gasshoWhat and how respectively, do I edit a script, and how I edit it, so that I don't have to deal with a difficult touchpad?02:26
holsteinwell, i can say how..02:27
gassho*how do I edit it02:27
holsteinyou likely are having permissions issue? so, "sudo nano /path/ton/config" will allow you to edit02:27
gasshoIt's doc'd?02:27
holsteinbut what, though.. thats different02:27
holsteingassho: thats the issue.. the "documenation" would ideally be provided by the creators of the hardware02:28
holsteinsince, they likely dont officially support linux, then, you can have a challenging time, potentially02:28
gasshoSorry.  I have a certain articulation with communication :/02:28
gasshoIt messes me up if I don't manually disable it.02:28
holsteinwhat would i do? personally, i'll grab a live iso, and experiement.. i'll actually try quite a few live iso's.. i want to see different kernels and modules on the hardware02:29
gasshoSo!  I need to manually edit a script instead so that it doesn't function.02:29
holsteinif its a particulally challenging piece of hardware, i may disable it in the bios, and just replace it, with something different..02:29
gasshoI got a mouse right here.02:29
gasshoMuhahahahahahaha >:302:29
holsteinotherwise, i will search "linux" with the hardware im trying to deal with.. could be, there is an "easy fix" by adding an xorg.conf file, or, who knows02:29
holsteinor, it could be, the device wont *ever* work easily, or stable in linux02:30
gasshoI did it before so I know it can.02:30
gasshohttp://askubuntu.com/questions/530937/how-can-i-disable-touchpad-while-typing-in-ubuntu-14-04 this shows promise.  Thanks again #lubuntu :D fare well.02:31
holsteingassho: farewell?02:31
gasshoYes that too.02:31
gasshoI wish that you enjoy wellness, all of you.  And I'm gonna go edit something and pray it doesn't explode.  Ciao!02:32
holsteingassho: im not clear on what you are saying, but, if you are leaving the channel, i wont volunteer any  more assistance.. is that the case? or, would you like for me to view the link you gave?02:32
gasshoWe could investigate it together sure.  But that link doesn't seem viable to instruct me on how to disable my bandit touchpad.02:33
gasshoHowever I think I'll just practice proper ergonomics hehe...02:34
holsteingassho: disable in the bios02:35
holsteinbut, it seems you are just wanting to diable while typing?02:35
gasshoNo that makes the little bastard even more insidiously frustrating.  How do you disable a device in the BIOS?02:36
holsteingassho: i dont know that you can, but, i would start there.. that would disable system  wide02:36
holsteinotherwise, you can "blacklist" the touchpad, likely02:37
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »02:37
* gassho cries...02:39
holsteingassho: the blacklist would be what i would do if there is no bios off setting, or, switch on the machine's keyboard02:40
gasshoHow do I disable it during typing?02:40
gasshoWould editing BIOS require a reboot?02:46
holsteingassho: yes.. you would reboot, and look in the bios settings *before* the operating system boots02:47
holsteingassho: but, that is for disablinng the touchpad completely02:47
gasshoAwrite!  AFK.02:47
holsteingassho: what do you want? the touchpad off? or off while typing only?02:47
gasshodisabled in bios, completely offline02:47
holsteinsure.. so, your link you gave is *not* for that02:48
holsteinits for disabling the touchpad while typing02:48
utu8owhy does linux result in such poor battery life for laptops/netbooks when compared to Windows?04:29
holsteinutu8o: support04:30
holsteinutu8o: typically, the creators of the hardware hire, for example, a team of professionals to write software drivers, and test, and work with issues specific to the hardware such as battery life04:31
holsteinwhen we take that machine, and run another operating system on there, that time has not been spent on that os, and the information to support that functionality may not be available04:32
holsteinthink of it this way.. nothing about linux is preventing the battery from lasting longer.. but, imagine what it would take to facilitate it being as good as it is in windows..04:32
utu8oso basically linux distros will always have poor battery life?04:32
ianorlinutu8o: not always04:33
ianorlinmine last sort of long in linux with powertop to tune it04:33
holsteinutu8o: no.. *if* any company wants, such as with android phones, they can support linux, the same as most support windows now04:33
utu8ocan't desktop distros take battery efficient code from Android or something?04:33
