08
ars23if you don't know what you uninstalled, the simplest way is to reinstall os...19:09
ki7mtars23, I would not recommend dpkg as it does nto resolve dependencies, gdebi is a much better solution for .deb's or better yet, : sudo apt-get install thunderbird  ; would be best.19:09
ars23ki7mt i agree with you19:09
EightynineThanks for help. Download Xubuntu iso or what?19:09
twiler@Harry: Yes I am a new user, and I will be sticking to the main channels. I only wish I could get openbazaar running well, and I'd be good to go, lol!!19:10
ioriaEightynine, try wtfayd19:10
ars23what OS you want! ubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu, kubuntu... the difference between them is the desktop environment19:10
EightynineI don't like any DE.19:11
ki7mtEightynine, short asnwer, yes yuo cna repair you Network, easily, maybe not. Re: which ISO, whatever you like, but with the main Ubuntu ISO, you can install whichever DE you prefer.19:11
yorwosit seems my system was autologing as account1 and then changed to autologin2 which can explain why my boot times were raised !19:11
ki7mt.. you can repair ..19:11
yorwosi remover both lines to work properly19:11
ki7mtEightynine, IN the case of "no DE", install the ubuntu server then, go from there.19:12
ars23ki7mt i saw your answer, but for example if you install lubuntu on your machine, you can after that migrate to kde or xfce... right?19:12
ioriai tried gnome with   lubuntu19:13
ki7mtars23, Yes, I believe all the DE's are availble in all the distro's, however, depending on what you use as the base ISO will determine the default DE installation ; e.g. Kubuntu ya get KDE DE, Lubuntu you get LXDE etc.19:14
ioriai think xfce4 io ok too... kde i'm not sure19:14
ars23yes, that's true...19:14
ki7mtThat would be Xubuntu them19:14
splitwireI have used Ubuntu as the base and used many different DE19:14
splitwiresome work better than others but I'm sure the issues I had were either hardware related or I did not properly install all the depend.19:15
ars23ioria, as I know, kde needs some resources... it's a nice DE... lightweight are xfce and lxde...19:15
k1lsplitwire: yes, that is fine if you know what you are doing. but just deleting stuff and wondering why nothing works is not going to work. like we saw.19:15
ki7mtyeah shat he said ^^ not a good idea for long term use19:16
ki7mt.. what19:16
ars23question: pppoe gives me "could not find concentrator on eth0".  did someone know something about this error? one week ago it worked perfectly but now it doesn't19:17
ki7mtThis is a nice overview of the 8 primary DE's: http://www.howtogeek.com/163154/linux-users-have-a-choice-8-linux-desktop-environments/19:17
EightynineWhich Ubuntu build is most stable?19:19
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)19:19
k1lEightynine: they are all the same base. its just the preinstalled desktop with their prefered software.19:19
ki7mtEightynine, The back end is all the same, but the primary DE's are all heavily tested for each release.19:19
splitwirek11, I did a lot of the DE stuff in a VM so I could just set it back; it was back when I distro-hopped a lot so I used VMs a lot.19:19
geniiEightynine: Trusty Tahr19:20
k1lsplitwire: yes, that sounds like a good testing setup.19:21
ki7mtOne world of caution, if your a python3-numpy developer, the Cinnamon DE installs python-numpy ( Py2.7 version), you'll need to be careful there.19:21
ki7mt... word ..19:21
EightynineLXDE is buggy, XFCE is unusable, MATE is slow on my system, Gnome is crap, KDE is huge and confusing.19:21
MonkeyDustand Eightynine doesnt like anything19:21
faustEightynine: bash is the way19:21
pavlosEightynine, CLI19:22
EightynineI tired of being distro and DE hopper and system killer.19:22
k1lEightynine: its again your rantings? please do a blog19:22
ki7mtEightynine, I QA Test Lubuntu ISO installs, to say it's buggy is not really accurate.19:22
ars23eightynine: who needs DE? just a basic one and the holly terminal19:22
MonkeyDustEightynine  nobody forces you to distrohop19:22
EightynineI don't blame you.19:22
k1lEightynine: if you have specific issues come here and people will help fix them. but you just keep on ranting and blindly deleteing stuff that makes everything worse19:22
splitwirethe more I use linux the more I like being in the CLI19:22
ars23me to splitwire...19:23
ki7mtCLI rules !! :-)19:23
EightynineYes, I agree with you. Some tools are either slow or buggy or something else.19:23
k1lEightynine: last time now: stop it!19:23
splitwireplus it's just cool to throw open a terminal and do your work19:23
dustEightynine, whats buggy at lxde?19:24
ars23or why gnome is a crap?19:24
ki7mtEightynine, You have more than ample chose for a Linux distros, if your unhappy with one, there's Hundreds to choose from.19:24
MonkeyDustdust  he doesnt want to be helped, just want to rant19:24
k1lhe doesnt know. he deletese stuff and wonders that nothing works anymore. so please lets stick to actual ubuntu support issues in here19:24
dustwell i agree that gnome is crap as u cant even position the taskbar as u want19:25
ki7mtYou can, to a degree19:25
EightynineFirst time I used Lubuntu I didn't like it's look and feel. LXDE has a bug in it's panel which causes artefacts or wallpaper disappears from desktop and installs like a background in panel. LXDE works worst in Fedora but speaking about LXDE in Ubuntu, maybe that's because of conflicts in DE.19:26
hitHello, I've buy a ssd hard drive to install on an old laptop model Packard bell MZ35. However I cannot install lubuntu on it, it stucks and keep repeiting the same messages: http://pastebin.com/J71UhuBi   I've test the hard drive on my desktop and works perfect but I cant make it on the laptop. How can I fix it?19:26
iorialong live  Torvalds19:26
ki7mtWithout all the variants, Linux would be just another version of Windows OS, that's one of the many things that make Linux such a great OS, the diversity.19:27
Jordan_Uhit: It may be a problem with your SATA cables / controller in the laptop. Does another drive work in the same slot in that laptop?19:28
dustEightynine, try lubuntu... lxde works fine there without the problems u mentioned19:28
hitJordan_U: yes, the old drive works fine but is not ssd19:28
ki7mtFor the purist, Linux is just the Kernel, the rest is GNU/Linux ;-)19:28
EightynineWhat I like about LXDE is that it's compact and has pretty good programms. XFCE has totally unusable file manager and a bit bloated.19:28
Eightyninedust is it looks modern?19:29
ki7mtEightynine, Then install Lubuntu if that is what you like.19:29
dustuse xfe or spacefm as filemanager... both are double pane style... so for poweruser.... if u prefer terminal use mc19:29
EightynineI like SpaceFM.19:30
dustform follows function... the look is how u make it look19:30
ki7mtEightynine, here ya go, it's bit dates, but if you wnat to change the FM, a few more options: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/06/daily-5-5-alternative-file-managers19:31
ki7mt.. it's a bit dated ..19:31
dustand a piece of shit in the best looking environment is still a piece of shit...19:31
EightynineI'm watching Lubuntu review maybe I'll like it this time.19:32
dustit depends what u want19:32
