knightwisemorning peeps05:31
mapppsmorning Knightmare05:35
mapppsknightwise :)05:35
mapppszmoylan-pi diddledan daftykins lurking?;)05:35
knightwisehey mappps , how are you doing todya05:46
mapppsnot bad..just finished work *7am local time ..gonna watch the americans05:48
mapppsyou watch it? brilliant show imo:)05:48
MooDoomorning all07:04
knightwisehey MooDoo07:13
MooDoohow are you knightwise?07:18
knightwisedoin ok :) Crapload of work for the client but .. whats new07:22
MooDooyeah i here ya buddy07:28
knightwisemostly useless paperwork stuff07:28
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:17
davmor2Morning all08:30
=== Dave2_ is now known as Dave2
MooDoomorning davmor208:31
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy High Five Day! :-D08:36
bigcalmJamesTait: ^08:36
bigcalmSorry, that was a high 608:36
* davmor2 holds his hand in the air and waits for JamesTait to get the step ladder out to slap it08:37
JamesTaitOi! I'm not that short!08:38
davmor2JamesTait: okay box08:38
JamesTaitAnyway, davmor2, you want to be careful lifting your arms that high, what with your bad back. ;)08:39
davmor2JamesTait: no it's safe I tried it out first :D08:40
JamesTaitbigcalm, (o・_・)ノヽ(・_・o)08:43
JamesTaitI wonder why my gnome-terminal with irssi is showing up as Files in the switcher. :-/08:45
davmor2JamesTait: cause you broke it08:47
JamesTaitdavmor2, you mean I'm doing your job for you now? :-P08:48
diplorah! Got Nagios sending alerts via telegram... win!08:48
davmor2JamesTait: welcome to my wonderful world of what breaks next08:49
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foobarrydiplo: is there a documented process?09:01
diploNope, but I can write one :)09:08
diploIt's only taken me a few weeks :D09:08
diploDo you use Telegram foobarry ?09:09
foobarryno, but i would bookmark the documentation for consideration of using it :D09:10
diploheh, well I'll refine for now then as it's not perfect yet... but is working :)09:12
foobarrytelegram is like whatsapp,yep?09:13
diployeah but opensource09:13
diploMuch prefer it! Most of my mates have moved to it now09:14
popey\o/ Telegram09:14
diplo+ desktop app! and telegram-cli !!!09:14
foobarryi've never had any success with fringe apps09:15
foobarrybecause mates don't use them09:16
knightwisei have it on the phone ...09:16
foobarrybut i could use this for work chat09:16
foobarryand also nagios integration would be good09:17
diploIt's not fringe anymore, taking away a lot of Whatsapp users09:17
foobarryis the API easy?09:17
diploThey've had millions of people signing up09:17
popeyI'm in a telegram group with 114 people in it09:17
diploUmm easy, no...09:17
foobarryi have a bot that i'd like to talk telegram09:17
diployeah we have some large groups09:17
diplofoobarry: Code out there for that already, check on github09:17
diploJust started playing with telepy09:17
diploNot fully implemented yet though09:18
TwistedLucidityI appear to have spinning rust from the furture! dd is telling me the transfer speed is 2.1GB/s :-S09:18
TwistedLucidityI don't think I am testing what I think I am testing.....09:18
davmor2\o/ telegram \o/09:20
knightwiseok , just need to get it working on the raspberry pi09:21
diploI run on my laptop, cli works suprisingly well on the server too09:23
knightwisei seem to have in installed09:23
knightwiseive started the telegram-daemon09:23
knightwisebut .. now what ?09:23
davmor2diplo: the app on the phone is actually nicer than the one on android :)09:23
TwistedLucidityQuick Pi question - is a 2MB/s WiFi transfer speed typical?09:24
diploknightwise: ./telegram-cli is what I run09:25
diplomsg <username> message here09:25
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: Aye09:25
diploOr msg user#idhere09:25
knightwisediplo: hmm.. no such file09:25
diploOn UT ? davmor209:25
davmor2diplo: yeap09:26
diploCLI on the PI knightwise ?09:26
diployeah, going to try UT soon09:26
diplohttps://github.com/vysheng/tg <-- What I use knightwise , configure and make once you have deps installed09:27
knightwisedo i do the git clone in the /etc directory ?09:27
