lenovoBobHi all. I am trying to add my hardware info to this page, but I don't see an edit option. I am logged into the page. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Hardware01:42
lenovoBobhello? anyone not afk?01:46
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nerochiaroelopio: hi, do you know who would be the best person to ask questions to about autopilot ?09:35
brendandnerochiaro, please ping ubuntu-qa for help09:40
brendandnerochiaro, in the meantime, what question did you have?09:41
nerochiarobrendand: ubuntu-qa: just wanted to know if there was a way in AP to get a list of elements in the correct order. select_many does not guarantee order, but i need to test the order of items in a list09:43
fgimeneznerochiaro, can you select_single the list and check the elements from there?09:54
nerochiarofgimenez: what do you mean "check the elements from there" ? how do i access them in order ?09:55
fgimeneznerochiaro, the list node returned by select_single should have an attribute representing the items, have you got an example of this?09:58
brendandnerochiaro, have you looked at the listview helpers from ubuntu-ui-toolkit?10:00
nerochiarobrendand: no, that's a good tip. are they documented somewhere or should i look into the source ?10:01
brendandnerochiaro, they are documented. let me see10:01
brendandnerochiaro, http://people.canonical.com/~nskaggs/autopilot-sdk-helpers.html, doesn't look very complete though10:03
nerochiarobrendand: right. does not have anything that can help me in the listview helper it seems10:04
brendandnerochiaro, no it seems not10:06
brendandnerochiaro, heh - look at this:10:07
brendand    def _get_first_item(self):10:07
brendand        """Returns the first item from the ListView."""10:07
brendand        items = self.get_children_by_type('QQuickItem')[0].get_children()10:07
brendand        items = sorted(items, key=lambda item: item.globalRect.y)10:07
brendand        return items[0]10:07
brendandnerochiaro, sorting the items by the y co-ordinate. clever :P10:08
nerochiarobrendand: wow, that's clever. where does it come from ?10:08
brendandnerochiaro, from the QQuickListView CPO. But it's a private method10:08
nerochiarobrendand: well then, i am stealing it10:08
brendandnerochiaro, there's no helper function to return all items sorted10:08
brendandnerochiaro, and also you probably want to get_children_by_type as it does, rather than using select_many10:09
nerochiarobrendand: why ?10:09
brendandnerochiaro, well it reads better for one10:09
nerochiarobrendand: right10:10
brendandnerochiaro, although if you're doing the select_many from the listview itself it won't matter10:10
brendandnerochiaro, if you're doing from a higher level then there's the (unlikely) possibility it could get items which aren't part of the list view you care about10:10
nerochiarobrendand: got it. thanks10:11
nerochiarobrendand: out of curiosity, what's the "CPO" you mentioned before ?10:11
brendandnerochiaro, custom proxy object10:11
brendandnerochiaro, basically autopilot wraps things in a 'proxy object'10:11
brendandnerochiaro, things that it introspects10:11
brendandnerochiaro, and the custom indicates that you override the default one to add some useful functions10:12
nerochiarobrendand: understood. and the code works great too. great help, thank you10:14
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dobeyelopio: no, it's not a bug exactly. the test doesn't get run, but the setUp and tearDown do, which is a bit annoying for the autopilot tests as it means the app gets spawned/killed still13:22
brendand_dobey, that's the one that should be fixed in upstream testtools14:01
elopiodobey: ah, it was that, right.14:04
elopioin the end veebers went with self.skipTest in the setup, so we are good.14:05
elopiobrendand_: the dash breaks, as in the functionality of the dash?14:11
brendand_elopio, well it doesn't start i don't think14:11
elopioor the tests helpers for the dash stop working as expected?14:11
brendand_elopio, current symptoms are - the area where the dash should be is blank , and the test cannot find the MainView14:11
elopiobrendand_: and what happens if you start unity manually?14:12
brendand_elopio, i'm installing the uitk staging ppa to see if it's a problem there14:12
brendand_elopio, same thing14:12
dobeybrendand_: i don't think it's a testtools problem. it's just how python and unit tests in python, work14:12
elopiobrendand_: we didn't touch production code at all. It would be good if you tell zoltan about it so they fix it.14:13
