awafaawhat's the recommended way of running both 32bit & 64bit on ubuntu? is it, using 64bit host with a 32bit vm?09:21
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infinityawafaa: arm64 host with armhf binaries, chroots, or VMs.12:15
awafaainfinity: ta, I'm glad you're not thinking of something weird :)12:17
infinityawafaa: How does it get weirder?  Staple a Nokia N900 to the side of your arm64 server and redirect the console over USB?12:17
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TheBixi was going to ask if any internal registers are memory mapped in the ARMv7-A13:22
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d3sk1ngraspberry pi 2...ubuntu, raspbian or other?20:57
d3sk1ngis there anyone?21:03

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