TwistedLucidityUsing a 150Mbit/s dongle, lappy has a 270Mbit/s wireless; so neither of those are an issue. Both on N. Bit puzzled as to why it is so s-l-o-w...09:27
diploI didn't no, I ran it from the user that was running it for me09:27
knightwiseok , but that user doesnt have sudo rights on my system09:28
diploI actually grabbed the zip at the time as I couldn't install git on the machine I was running it on09:28
knightwiseis that a problem ?09:28
diploWasn't for me as long as deps were previously installed09:28
TwistedLuciditydiplo: Telegram looks like all shades of awesome09:29
TwistedLucidityThe image for "Open". Much lol09:30
diploAnd they put improvements in all the time09:30
* TwistedLucidity doubts the URL would be suitable for a 'family friend'y channel09:31
knightwisediplo: running it now09:32
knightwisedoing the ./configure command09:32
knightwiseand running the make command09:34
knightwisetakes a while on the pi :)09:35
diploTook a fair while on my server :)09:38
knightwise so who wants to add me ?09:40
popeyI'm popeydc on telegram, feel free to add me09:42
diploandy_p for me :)09:42
diploThat's an underscore if it doesn't show :)09:42
foobarryseen this? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.handwriting.ime09:43
knightwisediplo ?  you @diplo ?09:43
diploandy_p is mine09:44
diplofoobarry: Mate is using it currently09:45
knightwiseok, now i just need to get the wife to use it :)09:46
knightwiseso we can get away from googletalk09:46
diploGot my whole family to move to it, mum doesnt have a smart phone but you can still do it. Installed on her N7 with her mobile number as the contact09:47
diploHave a family group etc09:48
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: The Palm Pilot is risen!09:48
popeyyeah, we have a family group too09:48
popey\o/ Palm!09:48
* popey still has a Palm T|X which I boot up now and then09:48
popeythen remember it can't do WPA, so it is useless09:48
TwistedLuciditydiplo: Telegram is on public servers; yeah?09:48
* zmoylan-pi has a palm tungsten e somewhere about09:49
TwistedLuciditypopey: Is some ways the Palm (and a few others) were ahead of the network infrastructure curve.09:49
knightwisezmoylan-pi: the good old days09:49
diploYeah, well run by telegram yeah09:49
TwistedLuciditydiplo: Thought so. Wonder is if a private instance could be hosted...I could do curious things with that...09:50
diplonot afaik09:50
knightwiseTwistedLucidity: start your own secret empire ?09:50
TwistedLucidityknightwise: No. ECMS integration. I did one on StatusNet ages ago. Plan was to, in the end, allow users message the ECMS system to get it to respond.09:52
TwistedLucidityKinda lost steam though09:52
knightwiseecms ?09:53
TwistedLucidityEnterprise Content Management System. Ma-hooisve object stores of every version, of every document that a business uses.09:53
TwistedLucidityVersion control for suits.09:54
TwistedLucidityOuch. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/apr/15/virginia-hacking-voting-machines-security10:00
foobarryi need to root my device to use a ps2 controller with android? :(10:12
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directhex_collecting new car tomorrow afternoon10:31
knightwiseok , i have telegram setup but .. how do i configure it ?10:31
knightwisei have don the telegram-cli -k public key thing but ...then what ,10:32
diploGet prompted for your number ?10:37
diploShould send an alert to your phone with a code10:37
knightwisediplo , i just sent you a msg10:37
knightwisegot the alert :)10:37
diplonot had it yet10:38
knightwisecan you send me one ? @knightwise10:38
knightwisegot it10:38
knightwisei must have the synthax wrong10:38
knightwiseisnt it msg @andy_p test ?10:39
diploNope, no @10:43
diploafaik, but I've not tried with usernames before10:43
diploAll the people I contact are in my contacts10:43
diploCould try contact_list andy_p10:44
diploIt'll give you a ID, so you can msg user#numberhere message here10:44
knightwiseok , so i sent you a couple of messages but it doesnt look like they are getting through. i am seeing notifications that you are going online / offline all the time10:45
diploHave you tried the above ?10:46
