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Kb52Ok found out after booting into windows that my USB Bluetooth Dongle is hardware defective. Have a TekRam TM-304 but cannot find whatever ubuntu wants to make it work, so no dice.03:04
Kb52The one that might work, because Ubuntu sees it ok, is hardware defective, it appears to work but does not. The Tekram which works fine in Windoze is not able to work in Linux. I guess nobody made a Linux driver for Tekram usb bluetooth dongle. So I am just dead in the water on figuring out how to do it. In lsusb it sees it as a Roper Class 1 Bluetooth Adapter.03:08
Kb52Hmm guess everyone here went away.03:10
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liuxgdoes anyone get the Positioning working on ubuntu phone?06:26
mivoligodpm: hi, not sure if you answered my question some time ago as I went offline. It was about getting translations from Launchpad and adding them to an app.08:22
dpmhi mivoligo, I think it was a bit of a broad question. Could you ellaborate?08:23
dpmin general this doc should help in setting up a project for translation auto-commits: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/LpProjectConfiguration08:23
dpmbut if you tell me exactly which part is not clear, then we can look at it in detail08:24
mivoligodpm: sure, I have a simple app which has been already translated to few languages. And now I want to get those translations and add them to the app08:24
dpmmivoligo, link to the lp project?08:24
mivoligodpm: https://translations.launchpad.net/pop-that-wrap08:25
dpmmivoligo, ok. Then I'd recommend to follow all the steps from that wiki page. That will get your project set up for daily translation exports committed to a branch08:26
dpmgenerally the exports happen early in the morning European time, so we've missed the window for today. This means that if you set up the project for translations now, the first translations will be committed to your branch tomorrow08:27
dpmhowever, you can always manually download translations and manually commit them if you can't wait to the next export08:27
dpmthere is a link for downloading them here: https://translations.launchpad.net/pop-that-wrap/trunk/+translations08:28
mivoligodpm: ok, and how do I add them to the app? Should I just put them to "po" folder?08:29
dpmmivoligo, the po/ folder will initially contain all the .po files from LP (one per language). These are source files, which need to be built into binary .mo files, which is what you'll need to ship with your app08:34
dpmmivoligo, what kind of app is that? Is it QML? Does it use a build system (e.g. cmake)?08:36
mivoligodpm: QML08:36
mivoligodpm: I see I can manually choose to download MO formathttps://translations.launchpad.net/pop-that-wrap/trunk/+export08:40
dpmah, yeah08:44
dpmmivoligo, if you don't have a build system and you're doing this manually, then that works08:44
dpmyou'll then need to also manually craft the path where the .mo files will be in the final .click08:45
mivoligodpm: so, should I just put .mo files into "po" folder and build a click package? Or is it more complicated?08:46
dpmno, the po/ folder is only for the source .po files, the .mo files go into a different path, just a sec08:46
mivoligodpm: ah, ok08:46
davidcalledpm, regaridng .mo files. I can build them from a default qml project from template, with make build-translations (which creates a local share/locale/...)08:49
davidcalleBut I'm not able to start qmlviewer in a different locale. The suggested LANG=... qmlscene Main.qml doesn't seem to work08:49
dpmmivoligo, here's what the path should look like in the final click: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10831865/08:51
dpmdavidcalle, yeah, that's what I mentioned in the document:08:51
dpmthe translations are loaded from the default locations:08:52
dpm- either /usr/share/locale on the desktop08:52
dpm- or $CLICKFOLDER/share/locale on the phone from a click package08:52
dpmin the example, the .mo files are not installed under /usr/share/locale, so gettext cannot find them08:53
dpmloading translations for test purposes is always a bit more complicated than it should be08:54
davidcalledpm, so in a nutshell, you need a device08:54
dpmeither that, or you can use the bindtextdomain call to tell gettext an explicit location to load translations from08:54
dpmI'm not sure if we expose it in the QML API, though08:54
* dpm looks at API docs08:55
mivoligodpm: do I have to create that folder structure manually?08:55
davidcalledpm, not in the doc08:55
dpmmivoligo, generally a build system takes care of that08:55