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EightynineSeems like it changed since I used it first time.19:32
ki7mtEightynine, Lubuntu is about to become LXQT .. a QT DE, based on RazorQT .. it's going to be nice.19:33
dustwhen did u use it?19:33
EightynineI think it was 10.10 or 12.0419:33
ars23in 10.10 i loved mate... i think that was the DE...19:34
dustwell that worked good as i used that in past too... but have a look at an actual lubuntu if u like a lightweight ubuntu19:34
ki7mtMate is nice, if you like the Gnome2 style DE .. I just don't care for Green :-)19:35
geniiLearn the command line and then it doesn't matter what DE you use19:35
dustif u like lxqt u can also try siduction... debian sid as rolling distro19:36
ars23yes, gnome2 i think is quite ok, gnome3... not on my taste...19:36
=== zz_CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob
dustgenii, command line and de cant be compared... its for totally different things and users19:37
EightynineI don't trust to some distros. Had problems installing Crunchbang for example.19:37
EightynineWhen they change LXDE to LXQT in Lubuntu?19:38
ki7mtEightynine, DO you have a support question ? if not, should probably take this to #ubuntu-offtopic .. not being rude, just say'en19:38
dustbest u ask that in #lubuntu19:39
ki7mtEightynine, Have a brows of the release notes: http://lubuntu.net/blog19:39
ars23guys, just asking! know some software to configure a dsl connection from command line? but not pppoe... it seems that it gives segfault on my machine...19:40
EightynineMy questions are what DE to choose and can I repair my system. How can I install system to make it work with BIOS and UEFI?19:40
bazhangEightynine, we cannot choose for you19:40
ki7mtEightynine, in particular, 15.04: Beta 1 Highlights LXQt is still in development, so Vivid Vervet is another bug fix release.19:40
ioriaffmpeg  is coming back with vivid i heard19:41
bazhangEightynine, for an easy fix, your system is way beyond that point19:41
dustEightynine, best u download several and try it in vbox19:41
ki7mtEightynine, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:41
k1lEightynine: either read and learn a lot or reduce your amount of demands19:42
bazhang!info ffmpeg vivid19:42
ubottuffmpeg (source: ffmpeg): Tools for transcoding, streaming and playing of multimedia files. In component universe, is optional. Version 7:2.5.4-1 (vivid), package size 1144 kB, installed size 1750 kB19:42
bazhangioria, smplayer with mpv backing will do most all of that with ease as well19:42
imbezolisn't avconv the replacement?19:43
bazhangnot to mention avconv19:43
ioriabazhang,  i'll try, thanx19:43
bazhanglibav-tools that is19:43
imbezola lot of how-to documentation is for ffmpeg though, not avconv19:43
k1liirc they found a way to handle libav-tools and ffmpeg in debian now. so ubuntu can ship both too19:44
imbezolthat said, ffmpeg is easy enough to install in any release19:44
bazhangand of course handbrake19:44
k1llibavtools works with most howtos for ffmpeg anyway19:44
ki7mtimbezol, may be relevant: https://libav.org/avconv.html19:44
imbezolthe switches are quite different19:44
bazhangnot too steep a curve though19:45
dreamonusing ubuntu 14.10 cinnamon, how can i change background lamp intensity from notebook.? keys dont work19:47
EightynineWhy it was removed?19:49
EightynineSeems like Lubuntu became much better. I'll try it. Is there any way to install Ubuntu on SSD and after replacing PC just connect it to new motherboard with UEFI? Will it work?19:49
Jordan_UEightynine: UEFI changes things a little with regard to installing to removable devices. If you want a drive to be bootable on any machine you plug it into you need to run "sudo grub-install --removable". Also, if you have proprietary drivers installed they can often make moving from one machine to another problematic, but you can just remove all proprietary drivers before changing to the new machine.19:50
pgunnarshow come i cant execute executables that are in PATH env?19:53
ars23open a terminal and type theyr name...19:53
k1lpgunnars: are the files itselv +x?19:53
pgunnarsthats the cant part of the question bruv19:53
k1ldid you relogin to get the path loaded?19:53
pgunnarsjust listed path19:53
ki7mtpgunnars, can you give us an example of what not running?19:53
Eightynine14.04.2 is the latest version?19:54
pgunnarsuhhhhhh, just by listing env variables, it works now, watttttttttttttt19:54
pgunnarsnope, nvm, repeatedly making a typo, well played19:55
EightynineWill Ctrl-Shift work good in Lubuntu?19:57
Apachezhttp://www.nasa.tv/ T minus 13min and counting.... spacex...19:58
bazhangEightynine, to do what19:58
bazhangApachez, wrong channel for that19:58
EightynineTo switch keyboard layout.19:58
bazhangEightynine, what have you tried so far19:59
EightynineI'm downloading image.19:59
bazhangEightynine, you wish to know commands before even installing?19:59
OlanzapinHello! I have som trubble on ubuntu 14.04. I have been messing with compiz. My problem is that i cant get the water effect to work. I have tryed the super+ctrl but nothing happens.20:00
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EriC^Olanzapin: it's super + f9 or something20:00
Olanzapindoes not work20:01
EightynineYes. I'm usually using Ctrl-Shift to change layout and I found information that only Super and Spacebar or Caps Lock works.20:01
bazhangEightynine, please get an install first, then we can help you with any issues you may have20:01
arcskywhat do you guys recommend ansible or puppet or chef?20:02
=== leonardo is now known as odranoel
ki7mtarcsky, there's a couple sites that do a comparison that I found: [ http://www.infoworld.com/article/2609482/data-center/data-center-review-puppet-vs-chef-vs-ansible-vs-salt.html ] and [https://devopsu.com/books/taste-test-puppet-chef-salt-stack-ansible.html] I don't have direct exposure to all to suggest one over another.20:05
Kb52Does anyone know of an irc channel to discuss xscreensaver?20:06
rypervencheKb52: ##linux maybe? Depends on what the question is.20:07
=== blubberbop is now known as phoenixz
ki7mtKb52, also, maybe: #xorg and #xorg-devel  maybe even #intel-gfx if appropriate, but as rypervenche said, depends on the issue I suppose.20:09
wafflej0ckarcsky, haven't used any of them so don't have an opinion but I have used Vagrant, what's the extra benefit of those three?20:09
wafflej0ckoh sorry didn't see ki7mt response there20:10
Kb52Well then the question is simply, does anyone have a list of the screensavers that are unstable in xscreensaver? Example, if I pick PacMan it sometimes crashes, and Ubuntu wants to submit error reports. Or is it a sign I need to reload the package?20:10
ActionParsnipKb52: why not just turn the screen off. Power saver...20:11
Kb52Yes I already disabled it.20:11
Kb52Its more about having to deal with 200 of them and to determine which ones are crashing and which ones are not, and just to want to remove all the ones. How do you remove individual xscreensaver modules?20:12
Kb52I am sure eventually JWZ will take them out of the distro, and/or improve the configuration program to have built in add/remove functions. But for now, its to have to manually remove the ones you dont want, and how to add in the ones you do.20:14
