astraljavazequence, all: Good work on keeping the gears rolling! Due to recent changes in personal life, I'm looking into getting more active in FLOSS, so might actually take part in the upcoming devel cycle again, if help is needed of course.07:24
zequenceastraljava: You are most welcome for sure :)07:29
astraljavaCheers! :)07:29
DalekSeczequence: Nice, cub and astraljava, mica hg is back too!07:49
astraljavaSweet, let's get cracking, then. :)07:57
zequenceI always forget there's no particular RC that is released13:30
zequenceDamn, I made a simple mistake in the meta13:31
zequenceThe packages are there, but ubuntustudio-audio is not depending on ubuntustudio-audio-core13:34
zequenceI need to do another upload13:35
zequenceDalekSec: Sorry for being really slow, but you are usually helping out with Xubuntu, right? Are you also interested in being more involed in Ubuntu Studio development?15:18
zequenceastraljava: OvenWerks: holstein: and anyone else who is interested. There seems to have been some confusion on how long we were to maintain Precise. Since Xubuntu is going EOL now, I'm thinking we might as well too18:57
zequenceAnd, if we do that, I'm probably not going to keep maintaining linux-lowlatency for Precise either18:58
zequenceI suspect very few will be needing those updates18:58
DalekSeczequence: Right, and sure depends on where you need it.  I've still got it slated to update dvdstyler once wombot opens (seems the vivid one isn't really functional.)  I just don't usually do much Studio stuff, just some audacity stuff here, and streaming there.19:31
holsteinzequence: agreed.. let 12.04 go with upstream20:01
holsteinxfce and xubuntu both are on that cylce AFAIK20:01
holsteinif someone wants, they can switch their 12.04 to another DE and generic kernel and still use it with the support of the main ubuntu community20:01
OvenWerkszequence: The audio SW community is moving quite fast, at least in some areas, Ardour 4 is on it's way out the door already for example.20:15
zequenceDalekSec: If there is anything that you would like to work, you might actually be the only one, so it's not like someones going to stop you :). 20:15
zequenceOvenWerks: Ah, yeah20:15
OvenWerksguitarix has lots of new stuff, qstuff has moved a lot too20:15
zequenceOne thing about studio machines though is that you don't want to change the system too often. Old mixes might not work anymore with an updated system20:16
zequenceBut, 2 years aught to be enought time to get work done before upgrading :)20:16
OvenWerksI know, but they don't need to be "connected" either so security should be less of an issue.20:16
OvenWerksA4 should generate file that A3 can still use and vs20:17
OvenWerksI have been testing the betas20:17
zequenceOk, seems like the meta might have been uploaded. I'll ask for the ISOs to be rebuilt later20:20
zequenceOk, requested rebuild, so hopefully that's it. We get a functional ISO this cycle too21:31
astraljavazequence: Previously we were to follow Xubuntu's decisions pretty closely. There may have been an exception, or two, but since most of the packages are in line with them, it would create a massive extra workload in order to keep supporting by ourselves. So I'm good if you are.21:59
OvenWerksastraljava: There are very few things different from xubuntu DE wise. We still use the main menu instead of wisker is the biggest difference (besides artwork)22:08
OvenWerksThe difference more than anything is we have not really kept up as we should have.22:08
OvenWerksastraljava: wisker is limited in menu depth. we use sub-sub menus because we have so many applications of the same type it helps organize things a lot.22:10
elfywhile I don't often sayt things, would be good to see people check at least the installer22:16

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