brendand_dobey, unless something has changed, in fact the bug doesn't happen when run using unittest's test runner14:13
brendand_dobey, so it is a test tools problem. unless we're talking about a new issue that has the same symptoms as the one i looked at yonks ago14:14
brendand_elopio, well i need to prove it happens without using our code, which i'm doing right now14:14
brendand_elopio, it could also be to do with an interaction between the unreleased version of unity8 and the uitk staging code14:15
brendand_elopio, since i installed both to get the upstreamed helpers14:15
dobeybrendand_: i'm not sure what you're talking about exactly, but i don't see how a decorator would be evaluated differently in standard python unittest. decorators are evaluated by the interpreter when the method they decorate is run14:15
elopiobrendand_: right, that's possible.14:15
brendand_dobey, maybe i missed a bit of context then and it's not actually the same issue14:16
brendand_dobey, is there a bug?14:17
dobeybrendand_: i haven't filed any bug for this14:18
dobeyafaik, unittest does the same thing; it calls setUp(), calls the test_foo() method, then calls tearDown()14:18
brendand_dobey, https://github.com/testing-cabal/testtools/issues/8614:20
fgimenezbrendand_, elopio i'm seeing the same blank scope as well since yesterday, i thought it had to do with my setup14:20
brendand_fgimenez, did you have those packages installed?14:21
dobeybrendand_: oh ok. *shrug*14:21
fgimenezbrendand_, yes14:21
brendand_dobey, is that the same issue?14:21
dobeybrendand_: https://github.com/testing-cabal/testtools/pull/103 says it was fixed in september14:21
fgimenezbrendand_, it breaks the dash completely, after a reboot the scope is still blank14:22
brendand_dobey, yeah - but only upstream14:22
dobeybrendand_: try ppa:dobey/testtools and see if it fixes it for you?14:22
dobeybrendand_: if so, then yet another good reason to get the new testtools into the distro :)14:23
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brendand_elopio, good news, it's not our code14:29
brendand_elopio, bad news is uitk staging is busted14:29
brendand_elopio, well - bad news for the sdk team :P14:29
brendand_elopio, for https://trello.com/c/Ky65SZNk/142-epic-04-spike-add-the-right-proxy-extension-bases-to-cpos, do you know which suites are affected?14:54
brendand_elopio, you mentioned address_book14:54
elopioaddress book, system settings, webbrowser.14:54
elopioI think that's it.14:54
brendand_elopio, at least of the ones sanity touches, right?14:55
brendand_elopio, do you have an MP that shows what kind of change needs to be done?14:56
brendand_elopio, that would be super handy14:56
wxlelfy: does xubuntu core use the standard iso?15:01
elfythe standard mini.iso15:01
wxlelfy: have you seen that someone is suggesting bug 1259525 is back in today's daily?15:02
ubot5bug 1259525 in Xubuntu Default Settings "Lubuntu & Xubuntu & Ubuntu Kylin lightdm session fails to start. user-session is not set" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125952515:02
elfyxubuntu core is one of those you can install from the list, like ubuntu desktop15:02
elfyno, not seen that - just got in from work15:03
wxlbtw thx for catching that bug with nto booting in vm. we finally crushed it.15:03
wxlnot a lot of testing's been done, so it's hard to invalidate it based on the qa tracker alone15:03
elfyonce I'm a bit more chilled I'll boot our image15:05
wxlis something wrong with jenkins? i just noticed all the results are way old https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Ubiquity/view/Lubuntu/15:05
elfybeen saying that since December, given up now15:08
elopiobrendand_: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/address-book-app/fix_base_class/+merge/25624315:08
elopiobrendand_: is there a bug reported for that?15:11
brendand_elopio, for what?15:11
elfywxl: looking like I can ack that bug rebirth15:20
elfywxl and I can and as a plus in kvm http://i.imgur.com/F2UKnm5.png15:26
wxlelfy: bummer. i was hoping you were going to tell me it was bs. :( wonder if it's the same root cause.15:28
elfyI think that behind it for us I'm seeing the xfce background, which is wrong15:29
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elfycyphermox: have you caught any of this with wxl and that wicked elfy guy?16:07
elfyeg images all fubar for us again?16:07
cyphermoxdefine fubar?16:08
cyphermoxmissing characters in vms?16:08
