barrydkMore almal04:34
Kiloshi barrydk  nlsthzn  and all those not really active yet05:00
stickyboyKilos: hola05:25
Kiloshi there stickyboy  05:25
stickyboyKilos: How many cups of coffee have you had today?05:25
Kiloson my second05:26
Kilosand hald a beer mug of tea05:26
stickyboyKilos: Wow, and it's only 8 am05:33
pieter2627morning all05:33
Kiloshi pieter2627  05:33
Kilosstickyboy  one has to keep dehydration at bay05:37
Kilosmorning Jacques_Stry  05:58
Kilosi have to teach my pc to accept mortab as morning05:58
Kilosive got so used to using tab for nicks i get caught daily with morning05:59
nlsthzno/ uncle Kilos 06:00
Kilosso nlsthzn  hows my ahab family?06:00
nlsthzngood thanks... up nice and early on baby duty06:01
nlsthznkeeps one busy :p06:01
Jacques_StryKilos: Checked my IRC client but no option like that, would have been cool06:01
* Jacques_Stry waves at nlsthzn 06:02
Kiloslol ty Jacques_Stry  06:02
nlsthzno/ Jacques_Stry 06:02
Jacques_StryWaiting for 15.04 RC to popup...06:56
Jacques_StryThink i'm gonna go with 15.04 RC today07:07
Jacques_StryShould be stable enough07:08
* Jacques_Stry waves07:25
Symmetriamy bash foo gets stronger every day ;p07:26
Symmetriafor i in {0..254}; do if ((($i % 2) == 0)); then echo 197.155.94.$i/31; fi; done <=== love simple shit like that07:26
* Jacques_Stry waves07:30
Jacques_StryWould be interesting to see some of you guys desktop setups, want to post some?07:32
ThatGraemeGuyinstall KDE, there's my setup :-)07:34
Jacques_Strystill don't you do any customizing?07:35
ThatGraemeGuyI have some launch icons on the taskbar07:36
pieter2627Symmetria: doesn't (0 % 2) == 0?07:36
Jacques_StryThatGraemeGuy: :)07:36
ThatGraemeGuygraeme@nb-graemed:~$ echo $((0 % 2))07:36
ThatGraemeGuySymmetria: ipcalc 31|grep "Network:"|awk '{print $2}'07:43
nlsthznmy screenshots over the years - https://www.flickr.com/photos/59930315@N03/sets/72157626124571449/07:43
Jacques_StryFuduntu O.O07:44
Symmetriapieter2627 heh, yes, and if it does, thats an accurate /31 subnet07:45
pieter2627my current setup (conky still based on old wallpaper) http://pasteboard.co/2BrLIy4C.jpg07:46
Symmetriabut what ThatGraemeGuy said also works :) but heh, still prefer not relying on subnet calculates etc07:46
Symmetriapieter2627 = and, I only wanted to print .007:46
pieter2627Symmetria: ok (i clearly need to improve my knowledge of it :P)07:47
Symmetriathough ThatGraemeGuy, the interesting thing is, while IPCalc works to do this, what its actually outputting to do it, is incorrect from a networking perspective07:47
Symmetriasince a /31 does not have a network address or a broadcast address07:47
Symmetriaa /31 is a rather... special subnet :)07:47
ThatGraemeGuyipcalc knows that07:47
Symmetriaheh /32 = host, /30 = point to point with network/broadcast, /31 = no network, no broadcast07:47
ThatGraemeGuyhttp://pastebin.com/RJMJc6Wn, yup, ipcalc knows07:48
Jacques_Strynlsthzn: I never could get used to gnome - that launcher irritates me to no end07:49
nlsthzngnome-shell 3.14 and above is simply stunning imo... and extensions really make it imo the best DE for linux currently07:50
nlsthznbut thats just me :p07:50
Jacques_StryToo many clicks for me to do what I want - too distracting for me07:50
Jacques_StryBut it looks awesome07:52
nlsthznbinding the super key to the launcher it is similar to unity... Super-key start typing name of app... typically three characters are enough, hit enter07:52
nlsthznquick swipe to top left and get overview off all open apps and workspaces07:53
nlsthznchoose app I want or flick it to other workspace07:53
Jacques_StryTaskbar status icons not being visible is a problem for me07:53
nlsthznctrl+alt and up or down and I have the workspace with the app I wanbt07:53
nlsthznthere is an extension for that Jacques_Stry ;)07:53
nlsthznworks in 3.14, not sure about 3.16 for now07:54
