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vhaylorhi, i'm working on a kickstart script for ubuntu-server-mini 14.04, anyone have much experience with kickstart?01:33
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jeffreylevesquei have a bash script called `bash_loader`.  I'd like this script to run at each ubuntu (14.04) bootup.  Do i simply create `/etc/init/my.conf` (does it have to be a conf file?), with https://bpaste.net/show/73983b56fe34?06:29
linociscoI have nokia E5 and using intenet on laptop via USB cable. I want to share internet to ubuntu server from Nokia E5 via USB cable, what do i do? what to install first?06:31
lordievaderGood morning.06:37
linociscolordievader, thanks for icebreaking06:37
lordievaderlinocisco: ?06:38
linociscolordievader, yes06:39
lordievaderIcebreaking? I'm just saying goodmorning ;)06:40
linociscolordievader, this server channel is still silent06:41
lordievaderIt's early. Stick around, be patient.06:41
linociscolordievader, i m not from GMT-. I am from GMT+. so if this channel is only for western countries users, sorry06:43
linociscolordievader, i have silent patience06:44
lordievaderIt isn't, but it is usually quiet in the morning ;)06:45
linociscoplease love me or I'be gone!06:46
lordievaderGoing away doesn't help....06:47
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mvhello im running ubuntu server, my package system is broken and the help of other people broke my kernel i think. i was upgrading from ubuntu server 14.04 to 14.10. also grub is broken, now i start from livecd and mount the systeem and chroot to it. can this still be repaired? (#ubuntu told me to ask more info here), i would prefer to fix it somehow instead of full reinstall10:18
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lordievadermv: Do you still have broken packages?10:25
mvim not sure, apt-get -f reports error, install gives error that it needs other packages10:26
lordievadermv: Could you pastebin that output?10:27
mvil try, which one do you want? from -f install?10:28
lordievaderTo start with, yes.10:28
lordievaderupdate-initramfs: not found.... Wut?10:32
lordievaderDid you remove initramfs-tools?10:32
mvsome people tried to help me, and they did remove it.10:33
mvbecause it came up in the list of errors from apt-get10:33
mvthey removed a couple of packages10:33
mvlordievader would you want to look at the system yourself? i installed ssh-server on the livecd to acces it.10:38
jpds_mv: We talked about this yesterday.10:38
mvjpds_ yes, but after trying all night i was able to get into the system again using the livecd10:40
mvi tried to use boot-repair to fix grub, but it comes up with the same error that apt-get -f install isnt working succesfully10:42
RusAlexq: getting this error uvt-kvm: error: timed out waiting for dnsmasq lease for. after command `uvt-kvm wait <machine> --insecure`10:50
RusAlexvirbr0 networking interface has IP address10:50
RusAlexno ip address only on vnet010:50
lordievadermv: No, remoting in is not something I do.10:55
lordievadermv: Install initramfs-tools then reinstall the kernel.10:55
mvlordievader thanks, im now trying to instal initramfs-tools, downloading from ubuntu archive and then dkpg -i initramfs-tools*.deb10:56
mvinstalling initramfs-tools gives dependecy problems, http://pastebin.com/xmmYGtDV10:58
rbasakRusAlex: has the VM itself got an IP address?10:59
rbasakRusAlex: you can use --log-console-output when creating the VM and then examine /var/log/libvirt/qemu/ (IIRC)10:59
lordievader!info initramfs-tools utopic10:59
ubottuinitramfs-tools (source: initramfs-tools): tools for generating an initramfs. In component main, is required. Version 0.103ubuntu8 (utopic), package size 43 kB, installed size 365 kB10:59
rbasakRusAlex: or look in /var/lib/libvirt/dnsmasq/ and try to match up against the VM's MAC address (virsh dumpxml <name>)11:00
lordievader!info initramfs-tools trusty11:00
ubottuinitramfs-tools (source: initramfs-tools): tools for generating an initramfs. In component main, is required. Version 0.103ubuntu4.2 (trusty), package size 43 kB, installed size 365 kB11:00
lordievadermv: From where did you get the package?11:00
mvuhm after changing the url im thinking i should use this one? http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty-updates/all/initramfs-tools/download11:02
lordievaderNo wonder you get dependency issues.11:03
lordievadermv: What does /etc/issue say?11:03
RusAlexrbasak: there is cloud-init-nonet[16.90]: waiting 120 seconds for network devic11:03
RusAlexand then gave up waiting for a network device11:03
mvit says Ubuntu 14.1011:04
mvtrudy initramfs-tools also gives error http://pastebin.com/H71UR8xR11:04
RusAlexBooting system without full network configuration...11:05
lordievadermv: Then get the utopic one.11:05
lordievadermv: And try to use apt.11:05
mvlordievader: both gave dependencie problems http://pastebin.com/sdeRSCuX11:06
lordievadermv: Hence the notion to use apt.11:07
mvapt-get install initramfs-tools right? i used that one and put the log in the same text here http://pastebin.com/sdeRSCuX11:08
rbasakRusAlex: sounds like DHCP isn't working on your virbr0.11:09
rbasakAre you running Vivid?11:10
RusAlexreading libvirtd help11:10
lordievadermv: What is the output of "apt-cache policy initramfs-tools initramfs-tools-bin"?11:10
RusAlexrbasak: i have 14.02 ?11:11
lordievadermv: apt-get install initramfs-tools-bin11:11
lordievader!info util-linux utopic11:12
ubottuutil-linux (source: util-linux): Miscellaneous system utilities. In component main, is required. Version 2.25.1-3ubuntu4.1 (utopic), package size 820 kB, installed size 2954 kB11:12
lordievadermv: Do as it says.11:15
RusAlexrbasak: thanks . finally enabled11:17
mvapt-get -f install http://pastebin.com/4pdi23s811:17
lordievadermv: Select those pacakges it want to remove for install.11:18
lordievaderThen try again.11:18
mvlike this "apt-get remove linux-image-3.16.0-031600-lowlatency linux-image-extra-3.13.0-49-generic"?11:19
lordievaderNo, select them for install.11:19
lordievaderWell that is a pickle.11:21
lordievaderPerhaps 'apt-get install -f initramfs-tools-bin' works?11:22
mvi trusted to wrong people on facebook to help me, they made it allot worse, before them grub and initramfs was still working.11:23
lordievaderapt-get install util-linux11:24
lordievaderapt-get install util-linux udev11:24
