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Unit193We, again, don't care about UOS right?17:55
knomeUnit193, and because we don't care, we have an agenda item for it?17:56
Unit193knome: Shush, you. ;P17:56
Unit193knome: And, nah, wasn't aware of that yet.17:57
knomei can ping balloons if you want to volunteer running a session17:57
knomeoops, i already did17:57
knomehai balloons!17:57
Unit193Just happend to see a message about it.17:57
knomeballoons can tell you more about running a session17:58
Unit193That's fine, though I won't personally be running one.17:58
knomeeven if you get a cookie?17:59
knome(from microsoft's website)17:59
balloonsI'm happy to inform, never coerce or force :-)18:04
knomeluckily, i'm not you ;)=18:05
elfyso balloons comes by to hang with the really cool kids18:06
Unit193Oooh, elfy is going to do one?18:06
elfybehind the bikesheds ... I note that mhall119 sneaks about in here too and even reconnects :p18:07
Unit193Several oddities are.18:07
* balloons briefly considers idling longer18:08
elfyat least 48 hours18:08
elfymy timing is bad 18:08
Unit193I tried idleing in a new channel recently, kept getting pings...18:08
ochosipoor Unit193 ;)18:09
ochosithat must've been a nightmare!18:09
elfyyou can just imagine 18:09
Unit193"Why must you be doing the pinging?"18:09
mhall119elfy: I've been idling in here for years18:18
elfymhall119: I know :)18:18
Unit193So, we should ping mhall119 for no reason whatsoever?18:25
Unit193We've also got a cypher mox in here, which I need to bribe for my packageset application.18:25
knomeUnit193, mhall119 that is?18:27
Unit193Yep, that's the one.18:27
knomethere can be only one mhall11918:27
Unit193ochosi: So when you get back, what exactly is https://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/GtkSettings.html#GtkSettings--gtk-enable-animations for that matter?  I know it does smooth scrolling, but any idea what else?18:27
mhall119yup, if there was another, he's be mhall12018:27
Unit193It doesn't say much.18:27
Unit193mhall119: Or, mhall118?  Did you kill the 18?!18:28
mhall119we don't talk about mhall11818:28
knomemhall119, is that the royal we?18:29
Unit193cyphermox: Speaking of you and plymouth, have you tried building with --list-missing or --fail-missing?  Or gotten anywhere with LP 1386005?18:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1386005 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "Password not accepted graphical boot for encrypted root system" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138600518:29
cyphermoxUnit193: haven't looked carefully18:33
cyphermoxI'm still mostly reacting to bugs right now, and higher priorities often pop up18:33
Unit193cyphermox: OK, think that bug might be a bit important, but I'll bug you about the other stuff for wombat of course. :)18:34
cyphermoxthat bug looks like it's somewhere between plymouth and the kernel screwing things up, IIRC if I use 3.19 mainline things would work, but I haven't checked again in a little while18:34
Unit193Removing 'splash' from the boot options is a workaround, but maybe not a well known one.  Anywho, figured I'd poke.18:34
cyphermoxit was a good idea to18:35
cyphermoxthanks for reminding me of it, unfortunately I certainly won't be able to retest this until next week18:35
davmor2knome: same with davmor1 and davmor3 is just evil :D18:48
Unit193cyphermox: I have a VM handy, I'll test a couple different kernels.18:51
cyphermoxUnit193: did you see this in VMs?18:53
Unit193cyphermox: Yep.18:53
cyphermoxok... in my experience it was especially a problem on nouveau/radeon, not necessarily on qxl and whatnot18:53
cyphermox... though I haven't tried so much in VMs.18:53
Unit193cyphermox: I sware I'm just commenting, found it odd that Plymouth wouldn't display, and in fact somewhat recently would put the monitor to sleep during boot rather than showing, used a non-Ubuntu kernel and now plymouth even shows up right now.18:59
cyphermoxah what?19:01
Unit193Can't get plymouth to show the 'logo' theme anymore in vbox, thus can't test. >_>19:55
elfywho care's, lets get an image that allows you to reboot and I'll be happy20:03
ochosiUnit193: it disables all animations toolkit-wide. that includes certain widgets that sport animations (e.g. GtkRevealer, which is used for Parole's playback-control bar, or GtkStack, which is a replacement for GtkNotebook)20:07
ochosiso yeah, i still think it'd be a worthwhile setting to have in the UI somewhere20:07
Unit193elfy: Eh, being seemingly unable to unlock an encrypted install doesn't seem good either though.20:10
Unit193ochosi: Dang..20:10
ochosiUnit193: "dang" good or "dang" bad?20:11
Unit193ochosi: Well, Parole uses it, so likely not going to disable by default...20:11