wafflej0ckarcsky, yeah so read through that article, seems all of these are more geared towards ongoing management of lots of servers, Vagrant is just to help setup virtual machines basically but might still be of interest I use it for setting up temporary development servers that are a close match to our real deployment environment20:15
OlanzapinAnyone got Steam to install on Ubuntu 14.04 64Bit?20:16
ActionParsnipOlanzapin: I'd imagine many20:16
Kb52Beyond this dumb issue it is all good, and everything else is running silky smooth. I am learning what GUI stuff is out there to make Ubuntu easier, and what to avoid to keep it running stable.20:16
Olanzapinmisssing some 32 libs20:16
wafflej0ckOlanzapin, yup works fine here20:16
ki7mtOlanzapin, you need to add i386 arch's I believe.20:17
Olanzapinhmm 64bit?20:17
ActionParsnipOlanzapin: hmm yes Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit steam install: http://youtu.be/bRS6doHshwc20:17
Kb52I had Steam but beyond a few very old games, nothing on it was of much value to me.  For the windows games I want to play, I use VirtualBox and Windows XP. Its easier.20:17
wafflej0ckyup 64bit OS don't really recall doing anything special honestly20:17
wafflej0ckthere's a good chunk of stuff on there now20:18
wafflej0ckwas playing BioShock infinite last night, the finally released that port, it's good from what I can tell20:18
Kb52Yeah but you need the original software to play many things on Steam, so in the Windows world it makes sense but not much in the Linux world. The one nice game I did find for Linux I gave up on.20:19
ki7mtOlanzapin, Just found this also: http://linuxg.net/steam-for-linux-finally-made-64-bit-system-compatible/20:19
joe__hi kim20:20
joe__hi how do i turn on mf wifi20:20
Kb52Anyhow does anyone here use xscreensaver and have thoughts on it?20:20
ActionParsnipjoe__: what WiFi chip are you using?20:21
ActionParsnipKb52: I use it but set it to none, lots easier20:21
EriC^Kb52: the login screen is ugly20:23
EriC^i dont use it though20:23
Kb52joe__ Some notebooks have a slide switch, others a FN key combination, some have special buttons that turn it on and off, with an indicator.20:23
zerowaitstateKb52: screensavers are a relic from before monitors supported power saving. they're a waste of resources20:25
geniiLED screens actually use less juice when they are lit up white than when they are black20:26
zerowaitstateyeah, and they use even less when they are not lit at all20:26
EightynineModern monitors use not much energy. Even IPS.20:27
Kb52no its not power management. Screensaver is just eye candy. But I want all the eye candy. Compiz is the other eye candy. xscreensaver is the best one of the 3 choices. Sorry I like eye candy.20:28
EightynineWhy not replace Compiz with Compton or Compiz developed by Canonical?20:29
Kb52xscreensaver isnt being used to turn off my monitor, although it can. But Ubuntu already has all that.20:29
k1lEightynine: that makes no sense.20:29
ActionParsnipKb52: kwin can do a lot of 3D (waste of resources) eye candy20:29
EriC^Kb52: did you change the login screen20:29
Kb52It already has Canonical20:29
EriC^that screen on fire thing put me off20:30
EriC^the pacman screensaver was pretty cool, as the analog tv thing20:30
EriC^and a couple other stuff20:30
EriC^though gnome-screensaver is really elegant and nice20:31
zerowaitstatescreensavers are for when you are away from the computer. If you are away from the computer you aren't looking at it.20:31
HkerkRemote viewing20:31
Hkerkwait nvm20:31
J6DofI've installed Elementary OS on my macbook pro. I tried to disable the keyboard backlight by changing the value in << /sys/class/leds/smc\:\:kbd_backlight/brightness >> but the value is overwritten whenever I restart my laptop. Is there any way to work around this?20:31
zerowaitstateJ6Dof: create an init script that sets it on boot20:31
ActionParsnipJ6Dof: ElementaryOS isn't supported here20:32
EriC^J6Dof: put it in a script and ^20:32
EriC^as zerowaitstate said20:32
ActionParsnipJ6Dof: ask in #elementaryos20:32
Kb52No I already went thru the list, to disable the ones I think were no good. But I'd like it if they put in a way to remove and install new or different ones. Just like I wish someone would develop a Plymouth Creation tool, and a GUI that actually works for Plymouth.20:32
EriC^Kb52: can you pick another login screen for when you want to put the password20:33
EriC^it looks like something from 1998 or so20:33
J6DofI tried to write an init script too but the permissions are overwritten as well and I really don't want to casually give root permission to a script20:33
k1l!elementary | J6Dof20:33
ubottuJ6Dof: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.20:33
EriC^white box with a screen that has a fire on it like a warning sign20:33
ActionParsnipJ6Dof: your distribution isn't supported here or by the Ubuntu community.20:34
J6Dof@ActionParsnip : didn't know they have their own IRC. Will ask there thanks20:34
EriC^J6Dof: add the command in rc.local20:34
HkerkHello everyone! I was trying to enable hibernate on my laptop in 14.04, I used a command to check if hibernate was enabled, and now when I boot it shows a bunch of console-like stuff20:34
HkerkCan I make this end forever without finding exactly what I did20:34
ActionParsnipHkerk: what make and model laptop?20:34
Hkerki changed a config to enable switch hibernate=no to yes20:34
Hkerkfujitsu ah53020:35
ActionParsnipHkerk: if you boot to root recovery mode, you can undo the change you made. You will need to remount the file system writable20:35
EightynineIs there any Firefox channel?20:36
bazhang!alis | Eightynine20:36
ubottuEightynine: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*20:36
Hkerkit's not really a problem20:36
Hkerkit just shows what its doing while booting20:36
Hkerkso i think i will stop editing stuff20:36
Hkerkand let it ride for now20:36
ActionParsnipHkerk: do you get the login page as normal?20:36
EriC^Hkerk: type grep CMDLINE /etc/default/grub20:37
ActionParsnipHkerk: then who cares.....20:37
Hkerkeric what does that do20:37
EriC^Hkerk: or cat /proc/cmdline20:37
EriC^Hkerk: shows your boot options20:37
Hkerki was just curious what i did to make it show text while booting20:37
john_doe_jrhow do I create a user with a default password through script…basically I do not want to be prompted to create the password20:37
Hkerkhmm let me check20:37
Hkerkalso i like guake20:37
EriC^it should be quiet splash20:37
ActionParsnipjohn_doe_jr: if you install expect, you can use that to pipe the password into a script for making users.20:38
ActionParsnipHkerk: guake rocks. Should be default IMHO20:38
J6Dof@EriC^: no help with rc.local either. Before I log in backlight is off. As soon as I log into Gnome it's on again20:39
HkerkCMDLINE: command not found20:39
acz32ActionParsnip: it would be nice if guake could split, so two terminals drop down instead of one20:39
EriC^Hkerk: type cat /proc/cmdline20:39
Kb52Is there a way to remove passwords? Not that its what you should do, but it would be cool to be able to not have any passwords ever to use. It CAN be done because Knoppix can and it is based on Ubuntu.20:39