lordievaderapt-get install util-linux udev initramfs-tools-bin11:24
* ogra_ wonders how you actually got into that situation ... 11:26
lordievadermv: Dependency hell :P11:26
lordievaderYou could manually go through everything...11:26
ogra_do-release-upgrade should efinitely have cared for this properly11:26
mvi tried upgrading from 14.04 to 14.10 (in the past running older version, i thought 12)11:27
lordievaderOr find someway of removing those kernels/preventing apt-get install -f to remove them before fixing things.11:27
lordievaderogra_: I think it is rather what he did trying to fix things that got him in this mess.11:27
mvim afraid lordievader is right11:28
ogra_lordievader, point is that there shouldnt be anything to fix :)11:28
lordievadermv: Do you have a backlog of what you did exactly?11:28
ogra_do-release-upgrade gets tested in 100 variations and corner cases nowadays ... and should cover you from such mess11:28
ogra_(unless you pull the power plug in the middle of an upgrae or some such ... )11:29
* lordievader whispers ppa's11:29
mvhere you can see a backlog, and the people who tried to help me. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=828768073837036&set=gm.1062529163761527&type=1&theater11:29
ogra_lordievader, it disables them all :)11:29
lordievaderWas more talking about the dependency hell thing than the upgrade.11:30
lordievaderYou installed a kernel outside of the Ubuntu repo?11:31
* lordievader sigh11:31
mvthey send me 3 links to kernel files to install11:31
lordievaderSo much for FB support....11:32
lordievadermv: Use dpkg to purge those kernels.11:32
mvi will never ever ask on an FB group for help anymore11:32
lordievadermv: The trouble is they didn't ask questions on what the problem was. They assumed you were running Debian and started shouting things...11:33
mvlordievader: dpkg --purge "linux-image.."?11:33
* ogra_ would actually start with: sudo apt-get -f install ... 11:33
ogra_to get back to a half way consistent state11:34
ogra_and then move forward from there11:34
lordievaderogra_: That is broken because it tries to remove the kernels but it need initramfs-tools for it, which is broken too.11:34
lordievadermv: Not all of them, just those installed outside of the Ubuntu repos.11:35
ogra_lordievader, it doesnt remove everything cleanly ?11:35
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lordievaderogra_: The postrm script fails on calling initramfs (since its broken) and then apt gives up.11:35
ogra_so create a link to from /usr/sbin/update-initramfs to /bin/true11:36
ogra_to overcome that ...11:36
ogra_one you are back in a semi consistent state, make sure the sources.list is proper, then install "linux" ... that should pull in all kernel related bits11:37
ogra_(might need some manual grub love later though)11:37
mvi tried purging the kernel, http://pastebin.com/FcERJga311:37
ogra_(and make sure to *never reboot until you are sure it is all fixed)11:38
lordievadermv: Follow ogra_'s advice.11:38
lordievaderogra_: He is in a live-cd chrooted ;)11:38
mvyeah they made me remove grub, and an other friend made me reboot to livecd11:38
lordievadermv: You know, even now, you should use common sense.11:39
lordievaderIs a good idea to remove grub? Hmm, perhaps not...11:39
mvlordievader your so right, i made the mistake to trust them blindly11:39
mvthey sayt like yeah remove grub and etc. and after apt-get -f inistall reinstall grub11:40
lordievaderSure it is possible, but why?11:40
lordievaderWithout a good reason I wouldn't do it.11:41
RusAlexq: im trying to restore my custom iptables rules11:42
RusAlextried 2 ways already11:42
lordievaderRusAlex: iptables-restore < iptables-file?11:42
RusAlexyes. but tried to run this command in /etc/network/if-up.d/iptablesload as per Network Howto11:43
lordievaderMeh, you could put it in there. I don't like things dissapearing based on interfaces.11:43
lordievaderPersonal preference I guess.11:44
RusAlexbut where do you place it?11:45
RusAlexI also tried to use /etc/network/interfaces file with pre-up iptables-restore < /etc/iptables.rules11:45
RusAlexbut no success. after reboot it does not restore11:45
* ogra_ always uses ufw ... 11:47
* lordievader dislikes ufw11:48
mv"dpkg --purge linux-image-extra-3.13.0-49-generic" is failing "FATAL: could not load /boot/System.map-3.13-0/49-Generic: no such file"11:48
lordievaderCopy some other system map? (Ugly hacks save the day????)11:49
mvoh, also. my friend yesterday made me copy /boot from ubuntu 14.04 server cd to my system, so now i get the cd grub when booting without livecd11:49
lordievaderBefore you copied stuff did you happen to remove the contents of /boot?11:51
mvi didnt remove. i just used cp -R /cdrom/boot /mnt. i mounted my system on there11:51
mvcontents of /boot now are "grub  memtest86+.bin  memtest86+.elf  memtest86+_multiboot.bin"11:52
lordievaderJust that?11:53
lordievaderDid you nuke /boot or did you forget to mount it?11:54
mvuhm, im not sure11:54
lordievadermv: Go figure it out ;)11:55
mvboot isnt in the mount list. so that would mean its not mounted11:56
lordievaderIf it is a seperate partition, yes.11:57
mvim not sure if it is a seperate partition. i used the default settings from the ubuntu cd when installing it in the past11:57
lordievadermv: parted -l11:57
mvparted isnt installed :c11:58
lordievaderfdisk -l11:58
mvfdisk is from util-linux, which they also nuked...11:59
lordievaderUse the one of the live-cd.12:00
mvshould i do it outside of chroot? or on the desktop from the livecd?12:01
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lordievaderOutside of the chroot, yes.12:01
mvoutside of chroot both commands return nothing12:03
* lordievader is back in a bit12:03
lordievaderUse sudo ;)12:03
mvahh thanks, im feeling stupid for that mistake >_<12:04
mvhttp://pastebin.com/X5zpKsKF  the 30GB is my SSD running the system, /dev/sdi12:05
RusAlexhwo can I get root access to a kvm machine ?12:19
RusAlexit allows me to login only with ubuntu@host12:20
ogra_use sudo ... thats ubuntu ...12:21
RusAlexwill try12:22
mvlordievader: tell me when your back?12:35
arcskyCRITICALUbuntu 10.04 LTS / 12.04 LTS / 14.04 / 14.10 : libtasn1-3, libtasn1-6 vulnerability (USN-2559-1)12:36
arcskystill got that after apt-get update12:36
jpds_arcsky: Tried upgrade ?12:37
arcskydo I have to do reboot after upgrade?12:40
arcskymaybe thats why it doesnt work12:40