ianorlinutu8o: it would have to be for the hardware specifically for power managment features04:33
holsteinthe hardware is ARM on android, typically, but, any company can choose to support linux. all of linux and ubuntu is open, and easily available for any company to support04:34
ianorlinutu8o: althogh lower screen brightness can help with battery life04:35
Kamilionutu8o: android's design is also fundamentally different than the normal GNU userspace. They try their hardest to keep state serialized so the application code can be paused or terminated at any time.05:12
Kamilionthey also have kernel features like ashmem and the binder05:13
Kamilionthe linux community is taking the concepts built in android and looking at how they can be generalized and applied to a wider set of cases.05:14
Kamilionif android wants to come on board with what 'we' come up with, that's cool, if not, that's cool too. The ocean is far more than big enough.05:15
KamilionI happen to have some pretty good battery life on my linux 'desktop' devices; but that's because I know my hardware well and know it's level of support before I purchase it.05:16
Kamilionand I go with vendors like asus that have either sold and shipped linux powered devices now or in the past, or have some sort of support structure for dealing with the major linuxes (RHEL/Cent support is normally good enough to call debubntu 'supported' too)05:17
LubuntuUserhello folks09:58
LubuntuUsermy dongle  used to work fine, but now I can see wifi but cannot connect....09:59
LubuntuUseranyone can help?10:00
LubuntuUserare u there people?10:01
positionwhich linux is similar to lubuntu but lighter?13:49
zy3pDHow is Lubuntu one week before 15.04? :)13:56
gsilvaposition, there's no lighter version than lubuntu14:09
holsteinposition: you can always just install ubuntu, from mini, and add what you like15:01
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:01
holsteinubuntuserver is arguably "lighter" for example, but, has no GUI.. it really depends on your needs15:02
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:02
holsteinlubuntu is just ubuntu with lxde, and either lxde works for your needs, or not.. there are "lighter" options, but, they all would present compromises, in comparison to a traditional desktop environment15:04
holsteinnothing makes the hardware any faster/better.. its just a matter of utilizing the resources in a more appropriate way for one's needs..15:04
positionnow I will try to install lubuntu 15.04 to an atom netbook20:30
positionI hope it will work20:30
positionNow I create the live usb with rufus20:30
ianorlinhttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ is a good place to report results20:30
positionwell rufus makes very slow the conversion to live USB from iso file20:32
positionI am still in 6%20:32
ianorlinposition: not all usb are the same speed either20:33
positionmaybe it is slow the front usb port20:33
ianorlinyeah on my desktop I have a usb 3.0 port on the front20:35
positionianorlin do you think that lubuntu 15.04 will be good for a netbook? or it is not good option?20:48
ianorlinposition: will run on it well but I don't personlaly use netbooks as they don't have many resources and I like lxde as an interface20:49
ianorlinthere are still bugs and stuff so shouln't be for production really20:49
positionrufus is still in 58%21:01
positionis it too slow?21:02
ianorlinnot sure I don't use rufus21:02
positionwell it said it was goog21:16
positionnow says it is 85%21:16
Kamilionposition: using the i386 image?22:20
positionit still says to wait22:21
positionI dont know why it lasts so much22:21
Kamilioni figured out how to get efi32 to boot grub2 to boot a 64bit kernel on a lot of those Atoms22:21
Kamilionposition: your USB stick is likely pretty slow.22:22
Kamilionsounds like 1MB/sec, about22:22
Kamilionreading it should be faster than writing it, by far.22:22
positionwell you use 64bit kernel in 32bit devices?22:22
KamilionI do, on an intel bay trail Z3735F quad core.22:23
Kamilionhttp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00REGG6QU/  <--- this one.22:23
positionmy atom is old22:24
Kamilionmany of them are 64bit instruction capable, but have a memory limit of 2GB or 4GB.22:24
Kamilionthere are tradeoffs -- a 64bit kernel will use more memory for internal structures, so less will be available to applications.22:24
Kamilionbut I am running primarily CPU bound tasks that do not require much memory.22:25
Kamilionbeing able to use the 64bit instruction Matrix Multiply is a huge benefit to my workload.22:26

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