Hkerki used the other one and it said BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-3.16....20:39
ActionParsnipJ6Dof: again, your distribution is off topic here20:39
Hkerkacz it can20:39
Bray9082_Can someone help me mount a NAS premaritally on ubuntu 14.1020:40
EriC^J6Dof: put it in your startup apps or .profile20:40
Hkerkthe bottom left button in guake adds a tab20:40
EriC^J6Dof: you can add that one command to the sudoers file20:40
john_doe_jrActionParsnip: expect is complicated20:40
ActionParsnipKb52: knoppix is based on Debian not Ubuntu20:40
EriC^Hkerk: did it say quiet splash at the end20:41
EriC^Hkerk: paste the whole thing20:41
J6Dof@ActionParsnip: Yes got that. What if someone is willing to help here? I posted the question on #elementaryos but haven't received any reply20:41
Hkerkim on two comps lol20:41
ActionParsnipacz32: guake can have tabs20:41
EriC^Hkerk: ok, type grep CMDLINE /etc/default/grub20:41
Hkerkgeneric root20:41
imbezoljohn_doe_jr: man chpasswd20:41
Kb52Oh well. Its ok cause I made mine a simple password in the install but if I ever want to change it it will force me to a complex one.20:41
Hkerkeric how do i respond to you20:42
acz32ActionParsnip: i know, but splitting would be a nice feature20:42
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EriC^Hkerk: what do you mean?20:42
imbezoljohn_doe_jr: example -- echo johndoe:hisnewpass | chpasswd20:42
EriC^Hkerk: just type it out here20:43
HkerkEriC^ lol20:43
Hkerki want to make text green for you20:43
ActionParsnipJ6Dof: doesn't mean you are supported here.20:43
john_doe_jrimbezol: I'm being prompted after enter in the adduser command20:43
Hkerkthe cmdline part was red20:44
EriC^nothing after the = ?20:44
EriC^ok, type sudo nano /etc/default/grub20:44
imbezoljohn_doe_jr: use useradd20:44
Hkerkare you breaking my computer?20:44
Kb52I tried every old school method for automounting shares, but just went back to using gigolo and it works and you can put into Startup easily, and it well just works, and dont run it in the system tray option, hide it and your all set.20:44
EriC^and type quiet splash after GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"20:44
J6Dof@EriC^: hmm. That's a good idea. Although it's an ugly fix. thanks20:45
MonkeyDustKb52  i use gigolo too, nothing wrong with that20:45
EriC^J6Dof: yeah, i don't know how else you could do it20:45
HkerkEric i did that20:45
Hkerkfile is blank20:45
Hkerkas far as i can see20:46
EriC^Hkerk: you have to type sudo nano /etc/default/grub20:46
J6Dof@ActionParsnip: So? Does that mean I'm banned from talking to people here?20:46
Hkerkat the top it sayds file: etc/default/grub20:46
Hkerkand gnu nano 2.2.6 at the top left20:46
EriC^Hkerk: add a / before etc20:46
k1lJ6Dof: if you want support in here use ubuntu. dont come here because the other OS doesnt have support. thats it. thanks20:46
pavlosjohn_doe_jr, after creating a user with useradd, type passwd -d $username and it will blank out the pass for the user. ... man passwd20:46
EriC^hit ctrl+x to exit20:46
ActionParsnipJ6Dof: you can talk,  just not request support for ElementaryOS20:46
Hkerkone step ahead of me20:47
J6Dof@k1l: I asked a question. I didn't "request" any support and if it from someone who is using ubuntu to someone who is another distro I can't see why it is not allowed. Aren't we here to help each other?20:48
Hkerkdoes cntrl s save it?20:49
Hkerkit says to update grub after20:49
EriC^yeah type ctrl+o to save20:49
EriC^then exit and type sudo update-grub20:49
ActionParsnipJ6Dof: this is Ubuntu support only. We are maintaining channel policy20:50
Hkerksays file name to write when i control o20:50
EriC^hit enter20:50
ActionParsnip!derivatives | J6Dof20:50
ubottuJ6Dof: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)20:50
ActionParsnipFunny how it has crunchbang which is dead20:51
Hkerkthanks eric im going to reboot and see what I may have fixed or broke20:51
EriC^Hkerk: ok20:51
Hkerkcontemplating putting ubuntu on my desktop and windows 10 on my laptop20:53
imbezolbad idea20:53
imbezolput ubuntu on both20:54
HkerkI just need more hdds20:54
Hkerkor ssds20:54
Hkerki have two windows licenses and id like the option to use them20:54
k1lHkerk: you could use dualboot, too. which means installing both on one system and choose in grub which to start20:55
HkerkTried that20:55
ubottubianeve: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:55
Hkerknever again20:55
imbezolor install windows in vmware / kvm / xen20:55
HkerkCan I run virtual machines in linux independent of hardware?20:56
Hkerkare there any requirements?20:56
imbezolthey'll run better with virt support20:56
imbezolbut yes20:56
Hkerkdoes my 3570k have that20:56
Hkerkz77 mobo20:56
imbezolmost likely. if you're in linux you can cat /proc/cpuinfo to see the flags it supports20:56
imbezolthen do a little searching on what flags are suggested based on what virtualization software you want to use20:57
Hkerkninjaboot eric!20:57
Hkerkit was like blerp blerp desktop20:58
imbezolvms are addictive tho. next thing you know you'll be updating packages in netbsd and wondering where the day went20:59
HkerkThat's why i like rooting and romming phones20:59
Hkerkit's an easier version21:00
EriC^then you turn into this guy https://xkcd.com/350/21:00
imbezolit's good for making the transition to linux though if you're new to it21:00
imbezolyou can still use some of your windows software until you figure out how to live without it21:00
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EightynineWhich browser consumes less resources? Chrome or Firefox?21:01
HkerkI think i want to try mintbuntu21:01
EriC^Eightynine: firefox i think but it's not that big of a difference21:01
k1lEightynine: both are very heavy.21:01
Hkerkunity's rigid dock is myaking me cry a little21:01
Hkerkubuntu with mint de21:02
EightynineTab with Gmail consumes 250 MB RAM and Chrome lags. Something is wrong with it.21:03
Hkerki just said that haha21:03
Hkerkshoot i mean mate21:03
EriC^oh ok21:03
k1lthere is no mint de. if you mean mate you can have a version of ubuntu preinstalled21:03
ActionParsnipHkerk: if you use Xubuntu you will be supported here. Ubuntu Mate is what I think you mean21:03
Hkerkthe marijuans my bad21:03
OerHeksEightynine, how much ram do you have, 512 mb?21:03
Eightynine4 GB. I never had that problem with Gmail before.21:04
Hkerkhahaha https://xkcd.com/178/21:05
ActionParsnipEightynine: try renaming the configuration folder for the browser and rerunning it. Also clear the cache of the browser.21:06
EightynineI wanted to create the best Ubuntu flavor called LightBuntu. Fluxbox, SpaceFM, Chrome, DeadBeef, SMPlayer, Gnumeric, AbiWord.21:07
ActionParsnipEightynine: that's my system :-)21:07
EightynineIf someone can make ISOs, please, make this.21:07
OerHeksChrome just had an update, maybe that is why ..21:07
nalumhello all, I'm having a bit of trouble with runit. Using a chef cookbook I'm setting up a uwsgi app, the cookbook is using runit to create the service. The chef run fails with the error: timeout: run: /etc/service/uwsgi-api: (pid 3479) 8s, got TERM21:08