jpds_arcsky: No, it's more the fact that update doesn't update the package.12:40
lordievadermv: Does the live-cd come with parted? Else install it...12:54
lordievaderfdisk doesn't do gpt.12:54
mvparted -l says http://pastebin.com/2j9EZSsu12:56
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mvlordievader: should i use ok?12:58
lordievaderNo cancel that.12:59
lordievadermv: Make it 'sudo parted /dev/sdc print'13:00
mv"error: end of file while reading succes, retry/ignore/cancel?"13:00
mv"error end of file while reading invalid argument"13:01
lordievaderThis if from the live-cd right?13:03
mvshould i use gdisk?13:03
lordievaderYou can give it a shot. Installing it doesn't really matter as it is a live-cd anyways.13:04
mvhmm, anyway i think you would wanted to see this? http://pastebin.com/XSgw7E3V13:04
lordievaderHmm, yeah. Did I get sidetracked?13:05
mvdev-sdc is one of the drives from my RAID13:05
mvdev-sdi is my system13:06
lordievaderRight, no seperate /boot.13:06
lordievaderIs the /boot on sdi1 really that empty?13:06
lordievaderThat is the chroot?13:07
lordievaderCould you give the 'mount' output?13:08
mvyes its the chroot13:08
lordievader /boot doesn't happen to be on the raid device?13:10
mvi dont think so. when i installed it it didnt have raid yet13:10
lordievaderSo you nuked /boot :P13:11
mvyup :c13:11
lordievadermv: Time to get drastic. Under normal circumstances you shouldn't do this: force dpkg to do all it needs to remove those two kernel packages.13:11
mv"dpkg --fore-yes --purge"?13:12
lordievaderdpkg -P --force-all <packages>.deb13:14
mvit seems it is removed13:17
mvnow try apt-get -f install?13:17
lordievaderThe lowlatency kernel is removed too?13:19
mvignoring request to remove linux-image.... which isnt installed13:20
mvdpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove linux-image-3.16.0-031600-lowlatency which isn't installed13:20
lordievaderHmm, odd. Try the apt fix, I guess.13:20
mvit keeps complaining about linux-image-extra-3.13.0-49-generic while dpkg says it isnt installed13:24
lordievadermv: dpkg -P --force-all http://pastebin.com/pmu85s9C13:29
lordievadermv: dpkg -P --force-all13:29
lordievadermv: dpkg -P --force-all linux-image-extra-3.13.0-49-generic13:30
lordievaderCopy pasting in Windows is hard.13:30
mvhaha okay :P13:30
lordievaderEspecially when it is swapping.13:30
mvwindows makes everything slow~13:31
lordievaderWindows can be allright...  Usually it performs quite okay. Guess I'm torturing it with a A0@300dpi PS file.13:33
mvahh thats why xD13:33
mvnext week i wil start troturing it with a 4K screen, but specially for PS i got 32GB DDR313:34
mvdid you see the error message? http://pastebin.com/ZxsJpChg13:35
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lordievaderEven more ugly hack fixing: edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/<package>.postrm13:35
lordievadermv: Comment lines 9 through 15.13:39
mvdone, now dpkg command again?13:41
mvdone, now going to do apt-get -f install again13:42
rbergIt looks like that error is comming from /usr/sbin/mkinitramfs.. line 11 very odd13:42
lordievaderrberg: That's the one wich we are trying to fix. But apt want to remove the kernels before fixing initramfstools.13:43
lordievaderIn short, it's a mess.13:43
rbergahh.. thats super weird to not have gnuopt13:44
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lordievaderWhoo, there is an initramfstools :D13:46
mvits back? :D13:46
lordievaderMaybe it is not configured...13:46
lordievaderAnyhow, is ts3server/sickbeard required?13:47
mvthey are my personal programs13:47
mvand i have 2 different sickbeard installations, one under the name animebeard13:48
lordievaderTheir initscripts are a mess.13:48
mvi see the error on the animebeard script. i think thats because i tried to make it work as service :c13:48
lordievaderRead lines 34 till 40.13:49
mvcan i just remove theire scripts somehow?13:49
lordievaderYou can.13:51
lordievaderThey are in /etc/init or /etc/init.d13:51
mvseems like apt-get -f install worked :D13:52
mvil post results13:52
mvbefore i go do crazy things. tell me what do now first :313:55
lordievadermv: Reinstall linux-image-generic, for starters.13:58
mvinstalling now :)13:58
mvso happy now it seems everything acts normal again :D13:58
ogra_install the "linux" metapackage ... not just the -image-generic one14:08
mvokay, il start that when its finnished with the image-generic14:09
davegarathHi, I've installed proftpd on a server. Logrotate is configured for rotate weekly and run postrotate : invoke-rc.d proftpd restart14:14
davegarathbut proftpd will stop and not start14:14
davegarathexecuting by hand invoke-rc.d proftpd restart proftpd remain stopped14:15
davegarathok I found a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/proftpd-dfsg/+bug/1246245 I've inserted sleep statement in init.d script file14:18
mvstill got an error when it tried to configure http://pastebin.com/QnvvaAix14:18
mvi tried the apt-get install linux, but linux package isnt found~14:19
mvnow it gives errors on the linux-image-generic, etc. uhh what to do now?14:25
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mvare you busy?14:38
lordievaderActually I have no idea how to fix that one properly. I've read of dirty ways (disableing the hook), but I do not know what it does, nor what the consequences of such an action are.14:40
mvok, i tried removing the packages that where in the error list and now try installing linux-image-generic again. when removing it asks to make an boot menu file but if i say yes it gives an error.14:41
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mvif it doesnt work il try your dirty way. i have nothing to loose right? now its not working so it cant get worse :P14:42
lordievaderHeh, that is what you say now.14:45
mvi dont understand what you mean14:46
lordievaderNow you say you got nothing to loose. Until, say, you loose all your data...14:48
mvlordievader: 2 years ago i already lost 6TB of data. im used to the hurt now xD also my most important data is on the mdadm raid14:50
mvalso the really most important data, my photography, i have already on backup14:51
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mvstill got the same error http://pastebin.com/UwP6JyWh14:55
mvyou knew a dirty way to fix it? lets try that i guess14:55
lordievaderHunt out the fixtrc script and take away its execute rights.14:56