cyphermoxyeah, I was just looking at that16:08
cyphermoxmy understanding was that this was a qemu graphics issue16:09
elfythat and in vbox, we appear to be seeing xfce behind the dialogue - http://i.imgur.com/guVSpEH.png16:09
elfythat may be part of the case, but we also get dumped to a login box16:09
cyphermoxthe background isn't the right one or do you mean the icons?16:09
elfyshouldn't be xfce16:10
cyphermoxthe icons I saw a bug report and patch from ochosi, but it doesn't fix the issue here16:10
cyphermoxah, okay?16:10
cyphermoxtbh, that's likely more of the same reason why the icons show up16:10
elfyyea - not sure this is *that* issue - Xubuntu is happy to ignore that till 15.10 afaik16:10
cyphermoxsomething isn't completely setting the settings properly for your session16:11
elfybut - it was yesterday16:11
cyphermoxbut I could maybe take another look at the backgroud16:11
cyphermoxelfy: want to take a look whether that wallpaper comes from one of the files listed here? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/trunk/view/head:/bin/ubiquity-dm#L36916:12
cyphermoxthat would help :)16:13
elfyI'll see what I can find16:14
elfycyphermox: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10833874/ none of those appear to be in yesterday's image for a start16:22
cyphermoxwell, that would explain it I guess. We'll just need to figure out why and which one to use instead if it's on purpose16:23
elfycan't even login - username xubuntu with no password16:27
cyphermoxalright, downloading the iso16:30
cyphermoxamd64 or i386 that you're testing right now?16:31
elfy64bit here16:31
cyphermoxI'm trying to avoid downloading too much, network is abysmal here16:31
elfycyphermox: ok, so in yesterday's working one xubuntu-wallpaper is a link to xubuntu-vivid16:32
elfyI thought it would, just needed to check16:32
cyphermoxI can add that as a wallpaper option16:33
cyphermoxor if you want, file a merge proposal, I'll do an ubiquity upload soonish16:33
elfyI think that knome was doing something with the slideshow last night - reverting something16:33
elfyreverted something there afaik16:34
elfyas far as MP, I'm not at all sure what we need to do here, what's wrong etc16:36
elfyit's also affected Lubuntu - hence wxl's involvement16:37
ianorlinelfy is that using qxl on qemu?16:44
elfyI have never used qxl16:45
elfyis that a freudian slip :D16:45
ianorlinah cause that sort of looks like bug 126191616:46
ubot5bug 1261916 in xserver-xorg-video-qxl (Ubuntu) "Missing letters in spice client session with KVM guest" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126191616:46
wxlelfy: ianorlin: just waiting on the desktop images to rebuild. ~30min or less it seems16:47
wxl(for lubuntu)16:47
elfywxl: I'm using 'todays'16:48
elfyjust so you know16:48
wxlelfy: yeah i think xubuntu is in crontab a lot earlier than lubuntu :)16:48
wxlbrb going to fix a printer issue for someone :/16:48
elfyianorlin: as far as 'kvm' goes I just install it and the manager then use it - then hate it for owning images with root16:49
elfyactually only do it so I can tell infinity and cyphermox it's not *just* a vbox issue ;)16:49
wxlok builds are done16:57
wxljust waiting for them to show up on the tracker16:57
wxler rather get uploaded to cdimage16:58
cyphermoxwxl: elfy: that's not to fix a wallpaper issue is it?17:20
Captonjamasoni found a bug in ubuntu 14.0417:20
wxl!bugs | Captonjamason17:21
ubot5Captonjamason: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.17:21
wxlthank YOU Captonjamason17:22
wxlif you need help with the process, let me know17:22
Captonjamasonits kinda wierd17:23
wxlcyphermox: i have no clue. i'm still waiting on our ISOs today to show up on the tracker.17:23
wxlcyphermox: (well, to show up on cdimage. supposedly the builds were successful)17:23
Captonjamasonmy bug isnt any sort of package17:25
wxlCaptonjamason: explain, please17:25
Captonjamasonsome of the letters i type in dont show up even though they still go through on chat, skype etc.17:26
cyphermoxwxl: oh my, the current image really is quite broken17:27
Saviqelopio, hey, could we have someone from your side review https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity8/shellRotation/+merge/256493 please?17:27
wxlthis is in what flavor and version, Captonjamason ?17:27
wxlcyphermox: i assume you're referring to xubuntu?17:27
Captonjamasonnormal ubuntu, 14.0417:27
cyphermoxwxl: yep17:27
wxlCaptonjamason: has it always been that way or did it just happen recently?17:27