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zmoylan-pisounds like marketing speak...11:42
diplofoobarry: Stuck the files in my git repo ( very new to git! so hope it's ok! )11:42
diploLet me know if you want the link, it's the first iteration of the files, defo needs some work11:43
foobarryyes pls, u can PM it if you like11:43
foobarrywe bought github enterprise for inhouse github server11:43
foobarryits github but onsite11:44
diploDone if you haven't seen, oh nice.. my place won't spend money, I've done this because I had trouble getting it work properly... it's by no means perfect though! Going to improve on it over the weeks11:46
=== ujjain- is now known as ujjain
foobarryits actually a bit annoying to deploy12:47
foobarryquite non standard12:47
diploThe cli thing?12:59
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knightwisei seem to have telegram running13:53
zmoylan-pisend a postcard or something... :-P13:54
knightwisepopey: but how do i add you to my contact list ?13:54
popeyadd my phone number or @popeydc on telegram13:54
knightwisehmm.. i can open a new chat with you on the phone app13:55
knightwisebut that doesnt put you in my contact list apparently13:55
diploOnly way is to add number to get in contact list afaik, you can just message people via the username13:56
knightwiseaha , so i need popeys number instead of their username ?13:57
popeymy phone number is quite widely known :)13:57
diploI believe so yeah, can still message.. just can't save afaik13:57
zmoylan-piask the nsa, gchq, kgb... :-)13:59
knightwiseand my raspberry pi has another command line app to overload its busy cpu :)14:01
zmoylan-pithis pi will never take it....14:02
popeyI tried Ubuntu MATE on the Pi 2 yesterday14:02
popeyI was surprised how well it runs.14:02
zmoylan-pithe pi2 is a seriously beefy little cpu.14:03
knightwiseit makes for a great thin client too14:03
knightwiseor a chromebook suppository14:03
zmoylan-pisoon the smart hat will be a reality :-)14:03
MyrttiGoogle Drive \o/14:05
knightwiseFor collaboration .. it is a sweet sweet thing14:05
* popey finally paid for irssinotifier14:05
awilkinsMulticore makes a big difference on modern desktop s14:12
davmor2popey: is that the android thing?14:12
* knightwise has quadcore I7 mbp14:12
knightwiseit fliez14:12
* awilkins is running Ruby on Rails on a Pi2... with acceptable performance!!!!14:12
awilkinsMy work-issue laptop is buggering fast14:13
* brobostigon is also an irssinotifier user.14:13
* awilkins pardon me14:13
knightwisedid you guys get a box with your p2 or do you just use a lego case ?14:13
popeydavmor2: yes14:13
awilkinsknightwise, I got the FLIRC case14:13
popeyi have no case. i should make a lego one14:13
popeyactually I could draw one, I have a 3d pen14:13
awilkinsIt looks like a proper little Mac Mini or something14:13
knightwisepopey: that would be an elegant case indeed14:14
popeyit would look a mess14:14
awilkinsyeah, "popey, for cases that look like you put a USB port in a mass of wadded up chewing gum"14:14
davmor2awilkins: are you trying to say all of your cases don't look like that?14:15
knightwisewrong window14:16
zmoylan-piwhen we all know the true answer is 42...14:17
davmor2knightwise: isn't that the sweet and sour?  I'm assuming you were ordering a Chinese ;)14:17
knightwisempsyt :)14:18
knightwiseyoutube music player14:18
knightwisetrack 4914:18
zmoylan-pior 99 if you have access to ice cream and a flake...14:18
awilkinshttp://thepihut.com/products/flirc-raspberry-pi-b-case  < dead nice14:18
popeyhah, makes it look like a NUC14:19
zmoylan-pibut a smidge smaller14:19
popeyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFF0n5YqZ78 video review of it14:20
popeyooh, that is nice14:21
* knightwise is pooped 14:23
knightwisebeen in front of the pc non stop for allmost 10 hours14:23
awilkinsThe only reason I'd get another case is if I wanted to fit HAT boards or the camera module14:24
knightwisegonna chill afk a bit. ttyl14:24
awilkinsI may get a camera module for my Pi B 1.014:24
awilkinsI have an app in mind for it14:25
zmoylan-piwho's been stealing biccies from the kitchen!! :-)14:31