dpmif you don't have a build system, you'll need to do this manually, yes. Or generally, with a script that does it for you08:56
mivoligodpm: by build system you mean "Build and validate click package" option in "Publish" menu in SDK?08:57
dpmmivoligo, no, I mean whether you are using cmake or qmake, or autotools... to build your app and click package08:57
mivoligodpm: I use just the mentioned button :D08:58
mivoligocmake, qmake and their families are black magic to me08:59
dpmzbenjamin, quick question: for a QML app, if I've got a po/ folder containing translations (.po files), will the Publish option to create a click package detect that there are translations and will build them?09:00
dpmdavidcalle, I think that's maybe a more important topic than launching in a different language: i.e. how do I package my translations ^09:01
dpmIdeally Publish should take care of it. I'm not sure exactly what's launched when clicking on "Build and validate click package"09:02
dpmbzoltan_, zbenjamin, do you know? ^^09:02
mivoligodpm: let me experiment, I will put some .po files into po folder and run Build and validate thing09:04
zbenjamindpm: hmm it should09:05
dpmmivoligo, it seems another option might be what davidcalle was mentioning: use the make build-translations option, which will create the folder structure for you, and then when you hit publish it will just package those already built .mo files. davidcalle, to be clear, is that the Build translations option from the menu (which didn't work for me)?09:06
* dpm tries09:06
zbenjamindpm: depends a bit on how old the project is. If its really old then it probably lacks the Makefile that does the right steps09:08
dpmzbenjamin, no, I'm talking about a project created a few days ago09:08
dpmtesting it now09:08
zbenjaminthat should do09:08
dpmI see the rule in the Makefile, yes09:08
dpmzbenjamin, what's the workflow nowadays for building clicks from a QML app? I see the "Build and validate" button under the Publish tab grayed out09:10
zbenjamindpm: you need a ubuntu kit for that09:10
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* dpm adds kit to the QML project09:11
davidcalledpm, zbenjamin, if I try the menu option to build translations, it does nothing for me (po files not found)09:16
dpmsame here09:16
davidcalleBut, make build-translations in the project work09:16
zbenjamindpm: davidcalle: hitting just "build" in qtc should do the trick09:16
dpmzbenjamin, it does not, as davidcalle says, you have to manually run make build-translations and only then Publish will pick up the built translations09:17
dpmit seems Publish does not run the build-translations target in the makefile09:17
zbenjamindpm: what project?09:17
davidcalledpm, any new one with the QML template09:18
davidcallezbenjamin, ^09:18
zbenjamindavidcalle: dpm: if you are targeting the 15.04 framework use qmake based projects ...09:18
dpmzbenjamin, exactly. But for this particular one, we're looking at lp:howmanyapples09:18
zbenjamindavidcalle: dpm: soon we will deprecate the qmlproject type09:18
zbenjaminbut lets see why its not working09:19
dpmzbenjamin, hm, how soon is soon? We're currently writing a tutorial for this09:19
zbenjamindpm: 15.10 will most likely not show the qmlproject type in the "new project" wizard anymore09:19
* davidcalle afk for a few min09:20
zbenjamindavidcalle: dpm: never add the .user file to your repository its valid just for your machine09:21
dpmzbenjamin, yeah, already mentioned that :)09:21
mivoligodpm: so how do I "manually run make build-translations"?09:22
zbenjamindpm: davidcalle: ok that is a bug i'll fix that right now09:23
dpmmivoligo, tl;dr - in the meantime, you can drop to the command line, cd to your project's folder, ensure you've got .po files in the po/ folder, then run: "make build-translations" and then do the build as usual with the "Build and validate click package" button09:23
zbenjaminits seems to be just a one line fix09:23
dpmzbenjamin, that'd be awesome09:23
mivoligodpm: thanks :)09:24
dpmzbenjamin, while you're at it: this rule in the Makefile would need a tweak as well: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10831970/09:30
dpmtemplate.pot is too generic09:30
dpmit should be either the project name or the app id09:30
dpmprobably the project name to make it more readable09:30
dpmdavidcalle, ^09:30
mivoligodpm: hmm.. I installed the package but the menu is still in English09:31
dpmmivoligo, does your .click contain the .mo files in the right locations?09:32
mivoligodpm: I think so09:32
dpmmivoligo, I would need a bit more of info to be able to help :)09:32
