thafreakis it just me, or does anyone else have a feeling we'll be reading a press release one day13:19
thafreakthat paultag was elected the new debian project leader13:19
paultagnot this cycle13:22
paultagnew leader is Niel!13:22
thafreaki know20:59
thafreakbut hearing the announcement of a new leader being elected, made me realize that will probably be paultag one day21:00
Unit193Quite frankly, I don't doubt it.  But then again I don't know Debian politics.21:03
paultagFolks wanted me to run21:06
Unit193paultag: You know Duck?21:09
paultagwhich one21:10
paultagthe url checker?21:10
paultagdarkwing duck21:10
paultagor 21:10
Unit193Marc Dequènes21:10
paultagnot sure21:13
Unit193Hah, wow.  I just kind of go with "Anyone I interact with will likely be known by paultag" :P21:15
cyberangerDebian politics is a nice way of putting it, feels more like trench warfare some days21:23
Unit193Yeah, doesn't help I don't know them so just kind of go on the word of others.  Likely should have gone for an unblock, but was told/thought it didn't have a chance.  Oh well.21:25
cyberangerpaultag: Oh, btw, Thanks for the writeup on xz compressed kernels on linode21:25
cyberangerThat gave me a few days worth of headache before I found that post21:26
Unit193Wow, bzip doesn't do as much better than gzip as I'd expect when compressing the initrd.21:37
paultagcyberanger: sure man! :D21:43
Unit193"I seem to have a thing for flame threads, I guess." :D22:24

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