intrbizawilkins: I've got a copy of my monitoring system running on my Odroid U3, PostgreSQL 9.4, RabbitMQ, Nginx, and all my java based services, runs pretty well all things considered14:34
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Myrttikek http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/pantones-newest-color-is-minion-yellow-design-news-21827714:44
TwistedLucidity"a color that heightens awareness and creates clarity...the color of hope, joy and optimism"15:04
TwistedLucidityPlease excuse me whilst I hurl15:04
zmoylan-pithat'll add some colour15:06
davmor2zmoylan-pi: and carrots mysteriously15:06
zmoylan-piwith hints of jackson pollock15:06
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diddledanshauno: ask and you shall receive: better footage of the barge landing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeIHJ-i7yVk16:03
TwistedLucidityWouldn't some decent parachutes be easier & lighter?16:04
* TwistedLucidity is not a rocket engineer outside of Kerbal16:04
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
shaunodiddledan: old.16:07
shaunoI was thinking about parachutes .. but I wonder if that'd leave them floating around on the breeze too much to be able to hit a small target16:10
shaunoperhaps just drogues to help it stay upright16:10
zmoylan-pii reckon some sort of ground net raised at last moment to catch and balance16:11
NET||abusehi folks, having a btrfs issue here,16:13
diddledanI say they should put wings on it and a jet turbine :-p16:14
NET||abusegot a volume on /mnt (i know bad location)   and it's on a disk /dev/xvdb of 456G    but only seems to be using 45G, 36G is used,, btrfs filesystem resize max /mnt    isn't working :(16:15
NET||abusenot sure why, says file too big16:15
TwistedLucidityThe Kerbal version (as seen on CBS) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzkaVTeguNk16:28
TwistedLucidityAnd longer more complete version (different creator) showing more explosions16:29
TwistedLuciditydiddledan, shauno: ^16:30
TwistedLucidityAnd with that, g'night!16:30
shaunolol, how did I know it was gonna be scott manley16:33
diddledanshauno: because "fly safe!"16:34
diddledanhe is pretty awesome tho16:34
davmor2vetman3309: hi17:16
vetman3309how is going?17:16
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DJonesSheesh, what a dodgy day, new server delivered, support staff in place to set it up, main software supplier says sorry no, it won't work on  server, it only works on peer to peer networks, what century are we living in17:34
DJonesIt'll only work on a win xp/7 machine or windows server 200317:34
* DJones kicks popey for laughing at obsolete systems17:52
DJonesI'm just grateful we're killing the system17:58
DJonesin 3 months17:58
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shaunodon't you love buying new hardware for systems where the EOL is so close you can taste it18:28
diddledanso at my cousin's wedding the other week, as a special request the "you may kiss the bride" bit was inserted to the order of service and just as he goes in for the snog my niece (2) calls out "naughty naughty"18:31
diddledanbest timing evar!18:31
diddledanif only someone had it on film18:31
Laneydeeeeeeebate time19:06
Myrttiyeah, watching19:07
shaunonot watching \o/19:07
Laneyis it the same format as the other one?19:08
Laneyseems so19:08
MyrttiFinnish debate was at 20 their time and I didn't bother to watch since I had already voted19:08
DJonesshauno: No,  this is down to a software developer not being prepared to accept that the internet exists and their refusal to accept that windows 3.0 is no longer supported19:15
directhex_similar. but dave and nick are in hiding19:28
directhex_i once had to deal with software whose dev supported amd64 solaris, but not amd64 linux19:28
directhex_they were "keeping an eye" on that platform's viability19:28
directhex_this was an HPC app. in 2008.19:29
diddledanwhich was "that" platform that they were keeping an eye on?19:29
diddledanthey're analysing the viability of linux?19:29
shaunoamd64 seems like a flash in the pan.  they should play it safe and stick with ia64  *nods*19:30