Jacques_Stryinstalled the extension but it kept on bugging out for me07:54
nlsthznbut then again 3.16 brings very good notification support07:54
Jacques_Strywas loosing icons every +-2hrs07:54
nlsthznto really get the best gnome 3 experience you need to run Fedora IMO07:54
nlsthznwhich is why I am on unity :/\07:54
Jacques_Stryi see07:54
nlsthzntype the name of an app you don't even have installed yet you can simply install it from the launcher... works amazingly well07:55
nlsthznopenSuse also not bad07:55
Jacques_Stryto me the best desktop env. I have worked with was elementary os07:55
Jacques_Strysimple and the hot corners work extremely well07:55
nlsthznbut they still have there own home made applications that double what gnome already offers07:55
Jacques_Strybut had a lot of compatibility issues with it07:56
nlsthznnever enjoyed panteon that much07:56
nlsthznpantheon 07:56
Jacques_Stryhave never tried fedora07:56
Jacques_Strybut of a debian based distro junky07:56
nlsthznI would like to have the same experience I have with Fedora Gnome but with all the benefits of Ubuntu...07:57
nlsthznubuntu gnome not doing it for me at the moment07:57
Jacques_StryUbuntu really does have allot of benefits :)07:57
Jacques_StryJust the sheer amount of documentation on the net is what keeps me here, enough of a reason08:00
Kilosload shedding huh08:23
Kilostwice a day now. totally sucks08:24
pieter2627ouch, for how long?08:24
Kilos2 hours 15 mins and 2.5 hours from 4 pm08:24
Kilosim waiting for it to kill this drive for me08:25
pieter2627are you planning on putting in a claim or something?08:26
Kilosi have a couple of times before, they just ignore it08:27
Kilosand now they they we have the schedule online08:27
Kilosthey say08:27
Kiloslast year and earlier i lost 3 drives08:28
Kilosnow i dont bother anymore just save for a new one08:28
pieter2627sounds like you should rather hope that it doesn't get killed08:29
Kiloswell this seagate 1TB has been going for a year faultlessly08:31
Kilosi have to zero it by accident to make it not work08:32
Kilosoh with kde on it of course08:32
Kilosonce one is used to kde i think it is difficult to change to another flavour08:34
Kilosim sure pro smiles when he hears that08:36
KilosJacques_Stry  whats news with book thing in vm?08:40
Jacques_Strywith the loadshedding I didn't get very far last night08:40
Jacques_StryInstalled a fresh ubuntu server VM but haven't gotten as far as installing booktype08:41
Kilosand also why must it run on a dedicated server?08:41
Jacques_Strylol dunno08:42
Kilospadroni is looking as well08:42
Kilosif it can be done without that dedicated server thing he could maybe host for us08:42
Kiloshi raywan|away  did any one greet you here when you logged in08:43
Jacques_Strydoesn't seem to work with mysql it seems and that is what most hosting company's provide you so think it will have to be a dedicated08:43
Kilosif not welcome to ubuntu-za08:43
stickyboyKilos: raywan|away is currently backpacking across East Africa. :P08:43
Kilosoh my 08:44
stickyboyKilos: (with a backpack I gave him) :P08:44
stickyboygo go go explore the world!08:44
Kiloshaha good man stickyboy  08:44
Kilosbut hard work on foot08:44
Kilosshoes are expensive08:44
stickyboyAm I prepared to give up thefro.org?08:45
Kiloswhats that? dont make me google or go to a link08:46
Kilosi get tired with all the rtfs08:46
Kilosforget that now and finish your git thing08:47
Kilosshame , poor DalekSec  must be sorry he joined a channel of nutcases08:48
Jacques_StryHaha, well were all nuts - even if only a little08:49
Kiloshy is een van die buntu menere08:51
Jacques_Stryek sien08:51
Kilosnog meer as wat ons hier sien08:51
Kilosgroot kop08:52
stickyboyKilos: I own thefro.org. :)  Since 2003 or something.08:52
Kilosstickyboy  sell it and by a pc for ubuntu08:52
Kilosthen you will take a leap up in status08:55