cyphermoxwxl: it's like the live system didn't get setup properly17:28
Captonjamasonit just happend recently17:28
Captonjamasonim trying to get a screen shot17:28
wxlcyphermox: elfy: could it be related to the recent changes to the seed to add xserver-xorg-*-all as recommends?17:28
wxlCaptonjamason: and does it happen in every single application, the terminal included?17:29
Captonjamasonexcluding terminal17:29
cyphermoxwxl: do you use gdm?17:29
wxlcyphermox: no, we use lightdm like everyone else.17:30
wxlCaptonjamason: can you list all of the apps you know it fails on?17:30
Captonjamasonskype, web browsers, file manager, ubuntu store, blender, code::blocks, ubuntu sdk, and sometimes when i search spotify17:31
wxlonly sometimes when you search spotify, Captonjamason ?17:31
Captonjamasonall of those listed above17:32
Captonjamasonand spotify sometimes17:32
wxlbut never, ever the terminal?17:32
Captonjamasonits basicly in every app i type in17:32
wxlCaptonjamason: you have ibus running, correct?17:32
Captonjamasonpretty sure i do17:33
Captonjamasoni do17:33
Captonjamasonim trying to get a screen shot17:33
wxltry killing it and/or replacing it with a different input manager (e.g. scim) and see what happens17:33
wxli've had problems like that with ibus before17:33
wxland they're super inconsistent17:33
Captonjamasonsometimes when i reboot its fine17:33
Captonjamasonbut other times it does this "bug"17:34
Captonjamasonits insane17:35
wxli still bet it's ibus17:35
Captonjamasoni probably is17:35
wxlhere's some potentially related bugs:17:36
wxlbug 142148317:36
ubot5bug 1421483 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "All keyboard input fails: "IBUS-WARNING **: Events queue growing too big"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142148317:36
wxlbug 141567817:36
ubot5bug 1415678 in ibus (Ubuntu) "Keyboard input problems in various applications" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141567817:36
Captonjamasonmy keyboard input doesnt fail17:36
wxlbug 141254417:36
ubot5bug 1412544 in ibus (Ubuntu) "After using some keyboard keys cursor disappears in some apps" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141254417:36
Captonjamasonit still types fine17:36
wxli get that :)17:36
Captonjamasonit still types fine17:37
wxlwhere the heck are my ISOs, cyphermox ? :(17:37
Captonjamasonthe letters just pop of the screen17:37
cyphermoxjust a moment17:37
Captonjamasonand then sometimes come back17:37
cyphermoxwxl: well, no logs for it yet17:38
wxlcyphermox: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/vivid/lubuntu ?17:38
wxl40-some-odd-minutes ago17:38
wxlunless it's waiting on that ppc build17:39
Captonjamasonvived coming out soon?17:39
wxlCaptonjamason: yeah next week!17:39
cyphermoxah, you built lubuntu?17:39
Captonjamasonhack yeah17:39
wxlcyphermox: well crontab did XD17:39
Captonjamasoncan wait to upgarde17:39
cyphermoxwxl: 30 minutes ago?17:39
cyphermoxwell, 1 hour ago really17:40
wxlcyphermox: they finished building 50 minutes ago!17:40
Captonjamasonits impossible for me to type when the letters go away :\17:40
wxl(except for ppc)17:40
wxlCaptonjamason: did you try killing ibus or setting keyboard input method to none?17:40
Captonjamasonstill didnt do anything17:40
cyphermoxwxl: well, ppc looks wedged, if I'm to believe previous build times17:41
wxlCaptonjamason: a screenshot will helped17:41
Captonjamasonon it17:41
cyphermoxwxl: lets move this to #-release17:41
wxlcyphermox: ko17:41
Captonjamasonthis is a test to show that letter dissaper on my screen17:49
Captonjamasonthats what it looks like on my screen17:49
Captonjamasoni cant even type17:49
wxlCaptonjamason: running low on memory perhaps?17:49
Captonjamason4 gb17:49
Captonjamason3 gb free17:49
Captonjamasoni dont think im running low17:50
Captonjamasonits insane17:50
wxlCaptonjamason: i don't offhand know the solution to your problem :( have you asked in #ubuntu?17:52
wxlCaptonjamason: i'd start there17:52
Captonjamasonthis is my first time joining one of the ubuntu chats17:52
Captonjamasoni figured coming here17:52
wxlthgat's the official support channel17:52
Captonjamasonill give it a try17:52
Captonjamasonbut its just insane17:53
wxlCaptonjamason: you can also try running ubuntu-bug and it will try to help you find potential packages to file against. you probably could file against ubuntu-meta.17:54
Captonjamasonwhat would it take for me to join the QAteam17:55