dpmI'm not sure what you mean by "the menu"09:33
dpmor whether you're running this on a device, the emulator or the desktop09:33
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dpmand whether the .click package does indeed contain the .mo files09:33
mivoligodpm: link to mo file: /Pop-that-wrap/share/locale/pop-that-wrap-cs/LC_MESSAGES/mivoligo.pop-that-wrap.mo09:33
mivoligodpm: I'm running on the device09:34
dpmmivoligo, ah, I see what it is09:34
dpmthe part of the path that says 'pop-that-wrap-cs'09:34
dpmshould only be 'cs'09:34
dpmI'm guessing09:34
dpmyou downloaded translations from LP09:34
mivoligodpm: yes09:35
dpmbut LP has an old bug09:35
dpmthat means it adds $PROJECTNAME- to the language code in the name of the downloaded .po files09:35
dpmit does not affect the automatic exports, but it's still present when you manually download09:35
* mivoligo is renaming09:36
dpmmivoligo, so what you'll need to do is to rename all .po files in the po folder to remove the pop-that-wrap- prefix09:36
mivoligodpm: still no luck :(09:40
zbenjamindpm: the finished .mo file is using the appid as name. The template.po is really just the template for new translations09:43
dpmzbenjamin, I know. What I'm saying is that template.pot is too generic. It should be projectname.pot09:44
zbenjaminerr template.pot09:44
zbenjaminhmm using po/$(APP_ID).pot: $(QMLJS_FILES)  as target does not work for some reason09:45
zbenjaminmake: *** No rule to make target '1,2', needed by 'po/zeller-benjamin.untitled4.pot'.  Schluss.09:45
dpmzbenjamin, davidcalle, to track the bugs that affect the i18n tutorial: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=i18n-qml-tutorial09:46
dpmzbenjamin, you can perhaps have a look at what Build > Ubuntu > Translations > Update Translations Template does09:48
mivoligodpm: in the Makefile it says "#APP_ID needs to match the "name" field of the click manifest APP_ID=mivoligo.pop-that-wrap" but in the manifest.json I have name: "pop-that-wrap.mivoligo" Might that be the problem?09:53
mivoligonik90: I bet you have some experience in QML project translation ;)09:56
dpmmivoligo, I think that might be it. Which one of the two is the correct app id?09:57
mivoligodpm: how can I know that?09:57
nik90mivoligo: usually I test by setting the system language to dutch and testing apps out.09:58
mivoligodpm: I guess pop-that-wrap.mivoligo is correct09:59
dpmhm, it seems https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppStore/Interfaces/ApplicationId hasn't been updated to reflect the recent changes in app id09:59
mivoligonik90: I have problem with adding translations to my app09:59
mivoligodpm: so is this a bug in Makefile too?10:00
nik90mivoligo: just read the backlog10:01
* davidcalle hugs dpm10:03
davidcalledpm, I'll address the rest of your comments in the meantime10:03
dpmmivoligo, probably the comment in the Makefile is incorrect, and it shows the app id constructed the wrong way round?10:03
dpmthanks davidcalle :)10:03
mivoligodpm: OW YEAH,  THAT WAS IT :D :D10:04
dpmnice :)10:04
* mivoligo hugs dpm too10:04
* dpm hugs mivoligo back :)10:05
zbenjamindpm: seems this is the problem "--keyword=tr:1,2"   in the xgettext call. Do you know what it is used for?10:05
dpmmivoligo, would you mind filing a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/+filebug nd tagging it with i18n-qml-tutorial ?10:05
mivoligodpm: about Makefile?10:05
dpmzbenjamin, it's used to tell xgettext how to identify strings that are marked for translations and then put them in the final .pot file. In this case, it's been told to look for strings wrapped in tr() (from i18n.tr()). As per the arguments, I'll need to refresh my memory from the internet, just a sec :))10:07
dpmmivoligo, yeah, about the incorrect comment10:07
mivoligodpm: the comment is actually correct, the APP_ID is somehow changed10:08
dpmmivoligo, oh, I see. So how did you actually fix your issue?10:09
mivoligodpm: I've changed APP_ID in Makefile10:09
dpmzbenjamin, the xgettext --keyword invocation is correct. As far as I can tell, it's the same as we use for all core apps. The actual format is at https://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/html_node/xgettext-Invocation.html (look for "--keyword[=keywordspec]")10:10
mivoligodpm: so it's something wrong with how the Makefile is generated10:11
zbenjamindpm: yes its correct, but the : is interpreted by the makefile as a target , hence the "target 1,2 not found"10:11
zbenjamindpm: and it seems its not possible to escape : in a makefile10:11
dpmmivoligo, then I guess that's a bug to address in the makefile10:11
