didrocksgood morning06:01
seb128hey didrocks&desktopers06:33
didrocksre seb12806:35
seb128hey larsu willcooke06:57
willcookemorning gents06:57
didrockshey larsu, willcooke!06:58
larsuhi didrocks, seb128, willcooke (alphabetically)06:59
didrockswas clearly the preference order, I know it! :)07:00
* larsu provides no further comment07:00
TheMusoHey folks. :)07:01
larsumorning TheMuso!07:04
didrockshey TheMuso07:04
seb128hey TheMuso07:07
willcookeg'night TheMuso07:56
TheMusowillcooke: Later. :)07:57
* Laney joins the hello fest08:03
willcookewhat up Laney08:08
didrockshey hey Laney08:09
Laneytkamppeter: please could you commit that ptouch-driver update to debian git too?08:57
willcookeFJKong, ping.  Are you still around?09:21
FJKongwillcooke: here09:21
willcookeFJKong, can you join #community on Canonical server quickly?09:22
FJKongwillcooke: no problem09:23
willcookeby which I mean, it won't take long, not that you need to join quickly09:23
Laneythis is intriguing...09:23
willcookeLaney, feel free to join as well :)  Just talking about release events for NUDT09:24
Laneyyou deflated the excitement09:25
willcookeThere is also the secret agenda items about how we can prevent the community from knowing about what internal development work we're doing09:26
willcookebut, oh know, I've said too much already09:26
* Laney flashes the men in black thing09:26
willcookePhew - good job didrocks didnt hear that09:27
didrockswhat? my compiz crashed because you remotely asked it for? :p09:30
* didrocks is intriguated as well now…09:30
willcookeI'm pulling your leg didrocks ;)09:36
willcookeI assume that translates perfectly09:36
didrockswillcooke: heh, I know about this expression (but yeah, no litteral translations in french) :)09:37
didrockswillcooke: but not worry, I'll still double check on http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/04/16/%23ubuntu-desktop.html :p09:37
didrocks(once it's refreshed)09:37
didrocksbash-completion isn't installed on the ubuntu core image -> /me sads09:37
Laneygood job we have a massive archi... wait09:39
didrockshum, do we have a good client to read markdown docs?09:44
didrocks(this first giving a name starting with "e****" goes out :p)09:44
Laneythat is what I use :(09:47
Laneyon the extremely rare occasions that I write anything for the website09:47
larsudidrocks: isn't markdown supposed to be readable in plain text?09:48
larsuI thought that's the whole point of it09:49
didrockslarsu: yeah, but formatting!09:49
LaneyI guess to check you got the syntax right?09:49
Laneyuse pandoc to convert it to html or something09:49
didrocksoh, nice idea09:49
larsudidrocks: pass it through a converter and look at it in a browser?09:49
larsuthere's also something converting it to troff. man!!!09:49
didrocksthanks guys, I will go that road!09:50
larsuif you're editing, I hear gnome-builder is really nice for that (split pane life preview thing)09:50
larsuI think I would find that annoying though... too many things moving on the screen and all09:51
didrocksyeah, I have atom.io as well09:53
didrocksbut this is kind heavy for just reading09:53
didrocksconverting is the way then!09:53
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larsuLaney: did you see my mr for vanvugt's gtk patch?11:06
Laneylarsu: yes, thanks - was hoping you and mclasen would agree on a patch for that scrolling problem so we can fix that too11:14
larsuLaney: I pinged him yesterday and he said he'd put it on his list. didn't sound very convincing11:18
larsuI have a patch that fixes it if you want that for now11:18
larsuit's a one-liner11:18
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* larsu grabs something to eat11:22
Laneylarsu: Don't know, can wait for review11:25
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willcookelolz - email from a recruitment company, would we like them to find us some Sharepoint consultants?11:54
willcookeThink we're probably ok thx11:54
ogra_dont say no  ! as long as they wor for free :)11:55
willcookeThey could sweep up round the office or something11:56
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larsuLaney: any idea why bug #1408721 happened? According to the changelog, we only started installing settings.ini with that release13:17
ubot5bug 1408721 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "package libgtk-3-0 3.14.6-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite shared '/etc/gtk-3.0/settings.ini', which is different from other instances of package libgtk-3-0:i386" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140872113:18
* larsu wonders if that file is necessary at all...13:18
