dpmmorning/afternoon czajkowski10:18
czajkowskidpm: hey hows things?10:19
dpmgood, lots going on, one can never get bored :)10:20
dpmhow about yourself? Traveling a lot?10:20
czajkowskimoving house today and then off to NY for Mobile Week10:22
czajkowskithen getting ready for couchbase connect in June in Santa Clara10:22
czajkowskiall go10:22
czajkowskidpm: you over for release next weke ?10:29
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dpmczajkowski, sorry, I had somehow missed the ping. No, I won't be there, but mhall119 and popey will be in London12:12
popey\o/ London12:12
popeyczajkowski: you coming to nodnol for beer and falling over?12:12
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dpmhow do we usually get the count of Ubuntu members? I can look at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntumembers/, but that count includes the teams inside too14:38
popeywhy would you not include teams inside?14:40
popeythey're members14:40
dpmpopey, yeah, but are they not duplicates?14:40
popeyThere are 510 direct members of the "Ubuntu Members" team, and 754 people are members in total, directly and indirectly through other team memberships.14:41
popeyseparate numbers14:41
popeycan't imagine launchpad is stupid enough to duplic...14:41
* dpm bites his tongue14:41
dpmI'm pretty sure LP counts the team as an extra "person", so the total numbers are a bit off. But yeah, it probably doesn't count the same individual as direct team member and subteam member twice14:44
popeyyou can probably do it with the lp api15:02
dpmyeah, I know, I need to dig up an old script I wrote a while back for translation teams, but I think I'll leave it for today15:22
czajkowskipopey: beer tonight ? no moving house15:42
czajkowskibeer next week for sure15:42
czajkowskipopey: 13:12 < popey> czajkowski: you coming to nodnol for beer and falling over?15:45
popeythat was about next thursday15:45
czajkowskiah riht15:45
czajkowskiyes I should be there for sure15:45
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* dpm takes a break17:48
balloonsmhall119, can I have the RT number for the autopilot doc changes?18:51
mhall119balloons: 8027518:55
mhall119balloons: remember that it's for deploying all of the new API website integrated with DjangoCMS, it's not just Autopilot, so it's more complex that people might think18:56
balloonsmhall119, ack, thank you.. But this way I can follow a bit closer18:56
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balloonsmhall119, will the "autopilot says" boxes be fixed?
mhall119balloons: is it broken or just not styled well?21:10
balloonsmhall119, check out vs http://people.canonical.com/~nskaggs/autopilot/tutorial/getting_started.html21:11
balloonsit should be styled with a box21:11
mhall119balloons: that won't be in this release, no, but you can add styles to the sphinx.css and we can put it out in a subsequent one21:12
balloonsmhall119, it's not something to fix on your end?21:16
balloonsI don't know offhand why it appears the way it does in the AP docs..21:17
mhall119balloons: Sphinx provides it's own CSS, that I can't use in it's entirety because then the site would look like sphinx21:42
mhall119we can bring over the parts of it that we want, and put them into the sphinx.css file created specifically for this purpose21:42
balloonsmhall119, makes sense21:44
jonomhall119, hey22:31
jonowhere are the donations pool reports archived?22:31
elfyjcastro's barby22:32

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