mvyou mean searching it like this (find / "*fixtrc*")? but it doesnt find anything14:59
lordievaderNo, your output tells you where it is.14:59
mvoh fixrtc i see15:01
* lordievader is off to make dinner15:01
mvit workd! :D15:03
mvsuccesfully setup linux-image-generic15:04
mvwhat should be the next step to take?15:04
stiv2kso i've had this bug on my server since day 1 of installing ubuntu 14.04... https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=844915:04
stiv2kand associated launchpad bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/125718615:05
stiv2ki read the comments in the samba bugzilla and it says they fixed it in samba 4.115:05
stiv2kbut i checked my samba...15:05
stiv2ksamba -V15:05
stiv2kVersion 4.1.6-Ubuntu15:05
mvstiv2k i also had the talloc error but it seemed it just worked without problems15:05
stiv2kyes i never noticed any problems either15:06
stiv2kother than shell users complaining that the message is annoying15:06
mvlordievader: can i try apt-get upgrade now? (apt-get -f install now returns without errors)15:06
rbasakstiv2k: if somebody can provide a backported fix that works and doesn't introduce any regressions, I'd be happy to upload it.15:07
OpenTokixrbasak: yes15:07
rbasakI haven't spent much time myself as I understand that it's mainly just an annoyance.15:07
stiv2kwell i just wanted to know if the fix is issued in our samba packages yet15:07
stiv2ki was under the impression that they fixed it upstream in 4.115:07
stiv2kand im running 4.1.6 so it should already be fixed....?15:08
stiv2kor am i missing something?15:08
mvlordievader: can i just try to use apt-get upgrade now? or should i do something else first?15:13
rbasakstiv2k: I think upstream backported it to their 4.1 stable branch, but if they've released it it's after
stiv2krbasak: so no worries? just wait longer?15:19
rbasakstiv2k: we don't automatically update to samba's latest stable release, so it is waiting on somebody to backport and test. I don't know if it'll get to the top of our list or not any time soon.15:21
rbasakVolunteers welcome.15:21
stiv2krbasak: let me graduate college first15:22
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faustHow can I get the command executed by an user via ssh in /etc/ssh/sshrc? I'm looking for something like "SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND"16:19
pmatulisfaust: not sure what you mean.  you want a command issued automatically when a user connects via ssh?16:32
faustpmatulis: e.g. an user run "ssh root@server uname -a" I want my /etc/ssh/sshrc to know that the user run "uname -a"16:33
pmatulisfaust: you want that b/c sshrc will act on it in some way?16:34
faustI'm looking for something like the SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND enviroment variable defined for the script run by ForceCommand16:35
faustpmatulis: yes16:35
pmatulisfaust: i don't think it's possible b/c sshrc is run before the remote command is run16:39
faustpmatulis: when you use ForceCommand that script is run before the remote command, but you have access to its command line via SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND, but probably you are rigth it is not possible...16:42
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lordievadermv: You have a kernel installed?16:53
mvlordievader: yes, no i was trying apt-get upgrade but its just finished with some errors16:54
ogra_lordievader, well, if the fixrtc hok failed there is something seriously essential missing (did you check what it copies)16:54
lordievaderogra_: No, as I mentioned before I have no idea what it does.16:54
ogra_that looks more like something like core-utils and e2fsprogs are missing16:55
mvbut the kernel installed succesfully. http://pastebin.com/mS9AcCuy16:55
ogra_it copies three files around16:55
ogra_these three are: /bin/date /sbin/hwclock /sbin/dumpe2fs16:55
ogra_if it cant find them i assume there was more essential stuff remnoved than just the kernel or grub16:56
mve2fsprogs seems not installed. should i try install it?16:59
ogra_is ubuntu-minimal installed ?17:00
ogra_that pulls the most essential bit in17:00
mvno i dont think so. il try to let it install.17:00
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pmatulisfaust: yes, but SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND is within the user's shell/environment.  sshrc is not run within that environment so i don't know how it could ever discover it17:01
mvit looks like its downloading fonts and installing them~17:03
mvnow adobe-flash-plugin17:03
ogra_when you install the ubuntu-minimal task ?17:03
mvits done now, no errors17:04
ogra_this sounds surely mseed up17:04
pmatulisfaust: however, ~/.ssh/rc (user level) is run within the user's env so you could grab it in that way17:04
mvmaybe its because of previous updates17:04
ogra_what else did it install ?17:05
mvyes, all upgrades have been done now, only 120 updates are held back17:05
ogra_you should not have any held back updates17:05
mvit says so now17:05
faustpmatulis: mm I cannot use ~/.ssh/rc, but thanks anyway17:06
mvif i try apt-get upgrade17:06
ogra_dont use upgrade ...17:06
ogra_use dist-upgrade17:06
lordievaderAh, what happens when you do apt-get dist-upgrade17:06
mvdoing so now17:06
mvits installing allot more updates17:06
mv120 and 97 newly installed17:06
ogra_anyway, missing ubuntu-minimal is quite serious and actually the point where i would start to suggest a reinstall ...17:07
ogra_but finish that dist-upgrade first and see where that leaves you17:07
=== xachet is now known as xachet_lunch
mvbut its reinstalled now right? and its updating. ok il wait for it to finish17:07
mvit will take a while now it says 31~20 mins17:08
mvi never knew i should use dist-upgrade. i always been told to use upgrade from my teacher... (our teacher just got a linux mint workshop of a couple hours and a linux mint book, so he also didnt know much)17:09
ogra_upgrdae will only update installed packages ... if it needs to remove something due to a changed dependency it will hold back the package and all its dependencies17:10
ogra_dist-upgrade will always also remove and replace other packages to fulfill everything17:10
mvohh good to know :) i learn so much more from the community then from teachers at school17:10
ogra_also ... mint != ubuntu17:10
ogra_they hack up things like the upgrade mechanism heavily17:11