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davmor2willcooke: imagine this if you will, coffee magically appears in your cup......now you want one sharepoint monkey right13:27
willcookedavmor2, lol :)13:27
pittiGood morning13:27
seb128hey pitti! wie gehts?13:28
willcookehey pitti13:28
pittihey seb128, willcooke!13:28
pittigut, danke!13:29
pittiund Euch?13:29
seb128larsu, that error message suggests that the content of the file is different between the i386 and amd64 binaries?13:29
didrocksgood morning pitti!13:29
seb128pitti, auch gut, danke :-)13:29
larsuhi pitti!13:30
larsuseb128: not sure how that could happen. That file gets copied over from the debian directory into the shared package13:32
seb128larsu, yeah, me neither...13:33
larsuI wonder why it's not in -common13:33
nonyabHow can i make transfer my ubuntu on laptop with all my settings and apps to flashdrive for a portability so i can use it any where please13:35
nonyabkinda like casper xp does in windoz13:38
willcookenonyab, hi there!  This is mostly a development channel, you are best to ask in #ubuntu for support type questions13:45
willcookenonyab, lots of folk in there will be able to help you13:45
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nonyabthanx willcooke14:02
Laneylarsu: Can't think how that can be our bug - probably only if they've installed a non-Ubuntu (self built or PPA) package which stole our version namespace14:11
larsuLaney: so... close it?14:12
Laneywell, Incomplete14:12
larsuoh thanks :)14:12
larsuLaney: oh, thanks for nagging on the --class bug again :)14:15
Laneyhe sounded open to doing something ...14:17
larsuI wonder why he cares so much about something that he considers (for good reason) to be deprecated14:19
larsuit's not like this patch will be a huge maintenance burden14:19
larsuit does change behavior though, so ...14:20
larsudidn't we decide to disable deprecation warnings for the release?14:27
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seb128larsu, nobody did the change I guess :-(14:39
seb128we still can today?14:39
larsudo you want to?14:41
* larsu thinks we should and can prepare a patch14:44
seb128yes, please14:49
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larsuseb128: (sorry, was out in the sun) Where's the packaging branch for glib?15:46
larsulp:~ubuntu-desktop/glib/ubuntu is ooooold15:46
seb128larsu, we don't have one I guess15:46
seb128which tends to be the cases for packages we can often sync from Debian15:47
larsuah, ok15:47
larsudesrt: G_PARAM_DEPRECATED says it only issues warnings when run with G_ENABLE_DIAGNOSTIC, but nothing other than signal.c looks at that env var…15:49
larsuoh I'm blind, it does look at it, but the logic is inverted from what the docs say15:56
larsuseb128: I've attached a patch to bug #143030716:04
ubot5bug 1430307 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "Deprecation warning should be turned off for release" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143030716:04
larsubut I guess this is something for Laney rather16:04
seb128larsu, thanks, and yeah, but if Laney doesn't want to deal with it I can have a look as well16:04
LaneyNo I don't16:05
larsuuh oh16:06
larsuwant to keep the warnings on?16:06
LaneyDon't want to block it16:06
LaneyLast cycle it was meant to be one time only16:07
LaneyAnd it came via upstream then which made it more palatable16:07
LaneyBut you do it if you want16:07
didrocksseb128: larsu: I'm happy to have a look as well :)16:08
didrocksyou know my opinion on this :p16:08
seb128Laney just hates on our users :p16:09
didrocksyeah, and developers should use G_ENABLE_DIAGNOSTIC=1 anyway (but we should made it maybe a little bit more clear)16:09
larsuLaney: right. But shit didn't get fixed last cycle...16:10
larsuspewing warnings doesn't help 99.999% of the people seeing them16:10
larsuand we'll get more bugs16:10
LaneyThen get it fixed upstream for everyone16:10
didrockseven crazy security geeks like mdeslaur agrees! That should make you think about it Laney ;)16:10
LaneyI'm not interested in rehashing 6 month old arguments BTW16:10
seb128yeah, let's agree to disagree16:11
didrocksseb128: want to sponsor it or should I? (I'm about to leave, not sure if it will be ok by tomorrow with finale finale finale freeze)16:11
* larsu carefully steps back from the keyboard and puts some money aside for Laney's beer in London16:11
seb128I understand Laney's fundamental position, in practice I think disabling those is a real world compromise which makes things better for our users though16:11
seb128didrocks, I can do it16:11