dpmzbenjamin, hm, xgettext has been around for ages, one would think that this is an issue that would have a solution10:12
zbenjaminmaybe if i put them in a var10:12
* dpm asks the internet10:13
dpmzbenjamin, folks seem to put this in an $(XGETTEXT_FLAGS) variable, yes: http://git.kaarsemaker.net/git/commit/adc3b2b27670f123bd7dd742ba0fa0e0a60e1b19/10:15
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zbenjamindpm: moving the stuff around revealed the real error. My editor converted the tab to spaces in the makefile.10:18
zbenjaminwhich is a nono :D10:18
dpmzbenjamin, aha, that's actually something I checked too, but the Makefile in the project I've got open does have a tab indeed10:19
zbenjamindpm: https://code.launchpad.net/~zeller-benjamin/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/fixqmlclickbuild/+merge/25645810:28
dpmzbenjamin, jumping on a call in a minute, will look at it asap. davidcalle, perhaps you can do it in the meantime? ^10:30
zbenjamindpm: btw forget about the menu item.. I wonder if we need it at all anyway. Hitting build should do both steps10:33
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davidcallezbenjamin, should I wait for a new commit (for the menu button) before reviewing the merge?10:43
nerochiarooSoMoN: can you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~uriboni/webbrowser-app/bookmarks-in-suggestions/+merge/256459 when you are doing your next round of review ? i added lots of comments on the MR itself so hopefully we won't need a lot of back and forth10:45
davidcallezbenjamin, one thing I noticed is that using the Translation Template menu item creates two templates : template.pot and appname.pot10:46
oSoMoNnerochiaro, will do just after lunch, thanks!10:46
dpmzbenjamin, davidcalle, about the menu option: there are two of them - 1) Update template and 2) Build translations. I'd be happy to drop 2), but 1) is actually useful, so that you can just update the template without building the whole thing10:47
davidcallezbenjamin, disregard my last comment, I must have been doing something wrong :)10:47
davidcalledpm +110:47
davidcallezbenjamin, ok, so, there is a template.pot appearing when I run the app from the SDK10:48
dpmdavidcalle, I saw that too10:49
dpmdavidcalle, zbenjamin, I'm guessing that will go away once the fix lands, as in that case when running the app the projectname.pot template will be created, but it will just overwrite the existing one10:52
dpmbut nitpicking on it, I guess the template shouldn't be created in the first place when just running the app10:53
davidcalledpm, I don't disagree, but why should the template be created at this stage?10:53
dpmdavidcalle, that's what I'm saying, it shouldn't10:54
davidcalleYeah, I've seen your reply when pressing return :)10:54
mivoligowell, it was actually useful for me to upload the template to Launchpad10:55
zbenjamindpm: thats not going to change though. Buildsteps are always executed at that stage. Also this whole qmlproject thing is just a hack since .qmlprojects where never meant to be used for what we do10:56
dpmmivoligo, yeah, but generally you'd do that either manually (via the menu option) or at build time, not when running the app10:57
zbenjamindpm: the project format to be used is .pro10:57
dpmzbenjamin, what do you mean?10:57
zbenjamindpm: i was answering to [16.04 12:53:43] <dpm> but nitpicking on it, I guess the template shouldn't be created in the first place when just running the app10:57
mivoligodpm: but in order to run the app you have to build it first, right?10:58
dpmyeah, I think that's the point10:58
zbenjamindpm: i think even in cmake projects the translation template is built before the app is executed10:58
zbenjaminmivoligo: no, you can disable it in the buildsteps if you want. But then they also won't be packaged when creating your click package10:59
dpmzbenjamin, IIRC it's generally built manually by a rule that's not run as part of the build10:59
dpmat least that's how we do it for core apps10:59
dpmzbenjamin, davidcalle, but I think to keep things simple, I'd leave as it is11:00
dpmit'll just be a bit annoying for app devs, as the template file will be shown as changed in bzr every time they run the app11:00
mivoligozbenjamin: OK, I'm just clicking buttons :D have no idea how it all works11:00
zbenjamindpm: remove it from the default target11:01
mcphailIf the .pot file changes, does it invalidate all the .po files?11:01
zbenjamindpm: in the makefile11:01
* mcphail has been stuggling with gettext for another project11:01
zbenjaminmcphail: no, you need to manually copy the pot to the po files11:02
