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seiya5hello guys i had a quick question. i want to go back into linux as my main os. but i use a lot of graphic design sofware.03:55
seiya5recently i saw that wine has done a great job at porting illustrator, photoshop and indesign. i wondered if it was best to use ubunut studio or stay with the main ubunutu release for this03:55
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fonsoHello there23:17
fonsoMay I ask a question:23:17
fonsoI have an OLD Celeron 2.7Ghz 768 RAM and I must ask if there is any Ubuntu Studio distro that accept this configuration, even if is an old distro, not 14.10 or something like that. And does it is recommended? Or I must try an distro different like Dream Studio? thanks :)23:20
Unit193Does it support PAE?  You could put 14.04 on it, LTS and all.  That's not a lot of ram to work with, but otherwise shouldn't be too bad.23:27
fonsoI don't know, but seems like the 14.04 need only 768... Otherwise, I will install an little older version just to guarantee... Thanks :)23:31
fonsoi will keep searching... But thanks a lot. Bye.23:35
nemo5hello ubuntu studio community23:46
nemo5id like a little help if possible. so im looking for memory efficient ubuntu flavor that will run wine to put illustrator cc23:47
nemo5im debating between lubuntu and studio23:47

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