ogra_nothing we have any experience with in here17:11
mvso ubuntu is much better then mint? :)17:11
ogra_not saying that17:11
pmatulisi wonder why mint would hack such a thing?17:11
lordievaderBetter is a matter of opinion.17:11
mvokay, better in your opinion?17:11
ogra_pmatulis, to suppress kernel upgrades, xorg and grub upgrades etc17:12
lordievaderHave never used Mint, can't say.17:12
pmatulisogra_: wow interesting ok17:12
ogra_pmatulis, they also replace some essentiual libs with their own patched versions (sometimes without bumping the ABI ...)17:12
ogra_and i doubt do-release-upgrade even works on mint ...17:13
ogra_... while on ubuntu this is the only official way to go from one release to another17:13
* ogra_ wont say anything more about mint ... the last time i did i ended up with a 3 week long shitstorm and and presonal threads from mint people ... 17:14
mvim curious if grub would be working again now? if i could later restart and wont use livecd anymore~17:14
mvogra_ omg thats really crazy. people shouldnt be so hatefull17:15
ogra_well, they thought it was a canonical conspiracy ... :)17:15
mvbut still they shouldnt be so hatefull17:15
ogra_well, there was a lot clickbait stuff going on ... i made a comment on a developer mailing list and the press pulled it out of context and added sensationalist headlines17:16
mvim reading it now~ but the press nuked it all? thats to bad17:17
ogra_just google "wouldn't do homebanking with mint"17:17
ogra_you will find a lot more articles17:17
mvil take a look17:17
mvi just notice your from germany, greetings from your neighbour from the netherlands :D17:18
* ogra_ waves west 17:20
lordievaderOehh, more dutchies :)17:21
mvlordvader: im curious where your from?17:21
mvim a dutchie yes :P17:21
Seveastoo many dutchies17:21
mvreally? why? :c17:21
lordievadermv: Make an educated guess ;)17:22
mvlordievader: my guess would by a dutchie too? :#17:22
lordievaderWow, first guess.. and it's right....17:23
Seveaslordievader: Tatooine17:23
mvhaha you wish17:23
mvjust a curiouse question. for a home server would you recomend not updating at all? (if it works dont mess with it~)17:25
Seveasfor a home server I'd enable automatic dist-upgrades and even reboots.17:25
ogra_i would keep the reboots manual ... but thats just me :)17:26
ogra_but yeah, enable unattended-upgrades17:26
mvi wouldnt know howto do that~ now i just use webmin and sometimes when neccesery ssh/cli17:26
Seveaswebmin is more of a security risk than mint17:26
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.17:26
mvbut its totally safe to enaable unattended upgrades?17:26
mvso webmin is a really no go? xD17:27
lordievaderNot on Ubuntu/Debian.17:27
ogra_if the machine is visible on the internet it definitely is a no-go17:27
Seveasit's always a no-go17:28
Seveasjust like cpanel17:28
mvhmm its at my home, but i enabled it so i can access webmin from school~17:28
Seveasand most other web based admin frontends17:28
ogra_well, if you have a safe firewall and only use it for a home network i guess thats not that bad17:28
=== klaas_ is now known as klaas
ogra_as soon as it can be seen by others it definitely is a security hole17:28
mvso i should better block webmin from being vissible from the internet? il do that then17:29
mvwhat about ssh? is it safe to keep that vissible to the internet?17:29
lordievadermv: You have ssh for remote management.17:30
mvi already dissabled ftp anonymous login because a couple months ago i saw google indexing my files17:30
mvyup i use ssh. even now on ssh17:30
Seveas*backing away slowly from this trainwreck*17:30
mvhaha is it that bad?17:31
lordievadermv: You might also want to disable the remote management on your router, or at least disable the gues login.17:33
mvmy router doesnt have remote management, i never enabled it~17:33
mvwhoooo the install just ended succesfully :D17:34
lordievadermv: Is your network
mvyup, how you know?17:34
lordievaderLike I said, remote management on your router is on and accesible for guests.17:34
mvsomehow my routers remote management was enabled~17:38
ogra_call the NSA, tell them they forgot to disable it ... so it doesnt happen again17:39
mvi think so xD17:39
mvanyway the dist-upgrade finished succesfully. what should i do now?17:40
lordievaderMake sure grub is installed?17:41
mvit is installed. i hope it also is working17:41
ogra_it is installed in the boot record of the disk ?17:41
ogra_or just the package ...17:41
lordievader^ that.17:41
ogra_thats the tricky part :)17:42
mvhow do i know? i checked the apt-get install grub and it says installed. and i saw something in the log making image in boot17:42
mvls /boot17:42
mvabi-3.16.0-34-generic         memtest86+.elf17:42
mvconfig-3.16.0-34-generic      memtest86+_multiboot.bin17:42
mvgrub                          System.map-3.16.0-34-generic17:42
mvinitrd.img-3.16.0-34-generic  vmlinuz-3.16.0-34-generic17:42
lordievaderBy installing it again ;)17:42
mvso reinstall it?17:42
lordievadergrub-install /dev/<some-disk>17:42
ogra_for reference :)17:43
mvokay thanks :) im really worried about trying things found on google now after all this trouble. i listen to you guys only~17:43
lordievaderWith a bit of common sense applied I hope?17:43
lordievaderElse you haven't learned a thing.17:44
mvyes, i wont do anything without thinking anymore17:44
lordievaderGood :)17:45
mvafter grub install i get some log and then "The file /boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly.17:45
lordievaderRight, everything needs to error... -.-17:45
mvi see a site telling me to try from grub cli17:46
lordievaderFrom what I read... How large is the inode size of your drive?17:48
ogra_you used sudo for that command i hope ?17:48
ogra_sudo grub-install /dev/sdX  # Example: sudo grub-install /dev/sda17:49
ogra_from the wikipage above17:49
mvi used sudo17:49
mvumm, trying to find inode size. but my system drive is just 30GB17:50
ogra_then follow the next paragraph on the page "Fixing a Broken System"17:51
ogra_and since you are on the livecd ... pick "via the LiveCD terminal"17:51
* ogra_ wanders afk ... 17:52
lordievadermv: dumpe2fs -h /dev/sdi|grep Inode size17:52
lordievadermv: dumpe2fs -h /dev/sdi|grep "Inode size"17:52
mv"bad magic number in super-block while tring to open /dev/sdi"17:53
lordievaderErr, sorry that needs to be /dev/sdi117:54