Kilosstickyboy  Unable to look up www.thefro.org09:00
stickyboyKilos: Yah, I don't have anything there right now. :P09:04
Jacques_Strylol I tried too09:06
Kilosstickyboy  whats the oddos of converting it to a dedicated server for booktype09:07
Kilosthen you can help educate the nations09:09
Jacques_Stry15.04 RC is out - downloading09:17
Kiloskde too?09:17
Jacques_Stryit's up http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/20150416/09:18
ThatGraemeGuythat's the daily build, its always 'up' :-p09:19
Kilosanother midnight session coming up09:19
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  09:20
Jacques_Strylol daily build from today is the RC09:20
ThatGraemeGuy'lo Kilos 09:21
ThatGraemeGuyI used to upgrade when beta 2 hit, never experienced major trouble09:21
Jacques_StryThis lappy i'm using sweating while doing the release upgrade...09:24
ThatGraemeGuySSD ftw :)09:24
Jacques_Strymy home pc has one but not work lappy...09:24
Jacques_StryStarting to think I should invest in one for this lappy even if I have to buy it myself09:26
ThatGraemeGuyyeah my work laptop has one, they understand the value thats gained09:26
Jacques_Strywhat happened?09:46
Kilosall the mails09:46
Kilosnice to have friends online09:46
Jacques_StryMust say they made a big improvement with the printing driver on 15.0409:52
Jacques_StryMuch quicker09:52
inetprogood mornings09:59
inetproThatGraemeGuy: thanks for the lesson09:59
ThatGraemeGuywhich lesson? o_O09:59
Kiloshi inetpro  jy stout man09:59
* inetpro didn't know about the subnet calculation part of ipcalc10:00
inetprovery handy10:00
ThatGraemeGuyoh :)10:00
inetprobut then I don't need it all day every day as well10:00
inetproSymmetria: nice little bash one-liner 10:01
inetproThatGraemeGuy: I use ipcalc often but just for the basic calculation of a single network profile10:03
inetproKilos: hoekom ek stout?10:03
Kilospos daai goed lys toe10:04
inetprowel dis in die nuus, die hele wêreld vol10:04
Kilosmaak my skaam10:04
inetproThe Fridge is an information hub for the Ubuntu community...10:05
Kiloseish you watch the fridge thing too?10:06
Kilosim not safe anywhere anymore10:06
inetproget out of that cocoon of yours and start flying sir10:07
inetproand don't go crashing like the other one10:07
Kiloswhat other one?10:08
inetprothe cocooncrash_10:08
Kiloseish i miss having him here10:08
Jacques_Strybrb restart10:15
Kiloshi Squirm  10:16
Jacques_StryMy conky no longer works...10:22
Jacques_Stryah well I'll get it sorted later10:23
Jacques_Strysystem monitor looks a bit different10:24
Kiloshi superfly  11:22
Kiloswb pieter2627  11:31
pieter2627thanks Kilos (lappy freezing)11:31
Kiloswhat are you running there again?11:33
pieter262714.10 unity11:33
* pieter2627 hopes Kilos is indeed talking to him11:33
Kilosnow you got to find whats causing the freezing11:34
Kilosthere must be some way of finding the prob11:35
pieter2627too many open stuff with little ram(swap freeze up) - or at least i think so11:35
Kilosask mr fixit11:35
Kiloshow much ram?11:35
Kilosya him11:36
Kiloseish ram11:36
Kiloshave you tried waiting when it freezes to see what happens11:37
Kilosis your swap on11:37
pieter2627sometimes in comes back - just too impatient at other times11:37
Kilosthat means its struggling ya11:38
pieter2627yes swap is on, but am thinking of increasing it11:38
Kilosyou can go twice the size of your ram i think11:38
Kilosthat rings a bell somewhere11:38
Kilosoh try munin11:39
pieter2627current 1Gb - yea twice is recommended (just didn't know it back then)11:39
Kilosit sees whats using resources or something11:40
KilosThatGraemeGuy  can you fill in please11:40
ThatGraemeGuyfill in what?11:40
Kiloswhat munin does11:40
pieter2627ok (am currently keeping an eye on atop)11:40
Jacques_Strywhat is your swappiness value atm?11:41
Kiloshow do i check?11:41
pieter2627or 6011:41