wxlshould be right at the top of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam Captonjamason17:56
wxlbasically: join the mailing list, hang out here, join the launchpad group, and get to doing what you want to do17:56
wxlif you have questions, pop in here or send something to the list17:56
Captonjamasoni have yet to join mailing list17:57
wxlwhat in particular are you interested in helping with?17:57
Captonjamasoneither tester or dev17:57
Captonjamasoni havent had much time to tinker with barebones linux17:58
wxlyeah well that's not necessary17:58
Captonjamasonso i might not be the best for dev17:58
wxlno, unless you want to do kernel development17:58
wxlsome of the dev work needed doesn't even necessarily require code17:58
Captonjamasonim in17:59
wxllike the other day we made a change to one of our seeds so the images would get all their packages pulled in17:59
wxlwhat i would suggest is this:17:59
wxl1. do some formal testing17:59
wxl2. report some bugs while testing17:59
wxl3. try to figure out how to validate and fix those bugs17:59
wxl4. fix them17:59
wxlalternately you could search for bugs in packages you're really familiar with18:00
wxlyou'll need to ask lots of questions along the way18:00
wxldon't hesitate to ask18:00
Captonjamasoni knew that i would need to ask alot of questions18:00
Captonjamasoni do have 1 question18:00
Captonjamasonto run dev builds and normal builds would i be able to run in virtualbox or do i need to dual boot or have to use  a new computer all together?18:02
wxlCaptonjamason: there are times where bare metal testing is useful, but most testing is done in vm18:02
Captonjamasonfigured as much18:02
Captonjamasoni have a old computer i can use for  bare metal testing18:03
wxlCaptonjamason: yes?18:08
wxl!ask | Captonjamason ☺18:09
ubot5Captonjamason ☺: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:09
Captonjamasonbet it happens alot on here18:09
wxlmore so on the support channels but no prob18:10
Captonjamasonanyways for setting up the vm, do i need to set the os type to ubuntu 32bit (i decided to use 32 for testing) or to other 32bit linux18:11
wxlreally doesn't matter too much but the ubuntu would suffice18:12
Captonjamasonfigured as much18:12
wxlbtw if you have 64 bit hardware you should be able to test either image18:12
Captonjamasoni know18:12
Captonjamasoni have 64 bit ubuntu on 64 hardware18:12
Captonjamasonim gonna do both 32 and 64 for testing18:13
Captonjamasonjust wanted to start with 3218:13
wxllunch calls, ta18:13
Captonjamasonnow lunch sounds good18:14
Captonjamasonwell im off to test18:16
Captonjamasonvivid isnt too bad18:24
Captonjamasonwell in ways of buggyness18:24
balloonselopio, what's up with https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/webapps-core/x-test/+merge/249580?18:51
balloonsCaptonjamason, glad you think so..18:54
* balloons wonders how long till Captonjamason manages to break something18:54
Captonjamasonim deeply offended18:54
Captonjamasoni just took a look at it18:54
Captonjamasonthat was it18:55
Captonjamasonim working on trying to fix a bug18:55
balloonsCaptonjamason, I meant "break" in a good way, my apologies.18:57
Captonjamasonanything i need to work on except bug tracking18:59
cyphermoxelfy: so the wallpaper issue will be fixed in the next image18:59
Captonjamasonwell i guess i found a bug on vivid build'19:00
Captonjamasonwas live cd working yet?19:01
elopioballoons: that's in the web team's hands now. I don't understand why it has not merged.19:04
balloonselopio, ack, I'll ask alex19:04
elopioballoons: thanks.19:06
elopioSaviq: I'll add it to the TODO.19:06
Saviqelopio, thanks!19:06
Captonjamasonumm balloons, was live cd working in the newest vived update19:06
Captonjamasonballoons: was live cd working in the newest vivid update19:09
Captonjamasonor is that a question for someone else19:11
balloonsCaptonjamason, I don't have today's image so I'm not sure19:12
balloonsI've not synced yet19:12
Captonjamasonwhen i clicked live cd it took me to a login page???19:13
Captonjamasonwhat would i login with19:14
Captonjamasonwell lunch calls19:15
balloonsCaptonjamason, that means the desktop is failing for some reason19:17
balloonsif you try and login my guess is it will attempt to spawn a new session, fail, and return you to the login screen19:17
Captonjamasonthats what it did19:20
wxldid you check the md5 Captonjamason ?19:20
wxlthen perhaps the issue that elfy brought to my attention is affecting more than xubuntu (and maybe lubuntu)19:21