lordievaderIf the internet is right... Grub only works with inode size 128.17:55
lordievaderHmm, that might be about grub-legacy...17:56
mvi just thought, i need to install grub2 instead of grub right?17:57
mvthats the problem~17:57
lordievadermv: What is the output of 'apt-cache policy grub-pc'?17:58
mvjust installed grub2 and it gave me a complete installing setting screens. and it seems now grub is working18:00
mvupdate-grub gives good results. everything is found and then done18:01
mvso my guess grub is working now18:01
mvshall i try to reboot?18:02
lordievadermv: Did you install grub?18:02
mvapt-get install grub2. got all the setup screens and to my it feels it installed corectly18:03
mvit let me select which drive to put it on18:03
lordievaderHmm, okay.18:04
mvi feel safe to reboot now. going to try, wish me luck? :D18:04
lordievaderGood luck ;)18:04
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mvit rebooted but my network card isnt visible. not network connection. and on ifconfig it doesnt show my network card18:11
mvlshw says network dissabled18:14
mvit looks like dbus doesnt start when booting18:21
mvwhen trying "sudo ifconfig p2p1 up"(this is my primary network card), it says "p2p1: ERROR while getting interface flags: no such device"18:23
mvcan the dbus fail cause the network card not to work18:30
mvoh it isnt dbus, my fault. high resolution. its jsut bleutooth~18:34
=== markthomas is now known as markthomas|away
mvis my network card driver maybe nuked?18:38
=== bilde2910 is now known as bilde2910|away
mvnetwork-manager isnt installed. any tips on installing it without network access?18:50
mvthere we go to the livecd again, hopefully last time now xD18:52
sarnold... are you sure you want network manager installed on a server? most people prefer their servers to have predictable networking..18:52
rbergits not bad if you are pluged into ethernet.. try 'dhcient eth0'18:52
mvwhat else should i use? now network isnt working at all18:52
sarnoldmv: /etc/network/interfaces18:53
mvyes, it still had my p2p1 connection. but it wont come up.18:54
mvdhclient gave me my internet acces back. should i install network-manager now?18:59
rbergsure if thats what you want.. another on a server you may be better served by a static config in /etc/network/interfaces19:00
mvi have yes, i see online i should use networking package19:01
mvit seems like networking is already installed. but at boot my internet p2p1 wont come up19:04
mvhow can i fix networking?19:06
=== cihelp is now known as thomi
mvonly problem left is network that wont work. but with dhclient eth0 i get internet access again. dont know how to fix it now but at least the other part are working again :D19:27
sarnoldmv: pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces, and maybe whatever error messages you had on the terminal and in the logs when you ran 'ifup eth0'19:27
=== kees_ is now known as kees
mvi want to thank everyone on here for all the help (all of the day) thaaanks!! :D19:51
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ebonicsim trying to follow this guide: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-a-mail-server-using-postfix-dovecot-mysql-and-spamassasin     - i get to the point where i "verify permissions" by doing "ls -ld /var/mail" ,, but the output for "vmail" in the guide is just "mail" for me. i don't really understand what the vmail/mail string is referring to?20:19
st1v2kwhy does ubuntu server get stuck at grub menu? it happens particularly if there is a power failure20:45
st1v2kffs, it's a SERVER, no minotor no keyboard20:46
st1v2kjust boot!20:46
st1v2kany idea why its programmed to do this? how to stop it?20:49
rbergI think the whole grub recordfail stuff is to prevent boot loops.20:50
st1v2kits never happened before20:53
st1v2know all of a sudden, dont know if it is due to an update or something20:53
st1v2kbut whenever there is power failure, it no longer boots up until i hook up a keyboard and press ENTER20:53
st1v2kto get past GRUB screen20:53
st1v2kplease advise, thanks20:54
st1v2kno i dont live in a third world country if that's what you're wondering20:55
st1v2kbut in the land of flo-ri-da we get monsoon rains every day20:55
bekks"monsoons every day" in flo-ri-da?20:56
st1v2kyes bekks20:56
bekksThat climate change is catastrophic, isnt it?20:56
st1v2kyes, the climate changes over time20:56
rbergnow I have never done this but it looks like you can disable this in /etc/grub.d/00_header line 23620:56
st1v2krain super hard -> tree branch or something hit the line -> voltage brownout -> server dies20:57
st1v2krberg: sounds like something not meant to be edited? its not in the regular grub config?20:58
rberglooks like you can also add that var to /etc/default/grub20:59
st1v2ki will check it out21:00
st1v2ki will be back to give you proper thanks if it worked21:00
rberg"set timeout=${GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT:--1}" means use the variable GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT or if its not set use -121:00
rbergso put GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT= some time in /etc/default/grub21:01
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=== markthomas|away is now known as markthomas
stiv2kwho was i talking to ?21:37
stiv2krberg: hi21:37
sarnoldstiv2k: the bit you missed, < rberg> "set timeout=${GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT:--1}" means use the variable GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT or if its not set use -1 < rberg> so put GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT= some time in /etc/default/grub21:43
rberg(also consider a UPS :) )21:54
andre_plI have 3 of the 4 disks that used to comprise a raid 5 array, and I've booted an ubuntu server live disk in the machine, how can I go about reconstructing the array so that I can transfer the data to a new machine?21:55
rbergandre_pl: Hi if this is mdadm software raid you can start here https://raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Recovering_a_failed_software_RAID22:00
rberggtg good luck22:02
andre_pldarn, thanks. that looks far more complicated than what I'm dealing with.. i'll try to make some sense of it22:03
andre_plit  doesn't touch on lvm at all, which I do have sitting on top of my raid array, not sure how relevant that is.  I also don't have any disk handy to do the overlay stuff they're doing there... so I'm really not sure I can glean anything useful from it :\22:08