ochosiwho knows, if animations cause issues20:12
Unit193That, and the new Xfwm highlights I want gone.20:13
ochosiseems to me you dont like all the new things20:13
Unit193Could well be, sure.  Just don't like when the whole screen goes a shade of green. :D20:14
Unit193I'm guessing that's a 'no' to both.  OK.20:14
ochosiit's not20:15
Unit193ochosi: FWIW, that's also a compliment!  It means that Xubuntu is quite good how it is. :D20:16
ochosiwell it mostly means that either Gtk+, X11, graphic card drivers or the hardware sucks20:17
Unit193While it isn't great, I don't like smooth scrolling, always feels laggy even on good systems.  It's just a preference, and if you could only disable smooth scrolling it'd be great but the fact it hits parole is bad, IMO.20:18
Unit193Anywho, put it on my tracker for Wombat, thanks for the additional information.20:19
elfyUnit193: ofc, but being that we don't test that - is it something we should get noisy about 20:21
elfymore than just referring to it 20:21
Unit193elfy: Ah, well this is my personal noise, not Xubuntu team.20:21
elfybut does impact on comments made in here20:22
elfyby me - should we test this stuff now20:22
Unit193elfy: Ah, well FWIW it's not an Xubuntu issue, soo.20:22
elfyI know :)20:22
Unit193Great!  So no more work for you. :D20:23
elfybut if we were testing then it would not be just 1/5th or 2/5ths20:23
elfythe issue is - that if it is not seen in Ubuntu, they only care if it's a nightmare20:25
elfyand as Ubuntu now only bother right at the end - nightmares for everyone else don't figure much20:25
elfythe trouble is everyone - us include - release with fails 20:25
elfyperhaps we shouldn't 20:25
Unit193Indeed, but in this case it's either an older bug or a recurring one.  And, as Kubuntu is aware of it, they tend to make noise and have more weight to throw around than we do.20:26
elfyif blog xyz all said - wow no ubuntu flavours released beta 1 because of this - they would notice 20:26
Unit193(And of course I'd hate to push more testing load on you.)  Encryption works, and logging in works if you use the plymouth-text theme.20:27
elfyyea and it's fail if Xubuntu releases because one person tested and reported 20:28
Unit193ochosi: Oh, that soundmenu/pulseaudio merger still on your agenda for $LONGTERM?20:39
ochosiUnit193: well what did you think i was going to ask about..? :)20:41
* Unit193 stops bugging.20:42
ochosiUnit193: ooook, so i just got another heads up about the animation settings, it even stops the spinner...20:55
ochosiso humm, that's a pass on switching that off by default in xubuntu20:55
ochosiotherwise we would prolly have to be consistent and switch off the compositor by default again too20:56
ochosiyeah, you know, that progress indicator apps have..?20:56
Unit193And yeah, understandably.  I think the smooth scrolling annoys me enough to leave it off for myself.  Aha, that.20:56
Unit193Stupid GTK...20:57
Unit193ochosi: Well hey, thanks for lookin'20:58
ochosisure, np21:01
ochosii wanted to know too21:01
Unit193(Took it off my tracker, of course.)21:01
cyphermoxUnit193: ochosi: elfy: just checking, are we good with the rebooting after install on your side?21:02
cyphermoxin case anything is still exploding :)21:02
cyphermoxvery lastest image 20150414 should work, AFAICT21:02
ochosicyphermox: sorry, was out for a day or two, i'm not really up to speed21:09
cyphermoxjust askin', don't worry about it :)21:09
* ochosi stops worrying and loves the bomb21:10
bluesabre0hey everyone. just a heads up that my internet is out through at least Thursday22:24
Unit193bluesabre0: Hello mein freund!22:25
knomebluesabre0, why did you break it?22:25
bluesabre0I did nothing... I'd prefer to have something functional :D22:26
bluesabre0been playing lots of offline games though as a result22:26
knomebluesabre0, openttd?22:26
knomethat's such an awesome offline time waster22:26
Unit193bluesabre0: Oooh, which ones?22:27
bluesabre0Mario, Sonic, other Wii games... might play some final fantasy later 22:27
Unit193Wife happy?  Wife the one that do it? :P22:28
knomei'm sure she's happy for sean spending less time in front of the computer22:28
bluesabre0She's less happy than I am, needs to get photos to client22:28
knomebluesabre0, snailmaiillll ;)22:28
knomeor telnet them22:29
knomewell in fact, i should snailmail my client some photos22:29
knomemobile web.22:29
bluesabre0Yeah, she's probably going to upload from somewhere else tomorrow22:30
bluesabre0anyhoo, just letting you guys know. If you need an upload, will have to get Micah or a sponsor :)22:31
bluesabre0Gotta run... be back hopefully Thursday :)22:32
knomehf bluesabre0 22:32
micahgI'm around22:44
micahgmore or less22:44
micahgexcept on Thursday :)22:44

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