dpmmcphail, it depends on how radical the changes are, I guess. If you are using Launchpad and automatic imports/exports, whenever you update the template, then Launchpad will take care of merging the .po files with the new template for you11:03
mcphailzbenjamin: and does the generation of a new .pot trigger a hook to email the translators?11:03
dpmmcphail, if you are not using Launchpad, when you update the template you should use msgmerge to manually do this merge11:03
mcphaildpm: ok11:03
dpmmcphail, a hook where?11:03
mcphaildpm: I was wondering whether hooks are set up in bzr to email translators if the .pot file changes. I think some projects do this with git hooks11:04
mcphaildpm: and that would be a problem if the pot file changes each run11:05
dpmmcphail, but it's always up to the maintainer of the project to set up the hooks11:05
dpmI personally don't appreciate automated e-mails that much :)11:05
mcphaildpm: just wondering. Bzr seems to have a bit of automated behaviour I don't understand yet11:06
mcphailSo what triggers the call to translators when something needs updated?11:06
popeydbarth: if someone wants to file bugs against the webapps shipping on the phone, where do they do that?11:09
dpmmcphail, generally a human writing an e-mail and hitting the Send button :)11:14
dpmzbenjamin, bzoltan_, thanks a lot for addressing this superquickly, really appreciated! So that we have an idea of when we can publish the tutorial, do you know more or less when the fix will be released?11:15
mcphaildpm: aah. I thought it was automated in launchpad. Sorry for the digression :)11:17
dpmnp :)11:17
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nerochiarooSoMoN: is that ok for you if I start taking care of https://trello.com/c/92qH2ZT7 or https://trello.com/c/oOlKUeeh ?11:24
bzoltan_dpm:  must be today :) Right?11:29
dpmbzoltan_, not necessarily, it's not a critical fix and we're still reviewing the tutorial, so we could wait. I was just asking to have an idea11:30
dpmbut if you're offering today, I won't say no ;)11:31
bzoltan_dpm:  I mean, today is the _FREEZ_11:31
bzoltan_dpm:  so we do push it today11:31
dpmah, of course11:31
dpmgood timing :)11:31
oSoMoNnerochiaro, Arthur is already taking care of both tasks (should be landing soon),11:31
nerochiarooSoMoN: great. any other stuff in the pipeline I can pick up then ? I have not any tasks claimed for this sprint apparently11:32
oSoMoNnerochiaro, nothing comes to mind right now, I’ll think about what you could tackle, in the meantime see with Bill if he has more stuff for you in other apps11:35
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok11:35
dbarthpopey: on the webapps-core project12:00
dbarthspecifying the app name in brackets (since we bundle the main webapps in that single project for now)12:01
popeyok! thanks12:04
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kalikianazsombi_: https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/05-setpalette/+merge/25350013:11
zsombi_kalikiana: uhm... the two text component suse differet theme in the test13:13
kalikianazsombi_: yes. and InnerText is the one that has custom theming13:14
zsombi_kalikiana: one uses the standard theme, the other one modifies th epalette13:14
kalikianazsombi_: field from what I can see isn't applied correctly13:14
zsombi_lemme check13:15
zsombi_were you using a binding or a simple value?13:15
kalikianazsombi_: it does seem odd since there's no specific focus handling in your changes… so it might be uncovering a lurking bug from elsewhere13:16
kalikianazsombi_: just field: UbuntuColors.blue13:16
kalikiananothing more13:16
zsombi_kalikiana: ok, a binding then13:16
kalikianaah, sorry, I didn't realize what you were asking13:17
kalikianalemme try plain colors13:17
zsombi_np :)13:17
kalikianazsombi_: identical behavior13:17
kalikianazsombi_: I'm checking TextAreaStyle to see if it might be doing something funny13:18
zsombi_kalikiana: weird... it gets stuck to the selected.field indeed...13:20
zsombi_kalikiana: that seems to be something with the style then...13:20
kalikianazsombi_: styledItem.focus is apprently always true13:22
kalikianahmmm hold on13:24
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zsombi_kalikiana: it shouldn't be, as the other TextField behaves nicely13:26
zsombi_kalikiana: aaah, highlighted may mess up?13:27
zsombi_kalikiana: we should have removed support for that as gventuri asked us to get rid of it13:27
kalikianazsombi_: I found it. "focus" should be "activeFocus"13:28
kalikianawe use it wrongly twice13:28