mdeslaurdidrocks: lol :)16:11
didrocksmdeslaur: ;)16:11
didrocks(and yeah, larsu spot it on)16:12
* didrocks copies and pastes the exact sentence for the next 6 months16:12
seb128larsu, let me know when you have a patch and where, I can sponsor it16:15
larsuseb128: it's attached on the bug16:15
seb128oh right, sorry, lost track ;-)16:15
larsuno worries :)16:15
didrocksseb128: see this guy, he's even not attaching a debdiff!16:16
larsuthe fuck if I know how that works16:16
didrockslarsu: didn't you provide some in the past? :)16:16
larsudidrocks: I did, but always forget ;)16:16
didrocksseb128: germany is clearly not what it used to be…16:16
seb128good that we have a team week next week16:16
seb128we can remind larsu of things16:16
* didrocks hugs larsu16:17
* larsu hugs EVERYONE16:17
seb128 /me hugs larsu back16:19
seb128larsu, didrocks, Laney, uploaded16:20
didrocks /msg larsu see how seb128 doesn't know how to use IRC after 14 years?16:20
didrocksseb128: \o/16:20
didrocksit's like Friday in the air!16:21
larsuseb128: thanks!16:22
larsudidrocks: LOL16:22
Laneyseb128: did you see my link to the commit from last time?16:26
Laneyoh, WTF, someone accepted it already16:27
didrocksLaney: maybe we should ask for prioritizing having logs on those accepts/deny on launchpad side now that the buttons are client-side and not anymore on the server…16:36
seb128Laney, I saw it/your comment, but I though it was just arguing in favor of pushing to commit that upstream, not something needed on our side for the upload16:36
didrockseven not for pointing guilt, but at least, to know who to talk to16:36
Laneyseb128: I linked to how desrt did it last time which was different16:37
seb128Laney, right, nothing in your comment suggested you though that was better though16:37
seb128I've no strong opinion on one way or the other16:37
seb128I'm happy to replace it by desrt's version if you prefer though16:38
LaneyNope, up to your judgement16:38
seb128trusting larsu16:39
larsuit amounts to the same, no? The only difference is that with desrt's patch you can also do G_DISABLE_DIAGNOSTICS=Laney and they'll be turned on16:39
* larsu doesn't care either way16:39
seb128if nobody cares then it's good enough like that16:39
LaneyI'm going early16:40
* desrt blinks16:42
ogra_disco !16:42
desrtuntz untz16:42
seb128Laney, have a good evening!16:42
didrocksvuntz vuntz16:43
didrockssee you Laney!16:43
* didrocks waves good evening as well16:52
willcookel8r chaps17:06
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mitya57desrt: what do you think about gnome #746592?17:31
ubot5Gnome bug 746592 in gsettings "Support for per-session overrides" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=74659217:31
mitya57I think that is the same as our lp: #122205317:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1222053 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "per-session gsettings overrides" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122205317:33
mitya57(but with patches)17:33
desrtbut problematic...17:33
mitya57--verbose please :)17:34
desrtthere is no support for fallbacks here17:34
desrtlike if XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is MATE:GNOME or something17:34
desrtand then we find the MATE file first, which has one single mate-specific override17:34
desrtwe won't go on to find the gnome overrides after that17:34
mitya57According the the patch description we will...17:35
desrtthe way i read it it adds the compiled schema it finds first, by priority order of the xdg_current_desktops17:35
mitya57so yes, it is .../mate, then .../gnome, and finally the default directory17:36
mitya57Is that wrong?17:36
desrtthe problem is what happens when you find mate17:36
mitya57Oh, I see what you mean17:37
desrtlike imagine gnome has 10 overrides, but then mate has 1 override on top of it17:37
desrtyou'll get the one, but miss the 10, even though you list MATE:GNOME in the variable17:37
mitya57Yes, I got it, and that sounds fixable17:37
mitya57Will you comment on that patch, or should I?17:37
desrtit's actually a very difficult problem17:37
desrti'll comment17:37
desrtthe trouble is that you need to figure out what schema content gets included in each file17:38
desrtand there is not great support fort his level of granularity in the current compiler17:38
desrtparticularly when schemas refer to each other17:38
mitya57Hm, yes, it may be troublesome17:40
mitya57desrt: Thanks for commenting!17:47
desrtsorry to rain on your parade :(17:47
mitya57Well, this is a wishlist for me, not something very important :)17:48
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