patdk-lapheh? not sure how it can be more complicated22:09
patdk-lapif you have a broken raid, you fix the raid22:09
patdk-lapif you have a broken lvm, you fix lvm22:09
patdk-lapyou don't fix lvm, and ignore your broken raid22:09
andre_plI'm not really trying to fix the raid, more like trying to migrate a degraded array into a new machine22:10
patdk-lapyou don't build the second story of your house, without first making sure the first floor will hold it up22:10
sarnoldthe third paragraph of that page is "In the following it is assumed that you have a software RAID where a disk more than the redundancy has failed. " -- are you sure that page is relevant to you?22:10
patdk-lapif it's degraded, it is *fine*22:10
patdk-laplvm will function ok, you won't notice anything is wrong22:11
patdk-lapif you have a raid issue, you are no longer degraded, but broken22:11
andre_plpatdk-lap: in that case, all I'm looking for is how to reassemble it so I can read the data from a live cd.22:11
patdk-lapmdadm auto reassymbles22:11
patdk-lapassuming enough of it to be atleast degraded is functional22:11
patdk-lapblkid post maybe?22:12
andre_plthing is, the OS is gone, all configuration is gone, its just the 3 disks in a new machine. so I don't know how to get mdadm to reassemble / mount it22:12
patdk-lapwhat does the os and config have to do with anything?22:13
andre_plwell if I put these disks in the old machine where the OS is, mdadm will (as you said) auto-reassemble it, and all is well... when I boot a live cd, no such thing happens22:13
andre_pland I don't know the manual steps to make it happen22:13
patdk-lapmdadm --assemble22:13
patdk-lapthat is all you have to do, it's pretty simple :)22:14
patdk-lapdoes your *live cd* have mdadm installed on it? and lvm?22:14
=== martinst is now known as martins-afk
andre_plafaik yes, its the 14.04 ubuntu server live cd (usb)22:15
andre_plsomething like: mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sdc ?22:15
sarnold"Assemble  the  components  of a previously created array into an active array.  Components can be  explicitly  given  or  can  be searched  for." http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man8/mdadm.8.html22:16
sarnoldmay not even be necessary to specify them22:16
andre_plit didn't like that way, I'll try specifying22:17
patdk-lapshouldn't have to22:17
andre_plif I just do mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 it says: /dev/md0 not identified in config file22:17
andre_plhmm, and when I specify all the disks it tells me they're all busy22:18
andre_plthat's  odd22:18
andre_plthey're not mounted or anything22:19
patdk-lapdefine mounted?22:19
patdk-lapnot sure exactly how you mount a raid22:19
andre_pli just mean `mount` doesn't show anything interesting, no physical disks or partitions aside from the boot disk22:20
patdk-lapwhy should it?22:20
patdk-lapdid you run blkid yet?22:20
andre_plit shouldn't, but mdadm is telling me my 3 disks are 'busy' whatever that means22:20
andre_plmy only idea of what 'busy' involves would require them to be mounted22:20
patdk-lapmounted has nothing to do with busy22:20
patdk-lapbusy means they are in use22:21
patdk-lapmount is only ONE way it could be in use22:21
patdk-lapmdadm is another, lvm another22:21
andre_plok, I'm not sure what they're in use by then. i've done nothing but boot the live diskc22:21
patdk-lapdid you run blkid yet?22:21
andre_pljust now, it printed some uuids for the raid partitions22:22
andre_plis there a way to find out why mdadm thinks they're busy and what I can do about it?22:24
andre_pli'm worried its writing to them and they're all that's left of my data :)22:24
andre_plok it looks like the os tried to reassemble the array on its own, which is why they're busy, but its given me an 'inactive' array on md127 which i'm not sure how to activate.  `mdadm -A /dev/md127` tells me md127 is not in the config file.22:44
patdk-lapmdadm --detail /dev/md12722:44
andre_plmdadm: md device /dev/md127 does not appear to be active22:45
patdk-lapwe are guessing, cause you don't appear to be posting any pastebins22:45
andre_plthe machine has no network atm, I'm re-typing things :\22:45
andre_plI can type out the results of cat /proc/mdstat which is how I determined its got some kind of inactive array22:46
andre_plif that will help22:47
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
patdk-laptry a mdadm --stop /dev/md12722:50
patdk-lapmdadm -A --scan -v22:50
andre_plok, lots of output, the stop worked.  the scan found the 3 relevant partitions, 2 of them were (possibly out of date) which resulted in "/dev/md/0_0 assembled from 1 drive - not enough to start the array"22:52
patdk-lapnow the question is, are you really sure you should force it to assemble22:53
patdk-lapchange -v to --force if you feel good22:54
andre_plthat is a good question, the 3 disks likely ARE out of sync, I had been attempting to replace each disk in the array with new disks, resyncing after swapping out each one, and a small amount of data was written during that time. :|22:55
andre_pli'm assuming a force would be catastrophic in that case?22:55
andre_pli dont mind losing the small amount of data that was written22:56
andre_plbut i'd like to avoid losing all of it22:56
patdk-lapnot really22:56
patdk-lapit is possible, not not hightly likely22:56
andre_plI'm not sure what you mean by that :)  its highly unlikely to cause catastrophic data loss? or highly unlikely not to?22:58
patdk-lapit is not likely to destroy your data22:59
patdk-lapbut it is always possible22:59
patdk-lapit feels like the old system was not shutdown cleanly22:59
patdk-lapso the raid is complaining and won't assymble cleanly22:59
patdk-lapsoa force would be needed22:59
patdk-lapbut this is based on the amount of info I have23:00
andre_plnot exactly. its kind of a long story how it got in this condition, but they are definitely not in sync.  I'll try to explain what I did, please bear with me23:00
andre_plI had a 4x2TB raid array at one point, and a disk failed. so I bought 4 new, bigger disks and was going to grow the array...23:01
andre_plI replaced the faulty drive with a new bigger one and let it resync. then repeated the process 3 more times with the remaining larger drives.23:01
andre_plduring that time, I was using the array, writing data.23:01