kalikianachanging two lines I made it work13:28
kalikianazsombi_: so it's not a bug in your code13:28
zsombi_kalikiana: but... why the heck does work with the other text field then?13:28
kalikianazsombi_: hmmm13:30
* dholbach hugs davidcalle13:30
dholbachdavidcalle, maybe you can join #snappy too? :)13:30
davidcalledholbach, :)13:32
mcphailThe app design guidelines suggest certain clours for certain components (e.g. UbuntuColor.red for negative actions). If the design guidelines change, all of these components will have to be updated in every app. Do you think there is a role for something like "UbuntuColors.negative"?13:33
zsombi_kalikiana: actually it doesn't work!13:34
zsombi_kalikiana: the first text field changes the color, but the second doesn't!13:34
zsombi_kalikiana: if I use focus only13:34
DanChapmanmcphail: +1 to that13:34
zsombi_kalikiana: if I use activeFocus, all works fine13:35
kalikianazsombi_: funny thing, if I have two custom themed TextField's they can switch colors correctly between each other13:38
kalikianazsombi_: yes, found it. FocusScope at fault13:39
zsombi_kalikiana: weird... I pushed an update where text style uses activeFocus, and removed the styledItem.highlighted use13:39
zsombi_kalikiana: yes, I suspected that as well13:40
kalikianazsombi_: I can place any TextField in a FocusScope to get it to show the issue13:40
kalikianaso this makes sense13:40
zsombi_kalikiana: I'll add te missing test as well13:41
kalikianazsombi_: dude, don't remove the highlighted13:41
kalikianafix it :-)13:42
zsombi_kalikiana: why? we do not have use cases anymore, the highlighted was removed on request, gventuri did ask us +1 year ago13:42
kalikianazsombi_: we still have that API13:42
zsombi_kalikiana: yes, and we will have it, but it will mean sthing else13:43
zsombi_kalikiana: otoh, the state it was representing doesn't exist anymore13:43
zsombi_kind of like deprecated behavior13:43
kalikianazsombi_: which is what? right now I only see that you break it13:43
kalikianaand it's not deprecated13:44
zsombi_kalikiana: we don't have the 3rd state of teh text inputs, the property wasn't marked as deprecated as we thought that it can be used to show that there is a focus highlight frame around it13:45
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zsombi_kalikiana: oren had this vision of having disabled, enabled non-focused, enabled-non focused highhlighted and enabled-focused states, which was wrong13:45
zsombi_kalikiana: ok, I'll put it back :)13:46
kalikianazsombi_: at least I'd like to see a discussion on what we want it to mean if we change it… for TextArea it's typical to not dim when it loses focus, and changing it only for TextField won't be very obvious13:49
zsombi_kalikiana: well... I don't have the logs on that discussion, it was loooooooong ago... but you're right, a text input should stay with focus color when OSK is away. On desktop we don't have that state13:51
zsombi_but this change I made is also valid for TextArea, they have the same style13:52
Diogohi guys13:52
Diogocan some one help me out plzz??13:52
kalikianazsombi_: ah, true, it would break both. even worse :-D13:52
zsombi_yes :)13:53
zsombi_you've good eyes ;P13:54
zsombi_kalikiana: ok, so if I put the highlighted back, I don't get the normal.field coloring back :/13:55
kalikianazsombi_: that's why I said above, the "focus" is wrong in more than one place. modules/Ubuntu/Components/TextField.qml and modules/Ubuntu/Components/TextArea.qml use it for highlighted13:56
zsombi_kalikiana: ah, you meant that.. ok13:57
kalikianaI should've been clearer13:57
zsombi_kalikiana: should we try to deal with it in a separate MR or in this one?13:58
kalikianazsombi_: it's technically a separate issue… no strong feelings13:59
zsombi_kalikiana: ok, then I'll revert the style changes14:01
zsombi_kalikiana: as activeFocus doesn't help there14:01
kalikianazsombi_: well, it does help… but with a separate branch we can also have a unit test without delaying your palette work14:02
zsombi_kalikiana: yep, pushed the changes14:03
kalikianazsombi_: was about to file a bug… this might possibly even explain https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/137823114:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1378231 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Wrong focus appearance of TextField as head.contents" [Low,Confirmed]14:04
kalikianaaaaand it does14:07
zsombi_kalikiana: oh, yes, so teh bug suddenly becomes High importance wise14:07
zsombi_kalikiana: ok, so if no more requests on 05-setpalette, then push teh button :)14:10
