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golfwangcan anyone tell me how i can replace ubuntu 14.10 with xubuntu 14.04 without losing my data?12:53
baizongolfwang: http://askubuntu.com/questions/64241/how-do-i-switch-to-xubuntu13:18
nomic'plug in the disk'?13:21
nomicah - downgrade?13:21
* nomic would install it next to 14.1013:22
nomicminimise 14.04 partition13:22
nomicthen the 14.10 partition is visible from 14.04, as a volume13:22
knomethey asked replace, not dualboot13:22
nomicwill be visible, without manually mounting it13:22
nomicwell you have to back up your data then13:22
knomegolfwang, if you haven't got /home on a separate partition, then you definitely need backups13:23
nomicbecause you can't 'downgrade'13:23
nomicyou can upgrade13:23
nomicand your data sits where it is , os gets upgraded13:23
longbonglungfishhey xubuntu brothers. i have a simple question: i recently upgrading to xfce 4.12 on xubuntu 14.04, via the xubuntu dev team xfce 4.12 ppa. i forgot to do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade after adding the ppa and doing sudo apt-get update. instead, after update, i simply opened synaptic and marked then upgraded the relevant packages through there. is this ok? should i revert and repeat the process with dist-upgrade instead? i ask bec14:44
longbonglungfishause i now have two versions of libxfce4util, and i'm not sure if this is normal. thanks in advance for help!14:44
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SonikkuAmericaXubuntu doesn't seem to have a minimum requirement for processors. I'm looking around for a *buntu for a friend with a Intel Pentium II... would that work?16:02
mrkrampsSonikkuAmerica, nope16:13
SonikkuAmericaThanks. :)16:14
EniotBonjour les gens :-) Juste une question svp ?16:45
elfy!fr | Eniot16:46
ubottuEniot: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en fran├žais, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:46
Eniotok thanks bye ^^16:46
beachbuddahmorning all - I am dl xubuntu 14.04.2 as we type to an ubuntu live usb environment18:38
beachbuddahI want to install xubuntu to an external hdd18:38
beachbuddahcan do?  If so, how?  I mean what tools or magic needs to be performed?18:38
bazhangpoint the installer to the hdd18:39
beachbuddahthat's it?18:39
bazhangwhat fs is on it now18:39
bazhangwill this drive be shared with other os18:40
beachbuddahno I am screwed on my main hdd - ubuntu tahr is there but when I try to boot it i get the nasty ol'  OS Not Found message18:41
bazhangbut the liveusb boots fine18:42
beachbuddahbut I would rather not reinstall on that partition, all my good junk is there (in an encrypted home folder - oops) and I would prefer to rescue it after I have a working full os again18:42
beachbuddahthought I would try out xubuntu when 15.04 came out, but now is as good a time as any18:42
amaribeachbuddah: It should be already stable enough right now ;),in case you don't want to wait18:43
beachbuddahthe live usb boots fine, but I ahve installed (once on the external hdd and once on another partition on the main hdd) and neither is read - I think whatever is used as an image must be corrupted?18:43
bazhangrelease of vivid is quite soon, so if you do all the updates etc it will regular vivd once its fully released18:43
beachbuddahI'm fairly easy - it won't give me headaches, trying to rescue my eoolishly encrypted data?18:44
beachbuddahthat should be foolishly18:44
bazhangno way to know that in advance18:44
beachbuddahlol, of course18:45
bazhangalways a good plan to have backups before trying that18:45
beachbuddahyes - backups existed but sadly, things went pearshaped quite recently and they are gone baby gone18:46
beachbuddahnow this installer of which you speak18:46
knomeamari, a beta or even an RC is never recommended on a production machine.18:46
beachbuddahbefore I point it anywhere, where do I acquire this magickal item?18:47
amariknome: But there is only one week and 2 days remaining until final. And xfce is usually very stable...18:47
knomeamari, there is no "but"s18:47
beachbuddahstable buts, yes, but the installer...?18:48
amariknome: So you suggest he installs 14.10 now and updates to 15.04 next week? Do you think this is more stable than using the beta/RC? I don't think so...18:50
knomeamari, whether he is willing to take the risk or not with 15.04 is his own business, but if it's a production environment or any environment that requires stability, he shouldn't.18:51
Unit193It's not released yet, so could go boom tomorrow.18:52
beachbuddahamari - under my current circumstances - with the home folder encrypted and living either on a disk or in an OS that is corrupted, I think it is preferable to use a known stable release - I am actually dl 14.0418:52
amari14.04 is a great option, since it is LTS ;)18:52
beachbuddahotherwise, had I just been curious about xubuntu, I would have considered the rc that is out now18:53
beachbuddahjust what I was thinking18:53
beachbuddahand (since I am a pissy fool) I am a little cranky with ubuntu since it didn't install x2 for me in this crisis of mine - I'll show 'em, xubuntu here I come...18:54
beachbuddahnow, earlier bazhang mentioned pointing the installer -18:55
beachbuddahjust what is the installer and where do I get mine?18:55
knomeif you are downloading a 14.04 ISO, you are getting the installer18:56
beachbuddahaww - aren't they generous...so I double click or extract here or...18:56
beachbuddahI may seem stupid, but thats only cause I am18:56
beachbuddahI have always installed off a live CD or usb before, so this installer is outside my realm of experience18:57
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knomebeachbuddah, just do the same as ever18:57
Unit193That is it, ubiquity is the installer used in the live session.18:57
beachbuddahwell - my issue is that I now have linited resources, right?  the usb stick ( the one and only) is in the slot runing the live session - it (surpisingly)eats the cd/dvd controller resource so I cannot create a rescue cd else I would have so I will have the iso once the dl is complete - and that was the original Q - can I install to an external drive from a (I should have said pre-existing) liuveusb session19:00
beachbuddahas in right now - dl is complete, iso resting comfortably in the downloads folder after that exhausting ordeal, wondering what is in store for it next...19:01
bazhangthats quite different from your original question19:06
beachbuddahis it?  Then I apologize - I am flummoxed after two days of messing around and discovering how much I do not know19:07
beachbuddahThough, here I sit - in a live usb session, having downloaded xubuntu, wondering how to install said os to an external hdd19:09
beachbuddahWell, bazhang, knome, amari, unit193 all of you for your time and assistance.  Problem not solved, but you tried - in #ubuntu, I didn't even get a response to the question19:32
beachbuddahhave a great day all19:32

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