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Kilosevening nhaines  and other evening peeps05:01
Kilosmorning to everyone else05:02
Kiloshi TaeheeJang  CarlosNeyPastorB  toddc  11:31
TaeheeJangKilos: hi Kilos!11:32
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Kiloshi lefo  14:02
lefowhat is the best version of linux? i am novo in the place...14:03
Kiloswhew that depends on your taste14:03
Kilosi use kubuntu14:04
Kilosothers use ubuntu14:04
Kilosothers use arch linux14:04
Kilosubuntu is about the easiest for a new person14:04
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toddcHi Kilos late to the party17:00
Kilosaw i missed greeting dholbach  today17:12
Kiloshi JanC  as well17:13
dholbachhey Kilos :)17:13

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