kalikianazsombi_: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/textComponentsActiveFocus/+merge/25649514:10
zsombi_kalikiana: aaaah, that makes sense :D14:11
zsombi_kalikiana: grrrr....14:13
zsombi_kalikiana: let's have https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/04-apply-styleset/+merge/252467 as prereq...14:14
zsombi_kalikiana: otherwise we will have to have a pile of iterations to fix the Theme to theme changes14:14
kalikianazsombi_: hmm what do you mean?14:15
zsombi_kalikiana: using Theme will give deprecation warning, you shoudl use theme instead14:15
zsombi_kalikiana: 04 just got happroved by t1mp, so it'll land soon14:16
zsombi_kalikiana: but you can decide whether you wait till that gets merged and then resync with staging, or make it as prereq so I can happrove it and will get into staging once the prereq lands14:16
kalikianazsombi_: good point. I'll wait, I trust it shouldn't take long14:18
zsombi_kalikiana: from 04 onwards, using Theme (with capitals) will give warning, so you should switch to use theme14:18
zsombi_kalikiana: max 1h14:18
t1mpzsombi_: that is if jenkins likes it14:24
zsombi_t1mp: it must like it!!!!!14:24
zsombi_t1mp: about the 07 to make it as blog post, I think it is too huge for a blog, but we can have it also as Page article14:25
oSoMoNnerochiaro, I pushed one comment to your MR14:28
nerochiarooSoMoN: wow, was expecting more :)14:29
oSoMoNnerochiaro, don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find things to tweak when doing an actual code review :)14:30
nerochiarooSoMoN: oh, i thought that is what you were doing :D14:30
nerochiarooSoMoN: hmm, that bug is strange. it works if i scroll with the scroll bar but not if i drag. i will look into it14:32
oSoMoNnerochiaro, I did a functional review first, then will do a code review (when everything works as expected)14:32
kalikianazsombi_: make it a series of blog posts ;-)14:34
nik90DanChapman: Hey, just saw the backlog in ubuntu-touch-meeting. I did make a start on the first proposal, however I was not happy with the performance of the component on the phone. The issue is that since I am calculating x and y coordinates at every frame of the animation, it is leading to a laggy experience.14:54
nik90DanChapman: the issue is actually persistent on the current radial bottom edge, but it is within reasonable limits due to other variables not being changes such as opacity etc which is not the case with the design mockups provided to us.14:55
nik90DanChapman: I was thinking of opening it up to the community to come and help. May be they might other ideas on the implementation part.14:55
t1mpkalikiana: :)15:00
t1mpzsombi_, kalikiana: https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/04-apply-styleset/+merge/252467 merged :D15:00
t1mpkalikiana: sync your branches :)15:01
kalikianazsombi_: here you go https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/textComponentsActiveFocus/+merge/25649515:05
nerochiarooSoMoN: fixes pushed on the MR (the one you asked plus another bug I found)15:24
oSoMoNnerochiaro, thanks, I’m doing a proper code review now, will post my comments in a moment15:27
kalikianat1mp: is PageHeadConfiguration involved in anything fancy, like a loader? it's one of the things that seem to be affected by a race condition I'm tracking down (in the api check tool)15:28
faenilhow are the modularScale values computed?15:36
faenil0.677 for example15:36
faenilit should be quite font-specific afaik15:45
t1mpkalikiana: in PageHeadStyle the overflowPanels depend on the Actions that are defined in PageHeadConfiguration15:46
t1mpkalikiana: and the overflow panels are only created when you click on the overflow button15:46
oSoMoNnerochiaro, more comments sent your way15:49
nerochiarooSoMoN: fixing them15:52
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DS-McGuireWould anyone know why my Ubuntu SDK doesn't run QML files and I have to use the terminal to do so?16:06
faenilDS-McGuire: describe "doesn't run"16:08
DS-McGuirefaenil, Just don't do anything16:08
DanChapmannik90, ok thanks for the update, and for giving it a go. I agree I think it would be good to open it up to the community and see what comes from it16:08
faenilyou play the green arrow and there's no output in "Compile Output" ?16:08
DS-McGuireI have to use: qmlscene ~/Ubuntu-Help-QML/main.qml16:08
faenilalso, are you talking about running on desktop, or on device?16:09
faenilif on device, which chroot target?16:09
DS-McGuiredesktop: here is an output from Compile Output: Error while building/deploying project Linux_Command_Cookbook (kit: Desktop)16:10
