ctlaugh_If I follow instructions and do NOT specify an admin password for the keystone charm when I deploy it, how do I figure out what it is so that I can use it for authentication later?04:19
ctlaugh_beisner: I'm still looking at this Openstack deployment trying to figure out what in the world is going on.  Is there a chance that something (in the charm(s), etc) that could have changed affecting how it gets deployed?  I have a simple set of scripts (I can share if necessary) that deploys the charms, creates relations between them, and that's about it.  I used them repeatedly earlier this year with no04:21
ctlaugh_trouble at all.  Now, I can't get a Juju-deployed Openstack to work.04:22
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cory_fubloodearnest: https://github.com/niedbalski/juju-deployerizer08:24
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bloodearnestcory_fu, awesome, thanks08:28
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lazyPowerblahdeblah: just got confirmation. You're invited to tomorrow's lesson if you're still up for it09:29
mgzcory_fu: got it, runSSHKeyImport in apiserver/keymanager/keymanager.go cn generate more error results than import keys09:46
lazyPowermgz: so we know whats causing the panic now?09:57
cory_fumgz: It can generate more results, error or not, because there are more than one key per user.  But to make the functionality work, it has to return more results, since the keyInfo is what's used to write the valid keys as well09:57
cory_fuSo I definitely should have reved the api as well.  :/09:58
cory_fulazyPower: Yeah, it's my change like I thought at first09:59
lazyPowerallright, at least we know whats going on. Appreciate the attention on that bug :)09:59
cory_fumgz: Even worse (or better, depending on your point of view), the mismatch in result count could cause it to report an incorrect key as the source of the error without panicing10:00
cory_fuThe only time it will panic is if the one in error is near the end of the result list and there was at least one ID that had multiple keys10:01
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francokaerntnaHello, I am using the CLI to upload a bundle, but I only get the error, that the command 'juju bundle' is not known. I have the latest version of juju (1.22.1-0) and juju-quickstart (2.0.1) installed. Can anybody tell me how to deploy a bundle through the CLI?12:22
lazyPowerfrancokaerntna: surely  juju-quickstart bundlename.yaml should get you running if the bundle is valid12:22
lazyPowerfrancokaerntna: its a positionial argument to juju-quickstart, and you can get detailed help from juju-quickstart -h12:23
francokaerntnalazyPower: ok, I will try that. But the docu clearly states 'juju bundle proof ..' https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.22/charms-bundles12:25
lazyPowerfrancokaerntna: thats a completely different utility coming from the charm-tools package :)12:26
lazyPowerjuju-quickstart is it's own project as well, and has different nomenclature12:26
lazyPowerso if you're missing juju bundle, and would like to proof it - apt-get install charm-tools12:26
francokaerntnalazyPower: thank you! Now it's working12:29
lazyPowerGlad to hear it :)12:44
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francokaerntnaI'm trying to deploy the openstack charm on 3 maas hosts. Is it enough to edit the bundle.yaml (add 'to: "lxc:X"' where X is a number from 0 to 3) file and then run juju-quickstart?13:04
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lazyPowerfrancokaerntna: it can be you need a bare-minimum of 2 machines to deploy openstack13:42
lazyPower1 to warehouse all the ancilliary services, and 1 to dedicate to your VM host13:42
lazyPowersee http://marcoceppi.com/2014/06/deploying-openstack-with-just-two-machines/ as a jumping off point.13:43
francokaerntnalazyPower: ok. But that one is without quantum. And I tried adding it afterwards but it didn't work. Can you give me some assistance?14:11
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francokaerntnaanybody experience with deploying neutron into openstack with juju?15:39
lazyPowerfrancokaerntna: i know you have a limitation on the number of machines15:41
lazyPowerbut we do have a bundle for this in the store: https://jujucharms.com/openstack15:41
lazyPoweryou should be able to derive  what needs to be done from either the README or the bundle.15:42
lazyPowerblahdeblah: ping15:42
francokaerntnalazyPower: I tried to deploy the openstack-base one, but it will always try to acquire 17 machines. Do you mean I should download the configuration, change the base.yaml file (so that every service contains a 'to: lxc:X' field) and then deploy with juju-quickstart?15:44
lazyPowerThats an option15:45
francokaerntnalazyPower: sorry, I read your answer to quick. I will try to humanly parse the configs and reproduce what's written in them.15:48
lazyPowerwell, you can also use thebundle15:49
lazyPoweradding to: lxc:# shoudl work15:49
lazyPowerits no different using the bundle than deploying by hand, and arguably less error prone :)15:49
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jshiehHey, has anyone had a chance to look at the Power PPA bugs listed under:18:24
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jcastrojose, hey do you think you can host the hangout today? I am having some display/xorg issues today and my laptop isn't very reliable19:28
jcastrocan everyone see that event?19:40
jcastromarcoceppi_, paste the URL in here20:04
marcoceppi_If you want to watch, https://plus.google.com/events/c7kaoc26rs816cpf14mrpnpuiio20:07
marcoceppi_jcastro: http://youtu.be/WWGJpRtZ2H020:09
lazyPowerTo anyone following along the hangout on air and wants the release notes: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju/2015-March/005118.html20:14
beisnero/ popping in and out whilst testing a ton o stuff.20:40
beisner   ++tabular lazyPower !20:40
lazyPoweraww yeah20:41
lazyPowertabular  = godmode for watching your deployments20:41
lazyPowercheats++ :D20:41
lazyPowermake sure you hi5 katco for landing that bit of awesomeness20:41
lazyPowerhttps://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/04/16/expediting-local-isolation-with-docker-and-juju/ - if anyone wanted to review the charm context switching on insights20:51
jw4lazyPower: great article... thanks21:15
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blahdeblahlazyPower: pong - Saw your comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/999439; I haven't got back to it this week.  Is there a way I can force a run through the testing regime to see results without you guys having to review & approve?23:01
mupBug #999439: Need charm for quassel-core <new-charm> <Juju Charms Collection:In Progress by paulgear> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/999439>23:01

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