diddledania64 ftw19:30
diddledanI want one just for the giggles19:30
directhex_diddledan: amd64 linux. they did i386 linux,]19:31
directhex_i used to admin an itanium system19:31
diddledanwe'd not have efi without ia64 remember :-p19:31
directhex_256 cores, 1T RAM19:31
diddledanthat's a big system19:31
directhex_badly behaved SLES desktop!19:31
directhex_1 rack big19:31
foobarrymy colleague bought one off ebay19:32
directhex_or was it 2?19:32
directhex_anyway, best parallel system i've ever used19:32
directhex_*so* fast. yay sgi.19:32
diddledansgi were good19:32
foobarrywe also recently threw away a whole rack of altix sgi19:32
diddledanthe jurrassic park machines were sgi's19:32
foobarryso much RAMs19:32
foobarrynobody was using it19:32
diddledanfoobarry: not altair? :-p19:33
diddledanlooks like the only linux supported on itanium according to wiki is gentoo19:37
diddledanit just goes to show (itanium) that being first and better doesn't mean you win :-p19:41
directhex_diddledan: we ran SLES 10, which is what SGI supported on that hardware19:49
directhex_that or RHEL 519:49
diddledannerdgasm: https://youtu.be/ngElkyQ6Rhs20:32
diddledanIRC really needs to allow huge letters for such times as you need to convey a huge SQUEEE20:32
dogmatic69_any idea why my virtual machine is saying no space left on device, but df -h says 4GB free21:31
intrbizHTTP parsing, in kernel mode, smart move Windows - https://ma.ttias.be/remote-code-execution-via-http-request-in-iis-on-windows/21:31
intrbizdogmatic69_: has the host run out of storage space, if it's a thin provisioned disk?21:32
dogmatic69_intrbiz: doubt that... /dev/md127p1                 2.7T  889G  1.7T  35% /raid21:32
intrbizdogmatic69_: what hypervisor?21:33
intrbizdogmatic69_: what disk format?21:33
diddledanwindows y u do dis?21:33
diddledanunrelated to the http.sys issue above21:33
dogmatic69_intrbiz: hypervisor? like virtualbox?21:34
diddledandogmatic69_: what filesystem?21:34
dogmatic69_the drive is 'Normal (VDI)'21:34
dogmatic69_what ever was the default install21:34
intrbizdogmatic69_: have you looked at dmesg in the VM ?21:35
diddledaninode count?21:35
dogmatic69_going to now, just rebooting again21:35
dogmatic69_great, now df -h cannot read table of mounted file systems21:35
dogmatic69_its, working now but still not /root. only the links to host21:36
intrbizdogmatic69_: what does /proc/mounts show?21:37
dogmatic69_here is dmesg21:37
dogmatic69_proc/mounts has loads, want a paste?21:38
intrbizmay as well21:39
dogmatic69_idk why df -h has no / but I can ls / and see folders21:42
dogmatic69_I also just removed a file with no issues :/21:43
intrbizdogmatic69_: is /etc/mtab empty?21:44
dogmatic69_that as the last 3 entries in mounts21:45
dogmatic69_the /media/... ones21:45
intrbizdogmatic69_: is / listed?21:45
dogmatic69_3 entries like 'pictures /media/sf_pictures vboxsf gid=999,rw 0 0'21:46
intrbizdogmatic69_: that'll be why df is broken21:46
dogmatic69_but 3 different ones21:46
diddledanroot is mounted fine21:46
diddledanwhat does df actually say?21:46
dogmatic69_It has those same 3 entries21:46
dogmatic69_but no /21:46
intrbizdogmatic69_: you can update mtab with: grep -v rootfs /proc/mounts > /etc/mtab21:47
dogmatic69_ok, that made df -h have more, but looks wonky.. paste comming21:48
dogmatic69_all the none21:48
dogmatic69_well, I can now write files...21:49
dogmatic69_thanks diddledan / intrbiz21:49
dogmatic69_but, why and how to avoid this again...21:49
diddledanpermissions on /etc/mtab wonky?21:49
diddledanshould be root:root 64421:50
intrbizdogmatic69_: an incorrect mtab is likely to be the result of not being able to write to / due to the original error21:50
shaunodon't most just symlink mtab to /proc now?21:51
diddledanyou'd think, shauno ,but seems 14.04 doesn't21:51
dogmatic69_-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1156 Apr 16 22:47 /etc/mtab21:51
intrbizdogmatic69_: can you also paste df -i21:51
intrbizshauno: openSUSE certainly does21:52
dogmatic69_ok, it I use tab / autocomplete it complains about the same space issue21:52
diddledanyou're out21:52