DS-McGuireWhen executing step 'Update translations template'16:10
faenilif you scroll up there should be something more detailed16:10
faenilfeel free to copy the whole content of the output on some pastebin16:10
faeniland I'll have a look16:10
DS-McGuirefaenil, Thanks, I will do so now16:11
DS-McGuirefaenil, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10833823/ Here you go16:12
faenilDS-McGuire: do you have the "po" folder in your project?16:13
faenilif not, did you delete it?16:13
DS-McGuirefaenil, It is a brand new project with nothing changed/deleted. Even if I start a new project it doens't work.16:14
faenilwhich template are you trying?16:14
DS-McGuireQML App with Simple UI (qmlproject)16:16
DS-McGuirefaenil, Forgot to ping^16:18
faenilDS-McGuire: mmm maybe I know what's wrong16:26
faenilcan you try getting rid of the spaces in "Ubuntu Touch Projects" ?16:26
DS-McGuireI will try now16:26
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DS-McGuirefaenil, You're amazing! hahah!16:28
faenilDS-McGuire: \o/16:28
DS-McGuireThat has been holding me back for months!!!16:28
DS-McGuireShall I report it as a bug?16:29
faenilprobably, yes please ;)16:29
faenilDS-McGuire: sorry I'm in the community since a few weeks only :p16:29
DS-McGuirefaenil, Awesome! Man, I am so freaking happy haha!16:29
faenilglad to hear that, get back to coding now! haha :D16:29
DS-McGuirefaenil, No need to apoligize at a;;16:29
* DS-McGuire goes back to coding16:30
oSoMoNnerochiaro, did you forget to push a revision by any chance? I’m not seeing the change for making SuggestionsFilterModel::filterAcceptsRow more tolerant16:50
nerochiarooSoMoN: yes, i am on actually finishing adding tests for it right now, then will push it. sorry16:50
oSoMoNnerochiaro, ok, no worries! let me know when I can review again16:51
oSoMoNnerochiaro, btw, the change to use a var for the list of models is totally worth it16:51
nerochiarooSoMoN: i find the assignment more clunky but it is worth using reduce()16:52
oSoMoNyes, and afaic the assignment is not that clunky, it looks very QMLish16:52
nerochiarooSoMoN: would be better if you could create the two models inside the array constructor16:58
nerochiarooSoMoN: but then QML will see it as a QML list and complain about the property not being a list property16:58
oSoMoNnerochiaro, sure, but it’s no big deal, it doesn’t impair code readability16:59
nerochiarooSoMoN: yeah, worth it. pushed last change17:03
oSoMoNnerochiaro, thanks17:06
oSoMoNnerochiaro, one more (minor) comment on the MR17:39
nerochiarooSoMoN: looking17:39
nerochiarooSoMoN: fixing17:40
nerochiarooSoMoN: fix pushed17:45
oSoMoNnerochiaro, thanks. At this point I know I’m picking nits, but it would be a tiny teeny bit more performant if you stored the expected count, rather than the expected set and then calling .count() on it at each iteration17:47
nerochiarooSoMoN: that's fine. gimme a sec17:47
nerochiarooSoMoN: done17:49
oSoMoNnerochiaro, I added one suggestion to the MR18:11
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok. btw, why is jenkins failing now ? I ran all tests locally and it was ok18:12
oSoMoNnerochiaro, I think that’s an intermittent failure where the unity8 greeter fails to unlock, you can safely ignore it18:13
nerochiarooSoMoN: pushed fix. went for ordered in the name to make it clear, since usually these lists aren't18:15
oSoMoNnerochiaro, ok, fine by me18:16
oSoMoNnerochiaro, one last thing, and I think we’re good to go: test coverage (see my comment)18:17
oSoMoNnerochiaro, and before a new CI run kicks in (and fails), there’s one flake8 error in the autopilot tests18:18
nerochiarodamn, keep forgetting that18:18
nerochiarooSoMoN: and i will check code coverage now18:19
oSoMoNnerochiaro, "make test" before every commit is your friend :)18:19
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nerochiarooSoMoN:  coverage should be 100% now on the model I added18:45
nerochiarooSoMoN: and flake8 fixed18:46
nerochiarooSoMoN: is there a way to clean coverage info without having to hunt files manually ? when i added coverage to qt-halide i had to add a target that did that, and made make coverage a dependency of it, otherwise when you change something the html reports will not update as far as I know18:47
oSoMoNnerochiaro, not that I know of, I usually just clean everything (very inefficient, I know)18:55
nerochiarooSoMoN: personally i would rather have it regenerated from scratch every time you run make coverage. i submit a small patch tomorrow18:56
oSoMoNcool, thanks18:57
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