xubuntu243hey guys i am using Xubuntu as the m,ain operating system on a business computer and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a point of sales program that is xubuntu compatable for keeping books and financial information?05:21
cfhowlettxubuntu243, any *ubuntu* capable program should do.  there are some proprietary POS programs out there05:23
cfhowlettlook in the software center for "finance"05:24
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xubuntu65whello there...someonce can help me? I just installed xubuntu 14.04 and I have problems with wifi connection, I use a usb wifi pen drive. It connects to my router and it works fine for a few minutes, then  I can't navigate anymore even if the wifi icon tells me that it's connected...suggestions?09:04
jarnosWhy my xfce4-terminal opens web links in Firefox in (14.04)?  I have set preferred applications.09:29
jarnosI mean I have set preferred web browser other than Firefox.09:36
jarnosOh, I have answered a solution in comment 3: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1031411:13
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 10314 in General "xfce4-terminal opens HTTP links in Firefox even though Chrome is default browser" [Normal,New]11:13
jtjhhello i have my laptop plugged into my television through a HDMI cable but pulseaudio is picking it up but says it is (unplugged)11:41
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JeZxLeeYes! Release Candidate! - oh sorry, I got excited14:16
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amariHi, is there some way to have vsync in VLC with xubuntu?15:12
amariI'm using intel graphics15:12
amariIt works in Unity, but not Xfce :S15:12
sohail-ahmedn python I can direct the installation files to a certain directory with use of --prefix, do we have any like this with apt or aptitude in linux???16:13
brainwashsohail-ahmed: dpkg has --instdir=16:15
sohail-ahmedbrainwash: does dpkg can handle non-distribution packages?16:23
brainwash_sohail-ahmed: it handles .deb packages16:24
brainwash_all valid ones16:24
sohail-ahmedbrainwash: So this is not a solution if I have .tar file, correct??16:25
sohail-ahmedbrainwash_: but you just said it handles only .deb files?16:28
brainwash_I meant it's not a general solution16:29
brainwash_I don't know what you are trying to achieve exactly, maybe you want to ask in ##linux16:29
brainwash_or #ubuntu16:30
sohail-ahmedbrainwash: In #ubuntu no body responded. Please just confirm that dpkg could not install .tar files16:31
brainwash_how do you install a .tar file? it's not a package, and dpkg is a package manager16:32
Picisohail-ahmed: dpkg can only install .deb files.16:33
brainwash_you initial question mentioned apt/aptidude, so I assumed that you are talking about debian packages16:33
sohail-ahmedbrainwash_: Corect. But usually .tar file have bash/make file and I just trying to figure it out how to force them to install at certain location16:33
brainwash_I see16:34
JeZxLeewhere is release candidate?16:34
brainwash_so, you could even ask in #bash16:35
Picisohail-ahmed: typically those options are set during the configure16:35
sohail-ahmedfor example I can install texlive with sudo apt-get texlive.. but as I am trying to understand that with this way can I control their installation directories or not16:35
Picisohail-ahmed: apt-get does not allow you to change the directories that things are installed into.  All of that in configured during the packaging stage.16:35
brainwash_the first step would be to read the manual page16:35
sohail-ahmedPici: but with .tar file in hand how can I control packaging?16:36
Picisohail-ahmed: You don't.  You need to read the README or INSTALL or similar documentation that is inside the tar to figure out how to configure the install locaiton,.16:36
PiciAnyway, this is the same thing that you're being told in #python too16:39
sohail-ahmedPici, brainwash_: thanks for your help. Their bash file can accept the installation directory option. thanks for your time16:44
xubuntu891Im ERic18:20
xubuntu891and im using xubuntu18:20
xubuntu891But there is one thing i want to say.18:20
mrkrampshi =)19:15
melodieI have noticed something annoying with Bleachbit on the latest Xubuntu editions: the exec line in the desktop file uses some pkexec king of command for the root version of bleachbit19:15
melodiefrom there, when you configure bleachbit, the configuration file is the same for user and for root, which is very wrong19:16
mrkrampsmelodie, yes … several applications use policykit19:16
melodieI have started bleanchbit with gksu and with gksu it works the right way19:16
melodieif you guys could check my finding, and bring the information upstream to the packager that would be nice19:17
melodieI have installed Xubuntu for someone about 10 days ago, and I didn't find time to take care of that (I'm an Archlinux user but I install *buntu editions for the users)19:17
melodiefor the user I modified the desktop file to make it use gksu (and placed it in his .local/share/applications directory)19:18
melodiemrkramps policykit=pkexec ?19:22
melodieor rather reverse pkexec is a policykit tool?19:22
mrkrampsactually this command makes other applications use policykit to gain the proper rights19:22
mrkrampsgparted or synaptic use it as well19:23
melodieBleachbit does not support what is in it's desktop file19:24
melodiegksu is needed to make it create a proper configuration file meant only for the root-bleachbit side19:24
melodieother methods fail to make it have a different configuration file, which is a bummer when I make simple users use bleachbit, they have to have their configuration all done for them19:25
brainwash_please file a bug report on launchpad.net19:25
melodieagainst bleachbit?19:26
brainwash_well, yes19:26
brainwash_you want to inform the package maintainer19:26
melodieshould I check each bleachbit version to be sure it's the same everywhere?19:26
melodieyes I want to inform him19:26
brainwash_feel free to do some testing19:27
melodieI bet I might need to check the packages at Debian too19:27
brainwash_probably, most packages are synced from debian19:27
melodiebrainwash_ I don't need testing, just unpack debs and check their desktop files19:27
melodieyes right19:28
melodietesting I have done already19:28
melodiein my user's machine :D19:28
melodieoh gosh that was my first dual-boot with a windows 8 and uefi + gpt!19:28
Fructoguys anybody know the name of desktop environment used by solaris?19:49
Fructoand how to install it on ubuntu?19:50
Fructowhat exactly is going on in here?19:50
koegsFructo: Solaris 11 uses Gnome 2.3019:52
mrkrampsFructo, MATE is the successor of gnome 219:53
xanguathe fork19:53
Fructoyes, i know it's gnome, but what variety of it?19:53
xanguaa fork of gnome 219:54
brainwash_how is that even related to xubuntu?19:54
FructoI just like how solaris gnome looks19:54
FructoI want to install it to Xubuntu19:54
brainwash_good luck then19:55
Fructoand i also want fully suared windows in xubuntu19:57
Fructoanybody knows what settings to edit to make windows to have square corners?19:58
mrkrampsFructo, settings → window manager (use a different theme)19:58
Fructoi want to ask yet several questions but don't want to be annoying20:01
mrkrampsjust ask20:02
petterni keep losing some settings, like the powersaving settings. any idea why that could be happening?21:38
petternthey seem right in the settingsmanager so i have to change them to the wrong setting and then back again to fix it21:39
Luyinhi, got xfce 4.12 in xubuntu 14.04 now from the ppa. very nice, but somehow, volume up/down-keys don't work anymore. any suggestions on how to fix this?23:49

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