ThatGraemeGuywhat does 'free -m' say?11:41
Jacques_Strycat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness11:41
pieter2627(the default)11:41
pieter2627Mem:          1824       1719        105        148         53        42911:42
pieter2627-/+ buffers/cache:       1235        58911:42
pieter2627Swap:          976        430        54611:42
ThatGraemeGuyget more memory11:42
Kilos 11:42
Kilos-/+ buffers/cache:       2259       165911:42
KilosSwap:         8826          0       882611:42
Jacques_StryBest fix is more mem yes :)11:42
pieter2627LOL yeah i know11:42
Jacques_Strywhat interface you running?11:43
ThatGraemeGuyget more ram or try XFCE11:43
ThatGraemeGuyor LXDE11:43
Jacques_Stryxfce or lxde will help allot11:43
ThatGraemeGuy2GB is not a lot for a modern desktop OS11:43
Jacques_Stryreduces ram usage11:43
Kilosyou can also install mate11:44
Kilosmakes it much lighter11:44
pieter2627that on the plan in a few days, just have to hold till then11:44
Kilosi think its in the repos11:44
ThatGraemeGuyi doubt mate would be lighter than XFCE/LXDE11:44
ThatGraemeGuyisn't it another GNOME fork?11:44
Kilosi dunno but really speeds up unity11:44
Kilosya mate is a fork of gnome211:45
ThatGraemeGuyok I think you probably lost the plot somewhere11:45
ThatGraemeGuymate cannot speed up unity11:45
Kilosit uses the mate gui11:45
Kilosthen unity sleeps11:45
Kilosyou choose at boot11:45
ThatGraemeGuyok I'm out of this discussion11:46
Jacques_Strypieter set swappiness to 1011:46
Jacques_Strywill help a bit at making it a bit more responsive11:46
ThatGraemeGuyI'd make it 0 but thats just me11:47
ThatGraemeGuyonly swap if you absolutely have to11:47
ThatGraemeGuybut you can tweak and tune all you want, you will need more memory at some point11:47
ThatGraemeGuyin the car tuning world there's a saying "there's no replacement for displacement", i.e. you can gain power by tweaking little things here and there, maybe add some form of forced induction but at the end of the day you're better off with the 2.0 than the 1.411:49
ThatGraemeGuymemory is the same11:49
Kilosagreed 11:49
Kilosram is expensive though11:50
pieter2627what happens when it is at 0 - had it at 10 at times11:50
ThatGraemeGuyso is that 2.0 engine, but if you're complaining about the 1.4 being too slow, there isn't much to do but come up with the money somehow :)11:51
Jacques_Stryon 0 when you run out of ram it thrashes a bit so I prefer setting it on 5 usually11:51
Kilosa 16v golg or jetta outrun a 3l ford11:51
Jacques_Strythe thing is when I do blender I can run out of ram even on my home pc with 16gb11:52
Jacques_Strypieter2627: If you want to make the change permanant then add "vm.swappiness = 5" to /etc/sysctl.conf11:53
pieter2627i might experiment with some temps first then set the best one - remember that a really low value seemed bad in the past11:55
pieter2627i can remember*11:55
jacques_and i'm sitting in the dark12:09
=== jacques_ is now known as Jacques_Stry
Jacques_StryRunning on Lap bat12:13
Kilosas long as we have this load shedding business i think lappies are better12:16
Kilosdo the batteries last 2 and a half hours?12:18
Jacques_Strymine goes about 2 hours12:20
Jacques_Strydepends on the model and specs - some last up to 7 hours12:21
Kiloseven if you do nothing but irc?12:21
SpekkoSup Kilos12:22
Spekkolong time no see12:22
Kiloshi Spekko  wb12:22
Spekkoty ty12:22
Kiloswhere you been?12:22
SpekkoNew Work :-/ been working my arse off for the past 8months or so.12:23
Kilosso what do you sit on now?12:24
ThatGraemeGuyanyone know Symmetria's Ubuntu mirror details?12:24
KilosSymmetria  your mirror details please12:24
KilosThatGraemeGuy  our local mirriors are pointed to him12:26
ThatGraemeGuyI found it12:26
Kilosthe default one and the other za ones12:26
ThatGraemeGuywe run a mirror for internal use but our upstream is a bit flaky apparently12:26