Captonjamasonwell thats nice19:21
Captonjamasonwhat was the issue19:23
wxla little error in an uplaod, Captonjamason19:26
wxlone little out of place '\'19:26
wxlalways the stupid stuff :)19:26
wxlfix is uploaded, just waiting on everything to sync up19:26
wxlhttps://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/user-setup/ubuntu/revision/287 fwiw19:28
wxlgive it a bit and then we'll need to rebuild everything19:29
wxlballoons: you may want to be kept aware of the above ↑19:29
Captonjamasoni need to get bazaar?19:31
wxlif you're going to do development, you'll certainly want bazaar19:31
Captonjamasoncan i get a link for bazaar19:31
Captonjamasoni dont have it19:31
wxleven if you don't, it's good sometimes when bug hunting because then you can grab the code and recusively grep it for some important string19:31
balloonswxl, ahh yes, that would be it19:31
wxlelfy: fyi that bug affects everyone; see above19:32
Captonjamasoni have a assighnment19:33
Captonjamasoni cant type19:33
wxlthis should help with bazaar Captonjamason https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bzr?action=show&redirect=Bazaar19:33
Captonjamasoni will work on that in a bit19:34
Captonjamasoni need to finish this19:34
Captonjamasonwxl, terminal wont let me install bzr, it says theres another program using admin accses, i have no other programs running except for spotify and firefox19:38
Captonjamasoni cant type19:38
wxlCaptonjamason: you sure synaptic or anything isn't running?19:39
Captonjamasonpretty sure19:39
Captonjamasonlemme try it again19:39
Captonjamasonthis is what it ga ve me19:39
Captonjamasonjamason@JAMASON-X551MA:~$ sudo apt-get install bzr [sudo] password for jamason:  E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?19:39
wxlif you're SURE that no other package manager of any kind is running, then you can just rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock and carry on19:40
Captonjamasonand yes i dont have any other package managers running19:41
Captonjamasoni dont use synaptic19:41
wxlwell if you had a separate dpkg process running19:41
wxlor aptitude19:41
wxlor any other apt-get process19:42
wxlif not, the lock gets stuck sometimes19:42
Captonjamasoni used that command and got it working19:42
wxlCaptonjamason: you could also `sudo lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock` if you want to see what command is complaining about it19:43
Captonjamasonits kinda too late19:44
Captonjamasongimme a sec19:44
wxljust saying in the future19:44
Captonjamasonand i dont have the letter glitch wxl19:52
Captonjamasonand im on utopic now19:54
Captonjamasoncould i get that link for bzr back wxl19:56
wxlthis should help with bazaar Captonjamason https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bzr?action=show&redirect=Bazaar19:57
Captonjamasonhey wxl, when i run ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "Your Name <your-email-address@wherever.com>" as a command it says " To many varibles"20:01
Captonjamasoni changed the name and email to mine20:01
wxlCaptonjamason: you can just do `ssh-keygen -t rsa` and it will ask you for a commend if you like20:03
Captonjamasonis that page outdated maby20:03
Captonjamasonit didnt ask me20:04
wxlCaptonjamason: it doesn't matter too much20:05
Captonjamasonwhat do i do now20:10
Captonjamasondo i need to do something after putting in my ssh key?20:14
Captonjamasonwxl was helping me out with setting up bazzar20:16
wxlsorry Captonjamason too many things going on20:16
wxldid you upload your key to launchpad?20:17
Captonjamasoni compleatly understand20:17
wxlthen try grabbing something20:17
wxlhere's an example: bzr branch lp:lubuntu-default-settings20:18
Captonjamasondid that do something20:21
Captonjamasonim more familiar with svn then git or bazaar20:21
wxlcd to lubuntu-default-settings20:22
wxlthey're very similar20:22
Captonjamasonthats pretty cool for one command20:22
Captonjamasonone thing though, when i ran that it said i had to give my launchpad id or something like that20:24
wxloh yeah20:25
wxlhm maybe that site is not the best20:25
wxltry doing bzr launchpad-login20:25
CaptonjamasonNo Launchpad user ID configured...20:26
Captonjamasonwhy terminal20:26
wxlwhy not? :)20:26
Captonjamasonit no work20:27
wxltry `bzr launchpad-login id` where id is your launchpad id20:28
Captonjamasonwhere can i find my launchpad id20:29
wxlon your launchpad page20:29
wxlwhere you uploaded your ssh key20:29
Captonjamasoni know i probably seem like a noob20:29