andre_plnot a lot, but some.23:01
andre_plnow the new array didn't work out... i screwed up the partition tables, couldn't reassemble it. so i was hoping to rebuild the original array on a separate machine out of the remaining 2TB drives, build a brand new array out of the new 3TB drives, and copy data over.23:02
patdk-lapoh, that won't work23:03
andre_plbut then realized, the 2TB's are not in sync due to the writes that happened while i was swapping in the 3tbs23:03
sarnoldpatdk-lap: out of curiosity, how well would zfs handle that?23:04
andre_plin theory, the 3tbs have all the data, but the array may be in worse condition due to the crazy things i did to screw it up :P23:04
patdk-lapsarnold, not well23:04
patdk-lapbut after a lot of pain, you could roll back the transaction to a common point23:04
patdk-lapbut it is not fun23:04
sarnoldpatdk-lap: thanks :)23:04
patdk-lapandre_pl, well, I think force is your only option23:05
patdk-lapbut your filesystem will be strange23:05
=== martins-afk is now known as martinst
patdk-lapand you need to repair it23:05
patdk-lapbut you should be able to recover anything not being changed during that time23:05
andre_plpatdk-lap: I think restoring the 3tb array may also be an option, but I'm not sure exactly how badly I've hosed it23:05
andre_pli can try to explain what I did there :P23:05
=== CiPi is now known as cipi
andre_plbasically. once the array was completely rebuilt out of 3tb's, I attempted to grow it, but I only got 500GB extra because I had neglected to use GPT partition tables.  I was told I might be able to write the correct partition tables without losing data, I was going to do this from a live disk again, but i missed the boot menu and it attempted to boot the original OS again, which hung trying to reassemble the array with a message a23:08
andre_plpatdk-lap: I've booted up the other machine with the "new" array, on a live disk. mdstat shows the array as active, so I'm thinking it has all my data safe. how can I proceed to mount the lvm volume that should exist on that array?23:27
patdk-lapit should have automounted23:27
andre_plits not mounted, but vgs and lvs appear to be showing me the correct bits :) the VG is 'lvm-raid' and the LV is called 'media'23:30
patdk-lapwhat exactly does lvs show?23:30
patdk-lapyou probably need, lvchange -a y ......23:30
andre_plLV: media VG: lvm-raid Attr: -wi-a---- LSize: 5.46t23:31
patdk-lapok, so you just need to mount it then23:31
patdk-lapmount /dev/lvm-raid/media23:31
andre_plsweet. I see all my data, and it looks good :) so I think my safest option at this point (since I need to rebuild this array with correct partition tables) is to copy all of this data to the degraded 2TB array on the other machine, then rebuild this one, then copy it back23:33
andre_plsound sane-ish?23:33
andre_ploh.. :\23:33
andre_plthat's the best I've got :)23:33
patdk-lapyou could do that as is23:33
patdk-lapjust remove a disk, reformat it, and add it back in23:34
patdk-lapbut is mdadm using anything >2tb yet?23:34
patdk-lapif no, just add a 2tb disk into it23:34
patdk-lapthen just remove and readd them one by one23:34
patdk-lapthen finally remove that 2tb23:34
patdk-lapmake sure you add the 2tb as a replacement, not a new disk23:34
andre_plafaik it can't use >2tb becuase of my bad partitioning23:35
patdk-lapso the 2tb disks are fine to use23:35
patdk-lapjust do what you did when you upgraded from 2tb to 3t23:35
patdk-lapbut just take one of them back down to 2tb23:35
patdk-lapand rotate through them23:35
patdk-lapreplace 3tb with 2tb, repartition that 3tb, add it back in, replacing a 3tb, redo that one, ...23:36
patdk-lapand finally change the last 3tb to replace that 2tb again, done23:36
andre_plok, basically what I did before but with one extra re-sync...23:38
andre_plthat's gonna be about 4 days :)23:39
patdk-lapcoping it is going take awhile too23:39
patdk-lapand you can't really use it while it's being copied23:39
patdk-lapat risk of missing stuff23:39
andre_pltrue, but if I use it I risk ending up in this same situation with out of sync disks if I screw it up again :)23:39
andre_plonly thing that scares me is that I did manage to resize the array on these new disks for an extra 500GB or so, so i'm not sure the 2TB will suffice...23:40
andre_pleven the 2TB it could allocate on these drives was more than was actually available on the 2tb drives23:41
andre_pli didn't fill it up, but the partitions are bigger23:41
patdk-lapno, you don't23:45
patdk-lapyou only risk out of sync if you attempt to use OLD disks23:45
patdk-lapnot the ones currently in use23:45
patdk-lapdon't use parititons23:45
patdk-lapjust use the whole disk23:45
andre_pli've never done that before. does that mean i don't have to worry about the GPT tables or anything? just fail / remove one, and re-add the disk itself instead of the partition?23:46
andre_pland hypothetically speaking, if I was an idiot.. (or if it won't let me use a 2tb drive in this array) I could just let it go degraded between swaps?23:48
patdk-lapyou could23:48
=== martinst is now known as martins-afk
patdk-lapat the disk of no protection if something happens23:48
andre_pldo I lose the autodetect stuff if I don't use partitions?23:49
andre_plI've never seen that suggested, but it seems like the obviously superior method, so I'm wondering why...23:49
patdk-lapthe only thing you loose, is if you want to attempt to control the size to something smaller23:49
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patdk-lapyou aren't able to load grub or anything onto the disks then23:50
patdk-lapso if you don't use it as a boot disk23:50
patdk-lapif you do, you need space for grub23:50
andre_plyeah no need for any of that junk. its just a pure storage array23:51
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andre_plI'm going to attempt to swap in a 2TB now then... but I'm expecting some kind of complaint about the size mismatch23:51
andre_plI think I'll have to format it first since it thinks its part of the same array, things could get confusy23:52
patdk-lapjust wipe the first meg or so23:53
patdk-lapdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/.... bs=1M count=123:53
andre_plawesome will do... need to shuffle some hardware around again first.. 1 spare monitor is not enough! :)23:54
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