nebuchadnezzarcyphermox: hello, our preseeds are online http://eoleng.ac-dijon.fr/pub/eole-preseed/, it's based on hands-off with some modifications08:23
nebuchadnezzarso I have the message each time a preseed file is included by subclass.sh08:24
nebuchadnezzarcyphermox: to simple reproduce the issue, just make multiple preseed/include in a preseed file09:15
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cyphermoxnebuchadnezzar: ah, interesting13:52
cyphermoxhow do you point the system to the initial preseed? loaded over ftp?13:52
nebuchadnezzarcyphermox: no, I modify the isolinux/txt.cfg to add auto=true file=/cdrom/preseed/./perso.seed to the append14:02
cyphermoxok, you're shipping the preseed on a customized cd14:04
cyphermoxso presumable something isn't managing to mount /cdrom properly?14:18
nebuchadnezzarcyphermox: /cdrom is mount correctly14:19
cyphermoxI don't know14:19
nebuchadnezzarthanks for your time, I'll try to see if I have the same issue with debian ISO, to see if it's a specificity of debian-installer in ubuntu14:19
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cyphermoxxnox: yo, you around?16:04

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