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FourDollarsDoes anyone know how to use S0ix on Ubuntu?07:42
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infinityzequence: Your changelog for precise lowlatency is a bit weird, you lost the 3.2.0-80.82 entry, and you also accidentally included cruft at "debian.lowlatency/changelogn"16:36
zequenceinfinity: Really? Ok, I'll have another look at that.17:07
zequenceinfinity: We17:10
zequenceWe're going EOL with Precise this April, with the rest of the flavors (or at least Xubuntu)17:10
zequenceSo, I'm considering also stopping maintenance for linux-lowlatency, all though it's not flavor specific17:11
infinityzequence: Assuming you were the only flavour that shipped lowlatency on images and/or offered to install it, dropping support for it with the rest of your packageset seems fine to me.18:47
infinityzequence: OTOH, if you want to maintain it for another 2 years to be a Nice Guy, you can too.  But from my POV, you have no obligation to do so.18:47
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