EightynineI forgot to tell I'm using Windows 7 and Chromium it was late when I learned about Chrome 42. I think I'll install Lubuntu(I'm currently downloading it) and install Chrome 42.21:09
ActionParsnipEightynine: if you remaster the minimal ISO you can make the OS you want. Smplayer is Qt based so will haul in a tonne of kde deps21:09
YvesLevierbackbox: How can we help you?21:09
limpchey. im trying to install Apache2. but whenever i use apt-get install apache2, i get a fatal error that mpm_event was not found.  I'm NOT selecting apache2-mpm-event.  Here's the log: http://pastie.org/1009267421:09
nalumlooking at the logs the service appears to be running so I'm not sure what is causing the error21:09
HkerkWhat DEs do you guys like/use?21:10
ActionParsniplimpc: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue21:10
EightynineActionParsnip can you please post your screenshot?21:10
ActionParsnipHkerk: none. Just Fluxbox here21:10
EightynineSorry, I can't use KiwiIRC21:10
ActionParsnipEightynine: sure gimme a sec21:10
k1lEightynine: install a minimal install and install the packages you want. if you cant handle that then run a regular ubuntu flavour and be fine with it21:10
Hkerkwhat in tarnation ActionParsnip?21:11
limpcActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10823952/21:11
EightynineI'm too lazy to customize WMs or DEs.21:11
HkerkI tried i3 and thought i broke everything21:11
ActionParsnipHkerk: works well21:12
k1lEightynine: ok, then please stop this in here then. this is not going anywhere.21:12
OerHeksSo Eightynine  ... you are trolling about chrome and gmail. goodluck with your issue...21:12
EightynineActionParsnip can I send you message using PM?21:12
ActionParsnipEightynine: used to look like this but now there is no dock   https://www.dropbox.com/s/cwrmbudrnej3w1t/raring.png?dl=021:13
EightynineI'm not trolling. Before this I had the same problem with VK(on Linux, don't remember distro) and now I have this problem with Gmail.21:13
OerHeksEightynine, Not on ubuntu, so this channel is not suitable for you to complain.21:14
monojinHkerk: I'm on MATE21:14
limpcActionParsnip, did you catch my link?21:14
EightynineActionParsnip you rock. It looks pretty good.21:15
ActionParsniplimpc: yeah. Are there any bugs reported?21:15
limpcnot that i could find21:15
Hkerkmonojin: can i install on normal ubuntu?21:15
Hkerkor its separate distro21:15
ActionParsnipEightynine: just clean and easy. When the system boots it's just the wallpaper and the pointer21:16
EightynineI want to have something like this but with panel and keyboard layout indicator.21:16
monojinHkerk: you can install it in regular ubuntu; if I have it right, MATE is in the official repositories from 15.04 onwards but you'll need PPAs for anything earlier21:16
monojinHkerk: but I recommend the Ubuntu MATE distro since it's what I'm using21:17
monojinActionParsnip: not official yet ;-)21:17
Hkerkis there anyway to changeto ubuntu mate without erasing data21:17
Hkerkor i have to xfer game of thrones off somehow?21:17
MneuroHkerk you can install ubuntu mate desktop and just start using it21:18
ActionParsnipmonojin: Ubuntu MATE Is Now An Official Ubuntu Flavor21:18
EightynineIf you're using 14.04 you can add repos and install ubuntu-mate-core21:18
monojinActionParsnip: only once 15.04 is released :P21:18
bazhang!info mate-desktop | Hkerk monojin21:19
ubottuHkerk monojin: mate-desktop (source: mate-desktop): Library with common API for various MATE modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.1+dfsg1-1 (utopic), package size 17 kB, installed size 81 kB21:19
OerHeksmonojin, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mate/ it is already on our servers.21:19
ActionParsnip!info Mate-desktop trusty21:20
EightynineActionParsnip you have a good taste.21:20
ubottumate-desktop (source: mate-desktop): Library with common API for various MATE modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.2-1 (trusty), package size 17 kB, installed size 95 kB21:20
Hkerkso sudo apt-get install mate-desktop?21:20
ActionParsnipmonojin: it's in the official report for Trusty21:20
cool_boyif ssh-keygen generates different public key when it is run next time?21:20
ActionParsnipHkerk: exactly21:20
ActionParsnipcool_boy: it generates a different keypair each time21:21
OerHekscool_boy, if not, file a bugreport.21:21
cool_boyActionParsnip: so is there any possibility two computers in world generate same public key?21:22
OerHekscool_boy, do it 3 times, there is murphy's law.21:22
ActionParsnipmonojin: where did you read that it's not official?21:22
cool_boyOerHeks: yeah I got it different21:22
ActionParsnipcool_boy: incredibly slim21:22
EightynineI should install Lubuntu, change wallpaper to that one which I like, install Chrome and update my system using Software Updater and nothing will break?21:22
cool_boyActionParsnip: but there is a21:23
monojinActionParsnip: they were very adamant about it not being official until 15.04 the first time I came on this channel (last week)21:23
MonkeyDustcool_boy  0.000...1%21:23
bazhangEightynine, theres no guarantee of that21:23
cool_boyActionParsnip: sorry, my cat jumped, message sent without completion21:23
ActionParsnipmonojin: well  it's there in the repositories21:23
MonkeyDustcool_boy  like the chance that a chimp type the complete works of shakespeare, that's alos not zero21:23
cool_boyMonkeyDust: thanks, I got it :)21:23
bazhangEightynine, install, then we can help with whatever issues arise21:23
EightynineI wonder why my system broke when I removed DEs that I don't need. Maybe I should do that in tty?21:24
bazhangEightynine, nothing to do with it at all21:24
EightynineI understood that I couldn't fix it but why it broke?21:25
EightynineHow much time approximately it takes to install Lubuntu?21:26
k1lEightynine: you removed all desktop packages. so the system thought you dont need all that installed.21:26
=== gargola_ is now known as gargola
bazhangEightynine, that is entirely dependent on your individual hardware21:26
k1lEightynine: you should have reinstalled the packages you wanted again. but that topic seems to advanced for you now. so i suggest you better stay with preinstalled setups21:27
ubuntu042hey guys21:27
ubuntu042can anyone help me with a user/bash related problem21:28
HkerkI installed mate-desktop but it doesnt show up as an option when i log out21:28
cool_boydoes private key always includes public key?21:29
EightynineI'm writing ISO. Hope all will work good.21:29
MonkeyDustHkerk  i have that too, i guess it's just a meta-package21:30
ki7mtcool_boy, Include is a bit misleading, it's a key "pair" so when you generate the secure key there is a public key associated with it.21:30
MonkeyDustHkerk  is that ubuntu 14.04?21:30
cluelesspersonHey guys, what's the best way to make a shell submit text straight to a website by POST?21:31
cluelesspersonlike  cat file.php | pastebinit   ?21:31
ki7mtcluelessperson, depends on the web-site ans it's means in which to accept contest. SSH, SCP would be good choices for basic uploads.21:32
ki7mt.. accept content .. .21:32
Bl4ckD34Thhey ubuntu21:32
MonkeyDustHkerk  then you need a ppa for mate, i guess21:32
