KilosTribaal  you here?10:35
Kilosall alone too. whew10:35
Tribaalhi Kilos10:37
Kiloshi there10:37
Tribaalyeah I hang out in there all the time just in case10:37
Kilosdont you know about #ubunu-africa10:37
TribaalI do, but it's kind of wide :)10:37
TribaalI'm not even in the region anymore actually, I might as well join ubuntu-africa10:38
Kilosya but stickyboy is there too10:38
Tribaalyou're right10:38
Kilosi think its ideal for countries where locos have faded10:38
Tribaalyeah... which is pretty much everywhere10:39
Kilosi am trying to revive averyone10:39
Kiloswhat a job10:39
TribaalKilos: good luck :) I'm back in Switzerland for now, so I can't really help unfortunately... But if it's any consolation the LoCo here is quite dead too10:42
Kilosyeah it seems to be happening worldwide10:42
Tribaalwell, it's not surprising, since Ubuntu is more established now people in LoCos usually feel they should help underdogs instead10:43
Tribaaland since it just works, many who like to tweak their computers use something else instead10:43
Kilosyeah but this is where i have gotten all the help and more. on irc10:43
Tribaalright, just not in locos, usually10:44
Kilosand of course peeps prefer facebook10:44
Tribaalat least that's my experience10:44
Tribaalor stackoverflow10:44
Tribaalor reddit10:44
Kilosyeah so sad10:44
Kilosthe kenya guys have joined the nairobilug because ubuntu is kinda dead10:45
Kilosi will get them to the africa channel sooner or later10:46
Tribaalwhat do you mean it's kind of dead? It'ss striving! Just not the locos :)10:47
Kilosi have a site under construction for ubuntu africa so maybe that will help once online as well10:47
Tribaaloh you mean the channel?10:47
Kilosyeah the LoCos10:48
Kilosas soon as the site goes online ill drop the link everywhere and see what happens10:48

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