Captonjamasonsorry about that20:30
Captonjamasonhey wxl20:31
Captonjamasonbzr: ERROR: The user name https://launchpad.net/~minecraftdude2471 is not registered on Launchpad.20:31
Captonjamasonthats what it gave me20:31
wxlget rid of the rest of the url and use only your id Captonjamason20:32
Captonjamasonit worked20:32
Captonjamasonso how can i get the daily builds20:33
wxlyou mean the isos or what?20:33
Captonjamasonwhat is Mythbuntu20:38
wxl!mythbuntu | Captonjamason20:39
ubot5Captonjamason: Mythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative centered upon setting up a standalone MythTV system. See: http://www.mythbuntu.org for more information and #ubuntu-mythtv20:39
Captonjamasonthats kinda cool20:39
ubot5UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org20:39
wxl!lubuntu | captonjamason: i spend most of my time working with20:43
ubot5captonjamason: i spend most of my time working with: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.20:43
elfyCaptonjamason: any real reason for pinging the bo?20:43
elfyt even20:43
wxlelfy: i think he just learned there are bot commands so was making use out of them20:43
knome!bot > Captonjamason20:43
ubot5Captonjamason, please see my private message20:43
wxlCaptonjamason: you can /msg ubot5 !whatever20:44
elfyor stop trolling20:44
knomethese might have been a bit hidden until a while, but they are recently updated:20:44
knomeCaptonjamason, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/DevelopmentSetup20:44
elfyor stop trolling20:44
knomeand others are: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/DevelopmentToolsSetup and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/DevelopmentToolsUsage20:45
knomethey are now linked to from the QATeam front page.20:45
wxlthx knome20:45
knomewhich reminds me i should work on the QATeam wiki more20:45
knomeballoons, ping20:45
elfybiding time20:45
Captonjamasonwhy is the chat going all crazy now20:45
balloonsknome, pong20:46
elfyhey balloons20:46
knomeballoons, want to have a wiki sprint?20:46
balloonshey elfy knome :-)20:47
elfyCaptonjamason: troll alerts - imagine20:47
balloonsa wiki sprint.. interesting..20:47
knomeCaptonjamason, it's just the crazy xubuntu folks stepping in20:47
balloonswhat sort of format would it take? live editing or ?20:47
wxlelfy: behave. he's new here and trying to figure his way around.20:47
knomeballoons, whatever we did before20:47
knomeballoons, i mean not a scheduled, i mean *right now* :)20:48
elfywxl: right20:48
elfyCaptonjamason: if you are, then all power to you, but please do not Enter as punctuation - we can all try at that ;)20:49
balloonsknome, ahh, I see :-)20:49
balloonsknome, no time like the present..20:52
knomeso... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/FAQ20:52
knomeand did you do work with the tracker pages?20:53
knomei think you did20:54
* knome claps20:55
* balloons looks puzzled20:58
balloonsyes the tracker pages.. and the walkthroughs. I've looked at them and done some editing, but I can't commit to updating the videos20:59
ianorlinhmm I still have to hard power off desktop images on my laptop21:19
wxlis that solely a lubuntu thing ianorlin ?21:20
ianorlinhaven't tried yet might try unity21:20
wxlis it the installer or the installed system?21:20
ianorlininstaller post install21:20
ianorlinit worked on my mom laptop live session yesterday21:20
ianorlinthis might be hardware specific21:20
wxlso these are all bare metal tests?21:21
wxlhave you tried virtual at all?21:22
wxlelfy: looks like your rebuilts got the new users-admin but the old ubiquity. i trust they don't work?21:22
ianorlinwxl on kvm with qxl graphics it stops after I click to the restart now buttons and doesn't get past that which is different21:45
wxlwith which image ianorlin ?21:46
ianorlindesktop amd6421:46
wxlso ubuntu21:46
ianorlinaltenrates seemed to never have this problem21:47
wxler lubuntu i mean21:47
ianorlinyep I haven't tried live session on bare metal for today's image21:52
wxltoday's image is borked21:54
wxlwaiting for the new ubiquity to get uplaoaded so i can schedule a rebuild21:54
wxlwe need 2.21.22 ianorlin21:56
ianorlinwxl yet I actually got it to shut down from live session but pressing the enter on my numpad21:56
ianorlinI may end up trying manual install and seeing if I can shutdown with that enter there21:57
ianorlinwxl ah it is working if I press power button from broken  live session it works not after install22:05
ianorlinshould this be a new bug?22:05
