Unit193canthus13: Welcome back.05:01
canthus13Unit193: Heh.05:01
Unit193Not seen you alive in a while.  Saw someone using your ISP hit my stream. :P05:02
thafreakcanthus13: so you still like that galago?15:33
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* Unit193 scratches head.16:39
thafreakls -l17:36
Unit193-rw-rw-r--  1 unit193 unit193      1376 Jun  4  2014 Basshunter.m3u17:37
* thafreak rm -rivd /home/unit19318:53
thafreakit's interactive...i would select no18:54
Unit193\o/  Though, I like -I better.18:54
canthus13thafreak: Yeah. I like it.  The touchpad is a bit iffy, and I'm still getting used to the chiclet keyboard, but everything else is great.22:47
canthus13Borderlands 2 runs beautifully at mostly high settings.22:48
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