monojinI've had a lot of trouble with ubuntu 14.04 and HDMI to a TV today. Hard to be specific since it was so inconsistent. For most of the time, I had to crank the resolution down to the lowest possible setting to get anything displayed at all but by the end of the day it was working perfectly at native res for no apparant reason. Also, there were intermittent bouts of serious graphical glitches on the TV21:32
Bl4ckD34Thplease make truecrypt as default encryption app in ubuntu21:32
k1lcluelessperson: pastebinit can read files, no need to cat and pipe then21:32
Bl4ckD34Thafter truecrypt audition result was: Truecrrypt it is safe21:33
acz32Bl4ckD34Th: it's also abandoned, so no21:33
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: it's in the repositories. No need for a PPA21:33
Hkerkppa is an acronym21:33
MonkeyDustHkerk  but if you're happy with non-LTS's, you can simply wait for 15.04, it has it in the installer21:33
cluelesspersonki7mt,  literally all the website needs is a POST containing the data.   description, content, lifetime in int hours21:33
Hkerkythats all ive got21:33
k1lBl4ckD34Th: file a bug if there isnt one already for that21:33
cluelesspersonki7mt, it REQUIRES just content21:33
monojinis HDMI known to be spotty with TVs these days?21:34
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  i guess that's a meta-package21:34
cool_boyki7mt: just want to understand "When you log in to a computer, the SSH server uses the public key to "lock" messages in a way that can only be "unlocked" by your private key" , I mean how does ssh server know which private key can unlock the message if it has no info regarding private key?21:34
ki7mtcluelessperson, wel, personally, I would use a perl script rather than a bash ot sh script.21:34
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  i tried it too, installed it, but it doesnt appear as DE in the list21:34
ActionParsnipcluelessperson: if you connect a phone to your system you can setup an SMS gateway service21:34
cluelesspersonki7mt, I prefer something I can easily toss up into an apt-get repository21:34
ki7mtcool_boy, while similar, that's a different activity, that's file encryption rather than access.21:35
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: can it be added manually?21:35
cool_boyki7mt: yeah, article says that message can be decrypted only by receivers private key (valid) but how does ssh server know which private key is valid?21:36
ki7mtcool_boy, for example to enctypt test.txt, I would do something like: tar cfJ - test.txt | openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -e > test.txt.tar.xz21:36
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  that would be in /usr/share/xsessions/ but it's almost midnight here, so not now21:36
ki7mtcool_boy, then to decrypt it, I'd need the private Key.21:36
ActionParsnipcool_boy: the public key knows the system you are coming from and it is in your user's name.21:37
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: indeed21:37
cool_boyActionParsnip: so can we say like public key contains some info of private key or only system login?21:37
ki7mtcool_boy, then to decrypt, I would use something like:  openssl enc -in test.txt.tar.xz -aes-256-cbc -d | tar -xJvf -21:38
jpapadhello is anyone here that speak the greek language?21:38
smmchi guys21:38
cool_boyki7mt: sorry, I couldn't understand your examples of encryption, decryption :(21:38
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes21:39
ki7mtcool_boy, Ok. I'll find a how-too link, but just know, that SSH Key log-in / access is different that encryption.21:39
cool_boyki7mt: that point is clear to me21:40
monojinGreek Christs?!21:40
ki7mtcool_boy, Here's almost the exact example I used, with an explanation: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2007/12/12/simple-file-encryption-with-openssl/21:40
HkerkHRestos vscreci21:41
ki7mtcool_boy, And here's a how-to for SSH Access: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys21:41
cool_boyki7mt: thanks I am going through article21:42
smmchi guys, could you direct me to right place , Im new with linux and I have problem with disconnecting wifi21:42
ActionParsnipsmmc: what WiFi chip are you using?21:43
rektidewhen i ssh into this box, i don't have a DBUS session21:43
rektidethis is a recent vivid daily21:43
rektidehow do i fix this? this is horrible. ssh users need envs!!!21:43
ActionParsnipSmmc: also what is the output of: cat /etc/issue21:43
ActionParsniprektide: #ubuntu+1 for Vivid support21:44
smmcits realtek 818821:44
rektideActionParsnip: ty. was going to cry tears over lack of ubuntu having nice things like #debian-systemd21:44
ActionParsniprektide: you are using a prerelease which is known to have bugs and issues.21:44
monojindebian-systemd? is that a real channel?21:44
monojinI'm sure it's civil21:45
ActionParsnipsmmc: can you please pastebin to the output of: sudo lshw -C network ; lsb_release -a; sudo iwlist scan21:45
jpapadhello guys21:46
jpapadi have a question21:46
ActionParsnipsmmc: use http://pastie.org to host the text21:46
YvesLevierjpapad: listening21:46
jpapadhow can i export acpi tables ?21:46
smmcthanks let me try21:46
YvesLevierPlz som1 help jpapad.  Having no idea about his topic.21:47
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cool_boywhich default algorithm is used when I do "ssh-keygen" on ubuntu?21:50
cool_boyto generate key pair **21:50
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
ki7mtjpapad, Not sure about exporting all of them at once, but hey are exported to folders / files in:  /sys/devices/*21:51
ActionParsnipsmmc: post the link of the pastebin in the channel21:51
YvesLevierki7mt: thx :)21:51
jpapadthanks ki7mt !! I'll try it21:51
ki7mtjpapad, This may help: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man1/acpitool.1.html21:54
EightynineI have just installed Lubuntu and I like it now. It's much better than stock LXDE and Lubuntu which I tried a few years ago. Thanks for advices and good work guys. Good luck.21:55
jpapadthanks aagain ki7mt21:55
ki7mtEightynine, Stay tunned to the Lubuntu channel, there is allot of good work going on there with the DE. Glad you like LUB.21:57
EightynineAnd again I have tearing in Firefox. Will you help me to configure Firefox tomorrow to get rid of tearing and "Firefox sends data. Chose what you share"?21:57
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pancakewhich is the chan for ubuntuphone?22:08
k1lpancake: #ubuntu-touch22:08
cool_boyhow would I be able to connect to server if I disable password authentication and loose key of my laptop accidentally ?22:09
k1lcool_boy: try the recovery system, if your hoster provides it22:09
ki7mtcool_boy, save you key pair in a safe location .. always have a backup. I use that encryption I told you earlier to encrypt my pairs on a USB thumb drive and save them in several locations.22:10
Guest37121How I can enter to chat in spanish language ? I can write a little bit of english ...22:11
ki7mtcool_boy, So the sequence is, generate the pairs, test them throughly, make backups, encrypt them, save in safe locations, then disable root log-in with PW's22:11
cool_boyki7mt: and in case of accidental loose I just copy that  key pair to same or another system, it should work, right?22:12
