dzhocmaloney: did you see where Jupiter cantab the whole *company* was up for sale on ebay at one point?04:02
dzhoI don't remember if we've talked about this or not, I don't remember you being into the Jupiter Ace04:02
cmaloneythat's insane09:55
cmaloneyI wasn't too much into the Ace, but it did pique my interest09:56
cmaloneySeemed like a neat machime that was too quirkly and underpowered for its own good09:57
jcastrocmaloney, https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=21&v=9x4bfHllX2A15:42
cmaloneyjcastro: That's awesome. :)16:20
cscheibnice non-productive day at the office17:30
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* greg-g puts on "5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO"21:26
cmaloneyMight not want to admit that21:45
cmaloneyThings not going well?21:45
greg-gthings will be fine22:00
_stink_sounds like a mantra23:59

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