shaunodebian does too.  and for long enough that I actually know this, so probably for 5+ years21:52
dogmatic69_oh :S21:52
dogmatic69_where do I buy more inodes :D21:52
intrbizdogmatic69_: being out of inodes will the the cause21:52
* diddledan points to his first comment way up at the top21:55
intrbizdiddledan: indeed21:55
diddledan]specifically: 22:35 <diddledan> inode count? :-p21:55
diddledannow someone pat me on the back!21:56
* dogmatic69_ pats diddledan on the back21:59
intrbizdogmatic69_: do you have lots of small files on this disk?21:59
dogmatic69_intrbiz: the only thing on the disk is install stuff from apt-get22:00
dogmatic69_all the real data is shared from host22:00
intrbizIIRC you can't increase the inode ratio on ext422:03
dogmatic69_found it, there is like 10 kernals with 5k inodes in each22:08
dogmatic69_apt-get autoremove that crap22:08
diddledansurely a kernel is just one file?22:08
diddledan+ an initrd22:09
diddledanand should be stored in /boot22:09
dogmatic69_well maybe not kernal, but related..22:09
diddledanoh, /lib/modules22:09
diddledanautoremove that22:09
diddledanthough that's only about 5% of your total allocation22:10
diddledan25k(ish) out of1 meelion22:10
dogmatic69_I think its counting the stuff on mounted drives...22:11
dogmatic69_is that right?22:11
diddledaneach filesystem has a separate inode count22:11
dogmatic69_ /sys/kernel has 12k22:14
intrbizdogmatic69_: /sys is a virtual filesystem22:15
dogmatic69_oh ok22:15
dogmatic69_usr/src has 250k22:18
dogmatic69_and all linux-headers-3.xx.xx again22:18
dogmatic69_I have autoclean / autoremoved and rebooted22:18
dogmatic69_down to 71% used now :)22:32
dogmatic69_thanks again22:32
dogmatic69_had to apt-get purge linux-headers ... to clear that stuff out, autoremove does not do it22:32
diddledanyou want the headers for at least the version of the kernel you're booting into normallyu22:34
dogmatic69_ye, it removed all so I reinstalled the current ones22:35
diddledanfair enuff22:35
dogmatic69_it seems like doing purge linux-...41 will remove 4* eg, 41, 42, 43.. 4922:35
dogmatic69_idk if its just me but seems wrong http://pastebin.com/5b3Jk8VZ22:36
dogmatic69_idk how 'linux-headers-3.13.0-35*' matches the list to be removed there.22:37
diddledanit's treated as a regex22:38
dogmatic69_45* matches 49?22:38
dogmatic69_I thought 45<anything>22:38
diddledanso you're asking for 3<Anything>13<anything>0-3<5 any number of times including none>22:38
dogmatic69_gah. I get ya22:39
diddledanyou probably want to use the command: apt-get purge 'linux-headers-3\.13\.0-35.*'22:40
diddledanwhere \. is a literal dot, and .* is anything22:40
diddledanyou need to put it in single-quotes so that the \. doesn't get expanded by bash before handing to apt22:41
diddledanbash shell expansion can be a pain22:41
dogmatic69_cheers. well I have some inodes again \o/22:41
diddledaninodes ftw?22:42
dogmatic69_ /var has .5M22:42
diddledanglad you managed to sort it22:42
dogmatic69_ /var/tmp, can be cleaned out?22:42
dogmatic69_actually, its ntop...22:43
diddledanworst case to fix inode outage is to create a new filesystem elsewhere and copy the files across22:43
diddledanthen delete the old filesystem22:43
diddledan/var/tmp should be ok to clear though sometimes running programs may be using files currently22:44
diddledanthe best option for /var/tmp and /tmp is to clear them on initial boot22:44
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ballIf I have a text file with a list of filenames, how can I find the checksum of each file?23:42
ballI would like to deduplicate some photos.23:42
ballOh! I may have just thought of a way...23:44
ballNo. That won't work.23:46
diddledanball: for file in "$(cat listoffiles.txt)"; do md5sum "$file" >> md5sums.txt; done23:48
diddledantry that23:48
balldiddledan: Thanks, I'll try it.23:48
ball./foo2: 3: ./foo2: md5sum: Argument list too long23:51
ball^- does it not work if there are spaces in the filename?23:51
ballperhaps I need to escape out the quote somehow.23:52
diddledanshould work with spaces23:53
diddledanactually, no it won;'t23:54
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