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:12
ki7mt.. thoroughly .. hehee, gotta love spell check ..22:12
Guest37121Muchas gracias @ubottu22:12
ki7mtcool_boy, Your key will be on the server still, all you do is re-add it to the box you lost it on, reinstalled OS or whatever.22:13
=== digifiv5e is now known as Guest61125
ki7mtcool_boy, So the recover would be, on the system that lost the keys, decrypt the keys, then add them back to the system, then log back into your server.22:14
cool_boyki7mt: fine but if I encrypt key files and keep them in safe location. if someone gets access to them, he is able to decrypt them, right?22:14
cool_boyki7mt: what if I copy key pair on another system (in case I loose system) , will another system having key pair (of old system) copied on it be able to make login ?22:16
ki7mtcool_boy, No very easily, use a strong passphrase (letters+numbers Upper and Lower case, maybe some punctuation).. it would take the average hacker years to bust it, if they had the horse power and know how.22:16
Hkerk apparently only password length matters according to intel22:17
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ki7mtcool_boy, Re: second system, yes,you can export the keys. I often use the same set for a particular purpose on several boxes. But it is safer to have (1) set per box.22:18
cool_boyki7mt: what if someone gets files compressed like "openssl aes-256-cbc -a -salt -in secrets.txt -out secrets.txt.enc" , what he would need to decrypt the file?22:19
cool_boyon my system it is decrypted simply like "openssl aes-256-cbc -d -a -in secrets.txt.enc -out secrets.txt.new"22:20
Hkerkwhat are some goods way to make kde not look like its from 200222:21
ki7mtcool_boy, the only way to decrypt the file is with your strong encryption pass-phrase.22:22
cool_boyki7mt: If I do not supply a passphrase, it would be decrypted simply by that command, right?22:23
limpchey. im trying to install Apache2. but whenever i use apt-get install apache2, i get a fatal error that mpm_event was not found.  I'm NOT selecting apache2-mpm-event.  Here's the log: http://pastie.org/1009267422:23
bekkscool_boy: If that secrets.txt supllies the pass phrase, yes. I suggest NOT storing the password in a file.22:23
bekkscool_boy: But it depends on the use case, though.22:24
limpczip used to do that.  so easy to crack22:24
ki7mtcool_boy, Exercise: try it and see the results (both ways, with and without). It's rather pointless to encrypt something without a pass-phrase.22:24
bekkscool_boy: I am doing the same, with a 32bit passphrase, just for making it a bit harder to get some specific files.22:24
cool_boyki7mt: thanks gonna try it22:24
cool_boybekks: thanks :)22:24
ki7mtHkerk, "apparently only password length matters according to intel" .. indeed, for enc phrases, that may very well be the case. I'm just in the habit of including them as a standard practice.22:33
rocolocoHello guys22:37
rocolocoYou know if elementary os has a channel on this irc?22:38
hiexporocoloco, start here http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=elementary22:39
petersaintshi guys. I have an HP printer. Should I choose the Gutenprint+CUPS driver or the hpcups one? From my understanding the Gutenprint+CUPS version is the open-source unsupported (by HP) version and the hpcups comes from HPLIP, which is the official HP linux drivers project. Which one gives you better results?22:39
ubottuElementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.22:39
hiexpothanks kostkon22:40
cool_boyki7mt: got it now, encryption also takes passphrase22:41
cool_boyso big companies have always more than one person who knows their passphrase? ( offcourse they have many passphrase to remember)22:41
Hell_Howlbuenas noches22:44
Hell_Howltengo una duda22:45
Hell_Howl¿ alguien puedo ayudarme ?22:45
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:45
Hell_Howljoin #ubuntu-es22:45
BBLLCChow do I get an invite to the wine room?22:46
kostkonBBLLCC, what's the message you are getting22:46
BBLLCCor maybe you can help, how do I "insert" an iso copy of a cd?, so I can use it from wine?22:46
BBLLCC You have been kicked from #wine by ChanServ (Invite only channel)22:46
Jordan_UBBLLCC: The channel is #winehq.22:47
BBLLCCa, thnks Jordan_U22:47
macibookg3I have a lintel 2.4GHz MacBook Pro 8,2 Late 2011 13" Running Ubuntu 14.04 on it.  I would like to know how to install Mac OS 10.10 on to a bootable USB hard Drive22:48
kostkonBBLLCC, run the wine configuration utility, click on Drives, add a new drive/disc and point it to the iso file22:48
Jordan_UBBLLCC: You're welcome.22:48
kostkonBBLLCC, you need to mount or otherwise extract that iso file first22:48
locsmifI have a problem where I select keyboard layout US intl with dead keys, but every say ~10 minutes, dead keys stop working properly. Is this a known issue?22:49
Jordan_Umacibookg3: This channel can't help you with installing Mac OS, we only support Ubuntu.22:49
=== gusta_000__ is now known as gsilva
Jordan_Umacibookg3: ##mac might be able to help you though.22:50
cool_boyki7mt: even  after encription I am able to edit the file :(22:50
BBLLCCsudo mount hooray.iso <?22:51
kostkonBBLLCC, i think you can just right click on it and select mount22:52
balleynehow can I find out which Xorg driver is currently in use on my machine?22:52
=== CyberJacob is now known as zz_CyberJacob
kostkonBBLLCC, "open with Archive Mounter", if you've got such an option22:53
Jordan_Uballeyne: Running "glxinfo" and looking at /var/log/Xorg.0.log will both tell you (along with giving you a lot of other information you probably don't want).22:54
cool_boywell on checking  ~/.ssh/known_hosts  on my laptop I see many entries, what are those keys, I have never added any key in my laptop , how they come there? can I delete them from there or not?22:54
balleyneJordan_U, thanks22:54
kostkonBBLLCC, or just extract it (i.e. into a folder)and then use that folder as the drive22:54
Jordan_Ucool_boy: Every time you ssh into a new host there is a warning that the host is unknown, and then you are asked if you want to add the host to ~/.ssh/known_hosts .22:55
Jordan_Uballeyne: You're welcome.22:55
BBLLCCwine config tool wont show hidden files (.wine)22:56
BBLLCCfolders I mean22:56
cool_boyJordan_U: hmm, I remember so I have lots of entries now, and what that means. systems having public keys which has been registered in my known_host file can access my system?22:56
kostkonBBLLCC, you don't need to access .wine anyway22:56
Jordan_Ucool_boy: No, not at all. It just means that you won't get any warnings when you ssh into them again (unless their private key has changed, in which case you'll get a very loud warning that someone might be maliciously pretending to be that server).22:58
cool_boyJordan_U: aah, I have seen that warning also :)22:58
ki7mtcool_boy, I dont know how that's happening, as once the file is encrypted, you should not be able to freely edit the file in plain text.22:59
cool_boyki7mt: yes I can open in vim, it opens encrypted data but I am able to edit that :s23:00
ki7mtcool_boy, are you seeing the file in plain text to encrypted text? If plain, that is a problem.23:01
cool_boyit malfunctions file and passphrase doesn't work to decrypt the file23:01