wxlwasn't there a bug filed against something similar?22:07
ianorlinyeah but they all seem fix released22:13
wxleven the one that was reported yesterday on the tracker?22:14
wxli think i'22:15
wxlm going to try the rebuild22:15
ianorlinum it even happens on the ones that I have the casper for fix released22:18
wxlgimme a sec and i'll check it out ianorlin22:20
wxlargh i can't find the darn thing22:23
wxlsometimes i really hate the iso tracker22:23
elfyxubuntu core is rebuilding for some reason DalekSec22:26
DalekSecHrm.  Release Candidate therefore everything gets 'rebuilt'?  It more or less should be the same as with upgrades.22:26
wxlyeah looks like we need a new bug ianorlin22:30
wxlbug 1436715 and bug 966480 are the two i know of and supposedly casper fixed them both22:31
ubot5bug 1436715 in casper (Ubuntu Vivid) "Vivid DVD fails to reboot or shutdown w/o hard reset" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143671522:31
ubot5bug 966480 in plymouth (Ubuntu Precise) "The prompt asking for media removal is not shown at the end of the installation" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96648022:31
ianorlinwxl I have something that makes no sense if you mount the alternate installer image navigate to /boot/grub/efiX86_64 and it show grub files as music files22:42
ianorlinthat is very confusing22:42
wxlwhoa?! :)22:42
wxljust cat them out to /dev/dsp and see what happens hehe22:42
ianorlinhmm what to file the bug agianst?22:50
wxli'd probably call it ubiquity22:51
ianorlinwxl but I do I report this as it is after I can get to a shell22:51
wxlubuntu-bug it if you can22:52
Captonjamasonwhat about ubiquity22:53
ianorlinat the restart now prompt?22:53
Captonjamasonoh a bug with ubiquity22:54
wxlhm you can't get a vt on it?22:54
ianorlinnot once I hit restart now22:59
ianorlinargh and the showing as music also happens after installing nautilus22:59
wxllooks like they're already building finals23:00
Captonjamasonis that bad wxl23:00
wxlnew daily rebuilds are almost up, but that may slow things down a bit23:00
ianorlinthe file command shows the images as executable23:00
wxlCaptonjamason: not exactly. home stretch for vivid, but i want to get rid of this last bug before we go final.23:00
ianorlinwxl I may also want to test on this desktop to see if it is hardware dependent23:01
ianorlinbut it did in vm as well23:01
wxlianorlin: ok new rebuilds are up23:04
wxlneed to do a really quick smoke test23:04
elfycyphermox: ok, proper backdrop, reboots - still hangs on reboot in vbox23:23
ianorlinI am trying on bare metal and on ssd on my laptop23:25
ianorlinelfy do you have a bug for that?23:27
elfysame as previous23:28
elfykvm works23:28
elfyjust sorting a stick for a hardware boot23:28
ianorlinI have one in progress23:29
ianorlinargh can't switch to a tty on this image23:37
Captonjamasonim back23:38
Captonjamasonhey wxl, pulseaudio is acting up23:43
wxli am certainly no big fan of pulse, but what's the issue, Captonjamason ?23:43
Captonjamason1 sec23:44
Captonjamasoni fixed it by doing nothing23:45
Captonjamasonit said dummy output instead of my speakers23:45
ianorlinoh wow root is only users on this system23:45
ianorlinI couldn't even use my normal way of right clicking then launching lxterminal from the installer but I could launch firefox download a directory and then launch pcmanfm23:46
ianorlinthen I could launch only xterm23:46
Captonjamasoni havent used xterm or uxterm at all, whats the diffrence between those 2 and terminal23:48
Captonjamasonand wxl, i dont like alsa a single bit, jack wont work, and i dont like pulse but i have to use it.23:50
wxljack works fine for me, but it's not a good solution for desktop users23:50
wxlalso if you use pulse you use alsa23:50
wxland that's one of the bigger gripes i have about pulse: it's just extra fluff with little value23:51
Captonjamasonsame with me23:51
wxlalsa works fine23:51
Captonjamasoni meant by alsa without like pulseaudio volume control23:52
Captonjamasonbarebones alsa23:52
wxlyep, alsamixer works good23:53
Captonjamasonits ok23:53
Captonjamasonwhen i wore my awsome headphones when using "BareBoneALSA" i had static23:53
wxlprobably had mic on or something of the sort23:54
Captonjamasonthose dont have mics23:54
Captonjamasonand worst part was i was working in ardour23:55
Captonjamasonso i needed to have almost perfect audio23:55
Captonjamasonso barebonesalsa didnt work all that great for me23:56

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