ThatGraemeGuystarting to play with ubuntu in addition to debian12:27
SpekkoPretty much yeah, bare bones12:28
ThatGraemeGuywhere are you working thats working you so hard?12:29
Jacques_StryKilos: Problem is screen on the lappy still uses allot of power even if you only browse etc.12:56
Jacques_StryWelcome unnamed one13:05
Jacques_StryChat in a while, going home13:25
Kiloshi Cantide  and others13:53
CantideKilos, :)13:57
Kilosty Cantide  was a fluke13:58
Kilosthey didnt have anyone else13:58
Cantideno such thing as a fluke :p13:58
Kiloswhen a door is breaking you use rusty nails if thats all you have13:59
Kiloswhy you depressed lad14:00
Cantide미안합니다 <- it says "sorry" and was used as a catchphrase during the Sewol disaster14:01
Cantidethe Sewol sank a year ago, today14:01
Cantideso many Koreans are remembering14:02
Cantideyeah... heartbreaking stuff14:02
Cantideand some families are still seeking closure14:03
Cantidethe bodies of about 9 children have not been found14:03
Kilosya sad but better than the whole country being washed away14:03
Cantidetrue that14:04
Cantideoh, i bought a plane ticket for SA yesterday14:04
Cantidegonna visit for about a week and a half in July :)14:04
Kiloshows your korean contacts doing14:05
Kilosi see they have rebuilt their loco14:05
Kiloshelp them if you can  or join them anyway14:05
Cantidei joined their IRC channel now14:06
Cantidebut i don't know the nick of the person you pointed to me on Facebook14:06
Kiloswait ill get it14:06
Kilos TaeheeJang14:07
Kiloshe is offline atm14:07
Cantidei see :p14:08
Cantideit's just his Korean name '-';14:08
Kilosthats the nick he uses too14:08
Cantideyup, thanks14:08
Cantidei'll keep an eye out for him14:09
ThatGraemeGuyload shedding up to stage 214:22
ThatGraemeGuyfrom 18:00 supposedly although CoCT already on 2 according to them14:24
Kiloswb Private_User  15:41
Kiloswow Cantide  you here long hey?15:41
Kilosmust be missing za15:41
Cantidei forgot i was in here16:19
Cantidegoing to sleep now16:19
Cantidegood night!16:19
Kilossleep tight lad16:19
Kiloshi Rynomster  16:25
Rynomsterhowzit Kilos16:26
Kilosok ty and you16:26
Rynomsteralright thanks :)16:28
Kilosyou okes that swop nicks kill my brain16:29
Kiloswhats left of it anyway16:29
Kiloshi Tonberry  17:15
Kilosohi Jacques_StrY  17:16
KilosMaaz  coffee on17:19
Kilosoh my17:19
* Maaz washes some mugs17:19
KilosMaaz  hurry17:19
MaazMaking decent coffee is an art Kilos and should never be rushed17:19
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:23
KilosMaaz  gracias amigo17:23
Maaz¡de nada compadre17:23
Kilosjust testing one of those box things17:50
miles_this is easier than a router17:52
Kilosevening superfly  17:53
Kilosand inetpro  17:53
superflyKilos: well done17:54
Kilosty superfly  17:54
Kilosnot me, its all in your laps17:54
KilosJacques_StrY  are you still running on battery?18:00
Kilosoh my18:16
inetpromy oh my18:43
inetprogood evening18:43
Kiloslol hello pro18:43
Kiloswinter is here hey inetpro  18:51
inetprogetting cooler yes18:59
Kilosim going to hit the sack. you should follow suite inetpro  19:01
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:01
inetprouh, ok oom19:01
inetprogood night oom19:01
inetprosuperfly: what was that thing you do to get different colors for nicknames in Quassel?19:05
confluencyinetpro: in the nick sidebar or in the chat window?19:12
inetproconfluency: in the chat window19:12
confluencyFor the chat window you check sender colours in "chat view".19:12
* inetpro is googling and remember it's something to do with stylesheets19:13
confluencyIt's in the configuration. Go to the "chat view" section. Check "sender colours".19:14
confluencyI think stylesheets affect it too, but you don't need a stylesheet,19:15
inetproconfluency: ah, thanks19:16
inetprothat's all I needed19:17

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