Jordan_Ucool_boy: That is completely normal and expected. If you try to decrypt that "modified" file, decryption will fail. What did you expect to happen?23:01
cool_boyki7mt: I am seeing encrypted text but not editable23:02
cool_boysorry but editable **23:02
ki7mtcool_boy, That the correct behaviour then.23:02
ki7mtThat is ..23:02
cool_boyki7mt: so if someone edits the file then I also loose that file, I won't be able to decrypt the file with the password I had supplied23:03
ki7mtcool_boy, that is the whole purpose .. if they edit it, it's toast, if they can't decrypt it, it's of no use to them.23:03
Jordan_Ucool_boy: Again I ask, what did you expect to happen when you tried to edit the file?23:04
cool_boyand no use of mine as well :P23:04
ki7mtcool_boy, Please answer Jordan_U 's question23:05
cool_boyJordan_U: I was not expecting to be able to edit file without decrypt23:05
Jordan_Ucool_boy: What did you think was going to prevent editing the file?23:05
cool_boyJordan_U: I don't know, ( may be something after encription like password protected)23:06
ki7mtcool_boy, If you want to prevent "access" to the file, that's a whole different ball of wax .. that's a permission setting.23:07
Jordan_Ucool_boy: If you have only one copy of your file on a hard drive, and someone zeroes that hard drive, you have lost that file. Encrypting it won't prevent you from losing the file. At another level, if instead of zeroing the drive they melted it with thermite then you would have also lost the file. Encryption has nothing to do with preventing file loss, that's what backups (and to a certain extent, permissions) are for.23:07
cool_boyki7mt: btw I found it safe, I can make multiple copies and store them at many locations freely. if someone edits I can get content from another23:08
cool_boyJordan_U: thanks got the point :)23:09
TheLemonKingI dont like how xChat makes me join a IRC channel.23:09
danielbrazilianhello i would like to make use of turbo boost on my core i5 4210U i am running ubuntu mate 64bit 14.04 LTS23:09
danielbrazilianplease any help23:11
bekksdanielbrazilian: Just enable it in the BIOS.23:12
bekksdanielbrazilian: If your system feels like needing to boost, it will.23:13
danielbraziliani think there are not many options in a notebook23:13
danielbrazilianbut it says it boosts from 1.7 up to 2.723:14
bekksSo it does, if the system needs to.23:14
danielbraziliani will check on the bios then23:14
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NikeshWhat's the equivalent wget to  ```curl https://url/endpoint/ -u APIKEY:X``` ?23:24
NikeshOr rather, I am sending the above request and the server responds with an XML file, but the brackets are escaped, so instead of <ol> I see &lt;ol&gt;23:26
limpchey. im trying to install Apache2. but whenever i use apt-get install apache2, i get a fatal error that mpm_event was not found.  I'm NOT selecting apache2-mpm-event.  Here's the log: http://pastie.org/1009267423:26
bekkslimpc: So install the event mpm?23:27
huighello, how come there is no sudo file in /bin?23:27
compdoctype:  which sudo23:28
limpcbekks, do you even know what that is :P23:28
bekkshuig: It is in /usr/bin/sudo23:28
bekkslimpc: Yes, I do.23:28
bekkslimpc: Which Ubuntu release are you on, actually?23:28
limpcwell im not using apache2-mpm-event im using worker23:28
huigbekks, and why is it sudo on /usr/bin and not in /bin?23:29
bekkshuig: Why not?23:29
bekkslimpc: Did you run a sudo apt-get update?23:29
limpcim pretty sure i did, ill do it again anyway to be sure23:30
limpcbekks, same error after update23:31
bekkslimpc: Can you pastebin the output again, please?23:31
huigbekks, just curious..why are at least most of the bash commands in /bin and sudo has to be at another dir23:32
bekkshuig: Because sudo isnt a vital command to be residing on /23:32
limpcbekks, with or without apache2-mpm-worker specifically selected?23:32
bekkslimpc: Without.23:32
huigbekks, it isn't a vital command?!23:33
limpcbekks, http://pastie.org/1009286723:33
bekkshuig: It isnt. You can build a chroot including /bin and /sbin and you will have a basic set of commands.23:33
ki7mtThe origin is from the boostrap for which the Image was built, that's why they in /bin23:35
bekkski7mt: sudo is in /usr/bin/23:35
ki7mtThat's an installed package23:35
bekkslimpc: Could you please pastebin the output of "sudo apt-get update"?23:35
ki7mtsudo isn't part of the bootstrap23:35
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limpcbekks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10824457/23:36
bekkslimpc: You rmirror is - weird. Try an official mirror please.23:37
limpcthat is official. its a selected mirror based on speed23:37
bekksTry another mirror please.23:37
bekksLike "archive.ubuntu.com"23:37
limpcbekks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10824470/23:40
bekkslimpc: And the sudo apt-get install apache2 again please23:41
bekkslimpc: Try: sudo apt-get install apache2-mpm-event apache2 please23:42
limpci dont want event driven apache23:42
limpcim trying to install the worker version23:42
bekksThat may apply, but the error you get should change significantly.23:42
ZengerHey guys I have a problem my CTRL + C, CTRL + V don't work on a fresh installation, neither does CTRL + A, CTRL + ALT + T, CTRL + ALT + F1 anything at all. CTRL just acts like shift23:44
limpcbekks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10824495/23:44
bekkslimpc: So try: sudo apt-get install apache223:46
limpc?? i did both23:46
bekkslimpc: If that doesnt work, please open a bug on apache223:46
hiveartscan someone help me to install ubuntu guest on qemu-kvm ?23:48
Jordan_Uhivearts: What problem are you having?23:51
discusdoing windows/ubuntu dual boot.. should I create primaty or logical partition for ubuntu?23:51
discuswhat is the difference23:52
EriC^^discus: you can only have 4 primaries, logical partitions are used as a trick to have more partitions23:52
EriC^^it's basically the same thing23:52
ahmadsoeanyone can help me to install aufs support for ubuntu 14.04 kernel 4.0?23:53
Jordan_Udiscus: I would recommend simply letting Ubuntu's installer handle partitioning.23:53
hiveartscan i install ubuntu server 14.04 without graphics?23:54
hiveartsi am isntalling it on kvm remote host23:54
discussince I have two partitions now, and want to add two for ubuntu (swap and /), to take the remaining space, then I can just use primary partitions?23:56
Jordan_Udiscus: Why are you partitioning manually?23:56
max100is python pip broken in ubuntu 14.04?23:57
discusJordan why not? Might as well learn something new23:57
Bashing-omhivearts: A server install has no GUI .23:57
Jordan_Udiscus: Because the installer is good at doing the right thing WRT partitioning, but wanting to learn is a great reason for wanting to do it manually :)23:58
discusone slighly annoying thing if I make partitions Logical is that they are named sda5 and sda6, not sda3 and 423:58
[n0mad]hi all23:58
Bashing-omdiscus: That is correct, the 'extended' partition makes the difference .23:59
discusJordan_U: yup :). that is the whole point of installing linux in tge first place23:59

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